New Motorola Smartphone to Be Revealed in May


Image: Flickr, Titanas

Despite recent major changes at Motorola, it seems the company still has a few surprises in store — namely a new class of smartphone.

Following in the smartphone footsteps of the Moto X and Moto G, the new, as yet unnamed smartphone is set to make its debut next month, according to an emailed invitation that Motorola sent to Mashable.

Motorola will officially give some members of the public a peek at the new phone on May 13.

The handset will reportedly focus on improving the mobile-Internet experience. However, if the company lives up to its history, it will likely also offer an interesting new design take on the smartphone.

Further details are scarce at this point, but just knowing that Motorola has a potentially exciting new smartphone up its sleeve is reason enough to keep paying attention to the company, despite concerns that it could soon whither under its new Asia-based parent company.

Update: An earlier version of this story stated that the new smartphone would be the first to be released by Motorola under Lenovo’s ownership, however, the Lenovo acquisition has not yet been approved.

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Justin Bieber Gets Thrown To The Floor During Fist Fight

Justin Bieber has landed himself in yet another spot of trouble.

A new video, released by TMZ, shows Bieber appearing to get into a fist fight with a dude twice his size. The incident reportedly happened after the third game of the NBA finals.

Several people nearby jump in andthe fight ends up spilling onto the ground. TMZ don’t know who or what started the fight, and it’s not clear if anyone apologised afterwards.Seeing as the fight only just happened, we can reassure Bieber that it definitely isn’t too late to say sorry.

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This Six-Year-Old Is Basically Taking on Sharks and When He Says, “I Don’t Get Scared Because I Know God Is With Me,” It’s Gonna Melt Your Heart

This six-year-old surfing sensation proves that age doesn’t matter–but the size of your heart totally does.

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Celebrities With The Most Devoted Fan Followings

1. Justin Bieber

Justin’s fans call themselves “Beliebers,” and they take any moment to turn a Twitter hashtag into expressing their love for him. And don’t you even dare say anything bad about him. They will Tweet at you in droves.

2. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson didn’t know what he was getting into when he took the role of Edward in the movie series “Twilight.” Millions of fan girls became rabidly obsessed with him and are prone to pouncing (see picture).

3. Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh’s interaction with fans on “Tosh.0” on Comedy Central is a large reason he has such a big following. It could also be his self-deprecating humor. Whatever it is, his fans are all about sharing videos, pictures, and Tweets to their “great leader.” His fanpage on Tumblr is a great testament to that.

4. Beyonce

Beyonce has a wide range of fans from little kids to adult men! Fans are delighted to look at her life through her Tumblr and live vicariously through her pictures. She even takes time to go to elementary schools to dance with kids!

5. Ryan Gosling

Some refer to him as Ryan “Godling.” There are so many Tumblrs dedicated to the “Hey Girl” meme, and even Ryan himself is aware of his influence. And let us not forget the time when he wasn’t voted as “Sexiest Man Of The Year 2011,” and a protest started in front of the People Magazine offices.

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are fierce, proud, and extremely devoted to their Mama Gaga. One shining moment is when she performed a duet with a 10-year-old fan who made an amazing cover of “Born This Way.”

7. Rihanna

Do not mess with Rihanna and her navy! Rihanna often has Twitter conversations with her followers, but if you cross her, she’ll sick her navy on you.

8. One Direction

One Direction is the newest boy band craze to hit the airwaves, and their fans are obsessed! Visit any Tumblr frequented by girls under the age of 14, you will find pictures and GIFs of their faces everywhere. Girls are even “saving themselves” for the 5 boys in the group.

9. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s “Barbies” show their love by dressing like her! Pink wigs, flashy colors, and quirky dresses are what you see in the audience of her concerts.

10. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe’s following is very much due to his role as Harry Potter in the popular movie series. But even though his role as Harry is over, fans still come in packs to see him on Broadway and his other TV appearances. And they still ask him to sign their unmentionables.

11. Britney Spears


Britney Spears’ fans are super dedicated. When Britney was going through her rough moments (shaving her head, attacking cars), her fans were there to tell the haters off! Chris Crocker was one of those vocal fans. His video “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” has over 43-million views.

12. Tupac

Tupac’s legacy has lead to many fan-created memorials to him. Fans have painted murals and gotten tattoos of his likeness. There was even a holographic image of him performing at Coachella this year!

13. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow fans are super loyal! They admire his spirituality on and off the football field. Many ladies wish to be his beau, but he’s saving it for marriage! Sorry ladies.

14. Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton was England’s best kept secret until her sister Kate Middleton married Prince William! Now she has fansites and fanboys dreaming of her. She is now England’s most eligible bachelorette.

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Revealed: how baby sea turtles spend their “lost years”

It’s a familiar scene: baby sea turtles scampering down the beach just after they hatch. Some are eaten by birds, others by fish near the shore. As for the newborns who do survive the first few hours of frenzy, what are they up to once they’re in the ocean? Do they take breaks from riding the waves by floating idly in the sun?
So little is know about this oceanic stage — which lasts at least 1 to 2 years — that scientists call it the “lost years.” Over the decades, researchers have pieced together their natural history through various means: from ship observations and current patterns to brick-sized satellite tag and isotopes from tissue. They’ve created computer simulations of the journey, Science explains, and it goes something like this: Once off the continental shelf, the turtles eventually end up in a current, called the North Atlantic subtropical gyre, before returning to their birthplaces on the east coast of the U.S.
Now the technology is finally small enough. Katherine Mansfield from the University of Central Florida and colleagues remotely tracked young loggerheads (Caretta caretta) in the Atlantic Ocean using solar-powered satellite transmitters the size of smartphones. Using solar cells reduces bulk and weight due to batteries. 
They collected 17 hatchlings (barely over an inch in diameter) from beaches in southeastern Florida and raised them until they were 3.5 to 9 months old. By then their shells were up to 7 inches long and big enough to have transmitters glued on. Then they were released them from a boat about 11 miles offshore. 
The transmitters survived between 27 and 220 days, during which some turtles roamed as far as 2,700 miles to the Azores, most of the way to Portugal. Science describes
As expected, the turtles all headed north with the Gulf Stream, then most turned eastward around Cape Hatteras in North Carolina… The turtles weren’t single-mindedly heading toward the Azores, but looping around in small eddies and trying to avoid the coldest water. They also spent almost all of their time on the surface, and Mansfield suspects that this is to help stay warm.
Seven turtles made their way into the Sargasso Sea, inside the gyre. There they hung out in floating mats of sargassum, a type of seaweed, where they dined on crustaceans while staying hidden from predators. The dark plants also absorb heat from the sun. Temperature measurements from the transmitters on the shells were typically 4 to 6 degrees Celsius warmer than sea surface temperatures, study coauthor Warren Porter of the University of Wisconsin–Madison says in a news release.
Using buckets of sargassum and turtle models, the researchers showed experimentally how tangles of seaweed soak up energy from the sun, and that turtles can snuggle up in that heat to supercharge their growth. “Typically, if you have a 10-degree increase in your body temperature, your metabolic rate runs twice as fast,” Porter explains. “If you’ve got about half that, like the turtles do, you’re getting a 50 percent increase in your growth rate.”
The work was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B this week. 
[Via Science]
Image: Jim Abernethy, NMFS permit 1551 via UW-Madison News

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25 Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should Be A Greyhound

Whether you’re in the market for a new k9 companion or know someone that is, this list will convince you (hopefully) to take a hard look at one of the most amazing dogs in the world, the Greyhound. Mind you, as a greyhound owner myself, this list will probably have some biases, but I can guarantee you that what you are about to read is accurate and trustworthy. So move aside cute little pugs. Step back rambunctious Labradors. Make way for the Ferrari of the dog world, the one and only; Greyhound.

25. The Greyhound is THE fastest dog out of all dogs, able to reach speeds of up to 45 mph within 30ft.

In fact, few mammals are faster than then greyhound, among them the cheetah, and the antelope.

24. Greyhounds became the first European dog in the New World when they accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second expedition, which set sail from Spain in September 1493.

23. Greyhounds are the only breed of Dogs to be mentioned by name in the bible.

Proverbs 30, Verses 29-31 if you are curious.

22. The Egyptians were huge greyhound fans! In fact, the’re carvings of greyhounds found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2900 B.C.

21. So fanatical were the Egyptians concerning Greyhounds that they revered them as gods and as such, only royalty were allowed to own them.

20. The Greeks also deified the greyhound by depicting it next to the mythical Greek goddess Diana

19. Even their blood is unique. A Greyhound’s blood has the highest red blood cells count of any dog.

18. A Greyhound possess a 270 degree field of vision. Meaning they can see behind their heads.

17. Not only can they see behind their heads, but Greyhounds have an exceptional sight with the ability to see clearly for about a mile.

16. A Greyhound’s super speed is due to a flexible spine which enables them to run in double suspended gallop…similar to a cheetah…not similar to any other kind of dog.

15. Though there are many animals that would benefit from adoption, arguably there’s no other breed of dog that would benefit more than the greyhound.

Since most of them need good homes after their racing careers.

14. Greyhounds are very intelligent dogs which make them easy to train.

13. They have a sweet even temper and adapt well to new environments, making them a perfect fit for any family.

12. Despite their size, Greyhounds do well in apartments.

11. Grooming a greyhound is Super Easy. A good bath and you’re done.

10. Greyhounds live a long full life of up to 12 years. Meaning you will have a faithful companion for a long time.

9. Famous historical people loved these guys! Among them were Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Queen Elizabeth I of England, General Custer, and George Washington just to name a few.

8. The Greyhound was one of the first breeds to appear in American dog shows and was recognized by the AKC in 1885.

7. Greyhounds don’t bark much and are very calm and gentle. So if you’re looking for a quiet breed, look no further.

6. Historically, greyhounds where dogs for the nobility. In fact, in 11th century England it was unlawful for a “commoner” to own a Greyhound.

5. Furthermore, to kill a Greyhound was punishable by death. YIKES!

4. Greyhounds are known as “the most elegant or noble companion and hunter of the canine world”.

3. The Greyhound has the highest percentage of fast-twitch muscle of any bread.

2. All sight hounds that we know today descended from the ancient greyhound

1. In Homer’s Odyssey, the only one who recognized Odysseus after his 20-year absence was his faithful greyhound, Argus. A testament, to this dog’s lovable loyalty.

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