You Probably Drink This Every Day, But Here Are 16 Things You Didn’t Know.

You probably drink coffee every morning and never give it a second thought, right? I know I do. Despite the relative ease of brewing your cup of joe in the morning, coffee is a complicated substance with an colorful history. 

These 16 facts about your favorite morning beverage will probably blow your mind. Or at least make you crave another cup of coffee by the end of it.

1.) Coffee vs. Cortisol.

When you first wake up, your body produces a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol actually wakes you up, and gets you feeling more alert. Sadly caffeine always loses out to cortisol. Which means that drinking coffee when your body is producing cortisol is pretty pointless, unless you just want the taste 

2.) Coffee won’t dehydrate you, unless you drink a lot.

For a long time, coffee was thought to be harsh diuretic. That is, it takes water from the body and dehydrates you. However more recent research has found that so long as you’re drinking less than two coffees a day, that’s not the case. But who only drinks one cup of coffee a day? 

3.) Thank goats for your cup of Joe.

The common belief is that Ethiopian shepherds discovered the amazing effect of caffeine by observing the behavior of their goats after they ate coffee berries. They said the goats “danced”. That’s when they knew, this could be big. 

4.) Coffee will keep you alive. 

Or at least that’s the hope. Coffee has a ton of antioxidants in it. These antioxidants help the body fight off what are known as free radicals. These are nasty chemicals that our bodies absorb from the environment. Free radicals can cause Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, and heart disease.

5.) Get your vitamins from coffee.

Here the nutritional break down in a cup of coffee: 1 percent of the daily recommended amount of B2 vitamins, 6 percent of B5 vitamins, 3 percent of Manganese and Potassium, and 2 percent of Niacin and Magnesium. That’s one healthy beverage.

6.) Slim down by drinking coffee.

Coffee and its partner in crime, caffeine, will increase your metabolism. According to researchers, that bump can be as high as 11 percent. Go coffee! 

7.) Welcome to the Coffee Belt.

No, it’s not the latest fashion craze. It’s the area of the planet where all of the world’s coffee comes from. 

8.) Iced coffee will cost you more (so drink hot coffee).

Ever noticed that iced coffee is much more expensive than regular brewed coffee? That’s because it’s harder to make. Plus you need more things to enjoy it properly, such as plastic cups and straws. 

9.) Caffeine is beautiful.

Just look at this up close picture of a caffeine crystal. It’s more beautiful than the Mona Lisa.

10.) Caffeine is quick.

Within ten minutes of your first sip of java, you’ll start to feel caffeine working its magic.

11.) Black Ivory Coffee.

Black Ivory Coffee is the most expensive coffee on earth. It’s $50 a cup, and made using elephant poop. I’ll spare you the rest of the details. Apparently its delicious.

12.) Coffee > cirrhosis.

Coffee can turn your liver into a lean, mean, fighting machine. Studies have shown that people who drink at least four cups of coffee a day are 80 percent less likely to develop cirrhosis.

13.) Webcams for coffee.

The world’s first webcam was set up by a group of students to keep an eye on their coffee pot. This way they could always be sure whether it was full or not.

14.) They banned coffee houses England.

King Charles II of England banned coffee houses in 1675. He believed people were using the gathering places as cover to conspire against the crown. 

15.) Get a better work out with coffee. 

Drink coffee (or just caffeine) and you’ll perform better during your next workout.

16.) Coffee is berry good.


In case you didn’t know. Coffee is a red berry and it grows on trees. 

(Via: Distractify)

Coffee is the greatest. It cannot be beat. In fact, I think it’s time I had another cup (or two) of coffee. 

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If You’re Having A Rough Day, Look No Further Than Nature. This Is Beautiful.

Yesterday, I realized that when times are tough and I’m struggling, there is one unique place to look for inspiration: nature. Because if nature teaches us anything, it’s that it will always find a way.

Life is tough.

But that’s when you grow.

That’s when you find a way to overcome.

Even in the most ridiculous of times.

And the most depressing times.

Get up and face your problems.

They won’t keep you down forever.

Before you know it, you will be standing far above them.

Looking all beautiful.

And maybe a little weird.

But that’s what makes you…you.

So push through. I promise tomorrow’s a better day for you.

If this made you feel a little better, share the inspiration with someone else. Because there’s always a way.

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After Taking These Shots, The Photographer Quit His Job. One Look And You’ll See Why… Wow.

Quitting a rough day job to pursue your passion is a dream almost everyone has, even if they don’t admit it. For most, though, it never seems to work out. More often than not, people give up on their dreams and never end up in that small percentage of people lucky enough to embrace their passions full-time. Mike Taylor is different, though. He was an amateur photographer. Then, he took a photo that was so good, it made him quit his day job. He made the right call.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2013, he took a photo of the Northern Lights from a local lighthouse in Maine.

These are the photos that changed his life.

For Mike, it was the “defining moment when I realized I should be teaching other folks how to capture the features of the night sky.”

He was able to capture something magical with his Nikon.

So, the 40 year-old quit his job to chase his dream of photography.

As a result of focusing on his passion, he has been featured on The Weather Channel,, NBC News and other media outlets.

Through his photography, he shows the world what the night sky REALLY looks like.

Because of light pollution, it’s hard for us to see what is happening all around us.

But thanks to some expert skills and manipulation using Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5, Mike can show us.

And it’s gorgeous.

It just goes to show you that you should never give up on your dreams. You never know what can happen. Only a year after becoming a professional photographer, Mike has gotten national attention and even offers photography classes to inspire others. To see more of Mike’s amazing photography, check out his online portfolio or Facebook page. Support his dream and his bravery. Not everyone would have the guts to quit their job to pursue their dreams. Source: Taylor Photography Share Mike’s story with others. Pursuing your dream is something we should all do.

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What These Dragon Blood Trees Do Is Straight Out Of Mythology. Except It’s Completely Real.

These amazing trees are native to a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean called Socotra. What makes them so amazing is the red sap which exudes from the bark after wounding, which is what gives the trees their name; Dragon Blood Trees.

They aren’t just odd looking tress that “bleed” red either, the medicinal and colouring properties of the resin was recorded by the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome and continues to be used in medicine, dyes, varnish and incense to this day.

A group of Dragon Blood Trees.

The famous red sap that could easily be mistaken for blood.

I bet that stuff tastes bloody great on pancakes! Okay, maybe not. But nature continues to impress me.

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You Probably Didn’t Know These Epic, But Random, Facts Before Today.

No matter what amount of trivia you think you know, I bet you don’t know these things. Yes, even if you are a huge Jeopardy fan. 

Most of these random facts are so mind blowing because they are so random. These things have existed in the world around you, but you probably never gave them a second thought… until now. (If you did, you are probably a scientist or a genius.) But odds are, these facts will blow your mind and have you scrambling around your house trying to piece it back together.

So, go out and find your brain catching mat because your world will be shattered and your eyes will be enlightened:

1.) Nile Crocodiles can hold their breath underwater for roughly 2 hours.

2.) At any one point in time, clouds cover about 60% of the Earth.

3.) The Hercules Beetle can grow to be the size of a human hand.

4.) Roughly have of the humans who have ever lived have died of malaria.


5.) Apes will laugh when you tickle them.

6.) The largest wave ever surfed was about 10 stories tall.

7.) Hearing is the fastest human sense.

8.) Because the earth’s axis turning has slowed, a day in the day of the dinosaurs was roughly 23 hours.


9.) The largest apples can weigh about the same as a half gallon of milk.

10.) There are more fake flamingoes on Earth than real ones.

11.) To cook an egg on a sidewalk, the sidewalk needs to be around 158 degrees.

12.) 54 million people that are living right now will be dead in a year.

13.) Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest and came in 3rd.

14.) Most laugh tracks you hear on sitcoms were recorded in the 1950’s. So it is likely that many of the people in those audiences are dead now.

15.) The first pizza delivery order took place in 1889.

16.) Antarctica is the only continent that doesn’t grow corn.

17.) Lighters were invented before matches.

18.) New Jersey has the most shopping malls.

19.) A pig’s orgasm lasts approximately 30 minutes.

20.) Napoleon wasn’t actually that short. He was 5’7″ which was about the average height of a Frenchman.

21.) Many viking chiefs were buried with their ships.

22.) Jellyfish aren’t actually fish.

23.) The best time to nap is between 1PM and 2:30PM because you body’s temperature drops at that time.

You learn something new every day… and today, you learned 24 new things. The world is a pretty awesome place. So, click on the button below and share these awesome facts about it!

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These World Facts Sound So Bizarre, They Seem Fake. All Of This Is Crazy.

After watching an episode of Jeopardy, it’s easy enough to accept that you probably don’t know everything. This world is just far too big to know it all. You win some, you lose some. At the very least, you’d probably be able to identify whether a “fact” is true or false, right? Wrong. Below are some of the most bizarre and totally true facts we have ever read about the world. Upon reading them, most people would think they are false. They would be in for a big surprise.

1.) Cleopatra lived closer to the time of Pizza Hut than the time of Pyramids: The restaurant chain is about 500 years closer to Cleopatra’s lifetime than the construction of the Giza pyramids.

2.) A park in Austria is submerged in water every year: Each spring, Green Lake Park in Styria is submerged under 30 feet of water. The water is a result from melting snow and ice in nearby mountains.

3.) There’s a lost nuclear bomb off the coast of Georgia: In 1958, an Air Force jet crashed into a B-47 bomber carrying a 7,000lb bomb. It was dropped into the water… and never recovered.

4.) Harvard University was founded before calculus was discovered: Harvard, the oldest institution of higher education in the US, was founded in 1636. Calculus wasn’t discovered until about 1684.

5.) We lived closer to the Tyrannosaurus Rex than the Stegosaurus did: The Jurassic-period Stegosaurus had been extinct for about 80-90 million years before the T-Rex. It has been extinct for only about 65.5 million years.

6.) Alaska is the most eastern, western, and northern state in the United States: Just look at a map, it’s totally true thanks to the Aleutian Islands.

7.) The entire city of Chicago was raised by over a foot: In the 1850-60s, to fix a flooding problem, the entire city was raised a foot to allow drainage sewers to be built.

8.) A soldier received awards from the Axis AND Allies in WWII: Joan Pujol Garcia, a spy and double agent, managed to earn both the Iron Cross from the Germans and the Most Excellent Order by the British Empire.

9.) Two people died because of 1.5 million balloons: In Cleveland, Ohio, the United Way launched 1.5 million balloons into the air. It caused such a disturbance, two people drowned because the Coast Guard couldn’t find them among all of the fallen balloons.

10.) Only one country separates Finland and North Korea: In between these incredibly different countries stands only one mass… Russia.

11.) Heroin was used to treat coughs: Bayer used to produce commercialized heroin in the 1890s as a cough, cold and pain remedy. It was marketed towards kids until 1912.

12.) There is a tree bigger than a Walmart: The 250 year-old banyan tree spans 3.5 acres.

13.) A con man sold the Eiffel Tower: “Count” Victor Lustig, a famous con man, convinced six scrap metal dealers to bid on the Eiffel Tower. The winning dealer paid $70,000 for the monument and gave it to Lustig… who can off.

14.) Mammoths were alive when the Giza Pyramids were being built: The Great Pyramid of Giza had existed for about 1,000 years when the last wooly mammoth died in approximately 1650 B.C.

15.) Bangladesh has more people than Russia: Although Russia is a giant country and spans 9 time zones, Bangladesh has it beat. Bangladesh has 156.6 million people and Russia has 143.5 million.

(H/T Business Insider) It’s strange to think that there are so many crazy things about the world you just don’t know. We learn something new every day. What do you think you’ll learn tomorrow?

Share these odd epic facts with others by clicking on the button below.

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So I Just Discovered A ‘Secret’ Town With Only 2000 People. And It’s Unbelievable.

There’s an extremely good chance that you’ve never heard of Alderney Island. That’s because it’s a tiny paradise located in the English Channel. There’s less than 2,000 people living on it and they must be keeping it a secret, because it’s beautiful. These pictures were taken by local photographers and it’s all you’ll need to see to be convinced to visit this unique getaway.

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands.

You probably didn’t realize there were even islands in the English Channel…

The little islands are scattered throughout the channel like little private paradises.

Alderney in particular is only 1.5 miles long and 3.5 miles wide.

What it lacks in size…

It makes up for in beauty.

And also the friendly attitude of its inhabitants.

Yes, this is the UK’s neighbor.

“So close. So different.”

Alderney has its own government and finance sector.

You don’t have to travel far from the UK to find paradise.

Because of its location, the island has a mild climate.

If you haven’t packed your bags yet…

You probably should.

The seasons still change on Alderney, but it’s much easier to deal with when you live on an island.

Alderney is also called “lapins,” after the many wild bunnies that can be seen on the island.

St. Anne, the main town, is rustic and beautiful, complete with a large church and cobbled streets.

An old and beautiful town, gorgeous coasts, mild weather AND bunnies? I’m sold. Visit the island’s website for more information!


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After Seeing This, I Don’t Know Whether To Feel Small And Insignificant. Or Extremely Lucky.

A user on Reddit came up with a fantastic idea. They Photoshopped all of our solar system’s planets into the sky, appearing as if they were as far away from Earth as the Moon. The result is absolutely fascinating (and a little bit terrifying). This is what it would look like to live on an alien planet. Wow.

The Moon








Too bad Pluto is missing out on all of this fun (R.I.P).


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Wow, Earth… You’re Looking Really Hot… Call Me Sometime ;)

While going about our busy lives, it’s easy forget the fact that this planet we live on is SUPER GORGEOUS. In fact, after just looking at handful of the natural beauty Earth has produced, I’m convinced that aliens definitely don’t exist…or if they do, they’re very dumb for not trying to steal this amazing place from us. I mean, just look at what they’re missing out on.

Los Acros in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

The Pink Wall in Rattlesnake Canyon, Utah

Inverewe Gardens in Scotland

Glacier National Park in Montana

Atacama Desert in Chili

Lake Natron in Tanzania

Mountains in Norway

Smokey Mountains in North Carolina

Mountains near Thule Air Base in Greenland

Patagonia in Argentina

(via: Reddit)

OK, don’t get jealous, aliens. Please don’t attack us! We can share! There’s plenty of gorgeousness to go around.

Share the pretty pics with your friends (alien or otherwise) below!

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A Father Made His Son A Prosthetic Hand, Using A 3D Printer. Epic Win.

Three years ago, Paul McCarthy began searching for an inexpensive yet functional prosthetic hand for his son Leon, who was born without fingers on one of his hands.

After coming across a video online with detailed instructions on how to use a 3D printer to specifically create prosthetic hands, he had a brilliant idea. This dad decided to create a custom hand that would eventually help his son with little things we normally take for granted, like picking up a water bottle or riding a bike.

(Source: CBS Evening News)

A normal prosthesis would have cost the family in upwards of $30,000, but Mr. McCarthy says the 3D printed hand cost him $5-$10 to create.

That cheap cost will easily allow the pair to experiment with different designs and change the size of the prosthetic as Leon grows older.

Share this delightful story and incredible father with your friends below.

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