A Creepy Talk By A Brilliant Man Reveals Just How Far We're In Over Our Heads

In the time since we all started posting every detail our lives on the Internet (I had a bagel for breakfast, btw!), we’ve said goodbye to so much of our privacy — a lot of times unknowingly. But just how far over the edge have we gone? Could someone really predict your Social Security number just by looking at an anonymous picture of you? Watch and see.

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If Someone Is Holding A Sign And Yelling About Evolution, Chances Are They're Confused About This

“If humans evolved from monkeys or apes, then why are there still monkeys and apes?” This question seems to be a rallying cry for evolution skeptics, so here’s an excellently crafted chart about why there are still monkeys and apes running around all over the place.

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There Are Some Selfies That Should Be Kept To Your Selfie

It can be fun to send selfies to friends, especially when you look all cute and stuff, wearing that duckface in a new outfit and — wait, where was I going with this? Right: Be safe online. And if you’re on the receiving end, don’t be the jackass who shares private photos around.

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The Last 4 Words She Says To Stephen Colbert Are Everything. They Cut Through All The BS.

When she started pointing out sexism in video games, she got bombarded with rape threats and death threats. But here she is on “Colbert,” telling it like it is and giving not a single you-know-what.

So yeah, video games should try and include all sorts of people. Totally reasonable right? And yet, not only has she been threatened with rape and murder for saying such reasonable things, she’s been driven out of her house and forced to cancel a talk in Utah because someone threatened a massacre and the police couldn’t prevent people from bringing guns into the building where she was speaking because of the state’s open carry laws. What’s been happening to her is basically the worst. And yet, here she is on “The Colbert Report.” That’s way more than can be said for any of her haters.

If you agree that women should be able to talk about video games without getting harassed and having their lives threatened, you might want to share this.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CANADIANS ONLY: You folks up north can watch the full episode featuring this interview here.

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Department Of Hold On Just A Second: You Can Grow Muscles With YOUR MIND?

OK, so it’s not THAT simple, but scientific advances in understanding how our brain functions are leading to some really amazing discoveries. Prepare to be astounded by the experiment at 1:00, and make sure you’re sitting down for another one at 1:31.

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The iPad’s Dirty, Dirty Little Secret

I’m one of those people who loves that new-book smell. And that old-book smell. And I’m really, really excited that I no longer have to feel guilty about it.

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The Secret Weapon A Woman Created To Save Herself From The Brink Of Suicide

When Jane McGonigal fell ill, she created something to make herself better. It’s sort of miraculous that it worked. Also: science.

At 0:27, she tells us her goal is to increase all of our lifespans. Listen for the top five things people say on their deathbeds at 2:40, and when you get to 12:19, she’s gonna help you increase your chance of living longer just like she did.

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Whoa — Surprising Facts About Happiness From A Brilliant Guy Who Spends His Life Studying It

Ever wonder about the science of happiness? This Harvard professor’s here to tell it all.

I know it starts off a bit slow, but within three minutes, he’s already delivering some shocking data — and explaining why that breakup (or bad grade, or lack of promotion, or fave TV show being canceled) won’t be nearly as bad as ya think it will. At 8:10, he 100% accurately reads my mind. And the experiment he describes at 11 minutes in? Totally effing ridiculously cool.

I know there are a lot of factors that influence happiness (or lack thereof), many of which aren’t mentioned here. Mental health is complex! And I’m not tryin’ to suggest otherwise. But if you’re as mesmerized as I am by the science in this talk, maybe you could share it with your friends using the buttons below?

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