Turn Your iPhone Camera Into a Right Angle Lens


Instead of shooting what’s directly infront of you, a Kickstarter project lets you make more use out of your iPhone camera. HiLO Lens is the first lens that turns your iPhone or iPad into a right angle camera.

It can be hard to get up close to the action when photographing children or pets, or when trying to capture the crowd at a concert. The right-angle design allows for different positioning of the phone to make better use of your camera. The lens sticks to your phone through sticky tape developed by 3M. Clean the sticky side with water and soap and it renews its stickiness each time.

Laying your iPhone on any flat surface turns that surface into a tripod. Use the accompanying app to set a timer for group shots or self portraits with an adjustable shutter delay.

The creators have raised $23,519 of their $27,500 goal with 11 days remaining. What creative ways would you use a right-angle lens? Let us know in the comments.

iPhone Lens

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Scientist Make Explosive Chemical Reactions

Chemistry can be one of the most boring classes, but also one of the the coolest at the same time. For weeks, all you study is the periodic table and equations, but then one day, the teacher walks in with a case of cool glass containers and liquids. Even the class clowns quiet down because everyone knows they’re going to be doing a cool experiment. Chemistry can be very cool. Here, a bunch of engineers and scientists get together to blow stuff up with just chemical reactions. For science.


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10 Reasons Why You Need A Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are the best dogs in the world. Here’s why.

1. They Will Protect You From Satan

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=liSseCH6_p8. youtube.com

2. They Will Catch You Dinner

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Znr4VJbiQh4. youtube.com

3. They’re Mega Classy

They're Mega Classy

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4. They Have An Awesome Sense of Fashion

They Have An Awesome Sense of Fashion

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5. They Love To Snuggle

10 Reasons Why You Need A Shiba Inu

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6. They’ll Sleep Just About Anywhere

They'll Sleep Just About Anywhere

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7. They Can Brave The Elements

They Can Brave The Elements

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8. They’ll Dress Up For The Holidays

They'll Dress Up For The Holidays

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9. They Can Do Sweet Tricks

10 Reasons Why You Need A Shiba Inu

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10. They Always Have A Smile On Their Face

They Always Have A Smile On Their Face

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TV Reporter Spotted Bank Robbery Suspect While Filming A Live Segment (Video)

A TV reporter spotted an alleged robber in action while doing a live broadcastoutside a bank that had been previously robbed that week.

According to TIME, KIMT’s Adam Sallet was reporting from outside the Sterling State Bank in Rochester, Minnesota on Tuesday to discuss a bank robbery from the day before.

Sallet had just begun to speak when a bank employee came running right behind him, pointing his finger at something in the distance out of the video frame.

The employee then apparently informed Sallet he was chasing the robber, who had returned to the bank and robbed it a second time.

A confused Sallet had no choice but to casually tell his viewers about it.

He said,

Thats the robber. This is live TV, folks. That’s the robber, just went by, according to the bank employee. So, I got to go here and call 911. Ill talk to you later.

The alleged robber, 36, was arrested later that day after a police officer who was leaving a training class came upon the suspect’svehicle.

Rochester Police Captain John Sherwin saidSallet’s description of the suspect’s car “matched the vehicle we were looking for, so we knew right away that this was very likely the same guy that hit [the bank on Monday].

Sallet said he was “on edge already because that guy was a little suspicious,” referring to the alleged robberhe saw running away off-camera.

Suspect near robbery scene in Rochester during MidDaySuspected Sterling State Bank robber runs by KIMT News 3 reporter Adam Sallet on live TV. Here’s the initial video.

Posted by KIMT News 3 on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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70 members of Congress to ask Holder to investigate SWAT-ting on Monday


Monday, 70-plus members of Congress intend to ask Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the serial harassment of certain  bloggers known as SWAT-ting. It looks as if efforts to engage lawmakers on this extremely serious issue have not gone unheard.

So, 70+ members of Congress Monday will direct the DOJ to investigate #brettkimberlin. I have zero faith in that investigation.

— Scott (@ScottyE_FL) June 9, 2012

GREAT!!! RT@ali: On Mon at least 70 members of Congress will ask Holder to investigate SWAT calls. via @ewerickson#brettkimberlin …”

— Marooned in Marin (@MaroonedInMarin) June 9, 2012

Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Rep. Kenny Marchant have independently called for a Department of Justice investigation into the matter.

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