The Wedding Between A Nurse And ALS Patient Will Bring You To Tears.

When Adam met Hollie, she was his nurse at the hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA where he was receiving treatment for Lyme disease. Over the course of a year, they spent hours together, three days a week, during his treatment. During that year, the two fell deeply in love.

After kicking that disease, Adam spent more time with Hollie and her son Joshua. The couple even decided to take things to the next level by moving in together. Then, tragedy struck again: Adam was diagnosed with ALS. The prognosis of someone affected by the debilitating disease is grim. Each day is a fight against their deteriorating body. But, as Hollie explained, that never changed the way these two felt about each other.

“He tells me right then and there, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want my last days seeing your face, kissing your lips, sleeping by your side. I understand if you don’t want this burden on you. But if you want me, I want to marry YOU. What do you say?’” 

She, of course, said yes.

While the disease took its toll on Adam, eventually forcing him into a wheelchair, they planned their perfect wedding day.

The outside ceremony and indoor reception were both free of any bumps in the road that could get in the way of Adam’s wheelchair.

“He whizzed by greeting everyone in his wheelchair upon each person’s entrance,” Hollie says.

Hollie remembers the whole day going perfectly, even though the awful disease was never far from their mind.

During their first dance, “In My Life” by The Beatles, Hollie sat on his lap with her arm around his neck while he rolled them in circles.

After the ceremony, her cousin surprised them with a hand painted sign to hang on the back of Adam’s chair.

After the wedding, Adam adopted Joshua (who only ever knew him as “dad”).

The newly minted family began their limited time together.

In October, 2013, Adam passed away.

But Hollie has no regerets. She remembers Adam’s strength and passion, how he would say, “I may have ALS, but God knows I’m going out with a BANG!”

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Their incredible story is one of the truest examples of love conquering all, even in the face of such extreme adversity.

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Talkative Baby Girl Has a Heated Discussion with Her Dad (Video)

Dad is speaking Russian and the baby is speaking gibberish, but that doesn’t take anything away from this adorably intense conversation:

Oldest known upload here. Original probably somewhere on Spotted here. Another viral copy here.

26 Adorable Pets Who Are Super Worried About Everything Right Now

The world is a constantly confusing place for our silly, fuzzy friends. Though there are some who find the strength to brave all the mysteries of life with reckless abandon, there are plenty of others who would much rather tread lightly.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit timid. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say. However, these hilarious cats and dogs take that nervous nature to a whole new level with their adorably worried faces.

1. “What if the other dogs at the park don’t like me?”

2. “I have to bark at the bird outside! It’s a matter of life or death!”

3. “Are they giving me away to someone? Did I do something bad??”

4. “You remembered the baggies, right?”

5. “Why is everything so big and scary?”

6. Maybe she should be a little more worried…

7. “You okay in there, buddy? Can I get you anything?”

8. “What if I never catch my tail?”

9. “Tell my wife I love her.” – this dog on his way to the bath

10. “Mouse? Eek! You handle it!”

11. “You’re not contagious, are you?”

12. “Um, speed limit, ever hear of it?”

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13. “How is she not drowning?” “I don’t know, dude, but we better keep watch.”

14. “I can’t help but notice all the bacon is almost gone and I still haven’t had any.”

15. “I should not have eaten all that grass.”

16. “You almost forgot me.”

17. “That burrito looks like a lot for one person.”

18. “What if I’m not the good boy?”

19. “I saw a scary movie that started just like this once.”

20. “Oh, so…we’re keeping this thing?”

21. “No, not the vacuum monster again!”

22. “Please, I beg of you: use the gentle cycle.”

23. “…what have I been doing with my life?”

24. “That smell wasn’t me, I swear!”

25. “Curiosity did what to the cat??”

26. “Shots? Needles? But…why? Did I do something wrong?”

Aw, it’s alright, little dudes. You just want to make sure everything is smooth sailing. Besides, bravery is totally overrated.

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21 Pets That Are Just Trying To Deal With Their Crazy Siblings

Siblings are just the worst sometimes.

They can get into your face and into your stuff. They’re embarrassing in public and just won’t leave you alone. And that’s just the humans.

These 21 precious images of animal siblings prove that even in the worst of times, they can be downright adorable. Bring on the cat fights!

1. “These fools have no idea how to take a good picture.”

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2. “Get off the bed! It’s my turn!”

3. “OMG, look what I have to put up with.”

4. “I’m just trying to get some sleep, Mom, but he keeps bothering me!”

5. “Copycat.”

6. “She’s hogging the bed!”

7. “Okay, okay, I love you, too.”

8. “If I move VERY slowly, maybe he won’t wake up.”

9. “Are. You. Serious.”

10. “Back away slowly and nobody gets hurt.”

11. “Let me through, kid!”

12. “No, I want it! Let ME have it!”

13. “Pinned ya!”

14. “Hey, did you hear the one about the cat that got chased all around the house?”

15. This is the look of true rivalry.

16. “That’s right, the dog belongs OUTSIDE.”

17. Just the calm before the next fluffy storm.

18. “No, I’M the one who guards the house.”

19. “I’ll get you someday, once I figure out how to get around all those spikes.”

20. “I’ve got you right where I want you.”

21. “We may fight sometimes, but it’s all out of love.”

Stay adorable, pet siblings, and try not to get too mad at each other so we can keep seeing these precious pics.

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Winter the Lamb Bounces Down the Hall (Video)

Winter the Lamb comes bouncing down the hall when he’s called!

It’s a Vine video, so don’t forget to unmute the sound in the bottom right corner:


He Held Out A Cup And Magically Attracted The Most Adorable Visitors — Wow!

When your friends stop by, it’s only polite to offer them something to drink. Even just a simple cool, crisp, refreshing glass of water is enough to let them know you’re happy to have them!

So when this guy saw a swarm of his adorable hummingbird buddies hanging around, he obviously obliged in providing some delicious sweet water for the cuties. And they are clearly grateful as they zip around and sip away.

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Sharing a drink with my friends ヅ

Posted by Funny and Craziest Videos on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It’s basically a real-life Disney magic moment…which would make this guy a Disney princess? I’m sure he’d be more than fine with that title.

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These Tiny Creatures Prove That Not ALL Bugs Are Creepy. Some Make Me Go AWW.

When most people see a bug, their reaction is a combination of revulsion and aggression. However, not all bugs are gross enough to stomp. It’s true! There are some insects in the world whose cute factor make them surprisingly WAY less creepy than the rest of their unsettling insect amigos.

Check out all these teeny-tiny, fuzzy-wuzzy creatures.

1.) China Silkworm Moth

Used for their silk production as larvae, the grown up moths look so fluffy and cuddly.

2.) Baeus

These teeny tiny wasps sure are cute, and…also parasitic to spider eggs.

3.) Red Milkweed Beetle

The bright colors warn predators of their poisonous nature.

4.) Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

You may think it’s staring at you with those big doe eyes, but that is just its skin coloration!

5.) Jumping Spiders

The bouncy bugs have incredible vision thanks to their big beady eyes.

6.) Bumble Bee

There are 250 different kinds of bumble bee, but they’re all fuzzy little cuties.

7.) Eucalyptus Snout Beetle

These eucalyptus munchers caused havoc when they were accidentally introduced in California. Scientists had to control the population using a parasite. Eek.

8.) Puss Caterpillar

It may be the cutest of them all, but this fuzzy wuzzy packs a poisonous punch. The most poisonous in the United States.

9.) Japanese Emperor Caterpillar

They eventually morph into the less goofy and more regal looking Emperor Butterflies, the national butterfly of Japan.

10.) Cross-Eyed Planthopper

Definitely the derpiest bug in existence.

11.) Panda Ant

Not actually related to ants or pandas at all, this wingless wasp has a stinger so painful it’s said that it could knock out a cow.

12.) Spanish Moth

These moths look more like disco divas with their poofy “hair” style and heart-shaped spots.

13.) Feather-Horned Beetle

Peter Gallagher, is that you??

14.) Monkey Hoppers

Unlike ordinary grasshoppers, these come in all the colors of a bag of Skittles.

15.) Chinese Bush Brown Butterfly Larvae

Also known as the “Hello Kitty” caterpillar, for obvious reasons.

16.) Eucharitid Wasp

These punk-rock parasites feast on baby ants in their larvae state. Hardcore.

17.) Damselfly

Like dragonflies, these dames hang out by the water but don’t have the greatest flying ability.

(via Distractify)

Kind of makes me want to pull a Honey I Blew Up The Kid scenario and make some of them my pets.

However, because nature can be insane, most of the brightly-colored bugs in the world are actually highly poisonous. If you see one of these cute bugs in the wild, look, but don’t touch!

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