13-Year-Old Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings About How He Hates New York in This Wonderfully Awkward Old Video

ince Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico on September 20, a number of celebrities have been stepping up to help provide the aid and relief our fellow American citizens so desperately need. One of the most entertaining ways celebrities have started helping is with the #PuberMe campaign started by Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll.

Last night, Lin-Manuel Miranda — who is in the midst of his own project to raise funds for Puerto Rico — contributed one of the best #PuberMe submissions the world has ever seen.

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This Diabolical Scheme Turns the Tables On Pickpockets In the Best Way Possible

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Hospitals That Treated Victims of the Orlando Shootings Are Forgiving $5 Million In Bills

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Barack Obama Just Released a Statement About Trumps Travel Ban

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The $145 Million Scientology Headquarters Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

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Parents Are ANGRY About an Article That Celebrates Dads For ‘One Day of Parenting’

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This Dad’s Photographs Hilariously Sum Up the Cluelessness of Being a Parent


This sparked an idea, so he began capturing more scenes featuring “the clueless dad character with the World’s Best Father mug.”


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I assume he meant his daughter, but it can be hard to tell.


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He will then spend another 10-20 hours combining the images and editing the final product.


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You know, like the big game.


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This Kid Jumped Into a Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank, Apparently Taking Part In an Age-Old Tradition

In late April 2017, a teenager jumped off a 30-foot ledge into the fish tank of the Bass Pro Shops store in Denver, Colorado.

What seems like a one-off dumb prank, though, is actually a dumb prank in a long line of very similar dumb pranks.


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This One Bittersweet Detail About Meghan Markles Engagement Ring Has the Internet in Tears

id you hear the royal news? After much gossip and speculation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed their engagement this week!

It was an amazing event, mainly because Markle, a divorcée (as one newspaper snidely noted) also happens to be African American, a fact that made the couple the target of British newspapers once they got together.

Thankfully, the couple rode out the paparazzi wave, and now they’re getting hitched.

That’s right, there’s another royal wedding in the wings!

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Disney Princesses Experience That Awkward Stage By Wearing Braces

If you think princesses are immune from things like an overbite or crooked teeth, you are living in some sort of fairy tale world. Even these belles (or Belle) of the ball have to get metal mouths from time to time (or at least the people at BuzzFeed would think that they do).

I have to admit. It’s nice to know they went through that awkward phase, too…


Tiana, a little bit tinny.

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