16 Pictures of Hairless Animals That Are Sure To Creep You Out

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Here Are the Absolute Worst Things About Every State

There are pros and cons to every single place in the United States, from having a really cool roadside attraction or great weather to having ridiculously high taxes or pollution. It’s your call what you value most. But Thrillist decided to findthe one key area in each state that is basically the worst thing about it.

If you disagree, don’t shoot themessenger here unless you’re in South Carolina, as apparently that’s a fairly popular past time. But feel free to debate in the comments.

Stick up for your state, people!

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Jane Fonda Just Revealed This Brutally Honest Truth About Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Victims

ctress, activist, and philanthropist Jane Fonda has never been afraid of saying what’s on her mind. In the 1970s, she was such a fierce proponent of anti-Vietnam War sentiment that she was nicknamed “Hanoi Jane” by the press and castigated by the United States government. A member of the Maryland state legislature even had this to say of her: “I wouldn’t want to kill her, but I wouldn’t mind if you cut her tongue off.”

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A Banking Error Gave This Man $2.1 Million To Spend…Here’s What He Bought With It

Via: Mashable

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40 Times the Grammar Police Savagely Schooled Social Media Users

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This Little Girl With Albinism Gained Confidence From an Unlikely Magical Source

Via: Daily Mail

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Amazing Dominoes Show Out Of FedEx Boxes Commercial

Geniuses at FedEx in Canada have made a masterpiece of an instant Internet viral video. An adorable Canadian goose with a purple bow tie in Montreal needs to ship his friend in Miami an authentic Canadian hockey stick. So he uses FedEx, and it travel in a beautiful maze of domino FedEx boxes. You have never seen a dominoes show like this. 


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Woman Gets Incredible Response After Sharing Her ‘Fat Shaming’ Story

Via: Scary Mommy

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36 Ingenious Everyday Inventions That’d Make Inspector Gadget Jealous

Inspector Gadget would definitely live up to his name if he had these 36 handy gadgets in his arsenal.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


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This Woman Had the PERFECT Response To a Man’s Gross Unsolicited Photos, Yet SHE Got Banned From Facebook

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