A New Way Of Teaching Is Coming To Our Schools. Maybe We Should Check It Out.

There’s this thing that K-12 schools around the United States are starting to do, and it’s called the Common Core State Standards. Have you heard of it? Is it OK, or not OK?

We’re gonna be honest with you: We don’t really know the answer. But we do know we want to hear from you. Check out this backgrounder and tell us what you think (or don’t really think) below, pretty please?


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Watch A Politician Ask A Journalist To Stop Doing Her Job

The chair of the Republican Party made the mistake of going on Soledad’s show. Then he made the mistake of assuming the status quo of dodging all questions was still acceptable. Then he basically begged for mercy.

At :30, she asks an easy question.  At 2:45, Reince goes for his normal dodge. At 3:20, Soledad brings the smackdown in her special gentle way. At 4:32, he begs Soledad to be mean to people other than him. At 4:40, she basically says, “Bless your heart.”

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Please Like, Share, Comment, Like Again, Post, And Don’t Forget To Comment

Facebook, along with the rest of the Internet, is having a profound impact on our brains and psychological behavior. Check out this chart for more info, if you can focus on it long enough. 

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Cities Are The Opposite Of Nature, Right? Here's A Futuristic Twist On That.

What do Berlin, Chicago, Mexico City, Montreal, and São Paulo all have in common? Well, for one thing, a lot of wildlife. Many urban areas are doing a lot to foster plants and animals as well as improve the standard of living for humans. There are big challenges, but cities are where it’s at. Enjoy this trippy journey into how the urbanized world might look in 2030 and beyond.

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Should More Teachers Be Like This? God, No. But Still, It's Pretty Cool.

The point of this bizarre video is to inspire people who would like to see the United States become more competitive with other parts of the world in math and science. By showing the amazing effect STEM teachers can have on future generations, hopefully more math, science, tech, and engineering undergraduates and recent graduates will consider a career in these explosively educational fields.

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Meet Six People Who Were Really, Really Good At Thinking

Sometimes it’s good to look back and realize just how incredible the human brain is. Watch for the mid-20th century French thinker who basically wrote the “Back to the Future” trilogy at [1:51], and find out why Einstein’s breakthroughs basically mean you’ll never be lost again at [5:20]. Mostly, just revel in the fact that you didn’t have to think up any of this stuff yourself.

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It's Smaller Than Our Fingernails And Can Last For 500 Years. Here's How It Might Be Affecting Us.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen a picture of a marine animal tangled in a plastic soda can holder or in a plastic bag. But the problem goes much, much deeper than what’s visible to the naked eye when you’re standing on the beach or diving in the ocean. Yikes!

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Is This One Of The Best Things To Happen On A Rooftop Since 'West Side Story'?

This combination of cool technologies and common sense has me feeling pretty good about how we can feed ourselves as more and more of us become city dwellers — in the U.S. and in other countries too.

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That Awkward Moment When You Realize That The Moderator Has No Choice But To Fact-Check You

Fact-checking by moderators never happens in debates. EVER. So imagine our surprise when Mitt went so far over the line he actually forced Candy Crowley’s hand.

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First You See The Amazing Things We Used To Do. Then You See The Sad Reality.

Space is vast and mysterious and kind of generally mind-freakingly amazing. And yet, we’re not really trying to get there anymore. Neil deGrasse Tyson isn’t too pleased about that.

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