Yeast Hybrids Can Control Fruitiness Of Chocolate

Oompa-Loompas may soon find themselves out of a job thanks to a team of Belgianmicrobiologists and chocolatiers, who have managed to develop a series of yeast hybrids capable of manipulating the flavor and quality of chocolate. Publishing their findings in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the researchers claim that the hybrids could provide a superior and more economical method of producing boutique chocolate than those currently employed.

According to the study authors, gourmet and boutique chocolate is the fastest-growing segment of the global chocolate industry, with consumers increasingly seeking out unique flavors and high quality. Until now, these flavors had been generated by the addition of extra ingredients to the final product, although the new method could enable chocolatiers to naturally alter the taste of their confectionary during the fermentation stage.

It has long been known that the mixture of microbes present during the fermentation of cocoa beans can have a major impact on the flavors released, which is why producers tend to seek out certain strains of yeast that can outcompete other organisms at high temperatures. In doing so, they ensure that unwanted bacteria dont get the chance to degrade the cocoa pulp and cause foul-tasting compounds to enter the mixture.

The researchers decided to take this process one step further by creating strains of yeast that not only displayed exceptional tolerance to heat, but which could produce a wide variety of aromas. Their results showed that this is indeed possible, since different yeast strains were found to release different combinations of esters during the fermentation process.

Esters are fragrant organic compounds often used in perfume. They have also played a major role in wine production for many years, and are credited with determining the fruitiness of the drink. Similarly, craft beer brewers place great importance on the type of yeast used during fermentation, since the esters released can make or break the final product.

Previously, the importance of esters in chocolate production had not received a great deal of attention since it had been assumed that most of these were broken down during conching, which occurs after fermentation and involves intense heating of the cocoa. However, the researchers discovered that, while most short-chain esters did indeed evaporate during conching, longer-chain compounds survived and remained present in the chocolate itself. Since different yeast hybrids generated different combinations of esters, the team discovered that the choice of yeast directly influenced the fruitiness of the chocolate.

To test this, they produced a number of samples, each of which was fermented using a different yeast hybrid. These were then subjectively analyzed by a panel of nine experts supplied by world-renowned chocolatier Barry Callebaut.

The results of the study showed that the fruitiest chocolate of all was produced using hybrid H40 and contained the highest concentration of isoamyl acetate, suggesting that acetate esters may be the most influential in the generation of fruity chocolate flavors.

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Why Is Chocolate So Bad For Dogs?

Its every dog owner’s nightmare: entering the room to find a floor covered in candy wrappers and a overheated, panting dog with an explosive stomach.

But, while its fairly common knowledge that dogs and chocolate dont mix, you probably dont know much about the reasonbehind it. The American Chemical Societys YouTube channel Reactions has recently released a video all about the science of dogs and their biological discord withchocolate.

The problem is all downto a molecule called theobromine. Check out the video, below, to learn all about this canine-kryptonite.

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She Wrapped A Chocolate Bar In Dough To Make My New Favorite Dessert

If you think making a delicious dessert has to involve tons of steps, hours of prep, and even more time spent in the oven, boy do we have a wake-up call for you. This beautiful, braided treat takes mere minutes to assemble and less than 30 minutes to bake. The best part? Your friends will be so impressed with your pastry skills, but they’ll have no idea you basically did nothing!

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

Chocolate Almond Braid

Posted by Tasty on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Raise your hand if you’re like:

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When You Cover Bacon In Chocolate, This Glorious Snack Happens

How many people do you know who really don’t like bacon? Probably not many.

And you most likely don’t know too many who don’t like chocolate, either. But what if chocolate and bacon joined forces? It might sound insane, but hear me out. You probably love the salty-sweet goodness of chocolate-covered pretzels, right? Well, think about amping up that taste sensation.

I’m already drooling. Someone make these for me, because I’m hopeless in the kitchen.

If you need me, I’ll be living my truth and chowing down.

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The Definitive Ranking Of Chocolate Candy From Grossest To Most Delicious

“I heard Chunky was Mussolini’s favorite candy.”

The criteria:

In order to be considered for the ranking, all candy had to contain either a chocolate-y outer shell or a chocolate-y inner life. Sorry, no gummy candies or licorices were evaluated.

27. Chunky


View this image ›


“Candy with raisins? Who does that?”

“I heard Chunky was Mussolini’s favorite candy.”

26. Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

View this image ›


“They sound boring already.”

“It sounds like candy that would be at your grandparent’s house.”

“The chewing is the worst, TBH.”

“The chocolate is gross.”

“It’s vegan.”


25. Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms

View this image ›


“There is a level of fragrance to these that is uncomfortable.”

“This is an unhappy marriage of desserts.”

24. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme

View this image ›


“This is a luxury candy bar.”

“The first piece is always amazing, but you can never have more than, like, 3 pieces at a time (or even in a week).”

“I love cookies and cream as an ice cream flavor, but white chocolate in a bar is atrocious.”

23. Almond Joy

Almond Joy

View this image ›

Peter Paul

“I only eat Almond Joy. Sorry you all eat Almond Sorrow.”

“Does adding almonds to Mounds bars make them any better? I’d say no.”

22. Mounds


View this image ›

Peter Paul

“Mounds are mom candy.”

“Your mom is always like ‘I wish I had a Mounds.’”

“Coconut is good only in shampoo.”

21. Krackel


View this image ›


“Krackel is the poor man’s Nestle Crunch.”

“Krackel was always the thing you got trick or treating where you were like ‘eh, whatever.’”

20. Mr. Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar

View this image ›


“Mr. Goodbar is my favorite because I’m a degenerate.”

“Has anyone ever purchased a full-sized Mr. Goodbar ever?

19. Pretzel M&Ms

Pretzel M&Ms

View this image ›


“Pretzel M&Ms seem like a good idea for the first 10 seconds the first time you put one in your mouth, and then never again.”

“They’re too funky fake tasting.”

“WTF. I like them. I’ll eat your guys’.”

18. 3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers

View this image ›


“3 Musketeers are actually trash.”

“Sorry I like them. Like, A LOT.”

“Nougat is so good.”

“But why advertise that you’re low fat. You’re eating a candy bar. You don’t care about those things.”

17. Peanut Butter M&Ms

Peanut Butter M&Ms

View this image ›


“In a pinch these will do, but let’s be real. The peanut butter is far inferior to Reese’s stuff.”

16. Mint M&Ms

Mint M&Ms

View this image ›


“They remind me of those fancy Andes dinner mints.”

“Oh man, you know when you go to a restaurant and they bring a mint after the dinner and you’re like, what is this, a garbage mint? but then there’s CHOCOLATE inside and it changes everything.”

“Pleasant. Creamy. Refreshing.”

15. Hershey’s With Almonds

Hershey's With Almonds

View this image ›


“It’s not thick enough to hold a good almond chunk.”

“Like of all the nuts they could have gone for they went with ALMONDS?”

14. Milky Way

Milky Way

View this image ›


“I think it’s best in fun-size, but not as a legit full-size bar.”

13. Snickers


View this image ›


“Snickers are good but then i feel like i made a mistake after, always.”

“I feel like the Snickers and the Milky Way are the basic bitches of the candy bar world.”

12. Kit Kat

Kit Kat

View this image ›


“Kit Kat’s breakable structure pleases me.”

“Plus that jingle. Forever in my head.”

“Kit Kats are garbage candy. No one ever picks a Kit Kat.”

11. Butterfinger


View this image ›


“Butterfingers is a desperation candy.”

“Physically impossible to eat without feeling like you’re destroying your teeth forever, to the point where your teeth might fall out while you’re eating it. and maybe that’s part of the thrill.”

“What IS the stuff in the middle. it’s not food.”

“Controversial, but I love it. It just feels like danger in my mouth.”

“I’m actually not that big a fan of Butterfingers. Probably the least appetizing name of them all. And they tasted just as bad. No one wants to choke on your flaky dust. It’s a poor excuse for a candy bar.”

“I want to choke on that flaky dust.”

10. 100 Grand

100 Grand

View this image ›


“The only legit full-size candy bar.”

“I have never had one of those.”


9. York Peppermint Patty

York Peppermint Patty

View this image ›


“These make me feel like I’m eating a cool mountain breeze. In a good way.”

“I cannot abide by peppermint candy. it’s like trying to eat a hershey bar after brushing your teeth.”

8. Hershey’s


View this image ›


“Never what I reach for, but always surprisingly satisfying.”


“I never usually want anything to do with milk chocolate. It’s garbage chocolate. But sometimes Hershey’s is aight.”

7. M&Ms


View this image ›



“A binge food.”

6. Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth

View this image ›


“Baby Ruths are actually really good, but I think of them as a dad candy bar.”

“I would agree, they are perhaps the most forgotten candy bar.”

“But you know what? They’re great.”

5. Nestle Crunch

Nestle Crunch

View this image ›


“Crunch bar is the superior rice candy bar.”

“Most definitely. Love the thinness of Crunch.”

4. Take 5

Take 5

View this image ›


“Woefully underrated.”

“Pretzels, caramel, peanut butter and chocolate? Sold. DOUBLE SOLD.”

“This proves that there should be pretzels in MOST if not all candy bars.”

3. Toblerone


View this image ›


“The nougat is seriously crack.”

“I love how it opens.”

“Toblerone is too much work for your mouth. It’s like mouth geometry.”

“It has a neat shape and there’s toffee in it. You can’t not love this stuff.”

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

View this image ›


“I love the Reese’s peanut butter in all forms – pieces, cups, actual peanut butter jar.”

“Instead of flowers, throw reese’s in my grave.”

“Shower me in peanut butter cups.”

“Reese’s forever.”

1. Peanut M&Ms

Peanut M&Ms

View this image ›


“Peanut M&Ms are so much better than regular M&Ms.”

“They are perhaps the best.”

“They’re the elegant mom version of M&Ms.”

“Solid, substantial, perfect size and weight.”

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The Dark Secret Hiding in Your Childs Halloween Chocolate: They Are Eating My Flesh

The horrifying truth behind 7 of the biggest brand names in the chocolate industry…

The candy industry raked in a whopping two billion dollarsin sales last Halloween, and not surprisingly, over a billion of those dollars were spent on chocolate alone.For most chocolate companies, America’s favorite spooky holiday accounts for approximately 10 percent of their yearly revenue.

According to the, “Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year, or over 11pounds per person.”

That’s right. From Reese’s and Snickers to chocolate bunnies and fondue, we eat the weight of a hefty bowling ball in chocolate every single year. It’s no secret, Americans are cuckoo for all things cocoa.

But have you ever wonderedwhere most of your favorite treats are coming from?

Though the chocolate companycontroversyhas been widely circulated over the years, many people are still unaware that they are funding child slaves in West Africa by buying from most of the major brands. The region that houses nearly two-thirds of all cacao beans on the planet exploits young children to work 80 to 100 hour weeks with no pay.

Huffington Post reported the following staggering statistics regarding the slave trade:

According to an investigative report by the BBC, hundreds of thousands of children are being purchased from their parents or outright stolen and then shipped to Ivory Coast, where they are enslaved on cocoa farms. Destitute parents in these poverty-stricken lands sell their children to traffickers believing that they will find honest work in Ivory Coast and send some of their earnings home. The terrible reality is that these children, 11 to 16 years old but sometimes younger, are forced to do hard manual labor 80 to 100 hours a week. They are paid nothing, receive no education, are under fed, and are often viciously beaten if they try to escape. Most will never see their families again.

So which chocolate bigwigs are the culprits? The following are the companies well-known for using this brutal child slave labor according to an article posted by U.S. Uncutthat has now been shared over 1 million times:

1. Nestle

2. Mars

3. Hershey

4. Godiva

5. Kraft

6. ADM Cocoa

7. Fowler’s Chocolate


While the list of these popular brands may be shocking and disappointing, this statement from one of the freed child slaves may be just enough to cramp your taste buds the next time you bite into that Milky Wayor savor the flavor of your Almond Joy:

They enjoy something I suffered to make; I worked hard for them but saw no benefit. They are eating my flesh.


Photo/YouTube: The Dark Side of Chocolate

Similar comments were recorded in the filmSlavery: A Global Investigationwhich interviewed children who had broken free from the slave trade.

The beatings were a part of mylife, said Aly Diabate, another freed slave. Anytime they loaded you with bags (of cocoa beans) and you fell while carrying them, nobody helped you. Instead they beat you and beat you until you picked it up again.

The FDA attempted to pass a law back in 2001 that would enforce “slave free” labeling on candy wrappers, but the powerful chocolate companies (namely Hershey, Mars, and Nestle) shut down the legislation with big corporate dollars by “promising” self-regulation. This “promise” was to stop all child slavery involved with their companies by 2005…and America is still waiting. That date has been consistently pushed back, and the goal is now 2020.

To make matters worse, the number of kids working in the chocolate slave trade has only continued to increase. It shot up by a staggering 51 percent from 2009 to 2014 alone.

By contrast, the following is a list of companies who have made an intentional effort to avoid benefitting from the cruelty of child slave labor.

  • Newmans Own Organics

  • Clif Bar

  • Koppers Chocolate

  • Green and Blacks

  • Cloud Nine

  • L.A. Burdick Chocolates

  • Gardners Candie

  • Denman Island Chocolate

  • Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company

  • Montezumas Chocolates

  • Kailua Candy Company

  • The Endangered Species Chocolate Company

  • Rapunzel Pure Organics

Of course it can’t be done alone, but the American consumer can contribute to making adifference by choosing to buy candy from some of these more ethically conscious brands.

Please SHARE this important message with your friends and join us in the fight to end child slave labor.

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21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

Chocolate is my life.

1. For when you’ve had a really bad day.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

Columbia Pictures / Via

2. When you want to lose yourself in perfection.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


3. When you need to remind yourself how great the world really is.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


4. When you order the ‘sharing dessert’ just for yourself.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

TriStar Pictures / Via

5. When you accidentally on purpose eat your kids/siblings entire chocolate stash.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

NBC / Via

6. If you’re ever at the house of a chocolatier.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

Warner Bros. / Via

7. When someone asks you what your perfect house would be.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

Marvel Entertainment / Via

8. When you’ve given up chocolate and you’re questioning the point in living.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

9. When someone asks you a question but your mouth is full of chocolate.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

Fox / Via

10. When you’re on the tour at Cadbury’s World.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

CBS / Via

11. For people who say chocolate is unhealthy.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


12. For when someone says they don’t like camping.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


13. When the chocolate is so good but you can’t find the right words.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


14. When you need reminding that chocolate always loves you.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


15. When you need creative inspiration.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


16. When you’ve quit the diet.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›

Nickelodeon / Via

17. When you need to remember that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


18. When someone at work brings in a bumper sharing pack.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


19. For those times when you need chocolate-based scientific information from Britney.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


20. For when you’re really thirsty.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


21. When you need baking motivation.

21 Chocolate-Themed GIFs For Every Situation

View this image ›


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One Guy Took His Nutella Obsession To The Next Level On Instagram

The love between one man and his jar.

1. Nutella is almost universally loved, but 24-year-old Wardere Farah is even more dedicated to the spread than most.

2. His entire Instagram account is literally dedicated to the chocolate-y hazelnut-y goodness.

3. The Canada resident has been posting photos of Nutella jars since 2012.

4. Farah’s got some great friends, who eventually bought him a giant jar.

5. So in 2014, he upped his game and resolved to post one photo per day.

He didn’t quite hit that goal, but he came awfully close.

6. Farah told BuzzFeed posting the Nutella photos started as a way of tackling a positive challenge during a time in his life when he felt lost.

“It got me out of my dark place,” he said.

7. His Nutella always keeps him company. Like when he shovels snow.

8. And when he works out.

9. Even when he needs an adversary on the playground.

10. Yeah, they’re pretty close.

11. Just don’t try to give Farah’s relationship with Nutella a label.

“It could be my girlfriend, a baby, a friend, anything. Don’t put me in a box. Don’t put it in a box. Just have fun with it.”

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41 Delicious Facts About Chocolate That You Probably Didn’t Know

Fact: It’s delicious. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1409853954); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3435332”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1409853954); });

View this image ›

James Grebey / Thinkstock

1. There is a correlation between the amount of chocolate a country consumes on average and the number of Nobel Laureates that country has produced.

2. A jewel thief made off with $28 million dollars of gems in 2007 because he was able to gain the trust of the guards working the bank in Antwerp, Belgium, by repeatedly offering them chocolate.

3. The blood in Psycho’s famous shower scene was actually chocolate syrup.

4. At one point the Nazis plotted to assassinate Winston Churchill with an exploding bar of chocolate.

Food Thinkers / Flickr: foodthinkers / Creative Commons

librakv / Thinkstock


5. The scientific name for the tree that chocolate comes from, Theobroma cacao, means “food of the gods.”

6. It takes a almost a full year for a cocoa tree to produce enough pods to make 10 standard-sized Hershey bars.

7. Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds, while red wine has just 200.

8. Theobromine, the compound in chocolate that makes it poisonous to dogs, can kill a human as well. You’d have to be a real glutton to go out this way though, as an average 10-year-old child would have to eat 1,900 Hershey’s miniature milk chocolates to reach a fatal dose.

9. The ancient Maya are believed to be the first people to regularly grow cacao trees and drink chocolate. The Aztecs got it later, but they had to trade for cacao because they couldn’t grow the trees.

Desilu Productions /

lvenks / Thinkstock


10. The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word “xocoatl,” which referred to the bitter, spicy drink the Aztecs made from cacao beans.

11. In fact, chocolate was consumed as a liquid, not a solid, for 90% of its history.

12. When the Aztec empire ruled most of Mesoamerica, chocolate was still widely consumed, and cacao seeds were a form of currency.

13. The Aztec emperor Montezuma II drank more than 50 cups of chocolate every day.

14. A wide range of substances have been ground up and mixed with chocolate, including, in the pre-Columbia era, possible dinosaur fossils.

arinahabich / Thinkstock


15. During the Revolutionary War, soldiers were sometimes paid in chocolate.

16. It’s believed that people who are allergic to chocolate are actually allergic to cockroaches, as around eight insect parts are typically found in a bar of chocolate, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

17. Chocolate gives you a more intense mental high and gets your heart pounding more than kissing does.

18. Hershey’s Kisses got their name from the kissing sound the machine that deposits the chocolate on the conveyor belt makes.

19. Hershey’s makes 70 million Kisses every day, and enough annually to make a 300,000-mile-long line of Kisses.

Remains / Thinkstock


20. The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie, Ruth Wakefield, sold her cookie recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

21. Ben & Jerry’s made the first cookie dough ice cream after receiving an anonymous suggestion on their flavor suggestion board in its Burlington, Vermont, shop.

22. There is a rare fourth kind of chocolate in addition to the classic milk, dark, and white varieties: blond chocolate.

23. The film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was financed by Quaker Oats to promote its new Wonka Bar candy. This is also why the film is called “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” instead of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” like the book it’s based on.

Wolper Productions /


24. The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry.

25. The chocolate industry is worth approximately $110 billion per year.

26. Milky Way candy bars are not named after the galaxy. The name came from the malted milkshakes whose flavor they originally intended to mimic.

27. Three Musketeers bars were originally three pieces to a package, in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. They switched to just the one chocolate bar after the price of strawberries increased.

28. In 1947 hundreds of Canadian kids went on strike and boycotted chocolate after the price of a chocolate bar jumped from 5 to 8 cents.

kungfubonanza / Flickr: kungfubonanza / Creative Commons

Dave Rutt / Flickr: rutty


29. Andes Candies were originally called “Andy’s Candys,” after creator George Andrew Kanelos, but he changed the name after he realized men didn’t want to buy their wives or girlfriends chocolates with another man’s name on them.

30. The largest chocolate bar ever weighed just over 12,770 pounds.

31. The most valuable chocolate bar in the world is a 100-year-old Cadbury’s chocolate bar that was brought along on Captain Robert Scott’s first Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic. It sold for $687 at auction in 2001.

32. Chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica. Irish botanist Sir Hans Sloane is usually given credit for mixing chocolate with milk when he was in Jamaica in the early 1700s, though it’s likely he wasn’t the first person on the island to do so.

33. Chocolate milk is an effective post-workout recovery drink.

20th Century Fox Television /

Zoonar / j.wnuk / Thinkstock


34. German chocolate cake has nothing to do with Germany. It’s named after its inventor, Sam German.

35. There is a little caffeine in chocolate. Most bars have about 10 milligrams of caffeine in them, but darker chocolates can have as much caffeine as a can of Coca-Cola.

36. A 2013 study found that the scent of chocolate in a bookstore made customers 40% more likely to buy cookbooks or romance novels, and 22% more likely to buy books of any genre.

View this image ›

Jamalrani / Thinkstock

37. A 2004 study in London found that 70% of people would reveal their passwords in exchange for a chocolate bar.

38. Americans buy more than 58 million pounds of chocolate on Valentine’s Day every year, making up 5% of sales for the entire year.

39. The Brussels Airport is the biggest chocolate seller in the world, as vendors there sell more than 800 tons of chocolate every year.

40. More than two-thirds of the world’s cocoa is grown in Africa, and Côte d’Ivoire alone produces 33% of the world’s supply.

41. White chocolate technically isn’t chocolate, but you probably already knew that.

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