An Ape Bites His Handler's Fingers Off, Waits 8 Months, And Then Literally Apologizes

What follows is the amazing story of Kanzi the bonobo. He can recognize 600 words, he can order dinner, and he might even be able to physically speak in English. When Kanzi and his handler get into a disagreement, some pretty crazy things go down.

If you’re curious about the story of Lucy referenced at the beginning of the recording, follow the link below.

Check out the section about Lucy right here.

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Why Is This Artist Telling You To Throw Away Your Phone? And So Beautifully?

I’m a computer and smartphone fiend. But sometimes we’ve gotta put those chips down and go outside for a bit. Interact with people, ya know?

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Science Says: Here's The Truth About Aggressive Dogs

Public safety is important and, of course, some dogs can be dangerous, but come on now — it IS possible to protect public safety without taking sweet, well-trained dogs away from their owners for no reason. Let’s be compassionate, listen to the science, and stop writing off entire breeds as inherently mean. They deserve better than that.

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These Girls Have Seen Their Own Potential. They're Going To Do Amazing Things With It.

Parents, if you let your daughters miss school for just ONE day, please make it this one. The world will be better for it. 

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AIDS-Related Problem Goes Unsolved For 10 Years — So Some Gamers Solved It In 3 Weeks

inner geek loves the idea of scientists enlisting Internet gamers to
crowd-source solutions to difficult problems  especially, like in this
video, when that work could help unlock important discoveries in AIDS

If you want to take a crack at solving puzzles for science, take a look at Fold It.

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Did You Ever Think About What Will Happen To Your Facebook Account After You Die?

You are going to die one day. How will you continue to post adorable cat pictures when that happens?

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Companies And Governments Are Limiting Our Internet Access. Here's A Video We Should Show Them.

The web is a powerful tool developed by the people, for the people so we can connect our ideas to each other. Sadly, there are people who would like to control how we connect. Here’s a video about the humble beginnings of the greatest connection tool of all time and how we all take part in its (and our) success.

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A New Way Of Teaching Is Coming To Our Schools. Maybe We Should Check It Out.

There’s this thing that K-12 schools around the United States are starting to do, and it’s called the Common Core State Standards. Have you heard of it? Is it OK, or not OK?

We’re gonna be honest with you: We don’t really know the answer. But we do know we want to hear from you. Check out this backgrounder and tell us what you think (or don’t really think) below, pretty please?


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