Picture of the Day: The Earthquake Rose



Photographs by Norman MacLeod

On February 28, 2001, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake, located some thirty miles (48 km) below the surface of the Earth moved the ground for a bit more than half a minute. Damage was surprisingly light on account of the epicenter’s depth. A sand tracing pendulum located at a shop in Port Townsend, Washington, called Mind Over Matter (since moved to Sedona, Arizona), produced some very interesting patterns.

The smooth curves you see on the outside are what you normally see when someone sets the pendulum in motion. The seismic activity is responsible for the rose-shaped pattern you see in the middle. A beautiful design by one of nature’s most powerful forces.

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A Trip to Africa Helped Facebook Improve Its Android App

Facebook updated its Android app last week, claiming it would work much faster for users.

After a trip to Africa to test how the Android app behaves in difficult conditions, a team from Facebook concluded it needed to make some changes. In a blog post, Facebook engineer Alex Sourov explains how the company used that experience to make a number of improvements to the app.

Mobile access on Android devices in the country was extremely slow, and the lack of memory on the devices resulted in constant crashes. The team members also burned their monthly data plans in 40 minutes.

“Our trip to Africa really highlighted the importance of our work on mobile performance, data efficiency, networking reliability, and application size for emerging markets. We’ve made a concerted effort to improve in all these areas and achieved a significant amount of success in the past year,” Sourov writes in the post.

In the latest version of Facebook’s Android app, you can now Like posts, pictures and Pages, and remove tags, without needing an Internet connection. Furthermore, the app’s download size has been reduced by 65%, compared with the beginning of the year, and start times have been reduced by more than 50% in the six months following the trip.

The update does not apply to iOS devices, however, perhaps because Android devices are far more popular in developing countries.

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Here’s The Reason You Just Can’t Resist Snacking On Junk Food

I love cookies.Forget cake, candy, muffins, doughnuts, cronuts, froyo or any other dessert trend. Just give me cookies.

OK, honestly, I think you can love something too much. Especially when that something is incredibly unhealthy if you have too much of it.

Cookies are my go-to sweet snack for sure. I crave them — but after digging deeper, I realize it’s more than just needing a quick sugar fix. Cookies provide me with comfort, especially when I felt stressed.

Like lots of people, I’m a stress eater. I actually eat when I feel negative and positive stress. I remember when I landed an interview for a job I really wanted, the first thing I did was run to the nearest cafe for a big, carb-filled treat. Those emotional rushes were always accompanied by a sugar rush, as well.

The reason certain foods are called comfort foods is that they’re associated with familiarity. They make us feel safe. They’re like the edible equivalent of curling up in bed when we’re feeling stressed, tired, bored or literally anything else.

Eating comfort foods is like a little bonus for yourself when you’re feeling a certain way. It gives you a way to balance the negative emotions. Unfortunately, it’s that quick fix for relief in those hard moments that comes with a price, like weight gain.

If you actually kept track of every time you wanted to reach for your comfort food or snack of choice, you’d notice a clear pattern. For me? I’m craving that edible comfort every day at around 2 pm when I’m at my desk to cure that post-lunch slump. But on weekends, I crave them much less.

And that’s not a coincidence at all. Just likefeeling stressed, certain environments can trigger emotional eating.

There’s a direct connection to how you feel and what you want to eat. Ever tell your friend you’re not in the mood for sushi and suggest another kind of food instead? Well, what do you really think that “mood” means? It could be you’re just craving food that’s more comforting to you.

The connection between food and reward runs deep in our biology as humans, but since we have access to whatever we want to eat at basically anytime, we have to learn how to control it better.

Mastering that type of willpower seems damn near impossible at first.Especially in an environment like an office, where unhealthy snacks are both free and abundant, making you more likely to go for what you’re craving instead of eating the apple you brought from home.

I’m definitely guilty of that. I used to work in an office that had Cliff bars, which you’d think aren’t that bad because they’re packed with protein, but they contain more sugar than you’d think. I switched back to eating apples, even though I wasn’t necessarily“in the mood” for them.

That’s how I beat snacking on junk: simply replacing the crap snacks with healthy ones. And even before I ate, I would always ask myself, “Am I really hungry? Or am I just bored, stressed or excited?”

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t always avoid going for the snack that will comfort you. Sometimes I literally just cannot resist the office cookies — but because I’m eating them less than once a week, I’m not worried about it.

Big lifestyle changesaren’t easy. The most important step toward finally putting an end to snacking on junk is recognizing where and when you feel the urge to eat. Tune into your emotions and surroundings. By just learning how to be aware, you’ll start to reduce snacking and feel better overall.

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These Guys Scream Like Little Girls When They Turn Into A Giant Balloon

The enthusiasm of these guys is hilarious. They can barely contain themselves when they start experimenting with a giant balloon. We must admit, first chance we’re getting, we’re buying this stuff too!

Via: ViralViralVidoes.com

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Empty chair: Obama pledges to vacation more; it’s ‘good for his soul’


Laser-like focus! On himself, once again. As Twitchy reported, President Obama met with MoveOn, other Obama cultists, and union thugs yesterday. Did they discuss Benghazi? Fiscal cliff? Massive layoffs and hiring freezes? Whatever! Obama has some vacationing to do. It’s good for his soul and stuff and that is what is really important. It’s so important, it requires a pledge.

No, really. He said that.

Obama: “One of my pledges for a second term is to get out of Washington more often because it is just good for my soul” washingtonexaminer.com/obama-promises…

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) November 14, 2012

Obama Second Term Pledge: Get Out of DC More Often jammiewf.com/?p=20466

— JammieWearingFool (@JammieWF) November 14, 2012

More from the always hilarious Jammie Wearing Fool:

Because the poor thing just didn’t have enough vacation time and golf in his first term. You can really tell his heart’s in this, huh?

Speaking to liberal activists yesterday, the Huffington Post reports that President Obama promised he would get out of Washington more often in his second term.

Fore-ward! But, hey, that’s his standard operating procedure. Maybe it won’t just be golf; maybe he’s going to hit up Vegas, baby a few more times as Canoodler in chief.

Twitter users aren’t surprised.

Obama promises to get out of Washington more his second term? Umm was he ever in Washington his 1st?

— ReaganGal (@Ezinger44) November 14, 2012

Is that even possible? RT @dcexaminer Obama promises ‘to get out of Washington more often’ in second term is.gd/D0xgzy

— Jon Lustig (@jonlustig) November 14, 2012

Better golf courses. RT @jammiewf: Obama Second Term Pledge: Get Out of DC More Often jammiewf.com/?p=20466

— Anna (@AnnaGDM) November 14, 2012

Obama promises to “get out of Washington more.” Because what he needs are MORE visits on The View. washingtonexaminer.com/obama-promises…

— Razor (@hale_razor) November 14, 2012

@charliespiering @freddoso Shorter Obama> I have 4 years to lower my handicap to single digits!

— Peter Conlon (@MrPeterConlon) November 14, 2012

@charliespiering I think we should just sell his desk & #EmptyChair then!

— Miss Golightly (@GolightlyGrl427) November 14, 2012

Just once’ll do…and stay out! RT @dcexaminer: Obama promises ‘to get out of Washington more often’ in second term buff.ly/XEYCDc

— CitizenEgg (@CitizenEgg) November 14, 2012

Ah, if only he’d thought of this before the election:

.@charliespiering It would have been good for my soul if Obama could have been able to “get out of Washington” permanently.

— Cindy Kilkenny (@cindykilkenny) November 14, 2012

It’s funny, because it’s true.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/11/14/empty-chair-obama-pledges-to-vacation-more-because-its-good-for-his-soul/