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Swedish Toy Company Releases Gender-Neutral Christmas Catalog

Candelier Made of 3,000 Gummy Bears

Stunning Aerial Photography by Klaus Leidorf

Knitted Shark Socks Biting Off Your Leg

Medieval Village Squeezed Between Rocks



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Tiny LEGOgrapher Travels The World In 365-Day Project By Andrew Whyte

UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte has documented the adventures of a brave lone LEGO photographer in his “The Legographer” photo series.

The process behind Whyte’s photos is so simple that almost anyone could do it. He carries the Legographer with him wherever he goes and, when he finds a good location, snaps a picture of him in action with his Iphone 4S. The Legographer has traveled all around the UK and the world in Whyte’s pocket. [Read more…]

“The Legographer” was part of a 365-day project, which seems to be more and more popular among the artistically-inclined these days. It means that Whyte pledged to create an image a day for a year, and it’s the reason why he chose to use a smart phone to create the images – using his more expensive camera equipment would have made taking those everyday photos far more time-consuming and far less convenient. A 365-day pledge, by the way, is a great idea for anyone who is determined to nurture their creative side!

“The spontaneity of Legography contrasts hugely with my other specialism of shooting long exposures at night,” writes Whyte on his blog. He says he had fun “immersing [himself] in the adventures & occasional mishaps of a minifigure photographer.“

Whyte’s Legographer project reminds us of work by Rémi Noël, who documented the journeys of a Batman action figure in Texas.

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These 28 Chairs Prove That Furniture Can Be Art

These 28 creative chairs and armchairs will prove that even something as mundane as a chair can be turned into a work of art in the hands of a skilled designer or artist.

One of the coolest things about these chairs is that almost all of them seem like they’d actually be comfortable. Finding a delicate balance between artistry and comfort is no easy feat, especially when your chair is a giant skull or a cactus. It is the fine balance struck between ergonomics and art that makes them so impressive.

Did we miss any awesome chairs? If so, make sure you submit them at the bottom of this post and let us know!

Animal Chairs

Designed by Max Riera

Skull Chair

Designed by Pool

The Cut Chair

Designed by Peter Bristol

Suitcase Chairs

Designed by Katie Thomspon

Coffee Chair

Designed by Sunhan Kwon

Hybrid Chairs

Designed by Merve Kahraman

Ghost Chair

Designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn

Inception Chair

Designed by Vivian Chiu

The Prickly Chair

Designed by Valentina Glez Wohlers

Lathe Chairs

Designed by Sebastian Brajkovic

Hollow Chair

Designed by Staight Line Designs

Pink Chair

Designed by Vladimir Tsesler

Skull Armchair

Designed by Harold Sangouard

Samurai Chair

Designed by Seo Young Moon

Quiet Chair

Designed by TILT

Customised Panton Chair

Image credits: Jump Studio

Peacock Chair

Designed by uufie

Quartz Armchair

Designed by

Magica Chairs

Designed by David Conti

Spike Chair

Designed by Alexander Lervik

Layers Cloud Chair

Designed by Richard Hutten

Fadeout Chair

Designed by Davide Conti

The Bloom Chair

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue


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Japanese Photographer Takes Beautiful Sun-Kissed Photos Of Cats

Cats undoubtedly rule the Internet, so no wonder that they have become inspirations for numerous photographers. Photographer Seiji Mamiya is one of them. Since 2011, he has been taking beautiful photos of cats like these and putting them on the Internet.

When a good eye for photography and a love of cats meet, the results are amazing! The photographer says that he wants to make people happy with his photos and he definitely delivers.

Seiji Mamiya was born in Tokyo, Japan. He has competed in and won numerous photo competitions. In 2014, he published a book featuring his beautiful feline photography.

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13 Popular Movie Poster Cliches

“Everything is a remix,” says the title of the famous short documentaries by Kirby Ferguson, discussing how newly created work is strongly influenced by existing work. You don’t have to look far to see it – just look at the movie posters.

French blogger Christophe Courtois put together several telling montages of similar movie posters which perfectly illustrate how everyone copies everyone. Is it bad? [Read more…]

Ferguson writes that “our system of law doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded as property, as unique and original lots with distinct boundaries. But ideas aren’t so tidy. They’re layered, they’re interwoven, they’re tangled. And when the system conflicts with the reality… the system starts to fail.“

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1. A Loner Viewed From Behind

Usually accompanied only by their weapon of choice.

2. Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach

3. Back To Back, Viewed From the Side

4. The Between-the-Legs Shot

5. In Bed

6. Big Eye

7. Blue

8. Black & White Action Movie Posters

9. Running In the Street, At a Tilt And Tinted Blue

10. Building a Face Out of Other Objects

11. Lady In Red

12. Justice Is Blind

13. Big Block Font Right Over the Face


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44 Amazing Julian Beever’s 3D Pavement Drawings

Ready to kill boredom again?

This time we present a wonderful collection of amazing 3d sidewalk chalk art by Julian Beever (+- all of his works).

But first of all, who is Julian Beever?

According to Wikipedia:

“Julian Beever is an English, Belgium-based chalk artist who has been creating trompe-l’œil chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. His works are created using a projection called anamorphosis, and create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle.” [Read more…]

Remember panda’s recent post called 20 Incredible Eye Macros? Eyes are second most complex organs besides brains, but this time our eyes fail. Nevertheless ,it’s a wonderful failure, since it lets us enjoy this fascinating 3d pavement art.

Pre-modernist and post-modernist

Push the boat out

Swimming-Pool In The High Street (Glasgow, Scotland)


These drawings only work from one viewpoint otherwise the image appears strangely distorted.

Waste of water…




Spiderman to the rescue above and below this London street.

Self-Portrait Of The Artist

Arctic Street Conditions with Soft Drink


(Image credits: Jonathan Dann)

A DHL boy delivering a parcel all the way from China – that’s how they do it so fast!

Arctic Street Conditions: Fishing

Let’s be friends

This drawing was done in Tokyo for the TV show ‘Unbelievable’ and was a plea to Japan to appreciate the beauty of living whales.

Pavements Lined With Gold

This picture is part of a series used by White’s Electronics of Inverness in Treasure Hunting magazine.

Meeting Mr. Frog

Coke Bottle

Girl on a beach mat

Politicians Meeting Their End

The illusion of the Politicians Meeting Their End was drawn outside The Bank of England and was commissioned by Channel 4′s Midnight Special for the night of the 1997 General Election.

Transformer Robot

A Transformers robot  leaves the New York subway.

Eiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture

This drawing in Paris was the subject of Episode 8 of the Gallery HD television series  Concrete Canvas shown in the USA.

Meeting Madame Butterfly

This drawing in Mexico City was the subject of Episode 9 of the Gallery HD television series  Concrete Canvas shown in the USA.


Rembrandts with Rembrandts.

Drawing for Worldcard in Istanbul


This drawing of a Rescue was to be viewed using an inverting mirror.

The World’s Biggest Fly-Spray


Making Mr. Snowman

This picture appeared in The Daily Mail on 22nd December 2008.

Waterpool with a chick, Redondo Beach, CA

(Image credits: slimdandy)

This drawing was also created for an episode of “Concrete Canvasâ€.


Drawn on Prince’s Street, Glasgow.

Underground Bank at Bank Underground, London

Holes on San Francisco pavement

(Image credits: gorditojaramillo)

Be careful not to fall down here!

Nokia Town?

(Image credits: Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso))

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

(Image credits: Panchóv)

Update: it was actually drawn by Kurt Wenner, panda’s mistake.

Little and Large

Time Square in Time Square

Taking the plunge

Beneath every street …

Water rafting

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin to the rescue

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man drawn in 3D outside The Tate Modern.


Ballantine’s: leaving an impression in Montevideo.

Placing the Orders

This one was published in The Daily Mail on Christmas Eve 2007.

A slight accident on a building site in Vienna

Yorkshire Water

This drawing for Yorkshire Water was never fully finished and did not get beyond this rough stage. It was stopped ironically, by Yorkshire water in the form of heavy Sheffield rain which did not permit its completion.

Two Worlds


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45 Grams of Silence for $19.14

In this fast-paced, ever-moving world, sometimes all we need is a bit of silence. As strange as it may sound, you can finally buy 45g (1.5oz) of pure silence sealed in a can for just $19.14 at FLOWmarket. It is a shop that is designed to make consumers think, live and consume with more consciousness. They also sell cans of self-esteem, compassion, intimacy, god and many others. FLOWmarket have even had temporary stores open in Copenhagen, Zürich, New York, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul. (Designer: Mads Hagstrøm)


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Colorful Mandala Designs Made From Flowers And Plants By Kathy Klein

Kathy Klein, an artist and “lover of plants, animals, people and the divine presence within all,” creates beautiful flower mandalas, which she calls “danmalas,” out of intricate arrangements of natural plant parts.

Klein, who is based in Arizona in the U.S., has a deeply spiritual process to creating the mandalas, centering herself in a meditative devotional space as part of the creative process and drawing inspiration from “the golden sound residing within perfect silence.” She often leaves the works where she made them, to be found by lucky passers-by. [Read more…]

The traditional Buddhist mandala, off of which her works are loosely based, is a deeply spiritual and also impermanent art form with its roots in Buddhist beliefs. For more examples of this diverse and intricate art form, check out the work of Joe Mangrum.

For prints of her work, check out Klein’s website!

Source: (via: demilked)


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World’s Best Father: Dave Engledow with Daughter Alice Bee

Remember Jason Lee and the crazy pictures of his beautiful daughters? Well, it seems that he’s got some serious competition fighting for the World’s Best Father award. Dave Engledow is creating probably the wackiest scrapbook ever showing himself and his daughter Alice Bee in highly precarious situations. [Read more…]

The first picture of him holding Alice Bee like a football and pouring her milk into his coffee was never intended to turn into a series, but the fans on the Internet demanded otherwise after seeing it. The key item in the shot became the “World’s Best Father” mug, bought just last minute before taking the picture. Later the same mug was featured in nearly every shot and gave the name to the series.

When he realized that the pictures were becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, Dave decided to publish a small-run 2012 calender. After it was swept from the stores, he is now set to release a larger run for 2013. His ultimate wish, however, is for his daughter to have something to treasure as years go by.

Website: Engledow Art Photography


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Minimiam: Tiny People’s Adventures In The World of Food

Most of us start losing our wild childish imaginations when we grow up, but not Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Since 2002, these two professional food photographers (previously written about here)  have been shooting a playful series of dioramas called MINIMIAM (“miam” is French for “yum”) that place miniature people in a world of over-sized food.

In their dioramas, Javelle and Ida arrange miniature model train figurines in everyday positions and situations that connect playfully with the fruits, vegetables, pastries and other foods that they use in the photographs. Although the main purpose of the images was simply to create a series of images that will make people smile, some of them take on issues like global warming and our relationship with nature. [Read more…]

The creative couple behind MINIMIAM met while studying photography at the Arts Decoratifs art school in Paris. Both share an interest in food photography and both are successful food photographers, which is probably why this series looks so delicious.

For more awesome food photography, check out Carl Warner’s amazing foodscape photography.

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