Not over: After officer shot, protesters head back to Ferguson police station [photos, video]

Report to #Ferguson PD asap. We need y'all here. Not there.

— brittany. (@bdoulaoblongata) September 28, 2014

Meanwhile at the police station… “@deray: Police advance. #ferguson

— Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) September 28, 2014

It’s half past midnight in Ferguson. A police officer has been shot. The suspects are still on the loose. But agitators are still agitating. The night is young and there’s so much more trouble to stir up.

#Ferguson Protesters vow to shut things down. Police preparing to talk to media away from protesters.

— Nicholas J.C. Pistor (@nickpistor) September 28, 2014

Outside #Ferguson police station

— Umar Lee (@STLAbuBadu) September 28, 2014

Ferguson protestors tonight across from police station

— Elliott Davis (@ElliottDavisTV) September 28, 2014

#Ferguson – head to the police station. Cop shot. Man possibly murdered. Answers and questions. Thanks @dellmaj7th

— Based Writer (@skinnyjeanius) September 28, 2014

MANACLES OF JUSTICE: Capt Ron Johnson has arrived at #Ferguson police station where protesters have gathered.

— Ambuli Victor (@AmbuliVictor) September 28, 2014

The police said that as long as we stay on the sidewalk we can be here all night. We'll see how long that lasts. #Ferguson

— brittany. (@bdoulaoblongata) September 28, 2014

No end in sight.

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Maybe he meant ‘lip balm?’ Twitter users buzz about Aldon Smith’s ‘bomb threat’!/ejanke24/status/455530251330670592

Whoa. San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith has reportedly been arrested for making comments about a ‘bomb’ at Los Angeles International Airport.!/ABC7/status/455516072175620096

Twitter users wonder if maybe he meant…something else?!/IamDbills/status/455530320943521795!/jireland80/status/455491556234260480!/BIG_JUICE_LEE/status/455530360109944832!/emilayamei/status/455511821940555776!/MBurkie19/status/455505223797071872

He could face a year behind bars.!/mwotus31/status/455514063679025152!/MaioccoCSN/status/455517640904015872!/MaioccoCSN/status/455534140494856192

Reckless terrorist travel threats seem to be a thing today:

I’m not gonna tell my parents’: American Airlines response to ‘joke’ terror threat sparks panicked explanation

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Top members of Ahrar al-Sham reported killed in suicide attack!/hxhassan/status/509397308002164736

The leader and top commanders of Syrian Islamist insurgents Ahrar al-Sham have been killed in a suicide attack Tuesday. The BBC reports:

Hassan Abboud, the leader of the Syrian Islamist insurgents Ahrar al-Sham has been killed with other top commanders in a bomb blast at a meeting.

Activists say a suicide bomber detonated a vest in the attack in the north-western town of Ram Hamdan.

Ahrar al-Sham is part of the Islamic Front, a coalition of seven Islamist rebel groups.

In February, Ahrar al-Sham blamed the rival Islamic State group for an attack which killed several of its members.

Ahrar al-Sham is one of the biggest rebel groups fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Although the group is hard-line Islamist in orientation, it has opposed and clashed with the ultra-radical Islamic State (IS) group, which is the most likely quarter to be blamed for the attack, reports the BBC’s Jim Muir.!/Killg0reTr0ut/status/509399981904515073!/MastaKace/status/509399257561174017!/Lion_Alsomaal29/status/509413632732450816!/alb_ma/status/509429526200594432!/mnjg123/status/509440771947102210!/FaisalbinFarhan/status/509418837452652544!/BaileyPittipat/status/509431300357242880



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NC NAACP tells voter ID protesters to bring photo ID to Moral March [pics]!/TBradleyNC/status/432153614187249664

Wait … what?!/TBradleyNC/status/432168257374920704

First, some background:

Leftist activists, including members of North Carolina NAACP, are in Raleigh, North Carolina, today for the so-called Moral March. Their mission? To screech about everything from abortion restrictions to fast-food wages.

North Carolina blogger extraordinaire Sister Toldjah has a must-read Moral March primer on the Moral Monday movement and its hateful organizers.

As bused-in protesters and professional agitators prepared to promote their progressive causes — including oh-so-racist voter ID requirements — the state NAACP told participants make sure to have photo ID handy “at all times.” According to the “Important Dos and Don’ts for Marchers!!!” you should bring a “driver’s license, passport or other valid photo id” to the march.

This tweet says it all:!/middlemom/status/432199086465241088

No, no. That’s too logical. Plus, racism!!/dad_of_jacob/status/432190417740640257

NC is staging a #MoralMarch against voter ID laws they deem to be racist.

You are expected to bring ID.
@instapundit— Martini Shark (@MartiniShark) February 08, 2014

Protest suppression!!/camharris_us/status/432187729280262144!/TBradleyNC/status/432168257374920704!/sistertoldjah/status/431913508712611841!/BruceMusto/status/432199720178819072!/amr033/status/432178911011962880


(Hat tip: @dad_of_jacob)

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Looters wreak havoc again in #Ferguson; protesters try to stop the madness!/phampel/status/500529833592360962!/elainevydra/status/500529006458843137

As Twitchy alerted you, troublemakers reportedly instigated late Friday night chaos in Ferguson, Missouri. As of 2:40 a.m., reporters and observers on scene were tweeting another outbreak of looting.!/phampel/status/500527168535810048!/phampel/status/500525533558341632!/phampel/status/500520289977892864!/phampel/status/500522111522177025

Now they want police?!/elizabethdanger/status/500531138012520448!/MJCB_Junky/status/500530719647879168

Here’s something new and encouraging: Some of the protesters are protecting businesses from looters.!/Awkward_Duck/status/500529115888230401!/IowaPeg/status/500531287141015552!/PhilGoodlife/status/500532606346072064!/texamy/status/500532834818600960!/Yamiche/status/500525270903062528!/Yamiche/status/500536826890031104!/Yamiche/status/500534448543531008

Updates as 3 a.m. Eastern nears. “Gunshots” reported:!/michaelcalhoun/status/500532279593406464!/michaelcalhoun/status/500534177033617408

Update 3:30 a.m.:!/ByronTau/status/500526666784206849!/ByronTau/status/500529422156718080

Time for a Big Mac?!/ByronTau/status/500533699059142656!/ByronTau/status/500535230940594176!/ByronTau/status/500535482846310400

More scenes from the meat market and liquor store:!/mattdpearce/status/500541008510078978!/drgoddess/status/500549453137596416

Update 4:34 a.m. Eastern. Goodbye, guardians. Hello, feeding frenzy:!/ByronTau/status/500554727776878592!/WeatherChambers/status/500559041161330688

Previous Twitchy coverage of Ferguson.

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