This Bar’s Bathroom Has Peepholes Into The Strip Club Next Door


There’s an unspoken code when it comes to using the urinals in the men’s bathroom: Don’t talk, avoid standing directly next to someone unless absolutely necessary and, above all, do what you need to do and get out as quickly as possible.

Most bathrooms don’t give people incentives to stick around. Unless staring at a tiled wall is your idea of entertainment, there’s really no reason to linger.

However, the bathroom at the Pole Position sports bar in Tacoma, WA, proves there’s an exception to every rule.

The exception in this case concerns peepholes located above urinals that provide a crystal clear view of the strip club next door.

That sounds awesome until you realize that you’re probably surrounded by guys with their pants down doing the exact same thing.

I’m not sure why any guy would want to put his face so close to the wall in a public bathroom, but I guess everyone has different priorities.

 H/T: Lad Bible

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