Promposals Are All The Rage These Days, But Not All Are As Sweet As This One

Eli Kerr met Megan Schiedler when they were just a few months old in a play group for children with Down syndrome. Since that day, the two have been inseparable.

With prom fast approaching, Kerr knew there was only one person he wanted to ask to be his date. By enlisting the help of his fellow choir students, the high school senior surprised Schiedler by singing “My Girl” as she was led into the room. Her response is about to melt you into a puddle!

For high school students, there’s nothing more important than having a blast at their senior prom. Based on this footage, it’s clear that these two are about to have the best night ever!

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Dad Trying to Reason with His Baby Son (Video)

A father tries to explain to his talkative, one-year-old son why he is not allowed to come out on the balcony, but it’s really hard for a grown man to argue and reason with babies. However, seems like the toddler is raising some valid points during the conversation. 😉

UPDATE: changed the title and description after learning more info about the video.

These 15 Kids Are Absolutely Way Too Cool For School

When I was a little tot, I was pretty weird. I’d hide in cupboards and cling to my mom’s pant leg whenever I went anywhere new or met anyone for the first time. I definitely wasn’t one of those confident cool kids.

Then again, even the children I aspired to be like (who killed it at hopscotch and had tons of awesome toys) couldn’t hold a candle to these awesome kids. They’re on a whole other level…

1. “Just hangin’ with my groupies.”

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2. No matter how many times I try, I will never master this.

3. Just a casual day on the playground.

4. This is how all the cool kids park their bikes.

5. Friends call him Little Bird.

6. “Wake me up when Minnie gets here.”

7. He knows how cool he is.

8. “Todd, I thought I fired you last week?”

9. My best dance move is the shopping cart.

10. I wouldn’t want to get on this kid’s bad side.

11. “I call her Betsy.”

12. I’m jealous of so many things here.

13. They’re probably jamming to this kid’s sick beats.

14. He knows all the important letters.

15. “Yo…we done here? I got places to be.”

My inner child (and maybe even my adult self) are incredibly jealous of these kids.

…Mostly because this was basically me as a kid. Nailed it.

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Adorable Toddler Sings The Blues

Adorable Toddler Sings The Blues

Is there anything cuter than a little toddler singing the blues of being a little kid? Life is tough as a toddler. You have to go to bed early, eat mashed up peas, and you can only have one cookie when you want them all. Luca is only two years old, but he’s got the blues! Over the past month, this adorable performance has gone viral with over 800,000 hits


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This Guilty Dog Wishes His Mom Hadn’t Just Brought Up The Cupcake Incident

Listen, we’ve all done things we aren’t super proud of in our lives. And even if we can admit and apologize for our mistakes, we still don’t want to dwell too hard on them. It’s about moving forward, y’know.

This super-fluffy Newfoundland named Sebastian knows exactly how depressing it is to remember past indiscretions when his human reminds him of an unfortunate cupcake incident.

C’mon, the poor guy has clearly learned his lesson, okay??

Yeah, that shame must still really sting. Big guys can be sensitive, too. Hopefully she made it up to him with plenty of belly rubs.

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These Babies Are Experiencing Things For The First Time – And It’s Adorable.

Childhood is a time when literally everything is a wonderful new discovery. As jaded grown ups, we sometimes forget how exciting it was to experience things for the first time. For better (chocolate) or for worse (lemon), there’s nothing like the feeling of a life-changing epiphany.

Take a minute to embrace your inner child and check out these adorable little ones who are uncovering some of life’s little mysteries. 

The first time you see the sky explode with fireworks:

The first time you witness the magic of television:

The first time you realize ice cream is cold:

The first time you taste the joy of solid food:

The first time you taste the less joyful sour food:

…or spicy food:

…or a pickle.

The first time you realize chocolate is the best:

The first time you dive into a watermelon:

The first time the world disappears in front of your eyes as you go through a tunnel:

The first time you see two humans who somehow look exactly the same:

The first time you see your beautiful self in the mirror:

The first time you realize how soothing a head massage can be:

The first time you make a puppet friend:

The first time you experience the wonder of train travel:

The first time you find out how amazing cake is:

The first time you make a splash in a swimming pool:

The first time you see the marshmallow world of snow:

The first time you see beauty of bubbles:

(via BuzzFeed.)

These tiny tots are a great reminder to keep your eyes and mind open for all the things you might discover!

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Hamster Plays Dead After Getting ‘Shot’ (Video)

Hamster Plays Dead After Getting 'Shot'Hamster Plays Dead After Getting 'Shot'

An adorable hamster is playing dead after getting pretend shot by the owner.

via Arbroath

This Cute Coati Just Wanted A Quick Snuggle…And His Handlers Couldn’t Refuse.

This little fella is a creature called a South American Coati. His name is Elvis, and the exotic little fur ball loves nothing more than some naptime scratches. Watch as he demands all the back scratches and belly rubs his owner can give, all while purring at the attention.

Watching this is almost as therapeutic as actually petting an animal.

(Source: Nicolle von Eberkopf)

I don’t speak Coati, but I feel like the little guy is saying; “go a little up the spine and to the right…aaahhhh yes! That’s the spot right there, no don’t move, right there I said.”

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Baby Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park (Video)

Baby Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park Baby Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park

Can’t..handle..all..this..cute-ness… Excuse me, brb.

via WestMidSafari

Is This Russia Or Winterfell? This Family Has Their Own Brood Of Pet Wolves.

Russia suddenly looks a lot more like the fictional kingdom of Winterfell from HBO’s Game of Thrones. And I’m not talking about the winter-y weather, either. This family has tamed their own brood of wolves who they share their home with just north of Minsk. (I’m sure they have a bit more luck than the Starks, though.) 

When you how close 10-year-old Alisa Selekh is to her pet wolf, you’ll be amazed. For the past five years, her father Oleg worked on domesticating the typically violent canines and today they are so docile you’d hardly recognize their wild roots. 

This doesn’t look like a big bad wolf to me!

She even takes a lift on her furry pal from time to time.

Her father Oleg, left, tamed the wolves after bringing them home in 2009.

Best friends!

Little red riding hood would have nothing to fear in this house.

(via Daily Mail.)

This obviously takes an expert gamekeeper to accomplish such a daunting task. I wouldn’t recommend inviting any wolves you see home for dinner without plenty of experience first! 

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