25 Reasons That Everything You Thought You Knew About Sleep Is Wrong

Did you know that the reason you sleep isn’t to rest? At least not in the way you would think. These are 25 reasons that everything you thought you knew about sleep is wrong.

25. Despite the fact that you will sleep for roughly 1/3 of your life, scientists are still not entirely sure as to why

24. As far as resting your body is concerned, sleep doesn’t really make much of a difference. 8 hours of sleep will save you 50kCal. That’s roughly the same amount of energy in a piece of toast.

23. The real reason you sleep is because your brain needs it. But its not like your brain just shuts down. It actually gets more active than it is during the day.

22. So, basically the idea of sleeping to rest is for the most part wrong. If you don’t sleep though, after only 17 hours you’ll start to experience cognitive difficulty with remembering and perceiving things.

21. Your pain tolerance will decrease and you’ll become more sensitive to stimuli

20. You will probably gain weight because during sleep your body releases hormones that regulate your appetite

19. In fact, after 24 hours you will be functionally worse off than someone with a blood alcohol level of .05%

18. If you decided to give up both food and sleep indefinitely, you would likely die from sleep deprivation before you starved to death.

17. In spite of that, the longest officially verified record for sleep deprivation without stimulants is 11 days. It was accomplished in 1965 by high school student Randy Gardner under strict scientific supervision.

16. Since then the Guinness Book of World Records has stopped keeping records for fear that people might harm themselves

15. Some mammals like giraffes and Asiatic elephants typically sleep less than 2 hours per night

14. Koalas are the longest sleeping mammal at 22 hours per day

13. When dolphins sleep only half there brain loses consciousness. This helps them to maintain breathing because unlike humans, dolphins and whales are conscious breathers

12. Ever since the advent of color television studies claim that the percentage of people dreaming in color has increased significantly

11. If you don’t dream, the prevailing consensus is that you most likely have some sort of personality disorder

10. Don’t panic though, within 10 minutes of waking up almost all of your dreams will be forgotten

9. You can allegedly only dream about faces you have already seen.

8. To extend this, people blind from birth typically have dreams involving smell, taste, emotion, and touch

7. Parasomnia is a sleep disorder that causes involuntary actions and movements during sleep.

6. Benign forms of parasomnia involve sleep talking and sleep walking. The more serious types have lead to sleep driving, robberies, and even rape or murder.

5. British soldiers were the first to develop a method of consistently staying up without sleep. When they got fatigued they would put on special visors that simulated the brightness of a sunrise and woke them up.

4. A survey of 6,000 British adults found that listening to Coldplay did in fact make them more likely to fall asleep

3. It has also been scientifically proven that counting sheep is an ineffective method for falling asleep.

2. Somniphobia is the fear of sleep

1. Speaking of fear…an adult bed bug can survive up to 1 year without feeding

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Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail

Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail

Just when the web thought it was only FedEx workers who apparently don’t take their jobs seriously comes this latest security camera video promoting iSpyConnect

The short clip published by YouTube channel Sorikan showcases an extremely lazy postal worker who took the effort to drive her USPS truck onto the front lawn of the address she was delivering mail to.

You know, instead of parking on the side of the road like a normal human and walking the fifteen feet to the front door. 


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Some People Are Sold On These Conspiracy Theories Across The Country. Really.

It’s hard to know if the Internet’s easily accessible information is helping to quell conspiracy theories from forming or fanning the flames. Theoretically, we should be able to learn more about the world than ever. But, the Internet also allows us to easily find like-minded people from niches of society that like to question everything we know and love.

Here are some of the weirder conspiracy theories that have been hiding in the shady back rooms of the Internet:

1.) Saddam Hussein had a Stargate: There was a film in 1994 called Stargate about a technological wormhole that allows its owners to travel to another ‘stargate’ across the universe. This conspiracy theory believes that former dictator, Saddam Hussein actually owns one of these portals and that’s the real reason for America’s involvement in Iraq. Ehm, that latrine ditch we found him wasn’t exactly a ‘stargate’. Just saying.

2.) The Egyptians invented electricity: Some believe the pyramids aren’t just tombs but giant pieces of proto-technological conductors of electricity. So, like, did King Tut’s tomb have Wi-fi?

3.) HAARP, the government’s weather machine: The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska was made to study the atmosphere, but some conspiracy theorist believe that within these walls is a machine that can control the weather like a cooky cartoon super villain would.

4.) North Dakota doesn’t exist: The conspiracy here is that North Dakota was created for the sole purpose of having 50 states on the flag, appeasing the United States’ OCD tendencies. Also apparently Area 51 is here instead of in Nevada. The only real evidence conspiracy theories pose seems to be “have you even met anyone from North Dakota?”. Hmm.. the only person I’ve met from there is… my grandmother and her entire side of the family? So yeah they’re probably right.

5.) Moon Nazis: This leaked photo from the Cassiopeia probe made conspiracy theorists drool over their spools of red yarn. The agreed upon theory is that the Nazis secretly established a space program and this structure holds the frozen head of Hitler. The moon Nazis shall one day return with their revitalized leader and attack.

6.) Lizard people leadership: This one is a classic. Basically it holds that every world leader ever, even every president that you democratically elected, is a scaly lizard humaoid from a far off planet who regard us as their slaves. Fun fact about this one: as crazy as it sounds, 12 million Americans hold this to be true!

7.) Fluoride: Some imaginative dental patients believe fluoride is actually a chemical compound made by the government to dumb down the population. I mean, any excuse to not go to the dentist is fine with me.

8.) We are actually in The Matrix: Some people believe that the world depicted in the film, The Matrix, to be real and that the only reason the machines made that movie was to make you THINK that it was just a fantasy. I mean, maybe I’m mocking this, but maybe I’m just programmed by the machines to mock it so you continue believing its not true like the stupid human battery you are.

No matter how outlandish or strange these conspiracies sound, the fact is there are people everywhere who believe them. That’s what makes this all even stranger. … whoa.

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Real Anti-Zombie AK-47 With Chainsaw

The Internet has a lot of strange and weird obsessions, and one of those is the ‘impending’ zombie apocalypse. Not wanting to miss out on potential sales, DoubleStar created the Zombie-X, a full AK-47 with an electric chainsaw and a bunch of other useless, yet cool gadgets. Read more on Gizmodo.  


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Epic Meal Time Thanksgiving Special

It was only a year ago when EpicMealTime created their delicious monstrous TurDucKen inside of a whole pig creation for Thanksgiving. Not wanting to be outdone from last year, EMT brought things to a whole nother level. They invited a bunch of YouTube stars to party hard with ten of their ‘bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird… in a pig’ yummy creations.


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Shia LaBeouf Says He Wasn’t Crazy During NYC Arrest, Just Wasted (Video)

Shia LaBeouf went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night and finally opened up about his brush with the law during a performance of “Cabaret” on Broadway.

You may recall LaBeouf having what many might refer to as a psychotic episode a couple of months back.

According to Shia, the incident was catalyzed by copious amounts of drinking. He claims he didn’t go crazy. He just consumed a ton of Irish whiskey, and had just returned from a trip to Ireland.

He also began his bender while watching a World Cup match, so I guess it makes sense he was pouring a ton of booze down his throat. But, I also have a feeling Shia’s not the sanest cast out there.

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Senator Almost Hit By Train During ‘Rail Safety’ Presentation

Senator Almost Hit By Train During ‘Rail Safety’ Presentation

Of course, we should all respect and be careful around the railroad tracks. Ironically, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal didn’t heed his own advice as he stood just inches from the tracks during his own rail safety presentation as can be seen in this KHON2 News video. 

Just as the speaker said, “Safety as you know is paramount,” a train whizzed by just inches from hitting the Senator himself!

That’s embarrassing and could have ended much worse!

The video has gone viral with over 650,000 hits!


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Lakers Fans Pass Steve Nash Beer On Highway

Los Angeles Lakers fans are very excited after Steve Nash was just traded to LA. Any big name might be a little nervous with such a pivotal move, but Lakers fans proved to Nash that he was welcome. 

While driving down the freeway, an SUV packed with Lakers fans cheered at the sight of the freshly traded athlete, and even passed him a Keystone Light. While driving. On the highway.

The video went viral after the Lakers point guard posted it to his Twitter. Read more on YahooSports and HuffingtonPost


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Deer Hunter Opens Can Of Beer Can-Opener Style With His Teeth, Chugs Beer In Five Seconds

This relatively ancient video was published way back in 2007 by hunter , but has only just gone viralviral now over the weekend. Now, the video has over 400,000 hits, and is showcased by Dlisted, Reddit, SayOMG, and VideoSift

Bored in his deer stand, this serious hunter decided to open his beer a little differently normal. He literally bit the can open like a can opener, tearing the entire top off, then chugged the whole beer in a matter of four or five seconds. Impressive.


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