Schlock and aww: Maher waxes nostalgic as Obama sends troops to Iraq!/thetoyman1/status/483734521024487424

Have to wonder if hack-comedian turned pseudo-pundit Bill Maher is starting to regret ponying up a million bucks to help elect Obama.!/pedalpowerplunk/status/483724731515166721



Bill Maher: Tea Partyers would praise Obama on Syria if they weren’t so racist

‘Million well spent’: Bill Maher talks up birthday ‘present’ from Obama

Shut up, lady: Obama drone Bill Maher calls for strike on Code Pink heckler


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Joyce Carol Oates suggests Bill Maher look into complexity of free speech issue before slamming Berkeley

Bill Maher exercises his freedom of speech a lot more than we’d like him to, but he’s dead-on in his assessment of the University of California, Berkeley, and its apparent inability to host “controversial” (i.e., conservative) speakers without being shamed into finding aspace safe enough to allow free expression on campus.

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Is Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson a fan of Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck?!/ochocinco/status/421975445937336320

On Saturday morning, former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson revealed that he was hanging out at Starbucks with a caramel macchiato … and a copy of Charles Krauthammer’s “Things That Matter.” And then he dropped this tweet on surprised followers:!/JimmyJames38/status/422010481654505472

More time reading Beck, less time beingjerk might be a good idea.

More from Johnson:!/ochocinco/status/422010437224255489!/ochocinco/status/422012813230751744

Johnson also said that Beck is a “good friend.”!/ochocinco/status/422015327997014016

Is Ochocinco just stirring the pot?!/ochocinco/status/422024796252413952!/ochocinco/status/422025949258211328

In 2011 tweeted that Beck’s views were “EPIC.”!/ochocinco/status/94843537211924481!/ochocinco/status/94883521138667520!/ochocinco/status/94886098995658752

Beck responded:!/glennbeck/status/95558057165205506


Johnson continued tweeting about his reading and viewing preferences:!/ochocinco/status/422030286420180992!/ochocinco/status/422032645057708032

One follower went after Bill O’Reilly and Johnson responded by channeling the Iron Sheik:!/ochocinco/status/422033452293447680

(Hat tip: @JimmyJames38)

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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‘KAPOWW!’ Larry Elder hits Bill Maher and MSNBC with beautiful zinger!/larryelder/status/436826629331898368

We’ve really been enjoying not watching the media coverage of Bill Maher’s Valentine’s Day breakup with MSNBC. But thanks to radio host Larry Elder, we have a good reason to get caught up.

“MSNBC-YA,” Maher sobbed into his damp pillow before friend-zoning the progressive cable network.

Look at yourself. You’re turning into Fox News. Bridgegate has become your Benghazi, and this isn’t easy to say, but you and I are no longer on the same news cycle. Sure, you read me the results of a recent Gallup poll, but you never really ask me how I’m feeling. It’s not you, it’s… Chris Christie.

You’ve stopped leaning forward. Look, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little lanes of traffic don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. You’re a young news channel. You’ll meet other viewers. It’s for the best. You can focus on your career. And we can still be friends. We’ll always have Obamacare.

Of course, MSNBC is still dishing up plenty of “progressive slop” for slop-lapping progressives like Pig Maher. Elder for the win:!/larryelder/status/436863153922514945

Ding, ding, ding!!/pvtharoldmoon/status/436883310166691840


Full Twitchy coverage of Larry Elder

Full Twitchy coverage of Bill Maher

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Max Fisher, Vox slammed for their ‘straw man’ attack on Bill Maher!/AdamKishel/status/521848562406023169

Not only is Vox making a “BS” “straw man” argument, but they’re doing so with a close to 400 word explainer from Max Fisher on how just “one tweet” is the “perfect response” to Bill Maher and his alleged Islamophobia:

The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet

— Vox (@voxdotcom) October 14, 2014

Let’s see if we can summarize Vox’s point in far fewer than 400 words, shall we? Here goes:

“If Muslims are so violent, how come they won all these Nobel Peace Prizes? Boom!”

How’s that? Now let’s take a look at the single tweet that Vox considers a “perfect response”:

5 of the last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners were Muslim. So according to Bill Maher, we're all Peace Prize winners!

— Hend (@LibyaLiberty) October 10, 2014

Get it? Tell “people who say all Muslims are violent” about all these Nobel Peace Prizes! Case closed. Argument won. Debate over.

But not really.

First off, Both Fisher at Vox and @ladyliberty have created a straw-man argument that Maher (and people who agree with him) claimed that “All Muslims are violent.” He never said anything of the sort:

@voxdotcom feel like this is false equivalence. Can't say I agree w Bill but this doesn't take into account most of his argument.

— Frank Karl (@realfrankkarl) October 14, 2014

@voxdotcom Holy straw man argument. Marr didn't make that claim at all. Try again.

— Adam K (@AdamKishel) October 14, 2014

@voxdotcom Show this to anyone that needs an example of a straw man. Exactly what @billmaher and @SamHarrisOrg were trying to discuss.

— Torrey McMahon (@tmcmahon2) October 14, 2014

@voxdotcom FYI @billmaher & @SamHarrisOrg DID NOT SAY all Muslims are violent. @Max_Fisher Is this willful misunderstanding?

— Ellen Jean Meany (@EllenJM) October 14, 2014

That’s a great question. This certainly reads like a “willful misunderstanding” on Fisher’s part as this entire piece is based on something Maher never, ever said or argued:

Next time someone quotes Bill Maher or tells you that all Muslims are violent, show them this:

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) October 13, 2014

And secondly, when you review the bios of the winners — 2014 Malala Yousafzai; 2011 Tawakel Karman; 2006 Muhammad Yunus; 2004 Mohamed El Baradei; and 2003 Shirin Ebad — you’ll see that Yousafzai, Karman and Ebad won their Nobels because of their fights to promote women, children and broader human rights in their home, Muslim countries. And El Baradei won his Nobel, at least in part, for his work to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In other words, they won their Nobels because of everything that Bill Maher said about Islam:

@voxdotcom they won those fighting the atrocities created by Muslims

— goonerrific (@AFC__1886) October 14, 2014

@voxdotcom To be fair, the Nobels are incidental to their being Muslims while IS's insanity is derived from their specific religious views.

— wormbolt (@wormbolt) October 14, 2014

@voxdotcom Number of those names won because of their actions in spite of prevailing ideological landscape around them. Makes Marr's point.

— Adam K (@AdamKishel) October 14, 2014

Fisher is now tweeting out a few of the “200” or so angry emails he’s gotten because of this piece in an effort to paint those who agree with Maher as the real crazies:

People asking if I’m selectively tweeting craziest emails. I wish. Ive received 200+ pro-Maher, anti-Muslims emails; read 3, tweeted all 3.

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) October 14, 2014

That’s cute, but he’s still missing the point. So let’s give Vox and Fisher our one-tweet, perfect response to their straw-man attack:

@SandaBlue burn a Koran and see what happens @voxdotcom

— Somite (@toxicpath) October 14, 2014

If Max Fisher is right and Bill Maher is wrong, Vox shouldn’t have any issue with putting a video of a burning Koran on their website, no?


Bill Maher ‘nails’ it on liberal Western culture vs. Islamic extremism

Can Bill Maher mock President Obama for saying the Islamic State isn’t Islamic? Yes he can!



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Bill Maher accuses ‘gentle giant’ Michael Brown of acting like a thug!/shabana_s/status/525847877038252034

Bill Maher managed to shock quite a few conservatives last month when he not only dared criticize Islam but defended liberal Western culture as objectively better: “vast numbers of Muslims across the world believe … that humans deserve to die for merely holding a different idea or drawing a cartoon or writing a book or eloping with the wrong person,” said Maher.

Some regular viewers feared that speech was Step 1 in Maher’s transformation into a neocon, but Maher contended this Saturday night that Michael Brown “…wasn’t a gentle giant. He was committing a robbery and he pushed that guy. He was acting like a thug, not like a gentle giant.” Maher added that Brown certainly didn’t deserve to be shot for it, but his questioning of Brown’s sainthood riled liberals.

No need, it’s already been done.


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Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Bill Maher

The comedian, satirist, author, actor and host of Real Time With Bill Maher spared a few minutes to take our Q&A!

View this image ›

Michael Kovac / WireImage

View this image ›

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

I have no idea. I don’t think I have one.

When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

If I drink, I’m gonna drink tequila. It’s all the same shit. Liquor’s all poison. No sense fooling yourself. And to you people who think it’s healthy, that includes wine. It’s sugar and yeast.

What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?

I overuse the phrase “Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

It was a poll. They polled Republicans and found amazing things, like half of them think global warming is a hoax. And half of them don’t believe in evolution. Half think Obama will “find a way to stay in office” after 2017.

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Who is the last person that called or texted you?

My assistant, to tell me that you were here.

What was the last awkward situation you were in, and how did you handle it?

This is. These stupid questions. I handled it by being a complete gentleman. By being the pussycat that I always am.

When is the last time you went to a theater?

I love to go to the movies. The last movie I saw in the theater was Gravity. It strained my credulity, but sometimes that can be funny.

What TV show should everyone should be watching?

Real Time with Bill Maher. (Laughs.) Or Cosmos. Learn some science, people!

And what is your TV guilty pleasure?

It’s a toss-up between Vikings and Banshee. Boys’ stuff.

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What’s the first CD you bought?

It was the mid-’80s — Paul Simon’s The Rhythm of the Saints.

What is the one food you cannot resist?

I can resist all foods. Food has never been a problem for me. I would never say that I do everything good, but I eat pretty good. In my life I’ve had a much harder time with vices other than food.

What music are you currently listening to?

Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. They re-released it. It’s the 40th anniversary, I guess. It was his most amazing album; I remember it when I was a sophomore in high school.

What movie makes you laugh the most?

Bruno. It’s laugh-out-loud funny.

What drives you absolutely crazy?

Ignorance, mostly.

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Pick one: kittens or puppies?

Dogs. I’m not a cat person.

New York or Los Angeles?


Comedy or drama?


Bacon or Nutella?

I don’t know what that means. Nutella, I’ve never heard of it and I would never eat it. And I certainly would never eat bacon. I choose C: starving.

’80s or ’90s?

‘90s. I mean, ‘80s was Reagan and bad hair…so ‘90s.

View this image ›

Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?

I don’t know who Lizzie McGuire is. I know Hannah Montana was Miley Cyrus’ alter ego, although I never saw the show. But I like Miley Cyrus, so I’ll say that.

And finally: Tell us a secret.

I’m a big tipper.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Bill Maher

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This interview was done in partnership with our friends at DuJour Magazine. Read more with Bill here.

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Robbins, Moore and Maher spotted at Citi Field

So this happened last night at game 4 of the World Series between the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals, at Citi Field no less:

Sorry it was so cold, guys. Maybe the global warming will kick in soon?

And no word on how much these one-percenters paid for their World Series tickets, but it was probably a lot:

And that’s the average price. Robbins, Maher and Moore were sitting in the good seats:

The Mets ended up losing the game 5-3. A socialist curse perhaps?

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Free speech? Cal Berkeley petitioning to ban Bill Maher from graduation!/samwisejams/status/527083584856010754

As Twitchy has been reporting, libs are quite angry at HBO host Bill Maher for his recent comments on Islamic extremism, but this controversy just ratcheted up a notch with students at the University of California, Berkeley now petitioning the university to withdraw its invitation for Maher to speak at the its fall commencement ceremony:

More details on the petition from the Daily Californian:

Students spring into opposition after Bill Maher announced as keynote speaker

In response to an announcement last week that comedian Bill Maher would speak at UC Berkeley’s fall commencement, an online petition started circulating Thursday that demanded that the campus rescind its invitation.

The petition was authored by ASUC Senator Marium Navid, who is backed by the Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition, or MEMSA, and Khwaja Ahmed, an active MEMSA member. The petition, which urges students to boycott the decision and asks the campus to stop him from speaking, has already gathered more than 1,400 signatures as of Sunday.

Ban Bill!!! And if you think it’s hypocritical for a liberal university to to censor Maher’s speech, you’re wrong, at least according to the petition’s author,  Marium Navid:

“It’s not an issue of freedom of speech, it’s a matter of campus climate,” Navid said. “The First Amendment gives him the right to speak his mind, but it doesn’t give him the right to speak at such an elevated platform as the commencement. That’s a privilege his racist and bigoted remarks don’t give him.”

Not free speech? Unbelievable:

Nah. Banning free speech is more “liberal” we guess.

More reaction:

Let’s end it with this:

Well said, and nor should anyone.


‘I want to set so many things on fire right now’: Bill Maher calls Michael Brown no ‘gentle giant’

Max Fisher, Vox slammed for their ‘straw man’ attack on Bill Maher

Bill Maher ‘nails’ it on liberal Western culture vs. Islamic extremism

Can Bill Maher mock President Obama for saying the Islamic State isn’t Islamic? Yes he can!

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‘Have at it trolls’: Bill Maher jokes about O.J. converting to Islam!/billmaher/status/505187736718827520

Leave it to Maher to go for the low-hanging fruit. It got mixed reviews.!/neontaster/status/505188894091280384!/SMArikat/status/505188987573927936

This guy was not happy about the news of O.J.’s conversion though.




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