Here’s That “Hoarders”-Themed Fashion Editorial You’ve Been Waiting For

Certified professional organizer Dorothy Breininger suggests: “Let’s try and organize all your newspaper clippings into three piles: keep, trash and… oh, goodness me that is a very big mouse isn’t it!”

Clutter Cleaner Matt Paxton wonders: “Is now really the best time to stop and snack on four month-old Thai food? Our crew is only here for two days, after all.”

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Robyn Zasio asks: “Don’t you feel like all this rope and twine tying you down, emotionally?”

Dr. Renae Reinardy, specialist in the treatment of compulsive hoarding, obsessive-compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, and related conditions, asks: “Are you afraid of feeling alone without your hoard?”

Certified professional organizer Standolyn Robertson says: “Please pass me some Febreze.”

Professional hoarding advisor Dr. Suzanne Chabaud empathizes: “We’re all here to support you, but I sense you’re finding the clean-up process overwhelming. You have deep attachments to all your belongings, don’t you?”

CEO and founder of Steri-Clean, Inc. Cory Chalmers snaps: “You need to focus, or you’re wasting everybody’s time.”

Certified Professional Organizer specializing in chronic disorganization and hoarding Geralin Thomas wonders: “Do you even want the help we’re offering? We can only help you if you’re willing to help yourself.”

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The Ikea Monkey Has Always Been Fashionable

1. Once he wore this little overall and striped shirt number:

4. This plaid overall and brown shirt combo:

7. This devil costume:

10. And once he brushed his teeth:

Not really FASHION, but still adorable.

13. Never forget the coat though.

14. Or Darwin. <3

Darren Calabrese/National Post / Via

To read updates on where Darwin is now, go here.

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Meet K-Pop Star Taeyang, Fashion’s Finest New Front Row Seat Filler

1. K-Pop Taeyang superstar attended the spring 2014 Givenchy menswear show in Paris.

Getty Images

That’s quite an outfit. (And it would suck to be the person sat behind him, because that Mohawk will block anyone’s view.)

2. He sat front row near Madonna’s boyfriend Brahim Zaibat (posing here with magician Dynamo and pretending to give a shit about card tricks).

Getty Images

Other celebrities in attendance included Sky Ferreira and très cool indie band The xx. Notable fashion folk also scoring spots on the front row: GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson, who’s apparently been sleeping on a tanning bed lately, Suzy Menkes and her trusty Dell laptop, Steven Gan, and Cathy Horyn in some delectable denim hot pants.

3. Anyway, back to Taeyang. He’s a member of K-Pop group Big Bang as well as a solo artist.

4. He’s quite the sharp dresser.

Wally Santana / AP

Here he is with his fellow Big Bang members (in the center, wearing Versace for H&M jeans).

5. And performing here in a very nice graffiti-printed leather bomber jacket.

Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images

6. He really likes the jacket, see.

7. Like many K-Pop stars, his fashion credentials are top notch. Here he is covering the Korean edition of Dazed & Confused.

You can tell he’s a serious fashion person because there’s a line drawn on his face in kohl or something.

8. Featuring in Arena Homme.

Those flowers are mine, bitches.

10. Here with some more face paint, just because.

11. And this epic hairstyle, from Big Bang’s “Monster” music video, cannot be denied.

LOVE IT. And enjoy the video too.

12. Here’s another Big Bang music video worth watching.

Look out for the polka-dot pants.

13. Taeyang has worn Givenchy frequently in the past.

He’s a big fan of the label, it would seem.

14. Performing in concert in Givenchy.

15. Performing in a music video in Givenchy.

16. Just being a celebrity invited to events and gift lounges in Givenchy.

Let’s all agree not to say anything about these cornrows.

17. And walking through an airport in Givenchy.

18. Taeyang particularly likes walking through airports in Givenchy. The t-shirts must be comfortable.

19. But he also looks good in clothes that aren’t made by Givenchy, isn’t that right?

20. Like when he’s dressed in knitwear.

21. And hoodies with Karl Lagerfeld badges pinned to them.

22. This waistcoat is nice.

23. Also, he is a “romantic guy” because he wears pink.

24. It’s also important to note Taeyang looks good wearing no clothes at all.

25. Very good.

28. Wait, where were we?

29. Ok, yes, Taeyang at the Givenchy show.

Francois Mori / AP

30. The collection featured quintessential urban Givenchy silhouettes covered in intricate digital prints — a little reminiscent of past Katrantzou collections, but without appearing derivative.


There were no couch florals, I am saddened to report.

31. And to angry music, the models stomped aggressively down the runway.


Also: again with the MANDALS.

32. Everyone in attendance approved.


33. So let’s hope we get to enjoy Taeyang at more fashion shows soon, and wearing more Givenchy pieces too.

He’d look great in some of those tank tops, and you know he’s just dying to paint his face like the models above.

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Fashion Models Finally Earn Money After Pleas For Cash

Models in the Proenza Schouler show at New York Fashion Week. Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Over the past year, high-profile models have made repeated pleas for designers to pay them for walking in their runway shows. Some designers are finally responding, paying models in cash instead of clothes for their fashion week work.

A lot of labels, like Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, and Calvin Klein, have always paid models in cash for appearing in their runway shows during New York Fashion Week. But Marc Jacobs, a huge label in the same league, didn’t start paying models in cash until last season for his spring 2013 Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs shows, said Sara Ziff, who runs the Model Alliance, an organization that advocates for model rights (but is not an official union). Until then Jacobs had, like many labels, just paid models in trade, or free clothes. Free clothes are nice, especially when they’re expensive and beautiful, as many of these designers’ are, but they don’t pay the bills on their own — and models need that cash to not only cover living expenses, but also to avoid going into debt with their agencies.

Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone also started paying models in cash for the spring 2013 show season, Ziff said. But she said that a few big labels are holding out, including Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler, and Narciso Rodriguez — whose shows are all major highlights on New York Fashion Week’s calendar. They’re still just offering free clothes.

“If you think about how expensive it is to take out a full page ad in Vogue, which all of those companies do, you’d think they could compensate the models,” Ziff said. Reps for Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler, and Narciso Rodriguez did not return requests for comment.

One modeling agent, who could only speak anonymously due to delicate relationships with designers, observed that while labels might be responding positively to models asking for cash instead of clothing for their work, “rates are still much lower than they used to be.” In the ’80s and ’90s, models could book runway exclusives with certain labels, go on to shoot their ad campaigns, and make “massive” amounts of money. Now, even with exclusives, those huge rates aren’t guaranteed, and not all labels with the most money pay good rates because they know models would kill to walk in their shows. “Well-off, well-known clients really should pay a lot more even if they have shows that models would kill to walk in,” this agent said, noting that some labels, like Michael Kors, are known to pay great rates despite their outsize status as a fashion week must-see.

In addition to the runway show itself, which is usually about two to three hours, the models must go to a fitting at a previous date, which is another half hour, at least. If a model makes only $100 for a show, after taxes and agency commission she’ll take home only around $50 to $60, which, depending on her schedule, might not even cover transportation costs to the fitting and show.

One model who has done New York Fashion Week shows told BuzzFeed Shift that $150 is common for “small shows” and $200 to $500 is often paid for bigger shows. There are exceptions — Project Runway paid models $900 for walking its most recent show, this model said. But a label in the realm of Marc Jacobs still might pay just $500 to $800 for doing a show. Ziff understood that Rag & Bone paid their runway models in the hundreds of dollars and offered trade in addition. (Not every model makes the same rate — more in-demand faces can command more.)

Some models who really need the cash will eBay the designer loot they’ve gotten for free — a time-consuming practice. And even then, the payoff is never equal to retail value of the items sold (if they go to a thrift store, they’re likely to make much less). Money from eBayed goods also doesn’t come through right away since not everything sells immediately, and the site doesn’t make the funds available until after a period of time.

Paying a model in trade is not illegal since they’re considered independent contractors. However, many models enter into debt with their agencies when they don’t make enough money to cover their start-up costs — which include everything from photo shoots for their portfolios to travel and housing expenses. Agencies may front the money, but even if a model has had a successful runway season, she might not make enough to pay them back.

Ziff’s work at the Model Alliance often involves advising models about agency debt. “We’ve seen plenty of models who are like, $20,000 in debt,” she said. “I’ve seen one case where a model who’s actually a pretty established working model was $100,000 in debt to her agency.” Some agencies aren’t fully transparent about these costs, Ziff said. “It’s not just a question of whether or not designers are paying money, there’s also the issue of all these fees which are not always explained and that are adding up to debt.”

Over the past year, famous models like Doutzen Kroes, Shalom Harlow, and Coco Rocha have all spoken out about the issue of designers not paying for runway modeling. Last year, Ziff, a model herself, met with Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America — which partner on a “health initiative” that arose following widespread concerns about models being unhealthfully thin — to discuss the matter of payment for runway work, among other issues the Model Alliance works on. Ziff is happy that the industry is responding to their pleas and that models have started talking publicly about this problem.

“Just the fact that it’s even being reported on I think is significant because the industry is so insular,” Ziff said. “Considering how resistant the industry is to change, I think it’s a pretty big step.”

A model backstage at the Anna Sui show. John Minchillo / AP

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Brazil’s Senior Citizen Beauty Pageants Explained In 22 Photos And Some “Toddlers & Tiaras” Gifs

1. Glamorous grandmas, all hoping for world peace and a seat that’s comfortable enough to nap in.


2. They know they look good.


3. Some last-minute preening backstage.


4. That’s some Barbara Bush realness.


5. The contestants parade in chic evening gowns.


Even though it’s Brazil, there isn’t a swimsuit round.

6. Family members provide support.


7. And the stakes are high.


8. But there are lots of different sashes for the contestants to win — all promoting empowerment among the elderly.


9. This might be the line for the bathroom. Who knows.


11. #18 is a serious contender.


12. But 65 year-old Irenilda de Oliveira Meneses took home the “Most Beautiful” crown.


14. And some bonus photos from last year’s pageant:

NACHO DOCE / Reuters
NACHO DOCE / Reuters

16. Scoping out the competition.

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

17. Hogging the mirrors. Sneaky.

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

(Not to mention someone’s hogging the go-go juice.)

18. There may or may not be any friction between rivals backstage.

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

19. But everyone puts on a winning smile anyway when they hit the stage.

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

20. Everybody dance now!

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

21. It’s not just for the ladies either. Here’s the winner of “Mr. Timidity” back at a contest for Sao Paulo’s elderly men held in 2011:

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

22. And these are some fabulous senior showgirls who also performed at that pageant.

NACHO DOCE / Reuters

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See Lady Gaga Naked, Sitting On A Stool

1. Fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh posted this photo of Lady Gaga to Instagram.

They revealed it’s for an upcoming issue of V magazine, where Lady Gaga has served as oft-nonsensical columnist.

2. The photographers posted some other photos of Gaga to their Instagram feed, but they’re more selfie-ish.

3. And if you want more Gaga selfies, all you really have to do is go over to her Instagram feed.

It’s selfie central, to say the least.

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