Robin Williams Tribute At The 2014 Emmys

Robin Williams Tribute At The 2014 Emmys

The world was shocked when we learned that Robin Williams had passed away. We were all even more shaken up to learn it was under his own volition. Robin had emotional problems, but he didn’t let his issues stop him from becoming one of the funniest, most beloved entertainers in Hollywood and the world. Appropriately, Robin was honored at this year’s Emmy’s with this powerful tribute video


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Best News Bloopers of January 2014 (Video)

NewsBeFunny compiled best local news bloopers that hit the Internet in January 2014:

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8 Halloween Costumes No One Else Will Have In 2014 (Photos)


Halloween is right around the corner — and if you’re one of those people who gets physically ill when you see someone wearing the same shirt as you, you’ll want to make sure you’re not wasting your time on an uncreative costume.

There’s no shortage of lists available for people who want to find the most popular costumes for 2014, but if you want to truly set yourself apart this year, you’ll need to think outside the box/tightly-sealed plastic bag containing an outfit made of odd-smelling rubber.

These costumes might not be the most conventional outfits out there, but if you want to be truly original this Halloween, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

An incredibly minor character from “Frozen”


This marks the first Halloween since the release of “Frozen,” which means that half of the people hitting the streets will be either dressed as Elsa, that other princess, or the snowman whose name I’m sure I’d remember if I even had gotten around to seeing the movie.

You probably aren’t going to find many people dressed as the Irish Dignitary who barely appears on screen and whom you probably forgot about entirely until seeing his picture. It’s the best way to be original when you don’t want to stray too far from the rest of the pack.

Jaden Smith at Kim and Kanye’s Wedding


Batman costumes never actually make you look as cool as you want them to, but that hasn’t stopped at least one Caped Crusader from showing up at every Halloween party in the past couple of decades.

This year, I suggest you set yourself apart by dressing up in the white Batman outfit Jaden Smith wore to Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Bonus points for figuring out a way to throw some extra emphasis on the first letter of every word you say.

Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt was the Jennifer Lawrence of 2014, and you’re sure to see your fair share of Star-Lords and Andy Dwyers at parties this year. However, if you really want to set yourself apart, I’d suggest simply going as Chris Pratt.

All you have to do is throw on a pair of jeans and a generic t-shirt while approaching everything you do with extreme enthusiasm. The best part is you can also tell people you’re Seth Rogen, Jason Segal or Mark Ruffalo if you get bored at any point.

Solange Knowles

Special screening of 'The Great Gatsby' at the Museum of Modern Art - DeparturesSpecial screening of 'The Great Gatsby' at the Museum of Modern Art - DeparturesWENN

You probably remember the infamous video of Solange Knowles going after Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala — a video that reminded the world that Solange Knowles still exists.

Nobody really knows what Solange looks like, so all you really have to do to successfully pull this off is find the couple that decided to go as Jay Z and Beyoncé and do everything you can to ruin their night in under 30 seconds.

If you can get your hands on a giant cardboard box, you can also go as The Elevator.



First: Pick a mildly entertaining talent, impression or one-liner that you can consistently complete in less than six seconds.

Once you show up to the party, start doing whatever talent you picked and keep doing it until all the people at the party lose interest and asks themselves why they cared so much in the first place.

A YouTube Prankster


At one point in time, you might have had to put in some effort to pull off this costume, but nowadays all you really have to do is provoke as many people as possible and yell, “It’s a prank!” when they decide to stand up for themselves.

If you want to take it to the next level, film yourself doing this and then actually post it to YouTube. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll go viral.

A “Game of Thrones” fan


There are plenty of characters to pick from if you want to spend this Halloween dressed as someone from “Game of Thrones.” However, if you want to avoid the drawn-out duel that will inevitably occur when you run into a second person with the same costume, you need to think outside the box.

My suggestion? Skip the characters and go as a fan of “Game of Thrones.” All you need to do is pin a “Winter Is Coming” button to your “Keep Calm, and Khaleesi” graphic tee, and you’re well on your way to the perfect costume.

Make sure you refer to the series as “A Song of Ice and Fire” and stress that you enjoy the books more than the show. If you’re going to do it, you want to do it right.

Someone Who Hated The Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge took over the Internet for a few weeks back in August. If you’re going to a Halloween party this year, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to find someone dressed up as the Challenge — just so everyone else knows that they’re aware of social trends.

Of course, you can’t mention the Ice Bucket Challenge without talking about the people who went out of their way to let everyone know how stupid they thought it was. It might have raised millions of dollars for ALS research, but that didn’t stop people from complaining.

If you really want to capture the spirit, throw on a five-panel hat and an ill-fitting Hawaiian t-shirt before tracking down the guy with the Ice Bucket Challenge costume and berate him for begging for attention.

I can’t think of anything that better sums up the spirit of 2014.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr

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Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Budweiser reveals its ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl commercial and melts hearts everywhere with a sweet story about a puppy and Clydesdale horses. It’s a sequel to last year’s ‘Brotherhood’ ad.

H/T: Hypervocal

Black Tie Beach Prank 2014

Black Tie Beach Prank 2014

For five years now, New York based improv group Improv Everywhere has been pranking beach goers by sending huge groups of people dressed in black tie attire to the beach to swim and play in the sun. This year was no different. Beach goers couldn’t believe that people in nice dresses and tuxedos were playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean!


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Photo Of Obama In Conservative Attack Ad Is Photoshopped From Hospital Trip After Aurora Shooting

Conservative group Americans For Prosperity cut out the hospital and the governor of Colorado to show President Obama and Democratic Sen. Mark Udall looking sad together for a negative campaign ad. Update: AFP called the image “unfortunate.”

WASHINGTON — President Obama and Colorado Sen. Mark Udall stand together looking dismayed in Americans For Prosperity’s latest ad attacking Udall over his vote for Obamacare.

There’s a reason for that, though a viewer wouldn’t guess it from the picture AFP, an outside group funded by the Kochs, uses in the ad. The image is from a July 2012 appearance Obama made with Udall, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, and other state officials at a hospital treating victims of the July 20, 2012, Aurora movie theater shooting.

Here’s the image from the AFP ad showing Obama and Udall looking upset.

Here's the image from the AFP ad showing Obama and Udall looking upset.

View this image ›

The ad edits out the hospital and Gov. Hickenlooper from the original image.

The ad edits out the hospital and Gov. Hickenlooper from the original image.

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Read all about it here.

Here is the same part of Obama’s 2012 Aurora visit from another angle.

Here is the same part of Obama's 2012 Aurora visit from another angle.

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Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Watch the whole AFP ad:

Video available at:

Update (5:58 PM): AFP removed the original ad from YouTube. View it below:

Video available at:×350.mp4.

According to Politico, AFP is spending $280,000 to run the ad across Colorado for three weeks.

Update: In a statement, AFP called the image “unfortunate” and recut the ad.

“The image used was an unfortunate oversight which was immediately corrected as soon as it was pointed out,” said AFP spokesperson Levi Russell. “The purpose of the ad is to continue to hold Senator Udall accountable for turning a blind eye to the more than 300,000 Coloradans whose insurance pans were cancelled due to ObamaCare, despite promises from President Obama and Senator Udall that they could keep them.”

The updated version can be seen here.

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Guy Films One Word A Day For Entire Year To Deliver A Powerful Message (Video)

A lot can happen in a year.

Now that 2014 is over, it’s time to look back and take stock of all that happened in the past year.

One guy named Ben Schmidt was able to do this by recording a video of himself saying one word every day for a year.

In the video, he speaks about the passage of time and the inevitable processes of change and growth.

It’s a pretty great message and a clever video. Give it a peek up top.

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Michael Bay Walks Off Stage During CES 2014

Michael Bay Walks Off Stage During CES 2014

Michael Bay is well known for his outrageous action blockbusters, but public speaking? Not so much. 

During a Samsung promotional speech at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Bay’s teleprompter failed. He became so flustered, he simply apologized and walked off the stage. 

Now, countless copies of this embarrassing clip have exploded across the web. 


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The Best Fails of the Year 2014 by Fail Army (Video)

The Best Fails of the Year 2014 by Fail Army (Video)

Fail Army rounds up the very best fails of 2014 in their last compilation of the year…

P&G’s Thank You, Mom 2014 Olympic Winter Games Commercial Will Leave You Teary Eyed

P&G Thank You, Mom 2014 Olympic Winter Games Commercial

Behind every great athlete is a mom hiding by the sidelines smiling and cheering.

She was the one to make them hot soup after practice. She was the one to mend their wounds after they fell. She was the one who inspired them to keep pushing. 

In honor of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, Procter & Gamble made this tribute commercial to say thank you to all the moms out there.

Naturally, the Internet is touched by the new ad which has already amassed over 1.1 million views!

“For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger. Thank you, Mom.”


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