Kate Upton & P. Diddy Vehemently Refute Those Make Out Rumors

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8 Crazy-Expensive Beauty Products — And How They Earned Those Price Tags

1. Kanebo Sensai Collection, The Lipstick: $55

“They make the most beautiful red lipstick on the market,” says Alexis Wolfer, founder of TheBeautyBean.com. The formula is based on the feel Japan’s Koishimaru silk and includes many of the same ingredients found in their astronomically priced skincare. “If you’re somebody who really loves rocking a red lip with a rich gorgeous pigment, this is a phenomenal product,” says Wolfer. “But it’s not for the woman who just wants to try it out, or loses it in the bottom of her purse—this is really for the woman for whom red lipstick is a part of her identity.”

2. Creme de la Mer: $150 per ounce

The original jaw-dropping face cream (a 16.5 oz. jar is $1,900), La Mer contains a trademarked (and secret) “Miracle Broth” that celebs and beauty junkies swear by. “With La Mer, the price point is heightened, regardless of what they put in their products,” says Cassandra Celestin, a certified cosmetic chemist and founder of TheBeautyChemist.com. “They [position the cream as] really high end, and it is about branding and marketing.” But there is something to be said for the mentality that comes along with a super-expensive pot of face cream: “If you know that the face cream cost $400, you’re gonna spend more time making sure it ends up on your face. You’re not pulling and tugging on your skin putting it on in a rush — it becomes an experience,” says Wolfer.

3. La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation: $195

Nearly $200 for foundation seems absolutely insane — even if the word “caviar” is right there on the bottle. But Wolfer insists it’s worth the hefty sticker. “I am usually of the belief that skincare companies should stick with skincare and makeup companies should stick with makeup, but I think they do a phenomenal job taking their anti-aging formulas to makeup,” she says. While the product may improve your skin, and it does have caviar in it, maybe don’t splurge because of the delicacy alone: experts have been skeptical about caviar’s effectiveness.

4. Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish: $250,000

Azature is a fine jewelry company that produced the world’s most expensive bottle of polish, made of black diamonds. “A few months ago I went into a store and the salesgirl tried to convince me that all these diamond powders in their products really help,” said Celestin. “It’s just the idea of it” — meaning, luxury — “people buy. It doesn’t do anything for you.” Azature also sells a version of their diamond lacquer for $25: each bottle has a single black diamond in it. Even that is hard to justify. “I love nail art and everything about it, but you’re still going to use nail polish remover to remove it. It feels ludicrous,” said Wolfer.

5. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Treatment: $1500

This four-week treatment (one tube per week) is supposed to deliver serious anti-aging results. Guerlain recommends using this product twice a year to the tune of $3,000. “I think that when you’re going to spend this amount of money on a product, my gut instinct is I’d rather get a laser treatment at the dermatologist’s office,” said Wolfer. In other words, probably no “molecular extract” from “the imperial orchid” can do what a doctor can.

6. Josie Maran Argan Oil: $96 for 4 oz.

Celeb make up artist Josie Maran’s argan oil won’t bankrupt you, but it actually earns its price when compared with many other argan oils on the market. “When you look at the ingredient listing [on less expensive oils], the first thing you see is silicone. Oil and silicone don’t really mix together, so you’ll find products that are 90 to 95% silicone and the rest argan oil or 90 to 95% argan oil and the rest silicone,” says Celestin. Maran’s, a rare 100% find, is worth the investment if the trendy ingredient is one you like.

7. Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream: $1,000

Another crazy-pricey face cream, Cle de Peau’s includes Retinol ACE, green tea and Vitamin E — also ingredients found in many drugstore brands. “Oil of Olay, L’Oreal Regenerist — these are some of the best drugstore products are out there,” says celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes. “If you can’t afford the luxury item, this is the next best thing.” So why spend a grand? “Sometimes you’re paying for the name,” says Barnes. “It’s an important factor.”

8. Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum: $1500

This Jean Patou fragrance is made from a flower that only grows for two weeks every year in Jean Patou’s proprietary fields, and more than 10,000 blooms go into every bottle. “The other perfume houses — you notice they all smell very alike. They know what notes to put in and the kinks have been worked out. But when you’re using specialized ingredients, it’s tricky,” says Celestin. “I can understand why it’s so expensive.”

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18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings


Ear cuff for sale at Etsy.

18. Don’t want to get pierced?

Pascal Le Segretain/Staff / Getty Images

Try an ear cuff like Diane Kruger! Her’s is Repossi,

For an affordable alternative try one of these!

$7.48 for three at Asos.

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Meet The World’s Most Famous Human Blow-Up Doll

Olivia Harris / Reuters

The front rows of fashion shows are usually reserved for celebrities, editors, buyers, and influential bloggers. In London Fashion Week’s front rows you’re also likely to find Pandemonia, the human blow-up doll.

The creation and alter-ego of a British artist, Pandemonia is a man who conceals his real name and goes around town wearing a plastic outfit and various accessories that resemble pool toys. The celebrated front-row sensation took time out of her fashion week schedule to talk to BuzzFeed Shift over email.

BuzzFeed: When did you start getting front-row invites to fashion shows?

Pandemonia: When I went to my first fashion show, I assumed I’d get placed somewhere at the back of the room. How wrong I was! They placed me bang in the center of the front row. I’ve never seen a show from any other position.

BF: Are you paid to attend?

Pandemonia: I never talk about money — it’s so crude.

BF: You’ve appeared in outlets like Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. How did Pandemonia come to be?

Pandemonia: I am a Post-Pop Artist. Around 2008, celebrity became the currency. Being interested in popular culture, I decided to construct a celebrity. I built my celebrity, Pandemonia, out of current day myths and symbols, like, forever young, shiny, blonde glamour, etc.

Instead of showing my work traditionally in an art gallery, I took it directly to the people. Everyone is a photographer now — we all have camera phones. I started showing up (exhibiting my work) at society events.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

BF: In terms of the costume, can you explain what’s going on mechanically? How do you breathe?

Pandemonia: Artists just can’t give every thing away. As with all art, one has to use their imagination. The Pandemonia “look” is designed like a logo. I use the silhouette and simple colors so it can be easily reproduced. You can recognize her even in a bad photograph.

What I find “mechanically” interesting about Pandemonia is the public participation. Pandemonia transforms the public into viewers and photographers. It’s the public reaction that makes her a celebrity.

BF: What are you hoping to accomplish or say with your work?

Pandemonia: The ultimate meaning of my work lies with the viewer. It means different things to different people. Pandemonia is a democratic form of art, people “vote” for her with their phones.

Any favorite designers or celebrities you’ve gotten to hang out with?

Pandemonia: I’ve hung out with top celebs and designers like Jerry Hall, Stella McCartney, Natalia Vodianova, Agyness Deyn, Nancy Dell’olio, Andrea Dellal, to name a few. However, it’s the strength of my own work and not the just the star dust rubbing off on me that gets the attention.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

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30 Incredibly Chic Street-Style Photos From India

1. Meera, Mumbai

“I’m not loyal to any labels. I like a healthy mix of street shopping and travel shopping.”

2. Divyak, Mumbai

The photographer described this subject as “channelling Dr. Strangelove.”

3. Karan, Mumbai

“A trench coat, for me, is like a shield… It carries the identity of the wearer.”

4. Paloma, Mumbai

Fact: This scarf cost 30 Rupees, the equivalent of 47 cents.

5. Carol, New Delhi

Has a cat named Piggy and a dog named Edie. This dress was her mother’s, purchased at a flea market.

6. Jagvir, Mumbai

This perfect example of colorblocking is courtesy of Style Fiesta.

7. Vir, Mumbai

“This look is sort of over-the-top and dramatic due to the hair and styling. I would wear this to an insane house party.”

8. Paloma, Mumbai

This blazer was sown using fabric from a lungi, a traditional Indian loincloth typically worn by men in South India.

9. Rachel, New Delhi

“I don’t want to change anything about the way I look.”

10. Pranav, New Delhi

Shirt by Indian designer Javed Khan.

11. Amit, Mumbai

Loose cotton clothes are perfect for Mumbai’s infamous humidity.

12. Bryan, Mumbai

BryanBoy is a Filipino fashion blogger, visiting India for Fashion Week.

13. Lidowe, Dimapur

“Shops mostly from Zara & Adidas. Has coloured her hair more than 50 times.”

14. Tinu, Mumbai

Tinu, a model, is sporting the ultimate statement necklace.

15. Tania, Mumbai

Tania had a local tailor sew this ikat (a traditional Indian fabric) pantsuit, for approximately $20.

16. Mercy, New Delhi

Mercy is one fourth of the Tetseo Sisters, a folk music group from the North Eastern state of Nagaland.

17. Karishma, Mumbai

Q: If not a fashion designer, what do you think you’d be?
A: An anthropologist.

18. Pranav, New Delhi

Q: Other than making clothes and modeling, is there anything else you’d like to do?
A: Yes. I want to fly.

19. Stephen, New Delhi

“I feel the world is my prom and I need to dress up.”

20. Priya, New Delhi

Founder of her own store and culture blog, Bombay Electric, Priya is dressed in an ensemble that merges Indian and western aesthetics.

21. Kismet, Chandigarh

Kismet is wearing a kurta, a traditional Indian garment that is essentially a long shirt, typically worn with pants/pajamas.

22. Imsu, New Delhi

“Likes bad boys, loves Adele, believes in online shopping.” Jacket from H&M.

23. Loise, Mumbai

“There was a nomad girl selling Rajasthani bags on the street. I asked her if she had anything else. She had two blouses and this was one of them. She said her grandma made it long ago and they don’t make clothes anymore.”

24. Dal, Mumbai

“The kind of clothes I wear are really versions of the traditional Indian kurta. Some of the cotton shirts I own from Dries van Noten, for example, claim to take their inspiration from vintage military uniforms, but to me, the reference, the pleat and the placket, always say India.”

25. Gitanjali, Pune

Gitanjali, a writer and curator spotted here at the NH7 Weekender music festival, is redefining music festival chic.

26. Oona, New Delhi

This former fashion blogger shut down her blog: “My family and friends – and randoms who don’t even know me – tended to think of me as a narcissistic, materialistic dumb fashionista. There were some people bitching about me, saying stuff like ‘OMG she wears peacock feathers’… Which is all untrue, obviously.”

27. Elton, Mumbai

A makeup artist/hairstylist by profession, Elton lets his sense of drama overflow into his wardrobe.

28. Prash, Mumbai

By adding a scarf and fedora, Prash is reinterpreting Mumbai’s staple shorts-and-sandals look.

29. Dheeman, Mumbai

T-shirt: H&M.
Pants: Local tailor.

30. Tania, Mumbai

“I hated Barbie as a little girl but everyone around me had them. So once I decided to cut off some fabric lying around the house to make some costumes for everyone’s Barbies. I made a whole line… and then had a Barbie beauty pageant in my room.”

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How To Get Ready In The Morning In Five Minutes Or Less

1. We all know mornings are horrible.

Macey J. Foronda

Here I am on a particularly unsalvageable-looking one, wearing no makeup (save for my eyelash extensions) and with my hair in a bun from hell. If you’re the kind of person who routinely blows her 7, then 8, then 9 a.m. alarms, this picture might be a bit like looking into a mirror. Because for many of us, waking up is literally the worst thing ever.

2. But no matter how rough your start on any given day, it turns out you only need four things to make you look alive.

Macey J. Foronda

All is not lost if you miss your alarm, are nursing an apocalyptic hangover, or are otherwise strapped for time. You just need a little mascara, BB cream or tinted moisturizer, combination lip/cheek stain, and — here’s the wild card — a brow gel and powder duo.

3. First, start by smoothing your cream everywhere and doing your lips and cheeks.

James Ari

The tinted moisturizer or BB cream hydrates, provides coverage, and protects you from the sun, which is perfect for mornings when you really can’t handle taking those steps separately. After you apply the stain to your lips with your finger, there should be a little excess product left, which is the perfect amount to sweep upwards onto your cheekbones. Using the leftovers gives you a subtle amount of color so you don’t have to worry about overapplying and looking like a clown (the last thing you need right now).

4. Next, put on mascara and fill in your brows to make your eyes look like those of someone who actually sleeps sometimes.

James Ari

Eyebrow gel and powder will help you look less sallow and washed out in general as well as making your eye area look more “done.” It’s the quickest way to add polish to your eyes without having to putz around with eyeliner or shadow. And, of course, the most tried-and-true way to look more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is to coat your lashes in mascara, so go buck with that stuff.

5. Check it out: Totally not dead, with minimal effort, in under five minutes. Pretty cool, right?

Macey J. Foronda

Sure, my hair might still be a bit of a mess, but my eyes look more open and awake, my skin is evened out, and there’s just the tiniest bit of a healthy flush to my cheeks and lips. All told, the smallest amount of cosmetic help can make a huge difference in the morning, even if you only have five minutes in your office bathroom to put it on. Just try to remember to set your alarm next time, okay?

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18 Fun Facts About This Year’s Miss USA Contestants

1. Miss Kansas, Staci Jo Klinginsmith

2. Miss Georgia, Brittany Sharp

3. Miss Idaho, Marissa Wickland

4. Miss Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd

Bonus fun fact: Sarah is obsessed with bananas.

5. Miss Arizona, Rachel Massie

6. Miss Florida, Michelle Aguirre

7. Miss South Carolina, Megan Pinckney

8. Miss Missouri, Ellie Holtman

9. Miss Oklahoma, Makenzie Muse

10. Miss Louisiana, Kristen Girault

11. Miss Michigan, Jaclyn Schultz

12. Miss District of Columbia, Jessica Frith

Bonus fun fact: Jessica made it to the top 100 during American Idol’s tenth season.

13. Miss Maryland, Kasey Staniszewski

14. Miss Tennessee, Brenna Mader

15. Miss Arkansas, Hannah Billingsley

16. Miss New York, Joanne Nosuchinsky

17. Miss Kentucky, Allie Mae Leggett

18. Miss Oregon, Gabrielle Neilan

(Giving someone the pickle means giving them the best customer service, apparently. Oh, phlebotomists!)

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20 Examples Of Nail Armor, The Nail Trend That’ll Definitely Poke An Eye Out

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