Selective outrage: GLAAD slams Phil Robertson after letting Alec Baldwin slide!/LanRovr0/status/413405722232504320

Lefty gay rights activists are up in arms over comments Phil Robertson made regarding homosexuality. The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch told GQ that he believes homosexuality is a sin:

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Many were quick to pounce on Robertson’s comments, denouncing him as a homophobe and using the remarks as evidence that committed Christians are intolerant bigots.!/FayolaRose/status/413415599130148864!/BlessThisMess88/status/413414336791457792!/gossipcharming/status/413419810328825856

Here’s “Ellen Show” executive producer Andy Lassner:!/andylassner/status/413411952539361281

GLAAD spokesman and former “My So-Called Life” actor Wilson Cruz also expressed disgust:!/wcruz73/status/413319208185761793

And GLAAD issued a statement condemning Robertson:!/glaad/status/413317051860533249

But that got some people to wondering: Where was this outrage from GLAAD after Alec Baldwin was caught — repeatedlyusing gay slurs?!/ExPoleDancer/status/413398311719436290!/ExPoleDancer/status/413414951806844928!/JustAnotherMo/status/413349232796397568

Whether or not you agree with Robertson’s views, it’s clear that they stem from his firm belief in biblical teachings. And Robertson is careful to emphasize that he is not in any position to pass judgment on someone else:

As far as Phil is concerned, he was literally born again. Old Phil—the guy with the booze and the pills—died a long time ago, and New Phil sees no need to apologize for him: “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

Today, he responded to the criticism from GLAAD and others:

“My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

Now, if it were Alec Baldwin we were dealing with, the response would range from feigned ignorance to physical assault. He could learn a thing or two about class from Robertson.

And from the looks of things, Robertson won’t have to defend himself by himself:!/annuhhbrooke/status/413392971682152448!/amber_kinder/status/413418406830804992!/Krs_1031/status/413416575346438144

Indeed. If Robertson’s critics are truly appalled at blatant homophobia, if they are truly interested in addressing genuine persecution of homosexuals, they ought to focus their attention elsewhere:!/JustAnotherMo/status/413380280083177473



Alec Baldwin threatens ‘toxic little queen’ reporter in epic Twitter rant

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Twitchy coverage of “Duck Dynasty”

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Tips for Getting Raped

Tips for Getting Raped

Just recently a friend of mine was sexually assaulted and her attacker is still on campus because stalking and sexually assaulting my friend isn't enough to be expelled, apparently. Because colleges are going to continue to do nothing about it (or be like California and go a bit too far to be helpful) I'll give you my tips for being raped. Trust me, I'm a criminal justice major.

Edit: Here is the link to that story It's not relevant to this post, but it's what I saw that made me write this.

Tips for Getting Raped

Not only are you leaving a mark on THEM to prove that this was a non-consensual interaction, but don't wash your hands. Your attacker's skin cells will be under your fingernails, which will be evidence. Evidence is good, that's the kind of shit colleges can't hide behind.

Tips for Getting Raped

I know that your first urge is to curl up in the shower and never come out again. Don't do that. I know you want to, but don't. You're washing away evidence when you shower. Wait to shower until after you report it.

Tips for Getting Raped

Campus security is worried about the university, not you. They don't care if you're raped, they just want to keep their jobs, and that means keeping the university in good standing. They are required by law to post their crime statistics (at least in my state) so anything they can downplay, they will.

Honestly, don't talk to campus security unless you have a lawyer or some other advocate (a professor who is acting in your best interest, a parent, a women's shelter worker) present. As far as this matter is concerned, treat all university staff like snakes. The mission is to get your attacker reported and keep you safe, not to make friends with the dean. Their mission is to keep people coming to the school. That's all. Always keep that in mind.

Tips for Getting Raped

Take them with you, as well as any bedding you have (if the attack occurred in bed). You can change out of your clothes, but don't wash anything. Once you report it you can give the evidence over to the cops and never look at it again and start wearing a burka, but not until you've reported it.

Edit: As many of the commenters have said, don't put your clothes in a plastic bag, use paper or cloth. If you have to, use a pillowcase.

Tips for Getting Raped

If not a hospital, go to the local women's shelter. Men, you can go there too. Tell them you have been raped and that you need a rape kit done.

If you think you may have been date-raped or raped while black-out drunk, you can still go. Tell them you can't remember but things don't feel right down there. They can do a rape kit and see if there's any DNA or trauma. The hospital will not report you for underage drinking if you say you were blind drunk and were raped. Even if you showed up drunk the hospital would not report you to the police for being drunk (unless you were just going there for being drunk rather than being raped).

Tips for Getting Raped

THE POLICE. The actual police, the ones that pick up when you call 911. Do NOT call public safety. Tell them exactly what happened, leave out no details. Don't worry, they're not going to grill you like a criminal in Law & Order. They have trauma specialists to help deal with uncomfortable conversations. At the very least, someone from the women's shelter will be there to talk with you. Tell them your story, but tell them when you're uncomfortable. If you don't want to be around men and you only want to talk to women, that's fine. If you're a man and would rather talk to a man, that's fine. Just tell them. They will try to make everything as comfortable as possible for you (and if they don't, whenever you're feeling better you should file a complaint).

Tips for Getting Raped

"What, you don't like this? You're not gay, are you?"
"Come on, you know you want it."
"If you tell anyone, I'll kill you."
"No one will believe you. Everyone knows that you're a slut."
"You're a *guy*. I'm a *girl*. Of course you like it."
"You came here in a bra and a mini skirt. No one's going to take you seriously."

Anything they say that's even slightly close to this is being said because they're afraid. They're afraid that they're going to get caught and they want you to be scared enough that you won't tell anyone. If the law works as it should, once you report them they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near you without handcuffs.

Tips for Getting Raped

You are a wonderful person. No matter what they did to you, you are a beautiful complete person. They didn't take that away from you. They didn't make you dirty. They can't break you.

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Photo of the day: Obama vs. Enterprise!/LisaAminABC7/status/464540880540827651

Obama’s feelings about free enterprise summed up in one photo.

Thanks to ABC7 reporter Lisa Amin Gulezian for sharing that picture taken before the president’s fundraiser in San Jose.

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Saudis arrest 28 Christians, including children, in sweep of private home!/KirstenPowers/status/511960012541804544

Fox News reports that 28 Christians were rounded up and arrested Friday in a private home in Saudi Arabia and their Bibles confiscated. The sweep was conducted by hard-line Islamists from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

#SaudiArabia continues to clamp down on #Christians as reported by @BenWeinthal

— Ben Evansky (@globalposts) September 10, 2014

Christian women & children rounded up by Saudi Arabia Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

— Allen West (@AllenWest) September 16, 2014

According to the Saudi Gazette, children, as well as men and women, were detained. According to human rights activists, their current situation is unknown.

@KirstenPowers nice ally!

— dragon pepper (@dragonpepper) September 16, 2014

@KirstenPowers @MailOnline and they are suppose to be our allies.

— Conservative Cutie (@AgingRepublican) September 16, 2014

@KirstenPowers @MailOnline What are they going to do, behead them in the public square? WTF? Talk about "intolerance!"

— Jay Morris (@The_Potlikker) September 16, 2014

@KirstenPowers @MailOnline if they can't let people abandon the faith then maybe we shouldn't support them. Too much hypocrisy.

— F Sherman (@fredlmyb) September 16, 2014

@KirstenPowers from all the faith/religions in the world. why are christians being targeted the most?? Why christians? Anyone know?

— vic estrada (@estradav70) September 16, 2014

@KirstenPowers @HeatherChilders @MailOnline where is the worldwide outrage…or even one in DC……… where to be seen or heard.

— Ian MacGregor (@macgregor63) September 16, 2014

Christians under attack and home and around the globe. This has to be stopped. Saudi's are NOT our Friends #tcot

— Alex Goodman (@alex_goodman) September 10, 2014

People need to know! Christians are under assault!

— Zach Adams (@zach_adams) September 10, 2014

Who R the good guys? Saudi Arabia continues to cleanse Christians. Maybe they and ISIL deserve one another.

— Blue Tang (@dragoon1176) September 10, 2014

Fox News’ Benjamin Weinthal reported that State Department spokeswoman Jen Pskai said she “was not aware of the arrests, but pledged to look into the reports.”

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Background of Jewish community center murder suspect coming to light!/foxnewsradio/status/455563428770611200

As Twitchy reported on Sunday, a gunman killed three people at two Jewish centers in the Overland Park suburb of Kansas City.

More is being learned about the identity and background of the suspected shooter:!/lrozen/status/455549735290822657!/lrozen/status/455550512377888768!/lidsamy/status/455549577785901056!/gatewaypundit/status/455517206193774592

There are questions about the alleged shooter’s political affiliation, and we stress the preliminary nature of examinations of available information:!/bob_owens/status/455550594628190208!/CletusRayRay/status/455551953238786048!/bob_owens/status/455553590284009472!/larsoneric50/status/455552018933743616!/CrapDetectr/status/455553982010634240

A presumably rhetorical question:!/AgainstTheLeft/status/455566054744682496

Twitchy sends continued thoughts and prayers to the families of those affected by this horrible crime.

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Benghazi suspect arrives in the US, is set to face judicial officer!/FBI/status/482941192314044416

Benghazi suspect Ahmed Abu Khatallah has arrived in the United States and is set to face a judicial officer in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia later this afternoon.!/AP/status/482879092195618816

* * *


In a court appearance that lasted only about 15 minutes, Khatallah pleaded not guilty to a charge of materially aiding and abetting a terrorist group.!/MeganSmiles/status/482975166277120000

Twitchy will monitor this story for further developments.


So, was Ahmed Abu Khatallah the mastermind behind that YouTube video?

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Vox’s Max Fisher: If you praised badass woman fighting ISIS, you’re a racist!/physicsgeek/status/515555544497913857

Just when you thought you’d seen Max Fisher scrape the bottom of the intellectual barrel, he goes and outdoes himself:

The condescension and racism behind American praise of Maryam al-Mansouri, the female UAE pilot who bombed ISIS

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) September 26, 2014

This meme “Hey ISIS, you were bombed by a woman” is fundamentally racist. On multiple levels.

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) September 26, 2014

Hey, Max, those tweets are mind-blowingly stupid. On multiple levels:

Oh, look. @voxdotcom thinks praising a female pilot from the UAE is actually racist.

— RB (@RBPundit) September 26, 2014

So @Max_Fisher thinks ISIS is a race not an ideology.

— Mistressnancy (@Mistressnancy) September 26, 2014

Islam isn’t a race, you paste eater.

— Ɍɇx ɨn Ɇffɇȼŧ (@RexHarrisonsHat) September 26, 2014

Dear @Max_Fisher, radical, terroristic, beheading, genital mutilating, Islamic Jihadists are NOT a race. #TruthAche

— Chris Loesch (@ChrisLoesch) September 26, 2014

@Max_Fisher @ptbrennan11 because savage misogyny in the name of a death-cult is a race, now. #Genetic

— Hugs n Kisses (@Coondawg68) September 26, 2014

.@Max_Fisher No, it's not racist. Read about her…she's incredible. And read about the positive effect she's had on her division.

— Color Me Red ن (@ColorMeRed) September 26, 2014

But what happens when you try to navigate the actual post? Here’s how it kicks off:

In the three days since United Arab Emirates air force Major Maryam al-Mansouri flew in the American-led mission to bomb ISIS targets in Syria, there have been many rounds of congratulations and chest-thumping in the United States over this triumph of feminism and humiliation of ISIS.

Mansouri’s accomplishment and importance as one of the first-ever female fighter pilots in the Emirates and in the Gulf is real. So is the progress she represents for Emirati women. But the American celebration of Mansouri has been grounded in some embarrassing misconceptions, and has echoed common Western prejudices and stereotypes about Arabs that are condescending at best and racist and misogynist at worst.

There are two sets of American misconceptions here. The first is to play up Mansouri as representative of the UAE as a champion of gender equality, when in fact the UAE is objectively quite bad on women’s rights, and the fact that we allow them such a lowered bar represents a soft bigotry of lowered expectations. The second is to repeatedly contrast the UAE with Saudi Arabia in a way that explicitly frames Saudi gender restrictions as the default for Arab and Muslim societies, when in fact Saudi restrictions are freakishly unique and widely reviled in the Muslim world.

We recommend reading the whole thing, if only to marvel at its evolving stupidity.

Totally missing the point is becoming a common theme in everything @Max_Fisher writes about the Mideast.

— Charles Hoskinson (@cehoskinson) September 26, 2014

This is some amazing shaming-gymnastics by @Max_Fisher

— John Sexton (@verumserum) September 26, 2014

The gist of Fisher’s article appears to be this: It’s racist and misogynistic to celebrate the fact that a women is helping to kick ISIS’ ass, because she comes from a Muslim-led country whose lousy women’s rights record shouldn’t be ignored. But, if you point out that Muslim-led countries have lousy women’s rights records, you’re a racist Islamophobe.

Get it? Neither do we:

.@Max_Fisher if I understand you correctly it is racist to believe women have equal rights in UAE as well as believing the opposite?

— Meine Weltsicht (@weltsichtig) September 26, 2014

Did Max Fisher seriously just accuse conservatives of whitewashing the poor human rights records of Muslim countries? Holy LOL.

— neontaster (@neontaster) September 26, 2014

The only thing missing was a Voxsplanation about how Israel is somehow behind all of this.

@Max_Fisher @AndrewStilesUSA is this real life?

— Brian Walsh (@bigbri1681) September 26, 2014

It’s getting more and more difficult to tell. Maybe this’ll help a little:

Guys, report @Max_Fisher. Parody accounts need to clearly identify themselves as such.

— Blast Hardcheese (@claudeakinsmask) September 26, 2014



This is what badassery looks like! ISIS should be very scared of this woman [photo]

‘Just grotesque’: Vox pounded for ‘moronic’ take on murders of three Israeli teens

Vox-er blames Israel for disproportionate Palestinian deaths, ignores Hamas’ ‘defense’ strategy

‘You really are a bigot’: ‘Voxhole’ Max Fisher bravely mocks Netanyahu’s accent

‘Repulsive shill’: Vox’s Max Fisher suggests Pope Francis endorses new Crusade

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Jesse Jackson’s ‘racial extortion racket’ comes to Silicon Valley!/irishspy/status/466244893904355328

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is reportedly in San Jose today to demand technology companies be more inclusive. According to San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX:

Jackson wrote to tech companies including Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Google and others earlier this year about the problem he sees saying, “Technology is supposed to be about inclusion, but sadly, patterns of exclusion remains the order of the day.”

You probably thought technology was supposed to be about innovation and invention. Nope. It’s all about “inclusion” or something.!/RevJJackson/status/466244514835742720

In other words, Jackson is accusing Silicon Valley of excluding people from participation based on race and they better shape up or else the shakedown begins.



Twitchy coverage of Jesse Jackson

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Former CNN personality bashes Catholics, expresses contempt for Islam!/charlesjaco1/status/473209739455635457

Some of you might remember Charles Jaco from CNN during Operation Desert Storm c. 1991. Think Charles would have been brave enough to say that publicly back when he was reporting from Saudi Arabia?

Later someone tweeted a link to an old transcript of Ed Schultz’s radio show in which Ed asks Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead about having an abortion.!/Begbie_1/status/473221281484382211

Charles saw that as an opportunity to do some Catholic bashing.!/charlesjaco1/status/473225591714357248

Yesterday he referred to God this way:!/charlesjaco1/status/472853487001161728

Jaco likes to spend his free time threatening to sue bloggers for suggesting he faked his video during Operation Desert Storm and antagonizing “tea baggers,” because he’s one of those objective unbiased journalists.

He apparently does have some religious leanings of his own despite the hostile atheist schtick.!/charlesjaco1/status/472389043469045761

All glory to St. Al Gore of the Holy Hockey Stick.



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Vox: ‘Obsession’ about Ottawa shooter detail reveals a lot about … us!!/JammieWF/status/525304362290003969

Are you ready for a triple-shot of Voxsplaining about the attack at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada yesterday that left a soldier dead?

If you noticed that the shooter was a convert to Islam, according to Vox, you need to spend more time on self-reflection!

In summary:

Everybody panic!



‘Portrait of a hero’: This photo of Sgt.-at-Arms Kevin Vickers is ‘rather Bondesque’

‘Running towards danger’: Video captures intense moments inside Canadian Parliament

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