The Rockefeller Drunk: 15 Different Types Of Drunks At Every Bar

This past weekend, I went out with a group of good friends. We did the things normal 20-somethings do: got dolled up, got drunk as hell and partied the night away.

As I spun around in my kitten heels and whipped my hair back and forth, I noticed something. My friends werent all curse-spitting, vomiting, falling-over-themselves, ratchet messes. They were simply all amplified versions of their sober selves.

We’re told there’s one kind of drunk: the graceless moron who won’t remember anything the next morning. That’s the stereotype, and that’s the kind of drunk we spend one drink after another climbing toward.

But the assumption is wrong. The thing is, I never realized how many different kinds of drunks there were until I actually wrote out all of the possibilities.

1. The Physically Clumsy Drunk

Youre the drunk portrayed in every TV show wedding and by every leading single lady in a romantic comedy. You get hammered, fall everywhere, sprain a wrist or two and then swear off drinking for the rest of eternity.

That is, until you start drinking the following weekend.

2. The Mentally Incoherent Drunk

You slur your words slower than your grandma can walk, but you still get an A for effort. Also, it’s fun to record voice notes of your dumb-as-f*ck rambles.

Its a shame you like to drink so much, though, because youre incidentally one of the most well-read people anyone has ever had the pleasure of knowing.

3. The Einstein Drunk

Youre not usually the sharpest tool in the shed, but when youre drunk, youre able to whip out the most obscure facts: the width of the Taj Mahal, the size of King Tuts tomb, the distance from the sun to Pluto (before it became a non-planet).

Unfortunately for you, you dont know where to find an encyclopedia when youre sober.

4. The Assh*le Drunk

Woah, woah, woah. Where is all this coming from? You know I love cats, and NOW youre going to tell me how much you hate them? I did NOT know how much of your days you spent suppressing your hatred for cats, and your hatred for my love of cats.

Youre always entertaining, though. Keep it up.

5. The Play-It-Cool Drunk

I dont know how, and I dont know why, but youre the kind of drunk who knows how to suppress every single carnal desire for that guy youve loved since you knew what it meant to love.

Your efforts are fruitless — yknow because hes got a girlfriend and all — but that aint no thang to you. Youd third-wheel the both of them just to smell him.

6. The Cookie Monster Drunk

For whatever reason, you dont go for drunk pizza like the rest of your crew. You crave sweets like chocolate is going out of style, so you usually end the night at the corner bakery by yourself, and then proceed to cry into a cookie cake in your bed because you’re really, really, really single.

F*ck, now I want a cookie.

7. The Good Listener Drunk

Friends have always pegged you as a good listener (isnt that what makes a good friend a good friend in the first place?), but you have no problem keeping your mouth shut and being the quiet one in a three-hour-long heart-to-heart.

Your drunk selflessness is underrated, for sure.

8. The Rockefeller Drunk

Usually, youre cheap as hell. But get some Jameson in you, and youre ready to buy the entire bar a round — er, make that two — of shots.

The drunker you get, the more youll make it rain with free alcohol.

9. The Shy-Guy-Turned-Artist Drunk

Sober you only talks when youre talked to. But not only do you become the life of the party when drunk, but you become the best singer, the best rapper or the best dancer on the dance floor. Your inner Adele and/or Kendrick Lamar comes out, and you blow everyone the f*ck away.

10. The Stone-Cold-Sober Drunk

Yo, I really feel for you if this is the kind of drunk you are. No matter how much you drink, you just cannotgetdrunk. You take the Rockefeller Drunk on his offer for the fourteenth free shot because you figure thats whatll finally put you over the edge. But alas, it does not.

So you spend most of the evening with your chin resting on your palm, rolling your eyes at everyone else whos having a damn good time.

11. The I’m-Drinking-To-Text-My-Ex Day-Drunk

This one is specific to being day-drunk, because unlike night-drunk — which you usually get because youre looking to have a good time with your besties — you cant help but use day drinking as a mere excuse to send that text to your ex that youve been wanting to send forever.

12. The I’m-Not-Leaving-Without-Getting-Into-A-Barfight Drunk

Youre no jiu-jitsu master, but you feel the need to throw punches at complete innocents (no, but seriously, that dude wasnt trying to steal your girl).

Anyway, you feel the need to prove a point. And yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. You GTL, and you just really need to validate your worth by showing off your guns.

13. The Horny AF Drunk

Ok, so typically, youre not an ubersexual being. I mean, youre sexual, but not any more than your standard human being. But once the liquor flows through your veins and makes its home there, you will make it your night’s mission to find a guy to go home with.

Ugly, hot, doesn’t matter. Anything with a penis will do.

14. The Wild Card Drunk

This one is dangerous because you never know what kind of person you’ll turn into once you start drinking. It could be one of the above, or it could be all of the above. I dont know which is worse, but neither of the options arestellar.

Still, no two nights are the same for you, so that’s always nice.

15. The When Im Done, Im Done Drunk

You won’t attend the after party because you know your limits so much better than the rest of us. Youll wake up the following morning feeling good enough to hit the gym and laugh at the rest of us hungover idiots.

Your go-to move is the classic Irish Exit, you sly, sly bastard. And for that, I tip my hat off to you.

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“It’s not easy being drunk all of the time.” BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1408226588); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3419962”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1408226588); });

1. Melisandre = Fireball Whiskey

Melisandre = Fireball Whiskey

View this image ›

HBO / Fireball Whisky

All red everything.

2. Tyrion Lannister = Shots


Flickr: lsuchick142 / Creative Commons


Small, yet powerful.

3. Stannis Baratheon = Scotch, neat


Flickr: danmacmman / Creative Commons


No jokes here. He knows what he wants.

4. Cersei Lannister = Negroni


Flickr: oriol_llado / Creative Commons


It’s pretty, yet strong.

5. Sansa Stark = Amaretto Sour


Flickr: oriol_llado / Creative Commons


Just a stuuuuupid girl with a stuuuuupid cocktail.

6. Daenerys Targaryen = Mojito


Flickr: oriol_llado / Creative Commons


Exotic, refreshing, nice to look at.

7. Brienne of Tarth = Blue Moon

Brienne of Tarth = Blue Moon

View this image ›

HBO / Blue Moon

It wants to be one of the guys but just isn’t quite there yet.

8. Oberyn Martell = Sidecar


Flickr: taylar / Creative Commons


Favorite for both genders…tart, but undeniably sweet.

9. Catelyn Stark = Bloody Mary


Flickr: taylar / Creative Commons


It’s just the sad truth.

10. Loras Tyrell = Summer Ale


Flickr: anotherpintplease / Creative Commons


He just looks like it.

11. Khal Drogo = Jack and Coke


Flickr: anotherpintplease / Creative Commons


This is what you get when you try to be tough but die of an infected cut.

12. Margaery Tyrell = Mimosa


Flickr: f-oxymoron / Creative Commons


Colorful, sweet, you would honestly order it just to stare at it.

13. The Hound = Stout


Flickr: f-oxymoron / Creative Commons


Tall and mean…an acquired taste.

14. White Walker = White Russian


Flickr: f-oxymoron / Creative Commons


For obvious reasons.

15. Jaime Lannister = Manhattan


Flickr: jeremybrooks / Creative Commons


Manly and sensitive.

16. Tywin Lannister = Cognac


Flickr: preppybyday / Creative Commons


Sophistication at its finest. It’s the real deal and he’s the real deal.

17. Varys = Sake

Varys = Sake

View this image ›



18. Littlefinger = Dirty Martini


Flickr: freakgirl / Creative Commons


Manipulative. Also, you need little fingers to hold a martini glass.

19. Ygritte = PBR

Ygritte = PBR

View this image ›


Total hipster.

20. Jon Snow = Milk


Flickr: piratejohnny / Creative Commons


It just works.

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