Celebrity Portraits Made Out Of Cassette Tapes

If you have a large collection of old cassette tapes and don’t know what to do with it – check out these amazing Celebrity Portraits by Erika Iris Simmons. She probably had the same problem and now she even became famous for solving it! Smart people say that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, and this probably turned out to be true. [Read more…]

Erika Iris Simmons (born in 1983 in St. Louis, USA) uses old cassette tapes to create incredibly artistic celebrity portraits. Since her emergence Erika has blended the concerns and methods of conceptual art with craft-making and popular culture to create her own whimsical installations. She explores the nostalgia of the archaic, using second-hand items as her prime media.

Currently, Simmons lives and works in Atlanta.
Website:  iri5blog.org | flickr: iri5

1. The Beatles

2. Bob Dylan

3. Bob Marley

4. Jimi Hendrix

5. John Lennon

6. Madonna

7. Kurt Cobain

8. Debbie Harry of Blondie

9. Paul Griffiths

10. Marilyn Monroe

11. Melona Creager

12. Robert Smith

13. Lenny Kravitz

14. Lauryn Hill

15. Michael Jackson


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5,000 Books Pour Out of a Window in Spain

Spanish installation artist Alicia Martin transforms thousands of old books into giant waterfalls which pour out the windows straight into the streets. Her massive installations have been installed in various places across Europe, however Martin’s most recent series, known as Biografies, are based in her hometown, Madrid.

These gravity-defying book sculptures from her Biografies series were installed in the three of Madrid’s historic buildings, each installation consisting of approximately 5,000 books. [Read more…]

To support the heavy weight of the books, each sculpture has a special metal framework inside. They make the installation safe and sturdy, however the books’ pages are left loose and free to rustle in the wind.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

Casa de America, Madrid


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Each Paper Panda Represents One Of Only 1,600 Left In The Wild

French artist Paulo Grangeon, together with the World Wildlife Fund, decided to create 1,600 little paper-mache pandas in Taiwan and take them on a tour through 10 major Asian cities and around the world.

The number of pandas was not chosen at random – each one represents one of only 1,600 (or even less) pandas that are left in the wild. So while these pandas might look like a crowd when assembled in a city square, it seems like there are way too few of them when you realize that what you see represents the entire wild panda population.

The pandas visited scenic European cities like Paris and Rome before coming home to Taiwan for a 10-city tour through Asia. [Read more…]

Efforts to revive the panda population have been met with difficulty due to their dwindling natural habitat and due to the difficulty of getting pandas to mate in captivity. Even wild pandas have difficulty mating, as they have only a very short window of time (usually 2-3 days) once a year during which the female can be fertilized.

Source: pandasworldtour.tw | Facebook | worldwildlife.org (via: designboom)


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Puppies and Kittens Have Imaginative Adventures With Household Objects

Now here’s an ultimate explosion of cuteness: a creative advertising campaign, that features both adorable puppies and kittens! Titled Life is Adventure, the photos series portray little fellows embarking on various adventures, set up from props on the ground. Created by graphic designer and art director Marek Farkas and photographer Miro Minarovich, the series was created as part of Hill’s pet food advertising campaign. Marek said this turned out to be one of the most appreciated projects from the clients’ side. [Read more…]

The concept of the series is based on the idea of safe adventures at home – this is why you see these cute pets becoming sailors, riding camels, or flying hot air balloons at the safety of their home environment. Although technically the idea for such set up is not entirely new, there is no way you could ignore how joyful and cute this execution is. The project was inspired by the work of Slovak photographer Miro Švolík, who would experiment with this creative solution in mid-ninetees. Rush of good emotions guaranteed!

Source: behance


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The Chromatic Typewriter

Washington-based artist Tyree Callahan transformed and old 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter into a functional painting device he calls a Chromatic Typewriter. He did it by replacing the ink pads of the typewriter with colored paint pads and the letters with color markers.

“I’m super excited about it. The reaction to the piece has been pretty special. It seems to be making a lot of people happy and it has started some great discussions on the translation of art into words and words into art. And folks with synesthesia seem to like it the most, “ says Callahan. [Read more…]

This is also his entry to the 2012 West Prize competition. The prize is awarded via popular vote this year, but voting is limited to iPhones/iPods/iPads. Those of you with iProducts can download the West Collects app to vote for your favorite. The link to West Collects site is here.

I’d love to write an article with this typewriter and see what I get!


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This Week’s Top 5 User Submitted Stories #14

If you have a story that’s interesting to more people than you and your mother – share it with everyone else! To get an idea what pandas like, just play around our magazine (hints: unique design ideas, art, photography, inspiration). It can be your own art project or you can write about someone else’s work. You can also create all kind of fun lists of creative products or photos.

The best stories will be featured on BoredPanda.com home page and will have a chance to cure 10,000 people from boredom everyday.

Swedish Toy Company Releases Gender-Neutral Christmas Catalog

Candelier Made of 3,000 Gummy Bears

Stunning Aerial Photography by Klaus Leidorf

Knitted Shark Socks Biting Off Your Leg

Medieval Village Squeezed Between Rocks



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Tiny LEGOgrapher Travels The World In 365-Day Project By Andrew Whyte

UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte has documented the adventures of a brave lone LEGO photographer in his “The Legographer” photo series.

The process behind Whyte’s photos is so simple that almost anyone could do it. He carries the Legographer with him wherever he goes and, when he finds a good location, snaps a picture of him in action with his Iphone 4S. The Legographer has traveled all around the UK and the world in Whyte’s pocket. [Read more…]

“The Legographer” was part of a 365-day project, which seems to be more and more popular among the artistically-inclined these days. It means that Whyte pledged to create an image a day for a year, and it’s the reason why he chose to use a smart phone to create the images – using his more expensive camera equipment would have made taking those everyday photos far more time-consuming and far less convenient. A 365-day pledge, by the way, is a great idea for anyone who is determined to nurture their creative side!

“The spontaneity of Legography contrasts hugely with my other specialism of shooting long exposures at night,” writes Whyte on his blog. He says he had fun “immersing [himself] in the adventures & occasional mishaps of a minifigure photographer.“

Whyte’s Legographer project reminds us of work by Rémi Noël, who documented the journeys of a Batman action figure in Texas.

Source: longexposures.co.uk | Twitter | Prints


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These 28 Chairs Prove That Furniture Can Be Art

These 28 creative chairs and armchairs will prove that even something as mundane as a chair can be turned into a work of art in the hands of a skilled designer or artist.

One of the coolest things about these chairs is that almost all of them seem like they’d actually be comfortable. Finding a delicate balance between artistry and comfort is no easy feat, especially when your chair is a giant skull or a cactus. It is the fine balance struck between ergonomics and art that makes them so impressive.

Did we miss any awesome chairs? If so, make sure you submit them at the bottom of this post and let us know!

Animal Chairs

Designed by Max Riera

Skull Chair

Designed by Pool

The Cut Chair

Designed by Peter Bristol

Suitcase Chairs

Designed by Katie Thomspon

Coffee Chair

Designed by Sunhan Kwon

Hybrid Chairs

Designed by Merve Kahraman

Ghost Chair

Designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn

Inception Chair

Designed by Vivian Chiu

The Prickly Chair

Designed by Valentina Glez Wohlers

Lathe Chairs

Designed by Sebastian Brajkovic

Hollow Chair

Designed by Staight Line Designs

Pink Chair

Designed by Vladimir Tsesler

Skull Armchair

Designed by Harold Sangouard

Samurai Chair

Designed by Seo Young Moon

Quiet Chair

Designed by TILT

Customised Panton Chair

Image credits: Jump Studio

Peacock Chair

Designed by uufie

Quartz Armchair

Designed by ctrlzak.com

Magica Chairs

Designed by David Conti

Spike Chair

Designed by Alexander Lervik

Layers Cloud Chair

Designed by Richard Hutten

Fadeout Chair

Designed by Davide Conti

The Bloom Chair

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue


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Japanese Photographer Takes Beautiful Sun-Kissed Photos Of Cats

Cats undoubtedly rule the Internet, so no wonder that they have become inspirations for numerous photographers. Photographer Seiji Mamiya is one of them. Since 2011, he has been taking beautiful photos of cats like these and putting them on the Internet.

When a good eye for photography and a love of cats meet, the results are amazing! The photographer says that he wants to make people happy with his photos and he definitely delivers.

Seiji Mamiya was born in Tokyo, Japan. He has competed in and won numerous photo competitions. In 2014, he published a book featuring his beautiful feline photography.

Source: 500px.com | facebook.com


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13 Popular Movie Poster Cliches

“Everything is a remix,” says the title of the famous short documentaries by Kirby Ferguson, discussing how newly created work is strongly influenced by existing work. You don’t have to look far to see it – just look at the movie posters.

French blogger Christophe Courtois put together several telling montages of similar movie posters which perfectly illustrate how everyone copies everyone. Is it bad? [Read more…]

Ferguson writes that “our system of law doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded as property, as unique and original lots with distinct boundaries. But ideas aren’t so tidy. They’re layered, they’re interwoven, they’re tangled. And when the system conflicts with the reality… the system starts to fail.“

Website: christophecourtois.blogspot.com | via: uproxx.com

1. A Loner Viewed From Behind

Usually accompanied only by their weapon of choice.

2. Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach

3. Back To Back, Viewed From the Side

4. The Between-the-Legs Shot

5. In Bed

6. Big Eye

7. Blue

8. Black & White Action Movie Posters

9. Running In the Street, At a Tilt And Tinted Blue

10. Building a Face Out of Other Objects

11. Lady In Red

12. Justice Is Blind

13. Big Block Font Right Over the Face


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