Man Jumps Over Speeding Car

Twenty two year old Aaron Evans is a parkour master, and showed off some of his jumping skills in front of a large group. First he jumped a dude in a wheel chair, then he jumped five people lined up. But for the climax, he flipped over a speeding Acura NSX. The video is featured on WorldCarFans via Jalopnik.




Another angle:


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Little Boy Goes off on His Mom for Getting Pregnant (Video)

A little boy named Tré finds out his mom is pregnant and doesn’t seem too happy about it. In fact, he finds the whole idea of mommy having another baby exasperating:

Original upload by Shanee Gibson Hart via Youtube search. A copy spotted here.

Idiot Driver Has Luck As Ambulance Is There When He Crashes

No, I do not even wish idiot drivers like this example to crash, but somehow he at least doesn’t have to wonder that he crashes, driving this lunatic! A real wonder is the time the ambulance needs to be at the scene – ZERO! Blessing in disguise…

Steve Smith did upload the clip in the middle of November, getting traction right now with over 70.000 views yet.


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Innovative RV-Boat Hybrid ‘Boaterhome’ Launches Boat Half Like No Other Truck

The most difficult task when owning a motor boat is properly launching the marine vehicle into the water. Most people just use their truck or suv that pulls their boat on a trailer to the water to carefully launch. 

But  caught a much different boat launching scene during a trip to the lake that DailyPicks has featured for being so out of this world.

A truck RV-boat hybrid of sorts seemed to be literally backing up into the water unlike any other trailer attempting to launch a boat would. 

Then the driver hit the brakes at just the right moment for simple momentum to pull the boat half of the RV off the hidden trailer and into the water.

“That was cool,” responded the boy witnessing the event. Even CarScoop is confused by the monstrosity of an RV. 


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Think Your Car Is A Work Of Art? Wait Until You See These.

Owning a car is an important part of most people’s lives. You (probably) will pay thousands of dollars for it, it’s incredibly useful and they’re just fun to drive. Some people go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their car and making it look super slick.

Then, there are those people go a little overboard with the idea of customizing their car. These are the people who go even more overboard than the overboard people. They’ve actually made their cars into works of art and let me tell you, they’re incredible. They’re also a little insane:

1.) Looks like something a villain would drive.


3.) I don’t think it’s friendly.

4.) Just in time for Christmas.

5.) This car is a little fishy.

6.) We’re gonna need a bigger…car.

7.) He’s not going THAT fast.

8.) Mind…blown.

9.) Food on the go.

10.) Served at 100 mph.

11.) This could be Aquaman’s car if he ever left the ocean.

12.) Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, driving down the I-95.

13.) He’s got no tail to chase!

14.) This is just creepy.

15.) Watch out sir! You’re about to get eaten!

16.) This can’t be street legal.

17.) Look at all those ducks!

18.) WILMAAAAAAA!!!!!!

I think I’m going to go to CarMax and see if I can get one of those. Most likely, no one will be able to find one of these awesome cars on a lot. If you want to look awesomely crazy, you’re going to have to work for it. Share this post if you appreciate art and cars and the marriage of the two.

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15 Heroic Men Flipped Overturned Convertible To Save Someone Trapped Inside

Jonathan Jansen was driving recently in South Carolina when suddenly, things took a turn for the worse. His car flipped upside down. What made that even more horrific was the fact that he was driving a convertible.

Stuck in the car and unable to get out, Jansen began to feel hopeless. But just when he was about to give up, 15 heroic bystanders rose to the occasion, flipping the car and pulling him to safety.

Let’s just hope he took these guys for a round afterward! It’s pretty incredible to see people step up when it really counts.

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Race Car Driver Steering Wheel Pops Off

This race car driver is all pumped up and ready to race. He revs his engine and then they’re off. But in just a few seconds, he grabs his steering wheel and the wheel just pops right off. That’s a little scary.


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This Is The Best Car Dealer Commercial Ever (Because Of The Dog)

Are dogs good salesmen? I don’t think so, but the voice-over here makes this dog sound like a tough but fair pro. Go get yourself a nice deal on a car, before the government shuts it down!

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