How To Charge Clients For Design Work

“Please just let me do my job” is a phrase that is often considered but rarely spoken in any profession that deals with clients. This humorous price-list reflects numerically what every graphic designer thinks when a client “wants to help” with a project. Do you agree?  (h/t: demilkeddigitalsynopsis)

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Man Finds Two Puppies Abandoned In The Middle Of The Desert, Takes Them On Epic 30,000-Mile Trip

In December 2016, Jordan Kahana, 30, was driving along a remote road in the Arizona desert when he found two tiny abandoned puppies. Without a second thought, he took the dogs to the vet and, once the puppies were done with the treatment for severe dehydration, Jordan adopted them.

Since that day the trio has been an inseparable team, traveling together across the United States. Jordan named the pups Sedona and Zeus and together they have traveled over 30 000 miles and visited 35 states.

Jordan shares the most memorable and sweet moments from their journeys on Instagram and YouTube and it’s clear why people are loving the tiny adventure squad.

Take a look at some of the most adorable images below.

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Snow Shuts Down Oregon Zoo, So Worker Skis To Check On Animals And This Is What He Finds

When the Oregon Zoo had to close because of snow, a worker skied in to check on the animals. Turned out they were having a blast in all that snowflaky goodness! We see polar bear Nora playing in the white, sea otters ‘otterly’ enjoying the snow, and harbor seals loving the icy swim… However, the best bit is Samudra the Asian elephant, probably seeing the snow for the first time – and its reaction is EVERYTHING.

When the Oregon Zoo had to close because of snow, a worker skied in to check on the animals