Ever Read A Text Message That Changed Your Life? These Women Get Those Every Day.

Every mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to help her family. These ladies, who happen to be from one of the oldest tribes in the world, are no different. Just like us, they rely on the latest tech stuff to get it done. But they’ve flipped it in a super-cool way so they’re not only raking in cash for their little ones but can also enjoy tea time with the girls while doing so. Now that’s what I call a group of snazzy multitasking, millennial mamas.

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Social Media Shines A Bright Light On How To Save Wild Animals, But It's Also Got A Dark Side

People’s passion to save animals is a beautiful thing — until it isn’t. (Heads up: Some content is NSFW.)

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Women Deserve To Have Sex For Fun, So A Feminist Helped Make That Happen With A New Product

One of the biggest surprises in this story for me: People who were against the pill were worried that women would forget their place in society and may even have sex for fun. *The horror* (said in my sarcasm font). Listen to this entire show, but if you want to hear the parts I thought were surprising, you can skip to 12:40 and listen through the end. It’s pretty ironic that the debate has not really changed, right?

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This Old-Timey Car Is An Outrageous Reminder Of How Evil Oil Companies Are

This steam-powered car is just another outrageous example of how the oil industry has systematically been destroying any attempt at alternative-fuel-based energy. To explore the topic in more depth, check out the excellent documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?,” which explores GM’s role in preventing electric vehicles from entering the market.

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If Ever You Were Confused About Evolution, Here's An Answer To Your Every Question

Evolution isn’t an easy concept to wrap your head around, and some people spend years studying the facets of what makes something evolve. If you don’t have that kinda time in your schedule, this video ought to help.

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If This Video Goes Viral, The Internet Could Be In Huge Trouble

Just a reminder to ocassionally stop and zoom in on the flowers.

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Save Your Money And Just Ask Somebody's Grandpa What Happens

I love movie popcorn. I don’t care that it costs more per gallon than gasoline, I don’t care that no human alive would readily identify the “butter” as food, and I don’t even care that it was originally popped in the Clinton era. I draw the line, however, when my 15-year-old popcorn is the most original thing at the movies.

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A Ridiculous Creationist Attacks Bill Nye The Science Guy For Teaching Kids About Science

I’m pretty frustrated with this guy’s video attacking Bill Nye. I think you can probably imagine which position Ken Ham, president and CEO of Creation Museum, takes on evolution (indeed his livelihood depends on trying desperately to disprove it), but to attack Bill Nye for not understanding science? You’re going down, amigo. This is a real gem. Please don’t miss it, and if you feel so inclined, share this on your Facebook page.

A few highlights include insulting Bill Nye for “not understanding science” [0:56], Ken Ham himself misunderstanding how engineering works [1:17], misunderstanding what it means to be a scientist [1:23], Ham’s subtle attack on gay marriage [2:18], and what could genuinely pass as a spoof on creationism at [3:04].

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One Of The Most Iconic Photographs Taken From Space Was A Complete Accident

Tracking down the origin of the iconic “Earthrise” photograph reveals a sense of spontaneity and curiosity that doesn’t seem to exist in modern space exploration.

The space program fuels technology and the economy, yet we’re cutting funding to NASA every year? Bunk! Bunk, I say!

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A Library In A Remote Village In Guatemala Proves The Internet Is More Than LOLcats

In the shadow of a destructive, genocidal 36-year civil war in Guatemala, villagers in San Juan La Laguna were looking for a way to find their voice and connect with the world. Here’s how they did it.

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