Making Over Michelle Dockery

1. In January 2012, Michelle Dockery sat front row at the Armani Prive couture show in Paris, affirming her status as a fashion person.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

I know her outfit must be Armani Prive couture, but it looks like any old mediocre pantsuit.

2. And she got a ticket to the Met Gala! Which reeks of fashion industry acceptance.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

But she showed up wearing this oddly dowdy half-metal dress. Why? With Vogue editors to dress her and everything?

3. She enjoyed the backing of Burberry in June.

Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

As a front-row guest at their menswear show, she got to wear one of their owl tees and be generally fawned over for for it.

4. But this dress, worn in July, is about as memorable as anything Lady Edith wears.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Which is to say, not memorable at all.

5. She used to dress a little more feminine.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

She wore this quirky “Alexa Chung once removed” dress to a September event in West Hollywood.

6. She’s dabbled in statement prints.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

At a September event, she showed up wearing a dress that looked like Anthropologie’s finest china.

7. At the Emmys in September, she wore a muted blue column dress…

Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times / MCT

8. With a growth on the back that even she didn’t seem to understand.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Unless she was using it for storage.

9. She went goth-femme for a “Downton” event in December in New York.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Why does this make me want to shove a tutu into her hands? Perhaps because you can see the severe direction she’s starting to take with her clothes.

10. At the BAFTA tea party in L.A., she wore a plain dress that looked like an ink spill.

David Livingston / Getty Images

It’s a nice choice, but where’s the fun? The sideboob, even?

11. This lace number was really nice on her.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Feminine and pretty, yet you can see her yearning to go dark and “edgy” coming out.

12. You get the sense that she likes to experiment.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

She wore this dress, the print of which reminds me of Forever 21 bathing suits, to a SAG pre-party at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. Either she forgot her chunky diamond accessories or Lindsay Lohan stole them.

13. Even this was a fairly unique and feminine choice for the Golden Globes.

Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times / MCT

Most actresses are loathe to wear anything that isn’t solid-colored taffeta and mermaid-cut, and Michelle Dockery definitely thinks outside the box a little bit, daring to show up disguised as a Roman column.

14. And at the SAG Awards, this is where she ended up.

Adrees Latif / Reuters

In a slim-fitting black dress that is for the most part fine, but not nearly as mind-blowing as her costumes on Downton. She probably wants to create a distinction between Michelle Dockery the person and Mary Crawley the character, which is why she’s leaning heavily into dark lipstick and severe black gowns with sideboob-revealing mesh insets.

15. But what I really want to do is dress her in Marion Cotillard’s clothes.

Something feminine yet simple, you know?

(This is a photo illustration of Michelle in Marion’s SAG dress.)

16. Can’t you see her in full skirts and florals?

Michelle’s head on Marion’s body again. Doesn’t it work?

17. Don’t you love her in a cheerful color?

Marion may have been the only person who looked amazing at the Golden Globes. If she ever felt like doing light charity work, she could host a sale of her used clothes for a bunch of other actresses, not just Michelle.

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8 Reasons Why Katie Holmes Would Make A Great Fashion Mogul

Katie Holmes wasn’t top of mind for a while until she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. We’d all gotten used to her blasé presence as a celebrity whose very celebrity was very much derived from her celebrity husband and celebrity offspring. Now that she’s at the center of tabloid media once again, she’s been given the opportunity to recast herself as just Katie Holmes, instead of Katie “Mrs. Tom Crazypants” Holmes. Her calculated, steady moves over the past week have suggested she will do anything but go bleary-eyed into the paparazzi swarm, like a deranged pinot grigio-swilling, solid food-fearing Real Housewife forced to publicly confront a collapsed marriage. Rather, she shot a guest spot on Project Runway, announced that her fashion label Holmes & Yang would show at New York Fashion Week in September, and took her adorably dressed daughter out for ice cream.

It all suggests that fashion mogul could be the best next career move for her. After all, the fashion business is always there for celebrities who want to do stuff without actually entertaining us — whether that’s their choice or the grim reality that they’ve become un-hirable, for whatever reason. It was there for Lindsay Lohan who launched 6126 when her downward spiral kept her from acting jobs. It was there for Jessica Simpson when her duel careers as a singer and hot girl in daisy dukes came to a halt. It has been there for Snooki, JWOWW, and the Kardashians. It is there for Victoria Beckham, who used to be famous for being a tacky lamé-loving Spice Girl. Here are a few reasons why Holmes is ripe for a career in fashion as she enters the next chapter of her life as a famous person.

1. She started at least one fashion craze.

When Katie got with Tom about six years ago, her image underwent a definite shift. If Sarah Palin went rogue, she went Mom. It was like she realized now that she was with the world’s biggest movie star, she didn’t have to do much to get massive amounts of attention aside from go outside wearing Tom’s pants. Somehow — even though these 2008 photos do not make the boyfriend jeans style look very good — she sparked a fashion craze for slouchy, rolled up, possibly unclean jeans. The style has maintained popularity for more than four years and is basically what’s made us all care about Madewell for so long. At least, when I think of that store, I think “Katie Holmes pants — but better!” She could be massively profiting off this.

2. She bore the most stylish toddler of her generation.

Suri was getting attention for her high heels and sassy ruffled dresses before a spate of high fashion designers decided to launch very practical clothing lines for babies. Indeed, the voraciousness with which we consume Suri fashion trend stories probably made those designers think fashion babies were just the thing for them to start profiting from. Katie can very easily start a kids’ fashion line once she’s got her customer base of moms down.

3. Barneys sells her clothing line.

Homes & Yang is the line Katie’s been making for a few years with her stylist, Jeanne Yang. It’s plain, wearable — and crazy expensive. Given that it’s been on the racks at Barneys for as long as it has been, it’s got some real fashion cred behind it — unlike the LiLo, Simpson, or Kardashian clothing lines. As a celebrity, this is not an easy realm in which to establish yourself as a “designer” since everyone expects you to go downmarket with your product lines. Holmes & Yang is now ripe for a lower-priced offshoot line that would be right at home one or two degrees of expensiveness (and therefore classiness) away from the Jessica Simpson line.

4. She takes risks.

She wore this bizarre jumpsuit not once, but twice — even though no one liked it the first time she wore it and the second black iteration of it was even less attractive-looking than the white one. But this is the kind of risky business (elbow elbow) that the fashion world needs if style is to move forward.

5. Her hair is iconic.

She debuted her Victoria Beckham-esque bob in 2007, and then went on to cut it even more as you see here, prompting mourning around the internet. So much feeling is not attached to other celebrity hair makeovers, which just shows how deeply the public cares about her look (probably because during her Cruise-itology era, she never spoke about anything publicly so her image was all we had to work with).

6. She knows how to sew.

When I interviewed Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang at Barneys at a launch event for their line, she and Yang told me the whole thing started when they discovered each other’s love for sewing. “It’s so rare, unfortunately, that I actually know people who are into crafting and doing stuff like that,” Jeanne said in March of last year. Katie said she sews “aprons for the girls, pillows, tablecloths, baby clothes, Barbie clothes.” That’s more than most celebrity clothing designers can say! Like, imagine Snooki as a hobbyist crafter (consider that her “craft ideas” Pinterest board looks like this).

7. The fashion world loves her.

Here’s Katie sitting front row at an Armani show, one seat over from Cate Blanchett, getting the side eye from fashion icon Daphne Guinness. If that’s not fashion world acceptance I don’t know what is.

8. Her style is relatable.

This is a woman who could be blazing out the door in scary, uncomfortable, high-fashion runway pieces four times a day and never wear the same thing twice. She has fashion — whether she has to pay for it or not — at her disposal, especially now that she can probably borrow (or just have) absolutely anything she wants with all the divorce press. And yet she goes out looking like she shops the sale rack at Anthropologie and Lucky Brand just like the rest of us. This ability to relate to average folks just by wearing an outfit will be extremely valuable when she wants to sell more stuff to them.

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30 Reasons Why Zoe Saldana Is Amazing

1. Zoe stole our hearts 13 years ago when she starred as the fabulously honest Eva in “Center Stage.”

2. Since then, she has become one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, starring in box office successes like “Avatar.”

3. And most recently, she played the leading lady in “Star Trek.”

4. Zoe deserves all of this success and attention, because she’s basically killing it right now.

5. She’s done a great job at ensuring she always looks fantastic in the constant spotlight.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

6. She looks fantastic in heavier fabrics.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

7. Or just tight and white.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

(and we all know this combo doesn’t give one bit!)

8. She’s even more beautiful when she’s bashful about her beauty.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

9. She knows how unbelievable she looks in Jason Wu.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

10. She can make a crop top look sophisticated.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

11. She can rock a Givenchy skirt with just a black top and basic hair-do.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

12. She won best dressed at the 2013 Academy Awards.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Like, who are we kidding?

13. And she can rock it just as well from the back as she can from the front.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

14. She knows how to rock a movie premiere.

Though she looks like she’s modeling on a runway here, she’s actually just attending the “Star Trek” premiere in London.

15. She doesn’t immediately kill someone when they step on her gorgeous white train.

In fact, she plays it quite cool.

16. Again with the crop top!

18. And really confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Why wouldn’t she be? It’s perfect!

19. She’s a fantastic role model.

“Women are reminded of their age all the time and it’s usually by a fricking fat, big-bellied old man with a comb-over and you look at him and you’re like, “Really? Give me a break. You just have more money and more power in this situation than I do, but not in my life.” – ZS

20. She supports great causes.

FINCA is a non-profit that works to bring financial stability and jobs to low-income communities.

21. She looks amazing from any angle.

22. She even makes stretching look adorable.

23. She’s, maybe, the only person that can rock a duck face.

24. She’s just a normal person, like you and me, and gets tired after a long day.

25. She’s a nerd.

In the best possible way.

“I’m a massive sci-fi fan. When they were prepping me to go on the Star Trek tour, some of the marketing people asked me to say that Star Trek was a great film for women to see. And I said, ‘Why would I do that? Aren’t they coming anyway?’ I honestly thought every girl loved sci-fi. I was raised in a home where we watched 2001, Blade Runner, ET, and my heroes were Ripley and Sarah Connor (from the Alien and Terminator films), and I thought all girls were like that. I mean, are we only meant to read Jane Austen?” – ZS

26. But she could definitely kick anyone’s butt.

28. She refuses to take any crap from boys.

Correction: she refuses to take any crap from anyone!

29. And just when you thought she couldn’t get any more charming…

30. Don’t ever change, Zoe!

30 Reasons Why Zoe Saldana Is Amazing

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26 Of The Most Memorable “Gossip Girl”-Style Trends, From Tasteful To Tacky

1. The Great: Blair’s Pussybows

…and Chuck’s ascots:

It’s how you knew Blair and Chuck were meant to be.

2. Sequins

The stylists were gratuitous yet for the most part tasteful with their use of sequins.

The sequins, in this case, are overshadowed by Serena’s perfectly disheveled hair and distracting cleavage.

3. Blair’s Occasional 1950s Thing

Blair’s retro wardrobe is what makes her infinitely more charming than Serena, who as we will later see, dresses like she’s stuck in 2004.

4. Bows

Look at those dimples!

5. The “Rosemary’s Baby” Look

Blair also had an occasional 1960s thing.

6. The Good: Serena Van Der Woodsen’s Ponytail

This is the most Pinteresting ponytail on the internet.

7. Interesting Coats

Gossip Girl always had a knack for making autumn in New York look like the most amazing time and place to be (which it is).

8. The Acceptable: Mixed Prints

9. Blair’s Little Old Lady Outfits

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Sometimes she was a little more Nancy Reagan than Anna Wintour.

A rare sighting of Blair in shorts.

11. The Slightly Bad: Floral Stepford Wife Dresses

12. Chuck’s Rainbow Wardrobe

13. The Bad: Boob Cutout Dresses

Serena’s cleavage was practically a supporting cast member.

Jennie Runk Talks Body Confidence And Her “Plus-Size” Label

Courtesy of Ford Models.

BuzzFeed: There’s been a huge response to your H&M swimwear campaign. Did that come as a surprise?
Runk: Absolutely. It was just another job for me. I saw the pictures afterwards and thought, oh, these were pretty photos — but that was all. After all, I see myself in a bikini or underwear all the time! So the response has been quite a surprise. I can’t complain about it, though.

H&M; Ford Models

You’ve been modeling for over a decade now. How did you get started in the industry?
I was scouted while I was volunteering at a PetSmart store, actually, in Missouri where I grew up. I was 13. I said “no thanks” [to the scouts] at first, but my mom talked me into it. My mom is my number one fan. So I worked in development in the midwest before moving to New York — there I signed first with Wilhelmina, and then later with Ford.

Courtesy of Ford Models.

Have you always been on your agency’s plus-size books?
From the beginning of my career, yes. The scouts said I could either lose some weight and do “regular” modeling or gain a little bit and go plus. I was a size 8, so I could have either dropped down to a size 4 or bump up to a size 10. I didn’t even consider losing all that weight an option – I knew that it would be an unhealthy process for me and my body and I wasn’t not going to put myself through that.

A lot of people think the “plus-size” label should be abolished, and every model known as just a model. Does it bother you?
I don’t have any issues with the term “plus-size.” It’s just a label. The only problem I see is the negative connotations attached to it. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with calling a model plus-size, because there’s nothing wrong with being plus-size.

Courtesy of Ford Models.

Do you feel a responsibility as a plus-size model to get that message out there?
I’ve always thought of myself as a role model to anyone younger. So many of the messages I’ve had on Facebook [in response to my H&M campaign] have been from girls talking about how empowering they found the photos. Some look up to actresses, some to writers, some to models and I want to give them the opportunity to look up to a plus-size girl too.

And who are some of your industry inspirations?
Most of the other plus-size models I’ve met, they’ve all been huge inspirations to me. Whenever I go to a casting I’ll generally run into the others and we catch up. We all get along. I’ve worked with Candice [Huffine] and Danielle [van Grondelle] and Crystal Renn a lot — right from the beginning of my career, even, and they’ve all taught me so much about the industry and how to succeed in it. Also about, you know, not letting criticism get to you.

9. Jennie (far right) with fellow plus-size models in a 2009 issue of Glamour.

Courtesy of Glamour.

Where does that criticism come from?
Well I’ve definitely struggled with body confidence in the past – when I first got discovered I was just bewildered by it all. Being a teenager is awkward for everyone and I definitely wasn’t comfortable with my body and myself when I was 13. It took me a very long time to feel that confidence — I have to say it’s something not many people out there are teaching and it’s very hard to do on your own.

What would be some advice you would give, as a “body confidence teacher”?
I would say that the most important thing is just to get to know yourself. Be the best possible you that you can be. Be your own best friend and your own biggest supporter to the point that if someone tries to say something bad that it just doesn’t register. Because it shouldn’t.

11. Jennie in the 2005 “Shape Issue” of Vogue.

Courtesy of Vogue

That seems like a tough message to pass on to young girls when the media constantly suggests the opposite.
I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was 5 years old. It was always a really empowering experience for me. My mom was my troop leader — she always made sure that we were in charge of our learning and growth as Scouts. Whenever we’d have badge ceremonies she would book somewhere with a stage so we’d get more comfortable with public speaking, and putting ourselves out there. Of course I sold Girl Scout cookies too, which I think is a nice way of teaching that you have to follow through with your commitments.

Are you still involved with the organization?
I’m still registered! Though it’s difficult to find time to do much, with my schedule at the moment, but whenever I can get time to go home [to Missouri] I’ll help out. Being a troop leader was very important to me — I once had a conversation with my troop about all this, actually. At one of our meetings I brought in a magazine I’d featured in and I had them all point out the differences between me in the photos and me in person. They were all pointing out things like “your hair is a mess” and “oh, you’re not wearing make-up” and, you know, “today you’re just in a t-shirt.” I think they found it really eye-opening that models don’t look like they do in magazines all the time — I know I don’t — so don’t strive for something unattainable. These images are meant to be something beautiful to look at in a magazine but they don’t have to represent reality.

How do you feel about the Boy Scouts repealing their ban on gay members last week?
I think it’s definitely progress in the right direction. I think it’s important, especially for kids, to find a group of friends where you feel comfortable being yourself — and to find people to look up to. Being a Girl Scout I looked up to older girls who were always so nice and responsible.

And what else should we know about Jennie Runk?
I love poetry. And, oh, well I love all kinds of animals — but I’m a cat person.

13. Case in point — from Jennie’s Facebook page:

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Collage Perfectly Captures Anna Wintour’s Reported Hatred Of Kim Kardashian

According to the latest tabloid reports, Kanye West is begging Anna — who likes him, by all accounts — to put Kim on a Vogue cover, which tends to be reserved for talented actors and singers and, you know, the first lady. This amazing collage summarizing the feud, illustrated with relevant photos of Kim’s blood facial and Anna looking smug, appears on

Perhaps in her new role as artistic director of Condé Nast she’ll methodically rid the company’s magazines of the reality star and her disturbing peplum fanaticism.

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Inside The Hérmes Factory: This Is Not Your Bangladeshi Sweatshop

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Fashion At All Of The Emmy Pre-Party Red Carpets

1. The Variety and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Event

The Associated Press / AP

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Martha Plimpton

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Allison Williams

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Christina Hendricks

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Zooey Deschanel

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Anna Gunn and Bryan Craston

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Jennie Grath

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Krysten Ritter

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Rachael Leigh Cook

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Kate Flannery

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Kiernan Shipka

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Dreama Walker

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Mayim Bialik

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Jaime Presley

15. Showtime’s 2012 ‘Emmy Eve’ Soiree

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Damian Lewis and Morena Baccari

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Claire Danes

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Edie Falco

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Don Cheadle

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Jennifer Carpenter

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Chrissy Tiegan and John Legend

21. The Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images

Paul Scheer, Jack McBrayer and Aziz Ansari

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Aubrey Plaza

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Michael Urie

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Sarah Hyland

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Elisabeth Moss

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Joe Manganiello

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kate Walsh

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Ginnifer Goodwin

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Elisha Cuthbert

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kelli Garner and Johnny Galecki

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Rachel Leigh Cook

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Connie Britton

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Justin Kirk

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Joey Lawrence

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kathleen Robertson

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Rich Sommer

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Eliza Coupe

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Jeremy Davies

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Danny Masterson and Alanna Masterson

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kim Raver

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Colin Egglesfield

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Minnie Driver

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Ben Feldman

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

KaDee Strickland and Jason Behr

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Chris Noth and Allison Janney

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Erika Christensen and Krysten Ritter

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Jayson Blair and Rumer Willis

<img src="" rel:bf_image_src="http://

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Beyoncé Covered In Sparkly Body Glitter On New Flaunt Magazine Cover

1. This is the cover of Flaunt’s new issue. And yes, Beyoncé is certainly flaunting.

3. How long would it take to rinse all this body glitter off in the shower afterwards?

A better question: why would you ever want to wash it off?

4. The Flaunt shoot also features Beyoncé in some African tribal jewelry.

5. And darkened skin.

This isn’t the first time B’s “voluntarily darkened” her skin tone for a fashion editorial either.

6. Also, purple skin.

7. See more photos over at, where there’s also a bizarre and very entertaining Q&A interview. For example:

(Which is a perfect reason to run this photo.)

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38 Photos From The Cannes Opening Ceremony Red Carpet

1. Wearing spring 2013 Christian Dior Haute Couture, Nicole Kidman ruled the carpet.


At this year’s festival, Kidman is a member of the feature film jury.

2. Close-up of Kidman’s mohawk-esque ponytail, because it deserves one.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

3. And a close-up of the stunning Dior embroidery, because it also deserves one.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

4. And some duckface.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

5. The ever-ethereal Carey Mulligan, also in Christian Dior Haute Couture, posed with Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

6. Flawless, if a little damp.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

(It was raining in Cannes last night.)

7. And more Dior Couture still: Zhany Ziyi wore a look from the label’s fall 2012 collection.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

8. Zhang’s choppy pixie cut is just perfection.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

9. Freida Pinto in bright pink Gucci and some wonderful pearl-embellished heels.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

10. Pretty sure Freida is cursing out the weather here.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

11. Florence Welch in prim polka-dotted Miu Miu.

Venturelli / WireImage

12. And here’s Florence inadvertently photobombing Gatsby himself.


Leo’s looking dapper.

13. For some reason there are no good photos of Tobey Maguire on the red carpet, so here’s one of him from the screening that followed.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Cannes photographers are a crazy bunch — no good photos of Mr. Maguire, for some reason, but more photos of David Hasselhoff than even the hardiest Hoff fan could require. (Don’t worry, those photos are coming up.)

14. Wearing Roberto Cavalli, Cindy Crawford led the requisite gaggle of models on the red carpet.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Sadly, we were denied a carpet cameo from Roberto himself.

15. Lana Del Rey wore a gown by Austrian designer Lena Hoschek.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

It looks a little bit like the fabric you find on silky cushions strewn around the lobby of a boutique hotel.

16. Anyway, let’s just take this moment to go listen to Lana’s lovely song from the Gatsby soundtrack: “Young and Beautiful.”


17. Solange Knowles looked lovely.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

18. And a from-the-rear view of her Stephane Rolland gown proves just how thoroughly she’d prevailed in her pre-carpet fight with some marauding tumbleweeds.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

19. Julianne Moore also wore a Christian Dior Haute Couture gown.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Julianne, but it was probably the weakest Dior piece on display.

20. Don’t be mad, please don’t be mad.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

21. My favorite couple from the carpet: silver fox Jean-Claude Jitrois in a leather tuxedo jacket and French actress Frederique Bel covering her modesty with ornate embroidery and some grass skirt-style fringe.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Also, Jean-Claude’s boots have heels. Of course they do.

22. Los Angelean legend Phoebe Price and her dapper boy toy came a close second, though.

Foc Kan / FilmMagic

23. Georgia May Jagger showed how it’s possible to stand out on the red carpet even while wearing a dress that, color-wise, blends in.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

A Roberto Cavalli gown will almost always prove outstanding.

24. Whereas poor Isla Fisher didn’t get that memo.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Her ruffled, flouncy Oscar de la Renta gown looks like it’s dripping into the carpet.

25. British actress Naomie Harris looked statuesque in Calvin Klein.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

26. Oh, and who knows why, but Bai Ling was there.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

27. Paz Vega’s dress is just asking to be tripped over.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

28. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor showed off an incredible nose ring.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

29. Of course Cara Delevingne attended. It wouldn’t be a party without her, now, would it?

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

30. Wearing black lacy Burberry and posing like she’s in a high-end Chopard jewelry campaign. Those are some skillz for you.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

31. Amitabh Bachchan blew away his competition in the “finest sequined dinner jacket” stakes.

Getty Images

Don’t tell Amitabh, but he was competing alone. :(

32. Also, just a quick reminder of how great Nicole Kidman looked, in case you’d forgotten already.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

33. This guy’s suit cannot be ignored. It should be, but it cannot.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

To be fair, he’ll be the comfiest guy in the cinema, though — he’s basically wearing a semi-formal pair of pajamas.

34. Here’s Fan Bing Bing looking coy.

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

35. And here’s Russian model Tanya Dziahileva staring you down.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

36. OK, this is slightly less menacing.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

37. Sensible shoes alert! That’s no fun at all.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

38. And yes, as promised, the photographers went wild for David Hasselhoff. Ponder that.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

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