What Happens When A Really Powerful Idea Takes Off: Some Companies Are Getting Nervous…

As momentum grows and people begin to realize the raw deal they’re getting every day they head off to work, I see the beginnings of a movement that is likely to grow much bigger. Here’s how far the fast food strikes have spread in less than one year. Word.

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Why That New Shirt From Gap Is Unbelievably Priceless

There have been several incidents just this year of factory fires and building collapses in countries where almost all clothing is made for companies like Gap and Walmart. The big secret? These companies don’t want to sign an agreement — one that has already been signed by many other companies like them — to establish basics on fire and safety standards.

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Psst … Wanna Buy Some Stuff Right From The People Who Make It?

You can’t “buy local” for some things — rice, coffee, and more — so here’s a great alternative that ships nonperishable goods to you every three months. These ethically sourced items help sustain jobs in the countries where they’re produced. And we get to avoid big-box stores that generally don’t pay attention to such details. Win-win-win, right?

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When The Boss Said, 'Dance For Your Day Off,' He Didn't Expect To Be Handed His Lunch

This is an amazingly fun and clever video that underscores the idea that if we work together, we can get what we need on the job. Oh, and pasty old white men shouldn’t be dancing in these kinds of clothes. Ever.

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Just A Reminder That There's No Such Thing As 'Men's Work' And 'Women's Work'

Some professions that have been traditionally male (and white male, at that) are changing right in front of us. Here’s a woman who loves what she does every day as a Massachusetts ironworker.

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At A Time When Unemployment Is Still Insanely High, Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

This clip is from a little while back, but the recent announcement that reconstruction of the Verrazano Bridge in New York is also going to be outsourced to China has brought the conversation front and center for Americans who need good jobs.

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Why Your Boss Should Really Be Making You Happy Right Now

There’s a chain reaction when workers aren’t happy on the job. Absenteeism and employees taking lots of sick days are obvious symptoms. Another, not-so-obvious one, “presenteeism,” means folks are on the job but not functioning very well due to stress, burnout, and more.

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Nearly 1/3 Of All Campaign Dollars in 2013 Came From A Tiny Group Of People. Care To Guess Who?

Whoa. 1% of the top 1% of donors gave money to every single senator and member of Congress elected in 2012. Perhaps we need to look further into this before November?

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The Truth: Some Very Smart Businesspeople Want To Raise The Minimum Wage

With the recent news of $15/hour wages in the city of Seattle and minimum wage going up in many other cities, it’s a bit like dominoes … but they’re people, and those people are changing the world.

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I Thought America Valued Freedom Of Assembly. So… What's Happening Here?

When it comes to speaking out against unfairness and unemployment, and standing up for voters and women’s rights, this awesomely diverse crowd knows exactly what it’s doing. I could feel their sense of solidarity throughout the video, and when you get to 4.08 in, you’ll see that they’re clearly making an impact. That, my friends, is what we refer to as “rad.”

If you live in North Carolina and you want to join a Moral Monday protest, there’s one happening at 5 p.m. July 1, 2013, at Halifax Mall. The theme for their next protest is “jobs and voting rights”, which is kinda a big deal right now in case you missed it. Halifax Mall is on the northern side of the General Assembly Legislative Building – go along, make your voice heard. 

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