26 Interesting Facts About Beer

26 Interesting Facts About Beer

Internet nerd John Green of Mental Floss had the lucky opportunity to visit Sunking Brewery in Indianapolis, IN for his latest video. 

Naturally, he discusses beer, and covers 26 interesting facts about the sudsy brown beverage that is so popular around the world.


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Guy Got So Drunk In Ibiza, Had No Idea He Spent Night With Bachelorette Party

Man, who hasnt been so drunk that theyve just decided to join a party of strangers?

I did it just last weekend, successfully crashing a birthday party of someone I have never met and will likely never see again.

I hope those girls had a good time because I do not remember any of it.

Connor Waite also recently experienced that during his trip to Ibiza, but luckily for him the party he crashed tagged him on Facebook.

Blacking out is making memories for other people, but tagging them on Facebook is a very kind reminder of just how messed up they were.

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There Is A Floating Bar Off The Coast Of Fiji. Guess What? It Is Amazing.

Winter is just around the corner, inching its cold fingers into our lives as the days get colder and shorter from here on out. If you’re like us, soon enough you’ll be dreaming of a nice getaway where you can soak up the sun. Snow can so easily do that to a person.

The good news is, we just found the perfect destination for you: a two story floating bar in Fiji.

The stunning oasis is situated of the coast of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands.

It features an authentic Italian wood-fired pizza oven, several lounging areas and, of course, plenty of drinks.

There’s also swimming, snorkeling and jet ski recreation offered.

It’s a perfect wedding destination if you have enough cash.

Actually, it’s a perfect destination for any reason.

The small barge an accommodate up to 100 people and children are welcome.

(via Lost At E Minor.)

You can find more information on how to dive into your own amazing getaway on their official website.

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Star Drunk: A Film Written Drunk, Acted Drunk

Chris R Wilson Film opens this short film with, “Many of the great authors wrote while intoxicated.”

With that being said, he and his crew wrote the script for their new short film, titled Star Drunk, after enjoying a slew of alcoholic beverages. 

To top off the film, the actors were asked to indulge in hard drinks as well before shooting the sci-fi parody. Already, the new video is featured on CNet, LaughingSquid, DailyDot, and UpRoxx


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15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

Let’s be honest here: pizza > beer.

1. You plan where you go out entirely around where you want to eat.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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NBC / Via frigidforest.tumblr.com

2. And you keep an eye on the clock so you don’t get to your restaurant of choice after closing time.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Via ayyyoakley.tumblr.com

3. With every shot you take, you think of all the carbs you’ll need to soak all that alcohol up.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Via gichagt.tumblr.com

4. You subtly hint at how good an end-of-night food mission would be, to plant the idea in your friends’ heads.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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MTV / Via lovemeify0udare.tumblr.com

5. And you gently nag your friends about every half hour to go get food.

HBO / bricesander.tumblr.com

HBO / bricesander.tumblr.com


6. But, when all else fails, you are willing to go in it alone.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Cartoon Network / Via stormtroopersegura.tumblr.com

7. You have a way better time if there’s a burger to go with your beer.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Paramount Pictures / Via movie-addicted.tumblr.com

8. Or cheese to go with your wine.

Or cheese to go with your wine.

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NBC / Via rbrahski.tumblr.com

9. And you are always a little disappointed when you attend a birthday party and you get a free shot instead of cake :(

NBC / 877cashnow.tumblr.com

NBC / 877cashnow.tumblr.com

NBC / 877cashnow.tumblr.com


10. You’ve done some serious bonding at 3 a.m. diner excursions.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Miramax Films / Via ewanmcgregors.tumblr.com

The only things worth staying up that late for are breakfast foods.

11. And your most treasured memories of nights out involve excitedly waiting in line for ALL THE FOOD.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Via whatshouldberkcallme.tumblr.com

12. The highlight of the night is, always, hands down, the moment you drunkenly roll into bed with a sandwich.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Nickelodeon / Via senselessact.tumblr.com

13. If you had to choose between getting laid and that sandwich, you’d pick the sandwich almost every time.

If you had to choose between getting laid and that sandwich, you’d pick the sandwich almost every time.

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Fox / Via sleepwellbby.tumblr.com

(OK, every time.)

14. Honestly, you often eat so much food that you fully become sober.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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Cartoon Network / Via baaarrooon.tumblr.com

Now you’re just in a food coma.

15. And you’re perfectly fine with that.

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

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TLC / Via piperlenox.tumblr.com

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This Bartender Casually Pouring 17 Jgerbombs At The Same Time Is Our Hero

Just looking at 17 Jgerbombs will make you want to puke, but you have to admit, this is pretty awesome.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog, we’re introduced toPhilip Traber, a skilled bartender with some of the most amazing bartending skills in the game. The German bartender puts on a show for spectators as he attempts to pour 17Jgerbombs at the same damn time. How is this even possible, you ask?

All it takes is some patience, skill and whole lot of precision.

The video description reads,

Barman, Philip Traber, amazes breaks world record with 17 Jgerbombs at once with impressive stunt. Philip Traber had formerly held the world record with 14 Jgerbombs and now upped the record to 17.

Despite Traber having broken his own world record with this stunt, Guinness hasn’t officially recognized it yet. Regardless, this is pretty awesome!

Check out the wild stunt in the video above!

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Pot Is 114 Times Safer Than Alcohol, A New Study Says

By one metric.

1. A new study reaffirms the common claim that marijuana could be safer than a host of other drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.

Andres Stapff / Reuters

In a January article published in Scientific Reports, researchers analyzed existing data on the number of deaths from each drug and how often each is used to reach their conclusions.

2. They found alcohol is about 114 times more deadly than pot, according to the Washington Post‘s math.

To get that figure, they took what’s called the effective dose of a drug, which is the minimum dose it takes someone to feel its effects. Then, they took the lethal dose of the same drug, which is how much people typically die from. Dividing the lethal dose by the effective dose gets what’s called a safety margin, which scientists use to compare the relative safety of drugs.

The higher the number, the more of a drug it’d take to kill you.

3. The study even goes so far as to advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Their findings “suggest a strict legal regulatory approach rather than the current prohibition approach.”

4. But be warned: The data is subject to change as the number of users fluctuates.

As more states legalize pot medically and recreationally, we might see a spike in the number of smokers. Increased exposure to marijuana has the potential to alter the statistics about how dangerous it is.

“This is very heavily dependent on the prevalence of use in the population,” University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions Director Kenneth Leonard told BuzzFeed News.

Lead study author Dirk Lachenmeier also stressed that the data is subject to change with consumption patterns.

5. Scientists don’t yet have good data on marijuana’s long-term effects.

Steve Dipaola / Reuters

The Scientific Reports study focuses on the effects of taking drugs on a day-to-day basis, rather than what could happen in the long term. It’s clear that marijuana is incredibly safe in this regard: Someone who injects heroin, a drug included in the study, could possibly die of an overdose from just one use. By contrast, someone who smokes pot once may not experience any effects at all.

But scientists say more research must be done on marijuana’s potential long-term impact on people who smoke or ingest it regularly.

“There is evidence that it relates to some changes in the brain that may impair memory, and that that is particularly the case if it’s used regularly among people who are younger,” Leonard said. “We don’t really know as well about people who are older. Regular frequent use does seem to be associated with intellectual impairments.”

6. Like any drug, marijuana’s safety hinges on how it’s used.

Norberto Duarte / AFP / Getty Images

It’s largely true that marijuana isn’t associated with overdoses, but Claremont University emeritus professor Robert Gable, who has researched marijuana use extensively, cautions that anything can be hazardous if used improperly.

“Let’s just say the safety depends upon somebody acting rationally, only one drug in the proper route, and not mixing it with other substances,” Gable told BuzzFeed News. “Marijuana is exceedingly safe by all normal toxicity measures.”

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Overly Complicated Mechanical Machine De-Corks Wine And Even Pours Into Glass

Now a days, everything is digital, but not long ago, all technology was entirely mechanical. With no electricity, wires, or programs, people can still make impressive machines.

Just take this overly complex de-corking machine that is entirely mechanical, and just went viral taking the ‘net by storm. Just by cranking the wheel, the machine grabs the bottle, takes out the cork, and, most impressively, even pours a perfect glass of wine. The video is covered by RightThisMinute


Thanks Terrance!

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19 of Today’s Funniest Memes and Comics

Time to end Tuesday on a funny note. 

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