The Truth About Phones On Airplanes

These days, being cut off from your smart phone is more than annoying. So nearly everyone moans and groans when flight attendants ask passengers to turn off their electronics, including smart phones, during a commercial flight

For some time now, nerds have been slowing gathering the courage to question this silly regulation. Thankfully, Anthony of DNews Channel has taken to YouTube to tell the truth about phones on airplanes

Not only is the electro-magnetic risk from smart phones completely benign, but these days, nearly all pilots use tablets for flight information, and the wifi is on the entire flight. Come on FAA.


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Aisle Seats On Airplanes Are The Worst Places For Your Well Being

We Heart ItWe Heart It

We Heart It

Airplanes are never a happy place for anyone worried about germs, but a passenger’s risk of infection can decrease thanks to one simple measure: avoiding the aisle seat.

Research conducted by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona has found that aisle seats contain much more germs than window seats.

This is mostly because passengers touch them to keep their balance, often when walking back from the restroom.

Dr. Gerba collected samples from the sinks, toilet handles, arm rests and other often-touched areas on over 20 flights, the Huffington Post reports.

The results confirmed that aisle seats are exposed to more germs, something he had already inferred thanks to a 2008 incident when a tour group was flying from Boston to Los Angeles.


In this case, several members of the group became so sick with diarrhea and vomiting that the plane had to make an emergency landing toward the middle of the flight.

The majority of the infected group members had aisle seats and are thought to have contracted the illness because the original carrier had touched them on his or her way to the toilet.

Dr. Gerba also suggests not using the restroom at all if possible because it doesn’t get cleaned midflight, according to the Daily Mail.

The fold-out trays on the back of the seats also harbor dirty germs.

They aren’t cleaned between flights and are comparable to the toilet seat, Dr. Gerba said.

A surprise — and probably a relief for most passengers — is Dr. Gerba’s lack of concern for filtered air, which is said to take the germs from a sneeze and spread them all throughout the cabin.

He said,

Usually the air is not much of a problem because it doesn’t go back and forth—it goes around and is filtered. So when we’ve seen cases of influenza on air planes, it’s usually only the person right next to them — to the front, the back, or to the side — that has to worry.

Gerba listed hand sanitizer and wiping down fold-out trays as valuable precautions for maintaining good health during a trip.

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A Man Switched A Helicopter Engine Off Mid-Flight To Prove A Point

If a planes engine fails, youd think (or like to think) its aerodynamic properties could glide you down to safety. Helicopters, on the other hand, are pretty clunky-looking things. So if you turned off the engine mid-flight, youd probably expect the results to be pretty messy.

Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a tweet last year saying something along those lines,FYI: An airplane whose engine fails is a glider.A helicopter whose engine fails is a brick. Knowing a thing or two about helicopters, Destin Sandlinfrom the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel decided to enlist the help of some experienced helicopter pilots to prove deGrasse Tyson wrong.

After enjoying a cruise around the stunning lakes of British Columbia, they go on to demonstrate howto safelyland a helicopter when its motor has failed using a technique called autorotation. Using this technique, Gerry Friesena helicopter pilot with a whopping 16,000 flight hours under his belteven believes landing a failed helicopter is safer than landing an airplane with a busted engine.

Of course, deGrasse Tyson does have a point. If the propellers stop working, the helicopter would drop like a brick. However, if the propellers are still moving, then its possible to land safely.

AsDestin explains in the video: “If the rotor blade quits turning you are going to fall like a brickbut helicopter pilots have a physics trick to keep that from happening.”All it requires is a simple lever and a hell of a lot of practice. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

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Cockpit View Approaching New Zealand Airport Is Glorious

Cockpit View Approaching New Zealand Airport Is Glorious

Sure the window seat is nice, but nothing can compare to the pilot’s view.

“Sometimes, what a pilot sees in a day, people won’t see in their lifetimes,” says The Willy Balls who posted this breathtaking video taken from the cockpit of an airplane as it approached the Queenstown airport in New Zealand

“I invite people of the world to come visit this beautiful country and its people.”

There’s a reason Lord of the Rings was taped in the magnificent country. 


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UFO Or Glitch In The System? Aircraft 120 Times Faster Than Plane Caught On Tracker

It’s kind of the eternal question: Are we alone?

Because science has yet to prove the existence of alien life, UFO hunters everywhere hope to be the first to come forward with video that shows alien spacecraft.

While many folks have captured odd floating orbs in the sky many times over, what this guy caught on his computer corresponded with an eerie aircraft in New Zealand. Could this be all the proof we need?

At the same time an apparent saucer was in the air, a flight tracker caught a plane moving 120 times faster than anything else in the sky.

The swift movement across the ocean from New Zealand to Canberra, Australia, if accurate, would be faster than any known aircraft today.

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To make the whole thing just a little bit more interesting, the news crew that reported this phenomena checked out the flight ID with the FAA — it didn’t exist.

UFO bloggers are considering this absolute evidence of alien life.

Scott C. Manning wrote, “This is the first time in history that a piece of technology has gathered irrefutable proof of extraterrestrials.”

However, not everyone is convinced. YouTube commenters noted that there are often glitches in flight tracking systems that cause planes to appear to move quickly.

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Whether you’re a diehard believer or a complete skeptic, this impossibly fast plane remains an unidentified object…for now.

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Airplanes Avoiding Thunderstorms On Radar

Airplanes Avoiding Thunderstorms On Radar

Bad weather is the worst enemy for an airport traffic controller. This video of radar from the Jackson Atlanta International Airport demonstrates the chaos a thunderstorm can cause a busy airport. Incredibly, the traffic controllers squeeze every plane they can through the storms. Other planes must simply circle in the air to wait for the storms to pass.  


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