Take Note, World: This Girl's A Genius And We Really Need To Start Listening To Her

Remember the name Tavi Gevinson. It’s going to be a household name someday (possibly with “President” in front of it).

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A Creepy Talk By A Brilliant Man Reveals Just How Far We're In Over Our Heads

In the time since we all started posting every detail our lives on the Internet (I had a bagel for breakfast, btw!), we’ve said goodbye to so much of our privacy — a lot of times unknowingly. But just how far over the edge have we gone? Could someone really predict your Social Security number just by looking at an anonymous picture of you? Watch and see.

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Whoa — Surprising Facts About Happiness From A Brilliant Guy Who Spends His Life Studying It

Ever wonder about the science of happiness? This Harvard professor’s here to tell it all.

I know it starts off a bit slow, but within three minutes, he’s already delivering some shocking data — and explaining why that breakup (or bad grade, or lack of promotion, or fave TV show being canceled) won’t be nearly as bad as ya think it will. At 8:10, he 100% accurately reads my mind. And the experiment he describes at 11 minutes in? Totally effing ridiculously cool.

I know there are a lot of factors that influence happiness (or lack thereof), many of which aren’t mentioned here. Mental health is complex! And I’m not tryin’ to suggest otherwise. But if you’re as mesmerized as I am by the science in this talk, maybe you could share it with your friends using the buttons below?

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Mother Nature Figured Out How To Fix Climate Change. Surprisingly, We Still Aren't Listening To Her.

When I hear the word “hacker,” I think of someone in a creepy mask, using a computer to steal phone records or pull devious pranks. I’d never think to associate it with science or changing the planet. But as it turns out, geo-engineering is kinda like hacking the environment. This TED Talk explores the possibility of taking what the earth already does naturally and flipping it to possibly help reverse climate change. It’s a really neat idea, but the real question is … is it a good one?

This talk is one in a series from NPR’s TED Radio Hour. So if this sort of out-of-the-box thinking appeals to you, then make sure to check out the full hour here.

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