Ever Wonder Why You're Allowed To Say Whatever You Want On The Internet?

In the murky universe of Internet law, defending free speech becomes a lot more complicated than just knowing the First Amendment. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the law that protects your Internet freedom and mine every day, courtesy of Craig Newmark and the legal wizards at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Know your (Internet) rights!

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This Is What Happens When Kids Grow Up On Unlimited Access To Pornography

Not that surprising: Brains of the first generation of young men that grew up with unlimited access to Internet pornography are different from older generations. Very surprising: Their bodies are fighting back in a bizarrely ironic fashion.

Some highlights: [1:15]: How’s Internet porn any different than old-timey porn?
[3:21]: Hey, you got a real girl! Now what?
[3:44]: Experiment hits a snag after discovering single college-aged males that have never looked at online porn do not exist
[8:25]: Do you enjoy a little frisky digital action every one in awhile? Could this be happening to your brain?
[10:26]: The dramatic physical affects taking place to young men’s bodies that’s leading to a growing widespread abstinence from Internet pornography.

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A Comedian Silences A Room For 9 Minutes. It's Not An Awkward Silence.

Comedians spend years honing their stage persona, but when all-star comic Anthony Griffith tells the story of his life as a comedian and as a father, not even he can keep it together. To be honest, I couldn’t either when I watched this video. It’s so important to remember that the people we idolize aren’t the two-dimensional, easily digestible caricatures that we see of them in the media. I’ve seen some breakdowns before, and this was the first one that felt real.

At 0:56, he receives a phone call that will change his life forever. 
At 2:12, Griffith takes the stage and blacks out. 
At 3:04, he starts to tear up.

At 4:41, he describes the most bleak situation I’ve ever heard.

At 6:26, the doctors drops a serious bomb.

At 7:31, Griffith has his ‘Denzel Washington from Training Day’ moment.

At 8:33, the real truth comes out.

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If They Can Make A Horse … Umm, 'Do Things' In Video Games, Why Can’t They Make Games Accessible?

54 million people have some sort of physical handicap. These can range from color blindness to deafness, muscular dystrophy, and more. But most video games are not designed to accommodate folks that could really benefit from being able to do what gamers do.

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His DNA Was Shredded By 2 Atomic Bombs. So What Happened When He Had Kids?

Post-apocalyptic genetic mutants are one of our favorite ways of scaring ourselves. But this crazy story challenges some of our basic sci-fi assumptions about what happens to human DNA when it’s exposed to gamma rays. Cuz it’s not like some of us haven’t already lived through a nuclear bomb, right? What about two?! Yes, that really happened. Nothing stranger than real life, people. Listen in!

At 6:10, our hero starts a harrowing journey with a destination you won’t believe. The “second nightmare” starts at 10:00, but absolutely don’t miss the conclusion starting at 14:10. You will be so glad to hear it.

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Has Science Just Proven You’re Destined To Fail?

The brain has lots of power, but does it have enough power to prove that we are destined to fail?

Sometimes we do things that our brain tells us we cannot, and sometimes we do things that we think we physically can’t.

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An Ape Bites His Handler's Fingers Off, Waits 8 Months, And Then Literally Apologizes

What follows is the amazing story of Kanzi the bonobo. He can recognize 600 words, he can order dinner, and he might even be able to physically speak in English. When Kanzi and his handler get into a disagreement, some pretty crazy things go down.

If you’re curious about the story of Lucy referenced at the beginning of the recording, follow the link below.

Check out the section about Lucy right here.

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Why Is This Artist Telling You To Throw Away Your Phone? And So Beautifully?

I’m a computer and smartphone fiend. But sometimes we’ve gotta put those chips down and go outside for a bit. Interact with people, ya know?

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Science Says: Here's The Truth About Aggressive Dogs

Public safety is important and, of course, some dogs can be dangerous, but come on now — it IS possible to protect public safety without taking sweet, well-trained dogs away from their owners for no reason. Let’s be compassionate, listen to the science, and stop writing off entire breeds as inherently mean. They deserve better than that.

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These Girls Have Seen Their Own Potential. They're Going To Do Amazing Things With It.

Parents, if you let your daughters miss school for just ONE day, please make it this one. The world will be better for it. 

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