26 Adorable Pets Who Are Super Worried About Everything Right Now

The world is a constantly confusing place for our silly, fuzzy friends. Though there are some who find the strength to brave all the mysteries of life with reckless abandon, there are plenty of others who would much rather tread lightly.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit timid. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say. However, these hilarious cats and dogs take that nervous nature to a whole new level with their adorably worried faces.

1. “What if the other dogs at the park don’t like me?”

2. “I have to bark at the bird outside! It’s a matter of life or death!”

3. “Are they giving me away to someone? Did I do something bad??”

4. “You remembered the baggies, right?”

5. “Why is everything so big and scary?”

6. Maybe she should be a little more worried…

7. “You okay in there, buddy? Can I get you anything?”

8. “What if I never catch my tail?”

9. “Tell my wife I love her.” – this dog on his way to the bath

10. “Mouse? Eek! You handle it!”

11. “You’re not contagious, are you?”

12. “Um, speed limit, ever hear of it?”

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13. “How is she not drowning?” “I don’t know, dude, but we better keep watch.”

14. “I can’t help but notice all the bacon is almost gone and I still haven’t had any.”

15. “I should not have eaten all that grass.”

16. “You almost forgot me.”

17. “That burrito looks like a lot for one person.”

18. “What if I’m not the good boy?”

19. “I saw a scary movie that started just like this once.”

20. “Oh, so…we’re keeping this thing?”

21. “No, not the vacuum monster again!”

22. “Please, I beg of you: use the gentle cycle.”

23. “…what have I been doing with my life?”

24. “That smell wasn’t me, I swear!”

25. “Curiosity did what to the cat??”

26. “Shots? Needles? But…why? Did I do something wrong?”

Aw, it’s alright, little dudes. You just want to make sure everything is smooth sailing. Besides, bravery is totally overrated.

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This Old Soul Acclimates Kittens to Dogs to Increase Their Chances of Adoption

Meet Boots, a 12-year-old Chow/Golden Retriever mix and the Arizona Humane Society’s first official kitten nanny. He’s also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. The AZ Humane Society says:

“A key factor that can increase a cat’s chance of adoption is its ability to live in homes with other pets. By socializing kittens with dogs like Boots early in life, we are able to open up an entirely new world of potential home environments to that kitten. The simple process involves one day of positive playtime and socialization with a kitten nanny like Boots each week. When started with kittens between two and seven weeks old, they are much more much more likely to live happily along with other animals.”

Studies have shown that cats have a small window of time in kittenhood during which exposure to new things will directly impact their acclimation to changes as they get older. By increasing kittens’ comfort level with dogs, the AZ Humane Society increases their adoptability while decreasing the chances that the kittens/cats will be surrendered later in life due to problems between the cats and other pets.

Below you will find photos of Boots doing his thing. You rock Boots!

[via Arizona Humane Society]

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (2)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (3)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (8)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (5)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (9)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (4)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (10)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (1)

boots the kitten nanny arizona humane society (6)

Dog Alarm Clocks Compilation (Video)

Dog alarm clocks give cat alarm clocks a run for their money in the newest compilation from HuffPost. You be the judge who’s actually the best, cats or dogs:

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Like Kittens? Your Dream Job Has Just Arrived


You no longer need to spend your time at work discreetly browsing cat pictures whilst pretending to work!  A cat rehoming centre in Newcastle has asked for volunteer kitten cuddlers. 

Thinking this must be the dream? There is one slight drawback…

Many of the cats in the Westgate Ark centre are feral or semi-feral.

If you can survive cuddling the ferocious, gnarling balls of fluff and claws then this could be workplace utopia. The aim  is to help the animals get used to human beings – known as ‘socialisation’.

Paul Black, 55, of the Westgate Ark Centre, said, ‘We rescue a lot of pregnant cats and semi-feral kittens and they all need handling so that they’re nice and used to people, which makes them much more suitable for homes.’

We must all have a friend or ten who would love this job, share this and make a dream come true.


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Lunch Break: 17 Funny Memes To Distract You From Reality

You deserve to live a little. 

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