14-Year-Old Girl Beats Up 35-Year-Old Man After He Attacks Her

1. A school girl was grabbed by a man in a park as she walked home from school. But what he perhaps didn’t expect was for the teenager to punch and kick the attacker, consequently leading to his arrest.

2. The 14-year-old girl – who was attacked in Tilgate Park, Crawley, at 10am on Saturday morning – also happened to have been trained in and studied martial arts for several years.

Sussex police arrested the 35-year-old attacker – who is described as being white, 5’7” and very thin – on suspicion of assault. Police are appealing for any witnesses to the incident to come forward.

3. The police are appealing for information on the incident, which is not currently being linked to any others.

Detective inspector Andy Bennett said: “Although we have made an arrest, we need to speak to anyone who was in Tilgate Park on Saturday morning and saw what happened. We need to find people who may have seen a man acting suspiciously in or around the park on Saturday or on other occasions.”

4. Attackers, take note: Don’t mess with teenage girls. They’ll kick your ass.

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19 Playgrounds That Will Haunt Your Worst Nightmares

1. This fun-looking thing.

2. This jolly structure.

3. This bear holding a child who is having a great time.

4. This inflatable chef and his…entrance.

5. These colourful, urinating boys.

6. “I love you, disturbing three-headed dragon.”

7. The woman above this slide, who has just one breast for some reason.

8. This creepy clown chair.

9. Is it really necessary for this pig to have breasts?

10. This dog that is surprised to have a rail for a penis.

11. There’s something wrong with this slide. But I can’t put my finger on it.

12. This inexplicable cannabilistic sausage.

13. This clown who is pleased to see you.

14. This thing covered in beheaded monkeys.

15. This slide which is rather pleased with itself.

16. Better out than in.

17. “Take your medicine, Mr Bear.”

18. This climbing thing in Poland that in no way looks like a penis.

19. And this fun feature, which will definitely not give anyone nightmares.

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12 Ridiculously Cute Pictures Of Edinburgh’s First Baby Armadillo

1. Edinburgh Zoo has final had some good news in the shape of Rica – a newborn three-banded armadillo.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

2. She’s in there, promise.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

3. Rica is the first armadillo to be born at the zoo and her birth follows the sad news that Edinburgh’s giant panda Tian Tian is no longer pregnant.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

4. So let’s all take the time to look at Rica’s few first days in Scotland.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

5. Sleeping was clearly the first order of business.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

6. Lots of it.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

7. According to the zoo when she was first born Rica was the size of a golf ball.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

8. CUTE!

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

9. But she has grown rapidly in recent days…

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo
Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

11. Rica who was born to mum Rio and dad Rodar on 24 August.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

12. While dad is back out for the public to see, mum and Rica will remain off-show for the foreseeable future, a statement from the zoo said.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo

So for now these cute pics will just have to do.

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Hundreds Of Climbers Performed Gravity-Defying Stunts In This Impressive Photo Shoot

1. Famous moutaineering photographer Robert Bösch snapped hundreds of risk-taking mountain climbers in a photo shoot in the Alps to celebrate 150 years since the first ascent of the Hörnligrat Ridge of The Matterhorn, Switzerland.

Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News

The photo shoot was created for the Swiss outdoor clothing company, Mammut, which had the climbers wear its latest range of clothing and sports equipment as they performed the gravity-defying stunts.

For some of the shots in the high-altitude mountains, climbers were asked to hang in the air for over two hours. For other shots, the red-suited climbers lit up the snowy mountain at night.

The summit itself is 14,692 feet high and was first climbed by British climber Edward Whymper. Have a look at the climbers scaling the mountain in these stunning photos below:

Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News
Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News

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The Genes That Make Monarch Butterflies Basically Superheroes

1. North American monarch butterflies migrate for thousands of miles every year.

Jaap de Roode

They go all the way from the northern United States and southern Canada in the summer, to Mexico in the winter.

2. That’s a very long way!

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Basically, they’re superheroes.

3. There are other populations of monarch butterflies who don’t migrate, but permanently live in warm tropical climates.

Sonia Altizer

4. So what makes some butterflies want to take to the skies and others happy to stay put?

Flickr: lunasinestrellas / Creative Commons

5. Marcus Kronforst, University of Chicago, US, and colleagues have sequenced the genome of 101 butterflies and discovered genes that might answer that very question.

Jaap de Roode

A single amino acid makes all the difference to the migratory butterfly’s muscle protein and make them much more suited to long distance flight than their home-loving cousins.

It looks like extreme distances required of monarchs selected for greater flight efficiency as they evolved.

Kronforst and colleagues also discovered much more genetic diversity in the migratory monarchs, suggesting that the tropical, home-loving butterflies evolved from a migratory species.

This is a bit weird, as migrating birds usually evolve from a species which stays put, not the other way around.

6. Scientists still have many questions about these butterflies, such as how they know the way on their great migration, and how they known when to leave.

Jaap de Roode

No butterfly does the migration twice, as they don’t live that long, so it is still a mystery as how the newly hatched butterflies know to fly north in the spring. The butterflies even return to the same trees each year.

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Danny Dyer Apologises For Licking Mary Berry’s Ear When He Was “Off His Head”

1. Actor Danny Dyer said he was “off his head” when he hugged Mary Berry and stuck his tongue in her ear at the TV Choice Awards last month.

2. The 37-year-old Eastenders actor was accepting an award for Best Soap when he approached Berry.

Dyer told The Sun: “After my last little turnout, I had to behave myself. I wouldn’t advise anyone to accept an award off your head.”

However, the actor made it clear that he admired the Great British Bake Off star. He added: “I just want to send my love to Mary Berry, who I respect and love. … I really admire her and want to give her a cuddle. I love everything about her.”

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A Woman On A Motorbike Is Chasing Down People Who Drop Litter And Throwing It Back At Them

1. A video of an anonymous woman riding around a city on a motorbike throwing litter dropped by motorists back into their cars has gone viral.

The accompanying text is in Russian, so presumably the city she’s riding around in is located in Russia.

2. The woman – who is only heard, not seen – captures the litterers in action on her head cam. Her video helpfully circles the moment the litter drops.

3. The anonymous vigilante then rides up to confront the litterers, who are very disgruntled.

4. After a bit of back-and-forth shouting, she throws the litter back into the car and onto the driver’s lap.

5. You can watch the awesome two-minute video of the litter crime fighter in action here:

6. It’s unclear whether it’s some sort of publicity stunt, or if the woman is just a badass doing the world a favour.

7. All I can say is: Thank you, litter-fighting lady.

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