Mom Knows Shell Die Before Her Sons WeddingThen He Hits Her With a Request She Never Saw Coming

Her biggest fear was that she would never see the day he got married…

For many moms, it’s a lifelong dream to see your child walk down the aisle. For Kerry Huffaker, it’s a dream she feared she wouldn’t live to see.

Kerry was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer on February 18 and was given nineto 20 months to live. Her 17-year-old son Dylan knew that he couldn’t changethe reality of his mother’s dreadful diagnosisbut if he couldn’t have her there on his wedding day, he wanted to make sure he gave her another cherished memory.

So with a box of chocolate long johns in hand, he popped the sweetest question to his mama while she was at one of her radiation treatments.

In rainbow-colored icing, he wrote: “Will you go to prom with me?”

Dylan Huffaker

Kerry was so touched by the promposal that she hardly knew what to say. She couldn’t believe that her handsome son would want to go with his “old, bald mom,” but Dylan wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I was taken by surprise, that’s for sure,” Kerry told ABC News. “I try not to focus too much on the future. I try to live today as best as I can, but [thought], ‘Who’s going to dance with my son when the mom is supposed to dance with the groom at his wedding day?’”

Dylan Huffaker

“My reaction was, ‘You don’t want to go to prom with your old, bald mom. You’ll be embarrassed. And he said,‘No I won’t. I’ll have the prettiest date there,’” Kerry added.

From opening doors to seating his mom for a fancy dinner, Dylan made sure she would have a night to remember.

Jeni Boisvert/Brink Studio

“That was the most beautiful I think I’ve ever seen her,” Dylan told ABC News. “I thought about it and I can look back after years and years and remember who I went to prom with. I’ll know it was someone I loved who meant something to me.”

Jeni Boisvert/Brink Studio

The Twin Falls Idaho mom had the time of her life at the Canyon Ridge High School Prom.

Jeni Boisvert/Brink Studio

And the D. J. even made sure they got the dance floor all to themselves so that Kerry could get a glimpse of what it would be like to experience the mother-son dance on Dylan’s wedding day.

The whole room was captivated as the two emotionally swayed to Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.”

Jeni Boisvert/Brink Studio

“[The D.J.] cleared the dance floor and let us dance the first half, just me and my mom,” said Dylan. “I put her through 17 years of hard times, so it’s worth it to take her to prom. I love that my mom is as caring as she is. No matter what you’re going through, she’s willing to helpno matter what hard times she’s facing.”

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SpiderDad Surprises Sick Five Year Old Son For His Birthday

SpiderDad Surprises Sick Five Year Old Son For His Birthday

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Taylor Swift Stops by a Hospital and Sings A Song With a Leukemia Patient.

Reddit user GodIsMerciful recently underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. While he was undergoing treatment, Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital to surprise patients. During her visit, she dropped by his room to say hello.

When she noticed the keyboard in his room, she asked him to play a song for her. He decided to play a song he had recently started working on which was “Someone Like You,” by Adele. She said to him she would sing along the parts that she knew.

He was going through something terrible, but this boy was able to experience something amazing.

(Source: SuperGlue65)

Afterwards, the young patient said that Taylor was so sweet and made everyone’s day at the hospital. He even got a BIG hug from the superstar. 

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift has made a surprise visit to a hospital.

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Husband Posts Wife’s Beautiful Letter On Facebook After Her Death (Photo)

Everyone deals with death differently.

Some cling to religion, taking comfort in the belief that there is something waiting for us after life. Others, like Heather McManamy, choose instead to celebrate the short time we have on earth and accept that death is something that waits for all of us.

McManamy, a mother of one, lost her battle to cancer earlier this week. But before passing, the vibrant woman penned a lengthy letter for her husband to post on Facebook after she died.

The letter, full of life and happiness, tells a story of a life well lived. In it, McManamy encourages her friends and family not to be sad shes gone, but rather, to be happy for the time they shared.

Its one of the most touching, heartwarming (and simultaneously, heartbreaking) eulogies weve ever read. And its absolutely beautiful.

Theres nothing I can say about McManamys life that she didnt already write, and better, so Ill leave you to it. Check out her letter below and pass it along — so that Heathers joyful spirit can live on.

Hello all,I am posting this on behalf of the love of my life. These are her words. Much love to all. – Jeff…

Posted by Heather McManamy onTuesday, December 15, 2015

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Every Halloween This One-Legged Guy Makes A Halloween Costume. He Just Revealed His Newest Idea

Josh Sundquist was diagnosed with cancer when he was nine years old, and was told he had a 50% chance of surviving. He lost his left leg, despite chemotherapy, but by thirteen he was cancer-free, and by sixteen, he was ski-racing. Now, Sundquist is a motivational speaker that’s become famous on social media for his clever, amputation-incorporating Halloween costumes.

Show Full Text

“I’ve always dealt with the social discomfort of my disability by having a sense of humor,” Sundquist explains. “But now I’m more comfortable with who I am and what I look like, and I guess with these Halloween costumes you could even say that I celebrate what makes me different. Which may be either weird or refreshing, depending on your perspective.” He explains the inspiration for his costumes below:

2010: “From Shrek. Not the gumdrop buttons!”