New BlackBerry 10 Camera Can Go “Back In Time”

 has released this amazing video of their new photography technology for the new BlackBerry 10. Vivek Bhardwaj explains that the BlackBerry 10 detects faces and can even turn back frames to get the exact right shot. It’s like going back in digital photography time. Read more on TechCrunchTime, and PetaPixel.


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Man Picks Nose During TNT Broadcast of Knicks-Trail Blazers Game (Video)

Meet the most confident nose picker in the world! He was caught picking his nose during Thursday night’s Knicks and Trail Blazers game and decided to follow it up with a cocky wink directly at the camera. Deja vu?

Video via Youtube. H/T: SB Nation

MeMini Is a Wearable Camera That Captures Moments After They Happen

Video can capture priceless moments — but not if you miss the shot.

meMINI is a wearable Wi-Fi-enabled camera with recall, which helps users save film-worthy moments in high-definition video after they’ve already come and gone.

Looping footage is captured every five seconds to five minutes. To permanently store the last recorded moment, users can press the recall button to transfer a file to cloud-based storage or the camera’s internal memory. The meMINI can loop video for three continuous hours on a full charge.

What’s more, users can attach the camera to their clothing via its magnetic back plates; this allows them to easily take it on the go.

An app compatible with iOS and Android can control the camera, the footage and how video is stored. It also lets users share moments they’ve recorded via email, social media or with the meMINI community.

meMINI co-developers Ben Bodley and Sam Lee are raising money for the device on Kickstarter. At press time, the device has already surpassed its original funding goal of $50,000.

“Technology changes—our memories should last forever,” the camera’s Kickstarter video explains. “Imagine if there was a device that captured our favorite moments that would otherwise be lost.”

Image: meMINI

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Kiss Cam Compilation (Video)

A supercut of funny moments caught on the kiss cam, courtesy of the The Roosevelts.

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This Simple Book Is So Much More Than It Appears To Be At First

Artist Kelli Anderson created something amazing when she designed This Book Is a Camera. Yes, it is a pop-up book…but the title isn’t lying. It’s a camera, too. The book folds up into a simple pinhole camera and it can really take a picture. (After all, cameras aren’t that complicated when you get down to it.)

A pinhole camera is also known as a cameraobscura. According to Wikipedia, it is a “simple optical imaging device in the shape of a closed box or chamber. In one of its sides is a small hole which, via the rectilinear propagation of light, creates an image of the outside space on the opposite side of the box.

Basically, the light comes in and creates an image on the film…

Just open it up…

And put in the film!

(When it’s totally dark.)

It might not seem like much…but this is pretty awesome.

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Disapproving Cat vs Camera (Video)

Turn It Off !!! (Сдали нервы) Turn It Off !!! (Сдали нервы)

The cat would like to ask you kindly to turn off the camera and stop dancing. Or else…

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Have A Photographic Memory With This Automatic Camera


Sometimes life just passes by, and you don’t have a photo to show for it.

Memoto is the solution to your memory-woes. This tiny, postage-sized, wearable device is an automatic camera, snapping photos every 30 seconds while you go about your day.

Then the camera automatically uploads the photos to a companion site or app, complete with metadata providing GPS locations and timestamps of the photo. The site will even catalog what it believes to be the most interesting moments, making it that much easier for you to search and relive your day. And it won’t stop clicking pics until you put the camera in the dark.

Memoto wasn’t the first of it’s kind. Looxcie is a similar mini camera that documents your life with constant picture-taking. It even records in HD and lets you livestream video.

But lifeblogging also brings with it a question of ethics. People may not realize they are being photographed because of the discreet nature of the camera and certain moments may not be appropriate to be captured in a photo.

Nonetheless, the Kickstarter for the project was so popular, it was funded within five hours of launch.

Check out the video to see other features of how the camera works.

Would you want a digital record of all your memories? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Spider Videobombs BBC Scotland News Broadcast (Video)

A big spider makes an appearance during BBC Scotland’s live TV newscast…

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Giant Tortoise vs Camera (Video)

A Galapagos giant tortoise notices the camera and comes in closer to inspect it. Close enough to stare deep into your soul and freak you out.

Original upload found via Youtube search. A copy spotted here.