A Minor League Baseball Team Just Unveiled "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" Jerseys And They Are Fantastic

Now this is how you do a throwback jersey.

1. The Fresno Grizzlies, an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, will be wearing TMNT-inspired uniforms on August 2, according to the team’s Twitter account.

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Imperial Measurements Explained

Imperial Measurements Explained

We’re so used to the Imperial measurement system in America, that we often overlook how ridiculous it is. 

Nearly the entire world uses the much simpler and more intuitive metric system based on ten. Ten millimeters make one centimeter, ten centimeters make a decimeter, and so on. 

But the Imperial system is an utter mess. 

Thankfully, Matt Parker of Head Squeeze breaks down and explains the entire crazy system based on a grain of barely from top to bottom. 


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Charlie Daniels having a hard time believing what America has become


As a touring musician, 77-year-old Charlie Daniels has seen a lot of America, and he’s not very comfortable with what it’s become. His tweet was retweeted more than 200 times in a matter of hours from followers who sadly agreed.


Is this what they call “embracing the suck”?


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Space Shuttle Endeavour Travelling Through LA Time Lapse

Two weeks ago, the Space Shuttle Endeavour slowly traversing through Los Angeles was on the cover of every paper and magazine. Now that the shuttle has successfully, and finally, made it to its final destination at the California Science Center, the  has gone viral with their artful time lapse video of the event, which stands with over 200,000 views


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Twin Korean Sisters Separated At Birth Find Each Other As Adults

This fresh news report by Arirang News has just gone viral since debuting over the weekend. Hwang Ji-hye reports about Samantha who was born in Korea but adopted in the United States. She would later become an American actress. 

Recently, she received a Facebook message from a woman who looked just like her. The French woman claimed to be her twin sister, as they were both born on the same day in Seoul, South Korea. And she was. For 25 years, neither of the women knew they had a twin far across the Atlantic ocean. 


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3 big reasons to slap a smile on your face after seeing the new Census report.

It’s here, kids! It’s here! The Census Bureau’s report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2015 is FINALLY HERE!

We’ve spent so many days beside our empty Census boxes, eagerly awaiting the Census man in his apron, black tie, and cap to drop it off with a warm smile and friendly wave.

Oh how excited we all were when we woke up this morning to the smell of warm ozone and printer ink, then scampered downstairs in our footy-pajamas to find a fresh-hot Census report awaiting us. What a day. What a glorious day!

The most recent Census report is brimming with good news.

News that honestly and truly means life is getting better for Americans just like you! That’s right, you! Reading this right now on your phone. In your plaid shirt.

So go ahead and curl up with the full 70-page report and get ready to spend a couple of hours reading footnotes on how life is about to be several percentage points better for you and your loved ones.

(Just kidding, I did it for you.)

1. Average household income has increased 5.2% in the past year.

That’s great news by itself, but the better news is that it’s actually the first annual increase in household income since 2007 the year before the housing market imploded and the U.S. economy sank faster than a cannonball tied to a piano.

As always, race is a significant factor in income and economic growth, so there are disparities there. According to the report, Hispanic households saw a median increase of 6.1% and black households saw an increase of 4.1%. But! Households in every region of the United States saw an income increase. Which is pretty cool.

2. The poverty rate has decreased 1.2%.

It might not seem like a lot, and of course any place that calls itself “the land of opportunity” should be doing a better job of combatting poverty, but 1.2% is far from nothing.

In 2014, the estimated number of families living in poverty was 9.5 million. This latest report estimates the number at 8.6 million. So nearly a million families in America are no longer living in poverty.

3. The number of people without health insurance has fallen.

In the period covered by the report, the number of uninsured people in the U.S. fell from 33 million to 29 million. So that’s hang on, give me a second 4? Yeah. 4 million people who now have health insurance.

Even better? For the second year in a row, that increase in health insurance is true for every age group under 65.

Things are looking up. But of course, there’s still work to do.

On a family-to-family, human-to-human level, we’re better off than we were last year and much better off than eight years ago, when people were losing jobs by the millions and no one knew if the economy would totally collapse.

We got better. And we can get even better.

According to the report, income inequality has remained statistically unchanged. It’s been an important issue in the 2016 election and has been on the minds of millions of Americans since 2008, when the market crashed.

Racial disparities also continue to plague this country and make it measurably harder for some families to do as well as others. Not to mention the fact that despite the shrinking number, millions of Americans still don’t have health insurance.

We’ve pulled ourselves out of a deep rut over the past several years, but we need to keep climbing, working toward things that have been proven to help the economy like immigration, infrastructure investment, and education, to name a few.

Americans face hardships every day, but we come out stronger and more ready for the next challenge. So next year, when the new Census Report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage comes out, I hope you all get as excited as I just did. If we work together to build a stronger, fairer, better America, the news next year will be even better.

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Gabrielle Giffords Receives Stand Ovation When Returning To House Of Rep

Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head on January 8, 2011 during her Congress on Your Corner event. A man opened fire into the crowd, killing six and injuring more. Amazingly, she did not die from her serious injury, and has been recovering for months. She just recently returned to Congress to vote, and received a heart warming introduction by Nancy Pelosi and a standing ovation


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#BlackFriday anti-capitalism tweets brought to you via iPhone, Twitter, etc.


Too bad the Thanksgiving Tryptophan didn’t put the Occupy/anti-Walmart hypocrites into a deep sleep. Instead, the raging progs were busy bees on Twitter and other corporate social media late last night as Black Friday commenced.

Behold these scolding capitalism-bashers, ever eager to exploit the annual holiday riots and fights at Walmart, Best Buy, and the nation’s malls for their own destructive purposes.


Curses on capitalism! You know, the same economic system that brought us Twitter, Apple, Google, and all the hipster coffee shops and boutiques where the grievance-mongers congregate.

Cluebats, activate!


Nope, it never gets old with the moldy old Marxist wannabes who can’t let go of their own capitalist crutches.


We’re reminded of the best Occupy Mob diagram ever.


REI tents, most likely. Flashback:


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Miley Cyrus And Avril Lavigne Wrestle For The Glory Of Canada

An instagram video for the ages.

1. Here is a video Miley uploaded telling her frenemy, Avril Lavigne (queen of the sk8ter bois), a dumb fucking bitch:


2. They wrestle on the floor…


3. And Miley is wearing this glorious weed onesie:




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