KUTV Reporter Passes Out And Falls On Air, Finishes Segment Anyways

KUTV Reporter Passes Out And Falls On Air, Finishes Segment Anyways

KUTV 2 News reporter Brooke Graham is a true professional. 

Just as she was beginning a segment on cross country skiing and asked her guest skiers her first question, she seemingly blacked out for a moment and fell backwards. 

Richard tried to catch her, but his skis impaired him. He quickly got down to help her, but she recovered immediately. 

“I just slipped and fell,” she said laughing off her on-air black out. 

The official video is quickly going viral, and is getting a kick star after being featured by DailyPicks and Gawker


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Destroyed In Seconds Compilation

This video from the summer of 2011 just went viral now, and is featured on BitsAndPieces. YouTuber  took a bunch of clips of cars crashing, buildings falling, and crazy fires that cause severe destruction in just seconds. 


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Russian Kid Pulls Double Flip Off Swing Set

You can always count on Russian videos to be far from the ordinary. This kid says something in Russian, then stands on a sea-saw type swing with his friend. After gaining momentum, he pulls off an almost perfect double back flip. So when are we gonna see him in the next Olympics. 


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Massive Pileup On Wisconsin Highway 41/45 During Snow Storm

Massive Pileup On Wisconsin Highway 41/45 During Snow Storm

Wisconsin was slammed with a major snow storm on Sunday, causing a massive pileup crash on highway 41/45.

Only after the giant 40 car chain reaction crash were authorities able to close the highway for hours. 

WISN 12 News posted this video of the dramatic scene. 


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Smart Crow Asks People For Water

Smart Crow Asks People For Water

The crow is well known for being one of the smartest birds, perhaps one of the smartest animals in the kingdom. The Web has seen many videos demonstrating the intelligence of the crow, but here is even more proof the bird is no bird brain. A thirsty crow landed by a group of people who had a bottle of water out. The thirsty bird communicated the best he could that he needed a drink, and after a while, the people picked up on his sign language. 

This video from 2010 has only gone viral now. 


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Reporter Covered In Strange Hurricane Irene Foam

Hurricane Irene brought plenty of heavy rain, winds, and destruction this past weekend. But one thing Irene was kind enough to bring was a mysterious green foam, reminicent of an 80′s sci-fi movie. I’m immediately reminded of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fox Reporter Tucker Barnes covered the green foam in Maryland and, yes, he even tasted it too. The video is shared on Guyism


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