It Made Me Feel All Warm And Fuzzy At First. Then It Scared Me A Bit. Let's Get To That Happy Place.

We need to make changes. The good news is that they’re totally possible. And the important message is that they’re absolutely necessary.

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Listen To This Guy's Important Interview. Because Survival And Stuff.

News cycles are depressing, but this dude, Bill McKibben, is not. He’s got a really good point on what we little people can do to help with a really big problem. In fact, at 2:10, listen to him talk about how we should be more like bees. Yes. Bees.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Asks Everyone In The World To Stop Pretending Like Facts Don't Exist

Leonardo DiCaprio is passionate about us all not dying from global warming. If you’d prefer not to die, I’d just hear him out.

a lot of science to ease your mind. Here’s some success stories to also ease your mind. And if you could remind everyone else that ignoring things doesn’t make them go away, we’ll owe you one.

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