‘YOU have blood on your hands.’ Chuck Todd swallows his own foot in ‘toxic political culture’ tweet

Thinking Chuck Todd picked the WRONG TIME to lecture the right against pushing a toxic political culture, especially since the media and the Left have made poisoning this country a priority since Trump took office.

Who the Hell does he think he is?

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‘Like you give a CRAP!’ Sean Spicer parody makes Lefties even CRAZIER after Alexandria shooting

If you follow the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier), like us you were waiting for the unhinged Left to get even more unhinged after the Alexandria shooting. Not that they were all that concerned that Republicans were being shot at (some justified it even), but they didn’t want their rhetoric and crap behavior over the past six months to be blamed. Priorities, right?

Spicier knew exactly how to bring the cockroaches into the light:

Read more: http://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2017/06/15/like-you-give-a-crap-sean-spicer-parody-makes-lefties-even-crazier-after-alexandria-shooting/

Little Girl’s Adorable Birthday Message for Dad (Video)

The Chech is a little, 2-year-old girl with an adorable happy birthday message for Papi. Her dad just celebrated his 29th birthday so mom, Amanda Martin, decided to film a special birthday video with their daughter. I don’t know about Papi, but I’m not sure if I could handle this much cuteness: