This Mass Exodus Of Hundreds Of Ducks Is Absolutely Insane

What the duck?!

1. In what has to be the cutest and most confusing stampede ever, a bunch of ducks decided that they had somewhere really important to go and all went at the same time.

This Mass Exodus Of Hundreds Of Ducks Is Absolutely Insane

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These are all ducks. / Via

2. It’s even cuter if you imagine them all saying “Pardon me, excuse me, excuse me, thank you, please” as they rush off to their little duck convention.

This Mass Exodus Of Hundreds Of Ducks Is Absolutely Insane

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But it gets kind of terrifying if you imagine them yelling “KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!” on their way to battle.

3. When you pause it, it kind of looks like they’re at a music festival, looking at a stage and waiting for the next act.

When you pause it, it kind of looks like they're at a music festival, looking at a stage and waiting for the next act.

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Welcome to Duckaroo, featuring a special performance by Drake! (Get it?)

4. And once the first hoard leaves, another one moves in.

This Mass Exodus Of Hundreds Of Ducks Is Absolutely Insane

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Seriously, what is going on here?!

5. Watch the full video below.

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Camera spots massive swarm in the waters. When it zooms in — my jaw dropped. Amazing!

Its called the mobula ray, or the Mobula Munkiana to be exact. Its a small ray, not more than 3.6 feet long. Its favorite thing to do in the water? Jump out and fly!

They usually stay clustered together, and are often seen leaping out of the water. When they leap, their fins flap and it looks like they are actually flying! The purpose for their flapping? Nobody really knows. Some theories are presented here, such as it being a scare tactic or a technique to impress mates, but no consensus exists on the real reason.

Unfortunately, their nature of staying together leads to them becoming fewer and fewer. They are easy targets for fishing when they cluster like this, not to mention surface out of the water.

Joshua Stewart is from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego and has studied these creatures. He says the following about their population impact: “Huge numbers of these animals are moving through relatively constricted geographic areas and just a few large catches could have dramatic negative impacts on their populations.”

Share these unique sea creatures with all your friends and family!

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Squirrel Eats Seeds Out Of Baseball Player’s Hand

The Portland Sea Dogs are the double-A affiliates to the Boston Red Sox. For a few years now, one of their biggest fans isn’t a person, but a squirrel. The squirrel comes around to the bull pen to get some free sunflower seeds. The little guy has become so comfortable with the players that he even eats out of their hands! Cute.


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Mail Man Versus The Cat

If you thought the mailmans biggest adversary during their route are dogs, then youll be surprised to see this particular mailman having to fend off a cat!

This video is truly hilarious as a mailman films himself trying to deliver mail to a house where a cat is waiting for him. This is the daily struggle he faces as he simply cannot get the mail through the slot without this cat frantically swiping at him, not allowing the mail to go through. Really funny as attempt after attempt the cat triumphs, while the mailman can only keep on trying. He even says at the end how the cat is actually getting better. Check this out for a major laugh!

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This Kitten Was Seconds Away From A Horrible Death, But Then A Hero Saved The Day

Tony Miranda is in charge of sorting through thousands of cans, bottles, and bits of paper in a recycling center. He’s seen some odd items come down his conveyor belt, but he was shocked one day when he spotted a pink-nosed kitten among the debris heading into the compactor. He quickly scooped the tiny kitten out of the trash. The poor thing was seconds away from being crushed to death.

But after enduring that horrible ordeal, the kitty received the best holiday gift of all — a loving home!

It’s a good thing Miranda was so attentive on the job that day. If he hadn’t been so vigilant, this kitten’s story would’ve had a heartbreaking ending.

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Newsflash: Zombies Actually Exist… Kind Of. Start Preparing For The Apocalypse.

Head for the hills, people! Zombies are real! Well, zombie animals are… sort of. 

As it turns out, there are a lot of creatures that can either come back from the dead, eat other animals while they’re still alive or generally be nightmarish in every way possible. These creatures may not fit the stereotypical definition of a zombie, but they give me the creeps nonetheless.

1.) Alien-Tongue Fish Zombie

The parasitic crustacean Cymothoa latches onto the tongue of a fish and replaces it.

2.) Ladybug Bully Zombie

Dinocampus coccinellae wasps lay their eggs inside of ladybugs and the larva eat the insides and use it as a house.

3.) Psychotic Spider Zombie

Parasitic wasp species Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga lay their eggs inside of spiders and even make the corpse spin a cocoon with their web.

4.) Zombie Rat… and Humans.

Toxoplasma gondii is a microscopic being that eats the brain of things (mostly rats, though humans are vulnerable too) that eat cat poop. Many people are probably infected with this parasite and could one day start behaving aggressively…

5.) Exploding Zombie Ants

Ophiocordyceps fungus infects the brain of ants that eat it and after parading the ants corpse around, it uses its brain as somewhat of a flower pot.

6.) Head-For-The-Light Zombie Crustacean

The gammarid often falls victim to a worm-like parasite that alters its brain chemistry and makes it swim towards the surface.

7.) Cockroach Cradle Zombie

The jewel wasp uses these walking bomb shelters as an incubator for it’s larva. When they hatch, they eat the cockroach.

8.) Drunken Zombie Bees

Apocephalus borealis lay their eggs in a honey bee’s abdomen. When those hatch, they explore the body and give the bee one last march.

9.) Suicidal Cricket Zombies

The parasitic hairworm develops inside of the cricket and kills it when it takes control of its brain and makes the cricket jump into the water, where the adult hairworm will thrive.

10.) Impregnated Crab Zombies

Sacculina carcini inject itself into a crab’s bloodstream and takes over its brain and kills the crab by making it think it doesn’t want to eat.

11.) Blinded Snail Zombie

Leucochloridium paradoxum is a flat worm that takes over the tentacles on top of the amber snail’s head to try and attract birds. When the birds eat the snail, they excrete the worm’s eggs.

12.) Liquified Zombie Caterpillars

If a gypsy moth contracts the baculovirus, it will turn into a dripping demon bug instead of molting. Yikes.

13.) Flesh-Eating Zombie Birds


The great tit bird is all out for brains. BRAINS! That’s right, these little guys are not afraid to feast on the flesh of their fellow bird.


SEE? There are creatures that eat brains, make their host the walking dead and are just awful. You may laugh now, but the CDC thinks that “more than 60 million people in the United States may be infected with the Toxoplasma parasite.” That means 60 million could suddenly become “zombies” and start behaving erratically. 

You’ve been warned. Protect your brains.

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