Lamborghini Gallardo Destroyed By Owner

Apparently, a distraught Lamborghini owner didn’t get the service he was promised from the prestige company. If you’re going to drop that much money, you expect to get a pristine product and the best service. But would I just waste more money and destroy it in protest? If I was rich, maybe.

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Mom Plays An Epic Prank On Straight-A Student That Ends With A New Car

Parents love getting creative when it comes to surprising their sons and daughters.

When straight-A student Emily Watson came home from school one day, the last thing she expected was a lecture from her mom, but that’s exactly what she got. She sat at the dining room table with her sister and was forced to listen to Mom’s rant about actions and their many consequences. The look on Emily’s face can only be described as shock and horror as she tried to think back to anything she might have done to warrant such a speech.

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After watching her daughter fight back tears, Mom decided that the jig was up and passed her daughter a small gift box. In a matter of seconds, Emily’s face went from painfully sad to joyous!

You’ll crack up when you see how their conversation ended.

I can’t stop watching the moment she opened the box. It’s like 50 different emotions erupted in under a minute!

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Invisible Mercedes Commercial

Our friends at  bring us this special Mercedes-Benz F-Cell commercial. The car runs on hydrogen that powers fuel cells, and has literally no emissions. That means it’s ‘invisible’ to the environment.

To showcase this positive characteristic, Mercedes made a special F-Cell B-Class car covered with cameras and lights that would portray what’s on the other side. In a sense, making it cloaked, or invisible. Read more on Mashable


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BMW 325 Drifts Up Parking Garage Ascent

BMW 325 Drifts Up Parking Garage Ascent

When driving up the thin, narrow corridor of a parking garage, it is always best to go slow and take one’s time. 

However the crew of car enthusiast channel norbe films don’t know the meaning slow. 

In this video that debuted last week, one daring stunt driver rips his BMW 325 up the garage parking lot ascent at top speed and somehow holds a powerful drift the entire way up.

Best not to try this one yourself.


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Toddler Miraculously Survives Horrible Crash in Russia (Video)

Toddler Miraculously Survives Horrible Crash in RussiaToddler Miraculously Survives Horrible Crash in Russia

A one-year-old baby girl was thrown from a car into the path of an oncoming truck during a crash near the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The accident happened after the Mitsubishi she was in swerve across both lanes of highway Moscow-Ufa and collided with a semi-truck. The toddler came inches of an oncoming Scania truck but managed to escape death. She was treated for head and jaw contusions on the scene of the accident, and was taken to the hospital in the nearby city of Lyskovo for possible head trauma.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

Source. Video via rusdtp

Tiger Hitches a Ride on Car Roof (Video)

Filmed at the Everland Resort in Yongin, South Korea.

Sent by Ryan T.

Dog Is Excited about the Road Trip (Video)

Quincy the Dog loves road trips! Unmute the volume on the Vine clip to hear just how much:


Subaru Impreza Digs Itself Out Of Mud Pit

Subaru Impreza Digs Itself Out Of Mud Pit

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is famous in the car world for its agility and speed. One of its greatest attributes is its famous AWD system that can apparently get it out of any sticky situation. Just watch as this WRX STI literally digs itself out of a sticky, nasty mud pit in Longview, Washington. No problem.  


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