16 Of The Best Bow Ties From 11 Year-Old Designer Mo Bridges’ Collection

Meet Moziah Bridges, the “dapper young man” behind bow tie brand Mo’s Bows.


©Annabella Charles

His designs have been featured in O magazine.

And on The Steve Harvey Show.

Sadly, Mo’s well-dressed appearance does not appear to have impacted Steve’s own (dubious) sense of style.

Fox News recently profiled the self-described “kidpreneur,” and the interview was delightful.

So Moziah’s grandmother, who “has been sewing for over 80 years, or something crazy like that” taught him how to make his own!

The best part: this non sequitur.

Mo’s Bows are currently sold through Etsy. They retail from $40-60, and most designs are sold in limited quantities (because Moziah picks out all the fabrics himself).

Below, a selection of the finest designs currently on offer:

1. The classic houndstooth bow tie. You can’t go wrong.

2. Of course there’s a herringbone pattern in the mix — the “Harring Hound.”

(Because it’s mixed with a houndstooth pattern too. Very smart.)

3. The “Holidays with Granny” tie, so you know when to wear it.


(Ok, you can wear it on other occasions too.)

4. This bow tie is the “Spicy Chocolate,” and the neon colors are wonderful.

5. Paisley! Yes please.


6. The “Pine Tree.”


7. “Laugh Out Loud” with this bold chevron print.

And once you’re done laughing, go buy the bow tie. Because it’s most dapper.

8. The appropriately-named “Flower Seed” bow tie.


Just the right amount of retro.

9. And with seeds planted, “Spring Theme” flowers blossom.


10. The “Lady Sings the Blues” design, though technically she’d be singing your praises.

11. Wait for it, wait for it: this bow tie is “aMAZing.” That’s actually it’s name.


Any designer who’s willing to make bad puns on fashion writers’ behalf should be applauded.

12. And the bow tie’s names get better still: this is Moziah’s “Patches of Looove” design.

Aren’t you in looove with it?!

13. And aren’t you also in looove with the “Candy Hearts” design?


Yes, yes you are.

14. The “Nice Guy,” in plaid.


15. And another sharp plaid option: the “Harrison.”


16. And last but by no means least, the “Fancy Pants.”

Because calling someone “fancy pants” can be a compliment.

And in other important bow tie news, Justin Bieber reportedly just got into a nightclub brawl over one.

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31 Inspirational Style Quotes To Live By


The wise words of Tammy Faye Baker.

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All The Looks From The “Fashion Oscars” Red Carpet

1. Betsey Johnson & Lulu Johnson.

Getty Images

2. Anna Wintour.

Getty Images

Wearing Chanel.

3. Francisco Costa and Rooney Mara.

Getty Images

Wearing Calvin Klein.

4. Karlie Kloss (center) with Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs.

Getty Images

Wearing Cushnie et Ochs.

5. Diane Von Furstenberg.

Getty Images

6. Lily Aldridge.

Getty Images

Wearing The Row and some fabulous boudoir kitten heels.

7. Riccardo Tisci & Jessica Chastain.

Getty Images

Wearing Givenchy.

8. Hailee Steinfeld & Douglas Booth.

Getty Images

Steinfeld wearing a Suno dress and Jimmy Choo shoes; Booth wearing Tom Ford.

9. Stella Tennant.

10. Kerry Washington.

Getty Images

Wearing Jason Wu.

11. Zachary Quinto.

Getty Images

Wearing Todd Snyder.

12. Donna Karan.

Getty Images

Wearing Donna Karan.

13. Erin Wasson & Alexander Wang.

Getty Images

Wasson wearing Alexander Wang.

14. Nicole Richie.

Getty Images

Wearing Marc Jacobs.

15. Olivia Palermo.

Getty Images

Wearing Dennis Basso.
(And that’s Kelly Cutrone in the background.)

16. Alessandra Ambrosio.

Getty Images

17. Jourdan Dunn & Monique Pean.

Getty Images

Pean wearing Suno.

18. Candice Swanepoel & Prabal Gurung.

Getty Images

Swanepoel wearing Prabal Gurung.

19. Thom Browne.

Getty Images

Wearing Thom Browne.

20. Joan Smalls & Steven Gan.

Getty Images

21. Adriana Lima.

Getty Images

Wearing Givenchy.

22. Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer.

Getty Images

23. Rose Byrne.

Getty Images

24. Miranda Kerr.

Getty Images

Wearing Proenza Schouler.

25. Michelle Harper & guest.

Getty Images

26. Andy Cohen.

Getty Images

27. Elizabeth Olsen & Mary-Kate Olsen.

Getty Images

Elizabeth wearing The Row; Mary-Kate wearing vintage Issey Miyake.

28. Tracy Reese.

Getty Images

29. Karolina Kurkova, Michael Kors & Cody Horn.

Getty Images

All wearing Michael Kors.

30. Sofia Vergara.

Getty Images

31. Jemima Kirke.

Getty Images

32. Julie Macklowe & Zang Toi.

Getty Images

33. Brad Goreski.

Getty Images

Wearing Thom Browne.

34. Greta Gerwig & Scott Sternberg.

Getty Images

Wearing Band of Outsiders.

35. Rachel Roy & Jessica Hart.

Getty Images

36. Olivier Theyskens & Janice Alida.

Getty Images

37. Ashley Madekwe.

Getty Images

38. Marina Abramovic.

Getty Images

Wearing Givenchy.

39. Jessica Stam.

Getty Images

Wearing Rebecca Minkoff.

40. Irene Neuwirth & Kate Mara.

Getty Images

41. Phillip Lim & guest

Getty Images

42. Tory Burch.

Getty Images

Wearing Chanel.

43. Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez.

Getty Images

44. Cynthia Rowley & Lindsey Vonn.

Getty Images

45. Linda Evangelista.

Getty Images

Wearing Oscar de la Renta.

46. Michael Bastian & guest.

Getty Images

47. Nina Garcia.

Getty Images

48. Tommy & Dee Hilfiger.

<img src="http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/webdr06/2013/6/3/

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12 Reasons Why 2012 Was The Year Of Gaudy

1. 1. Crazy pants were one of the biggest trends of the year — and they’re not going away.

From left: Net-A-Porter.com, ShopBop.com, Bauer-Griffin (Beyoncé)

This summer was nothing but a giant blur of bizarre pants, if you ask me. Everything else I normally remember about summer — that one gross sunburn, dolphins frolicking in the ocean, snow cones — took a backseat to all the wonderfully fun pants apparent everywhere on everyone every single day. Probably because you could wear all those summer memories on your pants! Bright pink pants, dolphin-print pants, or even ombré pants. If you could dream it, or if it ever appeared on wallpaper, you could wear it on your legs.

Though the trend seems silly enough to be fleeting, it’s not: Crazy pants remain more popular than ever. Printed denim will be a big trend into spring of next year, but instead of a predominance of florals and neon, expect to see more striped, tie-dyed, and — yes — snakeskin styles. Juicy Couture even currently offers a style of pants that is leopard and plaid at the same time. And as Maureen Lippe, marketing expert and CEO of Lippe Taylor, said to me the other day, “Aren’t you dying for a pair of gold jeans?” Now that I think about it? Yes.

3. 2. The rise of Zuhair Murad

Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, and J. Lo all wearing Zuhair Murad.
From left: Tim Whitby/Getty Images, Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Zuhair Murad is a designer based in Lebanon who makes very sparkly, visually confusing formal dresses (and jumpsuits). His label is not a fashion person’s label, meaning it’s not “cool” in the intellectual way that labels like Givenchy or Suno are cool. Murad’s clothes are not avant-garde or interesting as much as they are just very LOUD and SHINY and sort of perplexingly not pretty all the same. In other words, they’re more pageant, less runway. But they’ve become a staple of leading actresses and divas who have to walk red carpets, even though I really doubt most fashion editors would suggest they wear this stuff.

But when you have Kristen Stewart, a face of Coolest Label Ever Balenciaga, wearing a sequined Zuhair Murad jumpsuit on the Twilight red carpet, you know the guy is a force — and more power to him, because nothing spices up a carpet and gives us Internet writers something to talk about like one of his bizarre creations. If his clothes do anything, they get you noticed, which in this age of social media– and reality TV–fueled solipsism, is a really important thing. So every time you see a really famous lady on a red carpet wearing a crazy, sparkly dress that is mesmerizing but not necessarily because it’s good-looking, look up the designer and 90% chance it’s Zuhair Murad.

5. 3. The “Real Housewives” are getting richer, shinier.

From left: Via ThomasKramer.com, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Over the past couple of years, Bravo has seemed to focus on pushing out the less wealthy housewives in favor of blatantly wealthy housewives who are always encrusted in diamonds from hoof to head. So even if you’ve bored of the same ghastly personality types they’ve managed to exploit for years and years across many cities now, you can at least tune in for the wealth porn. The richer the housewives are, the gaudier they tend to dress (there are exceptions, like the wonderful YOLANDA from Beverly Hills, who seems to favor matte fabrics). I don’t think people watch the show wanting to look like these women. In fact, I think we probably watch to be glad that we’re not like them in any way at all. But the more popular this new breed of apparently legit rich housewives becomes, the more the eye adjusts to that level of tackiness, and the more easily it can assimilate into mainstream non-housewifeian society.

Already, Housewives’ fashion seems to be taking hold of red carpets. Here you see Real Housewives of Miami’s Joanna Kruppa encrusted in sparkles at a dinner party she attended on the show, which taped waaayyy before Kimberly Cole wore the same sparkle crust (embarrassing!) to the American Music Awards just recently.

7. 4. Reality competition shows perpetuate crazy diva style on a whole new level.

From left: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images, Trae Patton/NBC, James Devaney/WireImage

You know what I’m talking about: Xtina, who exhibits about as much fashion sense as Guy Fieri every time she appears on The Voice wearing 18 trends at once. J. Lo parading out all manner of jumpsuits on American Idol, only to be replaced by the likewise unabashedly gaudy Mariah Carey, whose biggest moment on the series so far has been a tiff with fellow maximalist Nicki Minaj. And eventually Britney will wear something insane on The X Factor, where I sincerely hope she’s just getting warmed up.

These competition shows have given the divas a venue to showcase the Bravolebrities who hover over their shoulders like tiny devils when they get dressed every morning, saying, “MORE, MORE! More cleavage! More sparkles! Tighter! WEAR MORE ACCESSORIES AND COLORS AND PATTERNS!” It’s really entertaining and absolutely worth tuning in to watch even if you don’t want to hear a man with an annoyingly manicured goatee conjure up a newly masculinized version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

9. 5. Street style has become totally insane.

A friend who works in fashion said to me he couldn’t look at fashion week street style without thinking, Where do you plug the Christmas lights into that outfit? The things people wear to watch fashion shows have gone from looking naturally stylish and trendy to resembling a trendiness that should be disqualified for steroid use. All that seems to matter is getting noticed, and as a result you have people running around everywhere wearing five prints at once with no regard for the weather, their own safety (see below re: spiked 8-foot platforms), or simple rules of aesthetics.

But insane street style definitely keeps the shows interesting and has a few heartwarming moments. Like this girl who journeyed to New York for fashion week all the way from Poland and showed up covered in cats. She was awesome.

12. 6. Leopard and snakeskin prints are everywhere.

Proenza Schouler’s new snakeskin looks, which were sold right after the show on Moda Operandi.

Each of the past few seasons, people whose job it is to name trends insist that this is the season for snakeskin. (WWD forecasts a big snakeskin moment for spring 2013.) Snakeskin is supposed to be the thing you wear if you’re tired of leopard print, even though the masses haven’t been nearly as enthusiastic about it. Prada has been pushing it on us for seasons, and this past show season, Proenza Schouler showed patchwork snakeskin outerwear where the bits of snakeskin were all a different really bright colors, causing every fashion person to fall to the floor in twitching fits over how fabulous patchwork snakeskin vests are. Meanwhile, if that’s still not for you, Vogue is continues to plug animal print. So you have lots of options if you want to wear animal skin or prints of animal skin.

15. 7. “Detail shots” thrive on Pinterest.

Detail shots are pictures of certain aspects of outfits, zoomed in and cropped just so, rather than entire outfits. You can’t look at the fashion section on Pinterest without coming across a few arm parties — those stacks of bracelets that don’t match but somehow do, and look great positioned in front of a pair of perfectly distressed jeans or olive-green chinos. Other detail shots you see all the time include things like glitter eye shadow, enthralling nail art, nine rings worn at once. The one thing these details all have in common? A lot going on. No one uses a detail shot to show off their great new white T-shirt — you need some sparkles and patterns and layering and gaudiness to really make them all take off.

18. 8. The rise of PSY

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

PSY at the American Music Awards.

PSY is like the new recession — you can’t talk about any trends these days without mentioning his influence. His unabashed, parodic ridiculousness extends to his enormously entertaining and increasingly influential wardrobe. PSY has made tight, sequined, long-sleeved tops for men, two-toned shoes, and patterned vests ironically cool — and he’s not a raging hipster like lots of very influential clothes-wearers whose wardrobes seem to be ruled by irony (see: Alexa Chung) are. Of course all these things can be seamlessly reappropriated for women by stores like ASOS and Topshop.

20. 9. Minimalism got old REALLY fast.

Looks from the fall 2010 runways.

At the beginning of the decade, when the runways turned to all-white, very minimalist looks, fashion critics got really bored and cranky. Lynn Yaeger, writing for The Cut, called the fall 2011 shows in New York “dull as dishwater” and “all about a dollar bill.” Everyone blamed this very boring, safe-as-Taylor-Swift-at-a-law-firm runway mood on the economy. The thinking was, Why would you buy a sequined miniskirt with safety pins sticking out of it when you can barely afford to load up on tees and other basic pieces? Only no one bought that plain boring stuff. Over the past year, everyone went crazy for sparkles, patterns, colors, over-accessorizing, nail art, brocade jeans — the gaudy stuff. Though the all-white trend is still going (because who doesn’t adore stains?), what’s even more important is wearing a bunch of prints at one time. Like, floral pants with a leopard blazer and tie-dyed tank top.

22. 10. Animal stuff

From left: Via Net-A-Porter, Pixie Market, eBay

Whether it’s a print of little silhouettes of cats you’re after or big, realistic-looking animal faces, you can wear animal imagery in many forms these days. The origins of the animal craze can arguably be traced to the spring 2011 Louis Vuitton runway show, which was ripe with animal imagery on and off the clothes. What a way to kick off the decade. I hope animal things help keep this gaudy phase going through the next seven years.

24. Now, two gaudy movements that can afford to stop being movements.

25. 1. Jeffrey Campbell has become a mall brand.

Shoes at my local mall in Austin, Texas, bearing the Jeffrey Campbell label or styled to look like it.

Those crazy-high platforms are in the window of every Bakers and on their own table at every Nordstrom now. Also, signatures of the line — insanely high platforms, allover spikes, a general sense that you only buy these if you have a death or serious injury wish — are evident in shoes across department stores. Campbell itself has gone from being that cool brand people wore if they knew about Nasty Gal and Pixie Market to a mass-market one that’s getting mall real estate on par with wildly popular shoes like Uggs. Speaking of!

27. 2. Uggs are having a renaissance.

At the mall in Austin, where I’m from, this Ugg display is erected in the most visible corner of Nordstrom’s shoe department. You can see this glistening tower of Uggs from every corner of the store, on your way into the store, and on your way out of the store. You never need shoes this warm in that part of the country but people and their babies run around the mall in these sequined styles anyway at virtually all times of year. I blame the Jimmy Choo collaboration with the brand that started in 2010 and unleashed onto the market Uggs that looked like the store Claire’s threw up all over them. Clearly people are into that sort of thing, but sparkly shoes just look soooo much better when they’re not shaped like PVC pipes.

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The Polka-Dot Dress Kate Middleton Wore To Hogwarts On Friday Sold Out In An Hour

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This Beyoncé Sketch By Roberto Cavalli Is Insane (Updated)

1. Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli created a glamorous look for Beyoncé’s Mrs Carter World Tour. Here’s his sketch:

As you can see, his Beyoncé is 13 feet tall and has no need for a ribcage (or internal organs whatsoever). Really though, would you expect anything else from Cavalli?

2. And this is what Beyoncé actually looked like in the dress.

3. Absolutely stunning, and — bonus! — anatomically-plausible.

Update 6/12: Cavalli representatives have released the following statement:

We would like to clarify that the image of the gown created by Roberto Cavalli for Beyoncé is a sketch and not a photo, and therefore it is only meant to be a stylised and artistic vision… Roberto Cavalli loves women and more than anyone else has always exalted and highlighted the female shape with his creations, building his signature style on the glorification of sensuality and femininity.

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56 Crazy Wild And Fashionable Happenings From The First Half Of New York Fashion Week

1. Everything about the Prabal Gurung show was beautiful and expensive.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images


Why, even this pile of hairpieces backstage looks classy.

Via Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

OK no it doesn’t. I just love that this photo happened.

2. And then, when street style photographers including Bill Cunningham happily snapped away, showgoers filed out of the venue past a homeless man fast asleep.

Alex Rees

(Still, though, a slightly less awkward photo op than this infamous moment from the fall 2013 season last September.)

Lucas Jackson / REUTERS

3. Look out for the following Alexander Wang pieces to be all over the street style set in six months time.

Alexander Wang

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Alexander Wang

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images


They love a good “subversive” slogan, and how could anyone resist the word “WANG” cut neatly out of leather evening gloves?

But it wasn’t really, so that’s a relief.

Paul Zimmermann / WireImage

5. I experienced a similar “wet face” panic attack at the DKNY show.

Paul Morigi / WireImage

After just about jogging across town to make it to the show in time, because I am incapable of hailing a cab under pressure, I found myself with a slightly moist brow. This is an #embarrassingfashionconfession, but oh well.

To my horror, I was then seated directly behind front row bait Kelly Osbourne, and the crowd of nonstop photographers left me convinced I would be looking like an oily sea monster hiding in the background of the resulting images. Fortunately, Kelly’s violet hair seems to be hiding me perfectly.

6. Omnipresent songstress Rita Ora closed the DKNY show, clearly having taken her coquettish runway moves from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Getty / Peter Michael Dills

7. Back to the DKNY front row though, just briefly, because holy shit that is ANTHONY KIEDIS.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

8. Despite his valiant effort, Kiedis loses out on the “do not want mustache” award to Justin Bieber at the Y-3 show.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Jemal Countess / Getty Images


9. Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia actually wore Google Glasses, just like she told everyone she would.

seoulcialite / Via instagram.com

And so did tons of people at Lincoln Center. They all looked ridiculous.


10. Thanks to the spring 2014 Tocca show, your little sister’s old dance costume is now fashionable. So go find it, and wear it EVERYWHERE.


Mark Von Holden / Getty


Mark Von Holden / Getty


This, of course, means the lack of any Dance Moms on the front row is a crazy missed opportunity.

11. Also, perhaps conscious of the fact that soon-to-be Dancing With The Stars star Amber Riley was sat front row, Tadashi Shoji showed dresses that could easily work for a foxtrot.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


Granted, they could use a few more sequins to be ballroom-ready. But then, couldn’t everything use a few more sequins?

12. Still at Shoji, a few dresses seemed rather reminiscent of fall 2013 Givenchy designs.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images


Not that you can — or should — patent a sheer skirt with some floral frippery at the hem. I mean, you could just use net curtains.

13. Hippest-of-the-hip label Rodebjer did us all a huge favor and made fashion robes a thing.


Jemal Countess / Getty


Jemal Countess / Getty


Jemal Countess / Getty


Which OFFICIALLY bests daytime pajamas as the next “I dare you to point out that I’m dressed like a hospital patient” trend.

But they also showed looks smattered with sequins, which balances out the loungewear quite nicely.

Jemal Countess / Getty

Jemal Countess / Getty

Jemal Countess / Getty


Remember that point about the sequins? Yeah, point proven.

14. Glittery things will also suffice, like this wonderful boxy clutch at Creatures of the Wind.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images


15. In fact, the whole Creatures of the Wind show was just the right kind of twee. Delightful.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images


16. Alice Smith provided a therapy session through the medium of song at the Michael Bastian show.

Brian Ach / Getty Images

Brian Ach / Getty Images

Brian Ach / Getty Images


That’s Smith on the left; these models in pineapple pants are just here because said pants are PHENOMENAL.

17. An energetic performance by Janelle Monáe happened at the Rebecca Minkoff show.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

And so did this adorable nail art.

18. And in other music news, tassel-covered models at BCBG walked the runway to an ethereal cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

BCBG Max Azria

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

BCBG Max Azria

Frazer Harrison / Getty

BCBG Max Azria

Frazer Harrison / Getty


It’s haunting/lovely.

Or terrible, if you’re not into this kind of melancholy music. That’s the fashion industry for you, there’s just no middle ground!

19. Many of the glass water bottles left for guests at the Honor show got nudged off the bench seating and broke.

Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed

In fact, the show’s PR team hired a guy to follow the sound of broken glass around the runway and mop up each spill.

20. Aside from those errant glass shards though, the show’s runway set was a cute little fairytale wonderland.

Brian Ach / Getty Images

And the models, skipping along all merrily like, clearly had a blast.

Brian Ach / Getty Images

The whole barefoot thing is probably not advisable, though.

21. Nicholas K added another — wait for it, wait for it — FEATHER TO HIS CAP with a chic, minimalistic spring 2014 collection.

Nicholas K


Nicholas K



Technically it’s another feather to his (models’) headwraps, but still.

This poor model (who Getty Images helpfully captions as “a model”) has her feather upside down though. #modelproblems

John Parra / Getty Images

<img src="http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/webdr01/2013/9/9/14/grid-cell-22572-1378751770-23.jpg" width="203" height="412" rel:bf_image_src="http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enh

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How To Reinvent The Selfie

We’re all new to Vine, the app that allows you to create six-second video clips to share on your social network of choice. Fashion people are now completely obsessed with it because it turned out to be a far superior to Instagram in terms of showing followers that you’re 1) at a fashion week show, and maybe 2) sitting in a really great seat at said fashion week show. Yet many of us have resisted using Vine for that other thing Instagram became absolutely essential for: selfies.

Meet Holly Resendes, who has been using the #nyfw tag to post funny, ironic self-portraits that feel like the perfect reaction to everyone’s “LOOK AT ME WEARING MY CLOTHES” attitude these days that was popularized first by personal style blogs and that now runs rampant on social media.

Resendes, who makes a line of funky bowties and jewelry, said she did not go to fashion week, but explained, “I follow Man Repeller hardcore. She is my inspiration.” Since Resendes didn’t think many people were on Vine yet, she sought to “pinoneer a bit of funny fashion.”

Not only do her Vines joyously parody the shameless narcissism of personal-style bloggers and selfie-takers (so, you know, all of us), she also touches on that thing celebrities have been annoying about for ages — hashtagging any old word or phrase just for the hell of it (see: J. Lo).

So, the next time you want to share a selfie, do it on Vine.

And resist the urge to take yourself too seriously. You’re not the only person wearing an outfit today.

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Here’s That “Hoarders”-Themed Fashion Editorial You’ve Been Waiting For

Certified professional organizer Dorothy Breininger suggests: “Let’s try and organize all your newspaper clippings into three piles: keep, trash and… oh, goodness me that is a very big mouse isn’t it!”

Clutter Cleaner Matt Paxton wonders: “Is now really the best time to stop and snack on four month-old Thai food? Our crew is only here for two days, after all.”

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Robyn Zasio asks: “Don’t you feel like all this rope and twine tying you down, emotionally?”

Dr. Renae Reinardy, specialist in the treatment of compulsive hoarding, obsessive-compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, and related conditions, asks: “Are you afraid of feeling alone without your hoard?”

Certified professional organizer Standolyn Robertson says: “Please pass me some Febreze.”

Professional hoarding advisor Dr. Suzanne Chabaud empathizes: “We’re all here to support you, but I sense you’re finding the clean-up process overwhelming. You have deep attachments to all your belongings, don’t you?”

CEO and founder of Steri-Clean, Inc. Cory Chalmers snaps: “You need to focus, or you’re wasting everybody’s time.”

Certified Professional Organizer specializing in chronic disorganization and hoarding Geralin Thomas wonders: “Do you even want the help we’re offering? We can only help you if you’re willing to help yourself.”

See more photos — and the shoot’s literary allusions — at Interview.com

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