What These 23 Actors Did For Their Movie Role Is Almost Insane. #8 Is Unbelievable.

On the surface, the life of an actor appears to be a glamorous one. You get to live where the weather’s always beautiful in beautiful houses with beautiful people. Not bad! It’s not all just handed to you, though. There is an uglier side to being an actor, one that only lasts a little while and you get handsomely paid for, but still, especially in relation to the rest of their lives, it’s pretty ugly. This comparatively less-attractive side of the craft, of course, being getting into character. There seems to be no limit to where an actor will go physically or emotionally to become one with their character. See for yourself!

1.) Dustin Hoffman, Marathon Man

2.) Adrien Brody, The Pianist

3.) Daniel Day-Lewis, The Crucible

4.) Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver

5.) Werner Herzog, Heart of Glass

6.) Billy Bob Thornton, Sling Blade

7.) Nicolas Cage, Ghost Rider

8.) Christian Bale, The Machinist

9.) Charlie Sheen, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

10.) Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

11.) Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

12.) Meryl Streep, Kramer vs. Kramer

13.) Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas

14.) Halle Berry, Jungle Fever

15.) Nicolas Cage, Birdy

16.) Val Kilmer, The Doors

17.) Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot

18.) Supporting Cast, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next

19.) Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland

20.) Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider, The French Connection

21.) Harrison Ford, The Fugitive

22.) Steve McQueen, Le Mans

23.) Jared Leto, Chapter 27

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10 Actors Who Were On "The X-Files" Before They Were Famous

A lot of talent has come from one of the best shows in the ’90s. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/5xQyROl62hg. BuzzFeedPop / Via youtube.com

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Definitive Proof That Your Friend Is A Film Nerd

Come on, not everyone has time for the extended version. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/RWI2RkTMzu4. youtube.com

2. Seriously, does everything need to be a movie quote?

Definitive Proof That Your Friend Is A Film Nerd

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3. Everything?

Definitive Proof That Your Friend Is A Film Nerd

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Robert…De Niro!!

A man who needs no introduction.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Robert…De Niro!

Yes. The one and the only Robert…De Niro!!

Robert, and you know what comes next, my friends…De Niro!!

Yes its Bobby…D!

We have Robert, then now the burning question is, of course, De Niro? The man of hair and photographs? Yes, De Niro!

First name Robert! And as for the last name…De Niro!!


Folks, the man youre about to see is a treasure. Hes worked in Hollywood since way back in the 70s and 80s with Taxi Driver, The Godfather series, Raging Bullthere are too many memories to count, and hes still at it today. You can catch him in the hilarious comedy The Intern this month, we all love him to death, its Robertand dont you dare call him Bobby, because Robert De Niro is the name he prefersDe Niro!!!!!!

Give it up one more time for Robert…yes, ladies and gentlemen, De Niro!!

Robert De Niro, everyone. Give him a hand.

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Add A Little Costner To These Widows Lives

Turn these womens days from drab to fab with a quick visit from Hollywoods own Kevin Costner!

The woman pictured here was married to her husband for over 40 years before he died suddenly in his sleep. Go ahead, squeeze some Kevin into the mix!


Is she feeling blue? You know what to do! Put that good ol Costner magic back into her life.


What is this: a funeral, or the red carpet premiere for Field Of Dreams? Hard to be sad when Academy Awardwinner Kevin Costner is there, thats for sure!


A touch of Costner here, a dab of Costner there, and voila! Good as new!


Get in there, Kevin! Give her life the spice shes always wanted!


Whats that? Your husband died over eight years ago? Why, a situation like this calls for none other than the star of the box-office smash The Bodyguard.


Just what the doctor ordered: a big, heaping pile of Costner! Cant get any better than that.


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7 Classic Sitcom Characters Who Were Unrecognizable In The Pilot

Before they became the icons we know and love, many of your favorite sitcom characters started off much differently than how theyd eventually turn out. Here are a few classic characters who look totally different in their pilot episodes.

1. Kramer, Seinfeld

At the beginning of Seinfelds nine-season run, Kramer was known as Chinese Kramer because series co-creator Larry David believed that the actor who played him, Michael Richards, was Chinese. Eventually, David was informed that Richards was not Chinese, and, accordingly, decided to shorten the name to just Kramer.

2. Marie Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond

Before producers added 30 years to his characters age and changed his name to Niles, Frasiers second lead character was Gordon The Sexual Infant, a 62, 7-month-old sex maniac who made love to Daphne, Roz, Frasier, and Bebe within the span of two minutes in the pilots opening scene. As the show developed, writers gradually reworked Gordon The Sexual Infant to be the slightly more restrained, reserved character we all know today.

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I Hope To Make The Good People Of New Orleans Proud With My Portrayal Of Chewbacca

With The Force Awakens opening in theaters Friday, I find myself reflecting on this wild and wonderful Star Wars journey that started so long ago. Its been 40 years since I first put on the Chewbacca costume, and I can honestly say that its just as exciting today as it was in the beginning. No matter how much time passes, I feel the same level of responsibility every time I portray Chewbacca, and it is my sincere hope that my performance in this new film will continue to make the people of New Orleans proud.

As a U.K.-born actor with no ties to the American South, its hard to fathom how I ended up playing such an iconic symbol of the Cajun way of life. But nonetheless, each and every time I don the Wookiee suit, I do my absolute best to portray Chewbacca as the metaphor for the hardworking, free-spirited, family-oriented folks in the Big Easy that George Lucas always intended.

One thing Ive always tried to keep in mind while playing the Chewbacca character is that New Orleans isnt just a cityits a lifestyle. The culture and traditions arent just trotted out on special occasions; theyre lived and breathed, day in and day out. So, no matter what the scene or mood, Ive always endeavored to make Chewie loud and proud in his identity, to make the Nawlins in him shine through in every situation.

…people with a finely tuned ear will certainly catch more than a hint of Creole in Chewies moans.

Of course, I dont go overboard with the accent, but people with a finely tuned ear will certainly catch more than a hint of Creole in Chewies moans. Ive been closely studying the people of New Orleans since before we began filming A New Hope, trying to translate their unique spirit into every one of Chewies on-screen adventures. So when you see him whizzing through swarms of TIE fighters in the Millennium Falcon, you should just as easily be able to envision him cutting through the high reeds of the swamp in an airboat or lounging in a low-key jazz bar. And just as he bravely risks it all to save Han from Jabbas clutches, so he wouldve done everything in his power to rescue the folks of the Lower Ninth stranded on their roofs after Katrina.

Ultimately, its not for me to judge whether Ive succeeded in capturing the essence of NOLA, but know that my heartand Chewieshave always been firmly rooted in the French Quarter. And when you watch The Force Awakens this weekend, just remember: This ones for you, New Orleans.

Oh, and one more thing: Geaux Saints!

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All Movies Are Box-Office Bonanzas

When it comes to Hollywood, everyone agrees that movies are as good as it gets. But put a roaring IMAX ripper against a low-budget indie, and thats when all the friction starts. The fact is, though, that cinema cant be beat, so why not just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show? It doesnt matter what anyone says: I firmly believe that all movies are box-office bonanzas.

Its a fact that cant be denied. The popcorn. The plush seats. The snap of the slate and the roar of the crew. Its time we all agree that these are the magic beans that make the green stalk of the silver screen burst to celluloid life. And when those lights go down? Forget about it! The fact is, the only difference between a John Carter and a Dark Knight is that theyre both 100 percent glitz and double the glam, with a side of wow. Those numbers dont lie!

Lights? Camera? Ready, aim, bonanza!

Time and again, though, youll see the same old headlines: Budget this; Overseas that; Labor Day weekend blah blah blah. And while a broken record may be right twice, you know whats never wrong? You must have guessed that its film. So, while the cold-footed handwringers are cooling their heels, Ill be sitting pretty front-row center soaking in another standing O from reel to shining reel, thank you very much. Theyre idle, Im wild. Hey Outkast, heres a B.O.B. for you: box-office bonanza.

When the credits roll, you better believe no ones riding that out escalator without a stub in both fists singing, Play it again, Sammy! Talk about a bonanza!

Still not convinced? Its time to admit that the Big Apple bean counters and the newspaper naysayers wouldnt know bona fide Tinseltown sizzle if it had hooks in their big ones. One million, ten million, a hundred millionits all the same number, baby: jackpot!

Ill be blunt: Its a primetime blitz on the multiplex. Fire away! And when the dust settles, it covers all starships, no matter how brightso bring mine around, valet!

Lets look at a bankable star like Tom Cruise, for an example, whos lining em up around the corner at the AMC with a billion watts of American je ne sais quoi. When the credits roll, you better believe no ones riding that out escalator without a stub in both fists singing, Play it again, Sammy! Talk about a bonanza! But at the end of the day, take or break, Toms still down on Sunset and Vine spinning reels into gold, and to that I say, May I have someore, please?

So, why not table the argument and look at the cold, hard facts? Cut it any way you like, but it all looks the same on the edit floor, matinee and all: The cinemas in town, and this three-act circus dont travel. Every John Q. Spielberg knows deep down that from elevator pitch to marquee switch, its up, up, and away, and the only limits the running time. Dollar signs deceive, but movies are Gods honest truth, and brother, youve got student discount tickets to a little place called Heaven.

And there you have it: Roll it up, flip the switch, spin the lens, pull the curtain, and take a deep breath. Its box-office bonanza time, population: flicks!

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Cinephiles Rejoice! Here Are 9 Screenshots From The Movie Adaptation

Only true film nerds will appreciate these.

1. Feast your eyes on this cinematic nugget.

2. This ones for all you cinastes out there.

3. Powerful stuff, tailor-made for the arthouse crowd.

4. If you know your Tarr from your Tarkovsky, this ones for you!

5. Heres a little something straight out of the Criterion Collection.

6. If you dont recognize this, you might as well hand in your Regal Crown Club card.

7. Classic!

8. And a deep cut for the real jockeys of the silver screen!

9. Wow. Pure cinema.

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