I Cannot Stop Watching This Video Of An Ostrich Dancing

You ain’t as fly as my Ostrich.

1. This bird will steal your girl, flush your allergy medicine, and finish the orange juice in your fridge.


2. The most turnt bird in the animal kingdom.

I Cannot Stop Watching This Video Of An Ostrich Dancing

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Seagull Steals Recording Camera

So you’re in France recording the sites and you put your camera down for a moment to get yourself in the shot. It’s a perfectly normal premise. That’s until a seagull steals the camera while it’s still rolling. When it first grabs the GoPro you can hear the owner yell at the buzzard in pursuit. The bird walks around a bit, gives a squawk, and, finally, puts it down. I can’t stop laughing when the bird honks.


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He Let His Bird Say Goodbye To A Dead Friend — This Will Surely Break Your Heart

For this bird and his owner, today is a terrible day. There’s been a death in the family — the bird’s best friend. Sadly he passed away, leaving these two to grieve together. But when it comes time to take him away and bury him, this feathery friend can’t bear to say goodbye.

The emotional reaction is truly heartbreaking…you may need more than a couple of tissues to watch.

You can’t watch that and say that animals don’t have feelings. Because like you, we felt that bird’s despair.

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Man Fights Goose With Lightsabers

Adding lightsabers to already famous viral videos is always a fun Internet pass time. The latest video to get the lightsaber treatment is the Man VS Goose video, where a man fights an attacking wild goose at the park. With added lightsabers, the battle is even more fun!


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Bird’s Wings Get Perfectly Synced With Camera’s Frame Rate And It Will Mess With Your Mind

Birds fly. That’s what birds do (most of them at least). But birds don’t fly without moving their wings, because that would defy gravity. Obviously. But as you can see below, sometimes nature does mysterious things when it thinks that us humans aren’t looking. Unknown to the levitating star of this trippy video however, a home security camera caught its mind-boggling stunt on video, and it’s since been viewed over 250k times in just 24 hours after a YouTuber called Ginger Beard uploaded it to the internet.

How did this little feathered fellow do it? Simple. Its wings just happened to perfectly synchronize with the camera’s frame rate, thereby creating the bizarre optical illusion that you see before you. This isn’t the first time this has happened (we previously showed you a helicopter appearing to hover through the air with its rotor blades perfectly still), but it’s the first time we’ve seen an animal demonstrating this bewildering quirk of technology. Either that or we’ve just unknowingly witnessed a rare glitch in the Matrix. What do you think?

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Puppies Herd Ducklings

After a long day of herding ducklings, 10-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy Fin goes for a nice drink of water. But the ducklings want a drink too. Even though little Fin tries his best, he can’t scare off the ducklings. The video is shared on Presurfer and Neatorama


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5,000 Ducks March Through Streets In China

 filed this report. In the Chinese city of Taizhou, duck farmer Hong Minghs knows that nature is best. So he marches his ducks to a feeding pond a couple times a year to get plenty of bugs to eat and save on food costs. People stuck in traffic behind the 5,000 bird march don’t seem as pleased about the march. 


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Echo Talking Parrot – America’s Got Talent

The talking parrot Echo of Animal Gardens had a rough time in Vegas, but is ready to put on a show in Hollywood. Echo and his human partner, Sarah, came with his girlfriend, Binky, for support and he had a great performance. Birds are of course famous for their music, but Echo can sing in English. 


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Stalking ‘Ninja’ Duck

The stalking ninja cat is an Internet classic of a cat who sneaks up on its human friend, but only when they aren’t looking. This ninja duck does same thing. In the park, the duck follows some guy around, but whenever he turns around, the duck freezes, like in a game of Red Light Green Light. The video from June just went viral now, and is shared by TastefullyOffensive


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