27 Beautiful Photos From The Royal Wedding In Indonesia

1. Huge crowds line the streets of Yogyakarta as bride Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu and groom KPH Notonegoro are driven to Kraton Palace for their wedding.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu is the fourth daughter of currently-reigning Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

2. Royal waving is a must.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

3. Twelve ornate horse-drawn carriages made up the royal procession.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

4. Which, were it not for all the cell phones and the big bank in the background, would have looked like something straight out of the ancien régime.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

5. The requisite guys on horseback showed up to look fancy/keep order.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

6. While regular soldiers stood guard while a contingent of guys with fabulous elf hats did their thing.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

7. Volunteers stand outside Kraton Palace.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Their sarongs are lovely.

8. And some palace guards, also standing to attention.

Getty Images

9. Groom KPH Notonegoro arrives at Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Notonegoro arrived, with members of his family, in an ornate horse-drawn carriage.

10. Meanwhile, here’s the bride getting her hair did.

Getty Images

11. Bride Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu asks for blessing from her father, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

Getty Images

12. And from her mother, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas.

Getty Images

13. KPH Notonegoro sits with members of his family before taking part in the “Siraman” bathing ritual.

Getty Images

Getty Images


14. Notonegoro, with his family, during the “Siraman” ritual.

Getty Images

The ritual involves the bride/bridegroom being bathed by their parents as well as a few distinguished, elderly women who are ” selected [for] their good moral behavior.” After the bathing is complete, a ceramic pot called a “kendi” is dropped on the floor and broke (pictured here seconds pre-smash). This symbolizes that the bride/bridegroom is ready for their wedding.

15. The bride also gets a ceremonial wash.

LALA/AFP / Getty Images

LALA/AFP / Getty Images


And she gets to wear a lovely, floral-woven poncho for the occasion.

16. The royal bride and groom enter the “Tompo Koyo” wedding ceremony in the Bangsal Kesatriyan hall at Kraton Palace.

Look how excited the lady on the left is. Also look at the great face paint in the background.

17. This is a dancing troupe dressed as fools, performing in the ceremony.

Getty Images

Getty Images


18. A close-up of the face paint.

Getty Images

19. The royal bride and groom during their wedding ceremony.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

20. Notonegoro lifts his bride up, as part of the “Pondhongan” ceremony.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

This ceremony emphasizes the “elevated status” of women in traditional Javanese culture. Many view its prominent inclusion in the wedding as further evidence that the gender roles of women within the royal court are shifting.

21. Obligatory nervous/pissy “do NOT drop me” face.

LALA/AFP / Getty Images

22. The “Wijikan” ceremony, which sees the bride washing her future husband’s feet.

Getty Images

LALA/AFP / Getty Images


(This is a traditional symbol of a wife’s devotion.)

23. A quick tea break.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

This is the ritual of “Dahar Klimah,” in which a bride and groom feed each other yellow rice and a selection of side dishes usually including fried eggs and meat. (The bride gets to eat first.) Following the meal, the couple drink sweet tea. “Dahar Klimah” illustrates that the newlyweds are happy to enjoy each others possessions.

24. Posing for photos. Imagine how much pressure the photographer at a royal wedding must be under.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images


25. Posing with family members, because it’s ok to be shirtless in these wedding photos.

Getty Images

26. More family members.

Getty images

27. And posing with four adorable little bridesmaids, each carrying a peacock feather fan.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images

Hopefully they’re trying to tickle each other during the ceremony and cause all sorts of other adorable bridesmaid mischief.

And so all the cream ensembles at that other big royal event this week looked even more boring by comparison.

Pool / Reuters

Pool / Reuters


Sure, the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing McQueen. But it’s snoozy McQueen.

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If “Fashion Star” Is Renewed, They Might Lose The Acrobats

NBC’s fashion design competition show “Fashion Star” is like a cross between “American Idol,” “Project Runway,” the “Simple Life” (Nicole Richie’s on it), and “Newlyweds” (ditto Jessica Simpson). In other words, it’s the best new show on television. Competing designers receive mentorship from either Richie, Simpson, or designer John Varvatos, and compete against each other to sell their clothing to H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Macy’s. The elaborate runway shows bear pretty much zero relation to actual fashion shows that usually just involve music, a runway, and sometimes a decorative backdrop. But the result is masterful: Cirque du Soleil meets Broadway show meets fashion show — three of the best things to witness live.

Might Varvatos incorporate “Fashion Star”-style theatrics into his runway shows? “No!” he said, laughing, at a “Fashion Star” event in New York’s Fifth Avenue H&M last night. “It’s not my thing you know? I always say, I think we do beautiful runway shows” — (it’s true, he does) — “but I’m never going to do a Broadway production. It’s about the clothes and I’d even say if the show continues to go on, you’ll probably see less of that and more of the clothes.”

Varvatos stands out from Simpson and Richie because, while all three have very successful clothing brands, he’s the only seasoned true designer among them, counting three CFDA awards (the Oscar of fashion design, basically) among his accolades. (Varvatos also worked at Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, where he launched the label’s men’s division.)

“There will always be some [theatrics]” on “Fashion Star,” he continued. “I’m not into the explosions and all that because the consumer still wants to see what those clothes look like.”

Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

Varvatos with Nicole Richie in New York last night.

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23 Awesome Pairs Of Jorts To Get You Through Summer

2. Jorts Zooey Deschanel probably owns.

Asos $55

3. Subtly embellished jorts.

Topshop $70

4. Not-subtly embellished jorts.

Via hm.com

H&M $30

5. Jorts for the 4th of July. Or summer music festivals. Or year-round, if you truly love America.

Forever 21 $30

(This is not an item you’ll want to spend more than $30 on.)

6. Railroad conductor jorts.

Levi’s $25

7. For when you’re in close proximity to a black light.

Asos $76

8. Distressed boyfriend jorts Katie Holmes would approve of.

Asos $51

10. Every personal style blogger’s dream jorts.

Zara $50

11. Jorts for when you want waistband security.

Kohl’s $26

12. Sunday school jorts.

Fashion Union $26

13. Referee jorts.

Rare London $30.00

14. Crystal-embellished cut-off jorts.

Nasty Gal $220

15. Sand-colored jorts.

Zara $40

16. Jorts for when you can’t decide between sandblasted and ultra sandblasted denim.

Topshop $68

17. Jorts to match your wallpaper.

Madewell $40

18. Swingy pleated jorts.

Levi’s $45

19. Jorts for casually bringing up the word “pistachio” in conversation.

River Island $30

20. For when you want eyes in the back of your… jorts.

Nasty Gal $98

21. Or when you’re craving rainbow sherbet.

Pacsun $40

22. For when you want an old school sailor tattoo but can’t commit.

Chic Nova $27

23. The only jorts you’ll ever need.

Nasty Gal $85

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In The Style Of: Kooky Grandma


Cut-out toile dress, $54.95 from 18 and East.


Handmade crocheted collar shirt, $120 from Etsy.


Fairy Tale Locket Ring, $17 from Etsy.


Amazing hand-printed bird print socks, $36 from Etsy.


Vintage Flower Hair Comb, $12 from Etsy.


This sweet polka dot dress is $48 from Etsy.


Textil Ankle Shoes, $50 (also come in black), from Etsy.


Bumblebee Locket, $40 from Etsy.


Floral Harem Pants by Maison Scotch, € 89.90


Bow and arrow hair pin, $35 from Etsy. Also comes in a seashell motif.


This needlepoint loafer also comes in flamingo, bunny rabbit, and bird designs, for $195.


$37.99 for this babydoll dress from Romwe.com.


Gold Sequined Knee Socks, $144 from Pixie Market.


Butter LONDON wallpaper-print nails, available for $10.


Round Jeepers Peepers glasses, $27.83 from Asos.


£35.00 by Lost Forward Clothing.


Osborn Tapestry Oxfords, $49.99 from Osborn.


This geometric locket is $65 from Etsy.


The Hugging Blouse, 8,925 yen from Ambidex Japan.


Garden Lingerie Set, $125 from Etsy.


3-colour satchel, in a variety of sizes and colors, goes for £48.00-£68.00 on Etsy.


You could splurge on a gorgeous kimono like this one, ($2,100 for a one-of-a-kind from Grey Area) or easily find a vintage one on Etsy like this one.


Cut-out oxfords, available in summery pastel colors, $110 from Marais.


Knee-length sailor dress, $48.99 from Romwe.com.


Gryphon cuff, $48 from Need Supply.


This ’40s-style Doris Cloche is $38 from Anthropologie.


Peter Pan collar woolen dress, $116.99 from Korean website Romwe.


Oriental floral printed pants by Vila, $60 from Asos.


Swan Motif cardigan, on sale for $45 from Topshop.


Floaty white dress, €100.87 from Modekungen in Sweden.


This Christian Dior turban is way out of anyone’s price range, but I bet you could DIY this pretty easily with tassels bought from any fabric store.

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Fab Or Drab At The Republican National Convention

1. FAB: These ladies from Texas

Love how they totally own the “Texas look.” I know denim skirts get a bad rap, these ladies are totally owning it. Fab!

2. Drab: This guy who carried a giant metal sign around the arena in circles

A giant metal sign is not a proper accessory!!!


I mean… how could I not fab these.

4. DRAB: Beanie Baby hat lady

You can’t just attach a Beanie Baby to your hat!! That is not a thing!! (I do like the bird, though.)

5. FAB: THIS lady who wore a Beanie Baby on her head

Now THIS is how you wear a Beanie Baby on a hat!

6. FAB: Bear hat Evangelical lady

She has a bear… on her hat. ‘Nough said. Mega fab.

7. Drab: Raging Granny with a giant metal spoon

I don’t get it.

8. FAB: This couple wearing matching yellow suits

Yellow suits! Love how he totally doesn’t give a care about wearing sneakers with it. Bold look for a bold dude. Also, they’re a totally fab couple. I LOVE COUPLE COSTUMES!

9. DRAB: This blue blazer

BLUE? Really???? It’s the RNC. At the RNC you wear red. End of story. Bye.

10. FAB: Fringe lady

Love fringe. It’s really in in Spain right now.

11. DRAB: The delegates from Colorado

Colorado, I wanted to love you. I really did. I just wanted some more originality. You’re not Texas!

12. FAB: Abe Lincoln

He’s Abe Lincoln. Totally legendary, he’s like the inventor of fab.

13. FAB: Montana

Montana delegates had these awesome denim vests. Prints are in this season, so this is, too. Also, I think denim vests are an underutilized fashion medium.

14. FAB: Feather hats

Simple fab elegance.

15. DRAB: This sweater/shirt

Too confusing for me. Ain’t nobody got time for (reading) that!

16. FAB: These blinged-out sunglasses with matching earring bling

Bling is SUPER, BEYOND in at the RNC this year. I absolutely adore the detail on these glasses. Mega fab.

17. DRAB: Mitt Romney trucker hats

A lot of people were wearing these trucker hats on the floor. Derrr-ab.

18. FAB: Kansas basketball guy

Very sporty.

19. FAB: The Wicked Witch

Very cinematic.

20. FAB: Gold elephant belt lady

I love elephant belts. I also love American prints. Werk, Elephant Belt Lady!

21. FAB: Fighter planes and American flag shirt guy

Very fun. Fab and fresh (F&F). But seriously, this is awesome.

22. FAB: American flag cowboy boots

Another unconventional choice that totally blew my mind. FAB FAB FAB.

23. FAB: Vagina lady

Realistic-ish. Also daring.

24. DRAB: California

A pin. That’s it. That’s all that distinguished California from the other delegates. More effort, please!

25. FAB: This lady from Hawaii whose lei lit up

Hawaii wore Hawaiian shirts. Typical, but fab. Hawaiian print is in in Europe or something.

AND her lei lit up. I love a little pizzazz

26. FAB: The ladies of North Dakota

Love the simple black shirt with the fab rhinestones. Not too flashy, yet not too boring. Faaaab.

27. DRAB: New Mexico

New Mexico had teal polos. Points for having a matching theme, but I just can’t fab a polo! I do like that color, though.

28. FAB: This elephant stuffed animal

Great use of accessories.

29. FRAB: (Hidden) tiny hat lady

Frab = fab + drab combined.

Okay, so if you know my fashion sense, then you know how much I love tiny hats. Always fab. So, I wanted to mega fab this, but I can’t. Get the feathers out of the way, lady. I want to see your little hat!

30. FAB: West Virginia American flag suspenders guy

All the delegate from West Virginia wore hard hats. This guy totally stood out and demanded attention with his American flag suspenders. FAB.

31. DRAB: Liberal occupy couple

Too forward for my liking. I would also like a sparkle or two.

32. FAB: Tea bag fuzzy pink cowboy hat lady

Yes, I know what you’re thinking right now: “Tea bags are so 2010.” And yes they are, BUT, I’ve never seen them attached to a fuzzy pink cowboy hat.

33. FAB: This lady’s sweater/earrings combo

Simple homemaker chic. Really fab.

34. Drab: Guy who thinks it’s the 1920s

It’s not the 1920s.

35. FAB: Shirley Wiseman’s bag

LOVE the simple elephant detail. If you’re not going the FUCK YEAH AMERICA route, this is a perfect look.

36. FRAB: Oklahoma

This is what most of the delegates from Oklahoma wore.

And I know it totally violates my blue rule… but I just can’t fall in love with that patch. Patches are in. FRAB.

37. FAB: This dude from American Samoa

Love the “traditional” aspect of his outfit. Also daring.

38. FAB: Marijuana beanie man

An excellent example of how to “wear your cause.” We know exactly what’s up. F-A-B.

39. FAB: Ron Paul dog

Definitely the best dressed canine at the RNC. Love the subtly of his Ron Paul support. A+.

40. FAB: Elephant belt lady #2

Another elephant belt! Yes! LOVE this design. It’s like a classy version of human centipede with elephants. Dare I say daring?!

41. DRAB: The gogo boys at the GOProud party

I understand it’s a party for gay Republicans so it was conservative, but GIVE ME A BREAK. There is entirely not enough skin showing. Also, those jeans. Drab drab drab.

42. FAB: This lady’s big toe.


43. DRAB: Jester hats

I might have liked this more in the Medieval Times. Drab.

44. FAB: Beer hat dude

To be totally honest I don’t get it, but I do love fashion risks. This was most daring/original hat choice at the convention.

45. FAB: Sequined vest lady

Yes! Finally! This is what fab is all about. Sequins, baby!

46. DRAB: The RNC 2012 visors

I know we’re in Florida, buuuut it’s a visor. You’re not supposed to wear these! BEYOND drab.

All photos by Matt Stopera. By the way, I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Sorry!

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9 Totally Bizarre And Wonderful Fashion Pizzas

1. Anna Wintour

These “couture” pizzas are by Glasgow-based restaurateur and chef Domenico Crolla.

3. Basil-accented Louboutins

Anna must be so honored.

All pizzas by artist and restaurateur Domenico Crolla.

Read more about Crolla on Fashionista, and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more pizza art.

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15 Fashion Tips From Days Of Yore

1. One sleeve is better than two.

Need a sling? LIFE HACK.

2. If your hair is pointy enough, you will look much larger than your surroundings.

The ultimate goal of fashion.

3. Chicks dig sticks.

Also: witch hats, muttonchops, disaffected stares.

4. Use a spindle to coyly flirt.

Spinners gon’ spin.

5. Or just use your butt.

6. Cram a bunch of flowers in your hair for a quick and easy style update.

Dat ankle.

7. Layers, layers, layers!

8. Your guitar is naked. Give it a tassel.

9. Hair should be ropelike or not at all.

12. The buddy system is useful for field trips and also for hats.

13. (Although really, is a hat a hat unless it looks like a menacing raven perched on the top of your head, muttering ill fortunes into your ear until you go mad with torment?)

14. A good way to get a man is if he is very tiny and lives among the folds of your skirt.

15. Never be afraid to flaunt some cleave.

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19 Essential Statement-Making Glasses Frames

Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed

1. These two-toned frames are perfect for indecisive astigmatics.

Nordstrom / Via shop.nordstrom.com

FE NY at Nordstrom, $22

2. And colored frames coordinate with more outfits than you would think.

Warby Parker / Via warbyparker.com

Warby Parker, $95

3. The blue highlights in these frames are unique and (four) eye-catching.

Warby Parker / Via warbyparker.com

Warby Parker, $95

4. Gray is another color option that often goes overlooked.

Classic Specs / Via classicspecs.com

Classic Specs, $89

5. These gold frames are like Don Draper’s sunglasses without the tint.

Warby Parker / Via warbyparker.com

In other words: KILLER. Warby Parker, $145

6. And this transparent cat eye is equal parts retro and futuristic.

Les Nouvelles / Via shoplesnouvelles.com

Like The Jetsons. Kamali Kulture at Les Nouvelles, $98

7. The purple shade keeps these tortoiseshell frames feeling modern.

Zappos / Via zappos.com

And no tortoises were harmed in the making. Von Zipper at Zappos, $180

8. Same goes for these, only in neutrals.

Lookmatic / Via lookmatic.com

Lookmatic, $95

9. And these are a stunning but subtle way to wear tortoiseshell.

Shopbop / Via shopbop.com

Elizabeth & James at Shopbop, $180

10. But if you want something more classic, these have you covered.

Shopbop / Via shopbop.com

Super Sunglasses at Shopbop, $189

11. And you can pretend you’re a 1960s movie star in these.

Zappos / Via couture.zappos.com

You’ll fail, but you’ll look great doing it. Elizabeth & James at Zappos, $215

12. And this pair is perfect if you like a slightly smaller frame.

Nordstrom / Via shop.nordstrom.com

Vince Camuto at Nordstrom, $170

13. Or even smaller still.

Lookmatic / Via lookmatic.com

Lookmatic, $95

14. Black cat-eyes are essential for any sexy librarian costume or your everyday sexy human costume.

FramesDirect / Via framesdirect.com

Ray-Ban at FramesDirect, $144

15. These frames offer a nerdy dad approach without heading into Terry Richardson territory.

Nordstrom / Via shop.nordstrom.com

Or Terrytory. Spitfire at Nordstrom, $38

16. And these are essentially novelty “nerd glasses” but well-made and fabulous.

Super at J.Crew, $169

17. This pair offers the look of half-rimmed glasses but the security of an all-encompassing frame.

Warby Parker / Via warbyparker.com

Warby Parker, $95

18. And this pair is the minimalist answer to thick-rimmed black frames.

Classic Specs / Via classicspecs.com

Classic Specs,

19. And these are so pretty and feminine you’ll only want to wear them with flouncy ruffles and bows.

Lookmatic / Via lookmatic.com

Lookmatic, $140

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