Cat Brushing Himself (Video)

Cat Brushing HimselfCat Brushing Himself

This cat’s owner only needs to take out a brush – the cat does the brushing by himself.

Thanks Keiko!

Talkative Baby Girl Has a Heated Discussion with Her Dad (Video)

Dad is speaking Russian and the baby is speaking gibberish, but that doesn’t take anything away from this adorably intense conversation:

Oldest known upload here. Original probably somewhere on Spotted here. Another viral copy here.

Parrot Does Irish Jig (Video)

Parrot Does Irish Jig (Video)

Lili the Black-Headed Caique Parrot shows off her river-dancing skills…

via Apocalypse487x

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French Bulldog Begging to Get on Sofa (Video)

French Bulldog Begging to Get on SofaFrench Bulldog Begging to Get on Sofa

Alice the French Bulldog really wants to climb on that sofa!

Original video found via Youtube. Spotted here.

Cutest Baby Talk Ever (Video)

Two cute baby girls, Julianna and Emilia, talk and make your day suck less in the process. And, in case you missed it, I also highly recommend the rubber band twins.

via Say OMG

Interactive Christmas Hedgehogs (Video)

Interactive Christmas HedgehogsInteractive Christmas Hedgehogs

An interactive Youtube video called ‘Singing Christmas Hedgehogs’ lets you pick your own hedgehog that will do its best to sing you some Christmas carols… Or you could try again. The videos requires some clicking, but it’s very cute and tons of fun.

via The Daily What

Baby Gorilla Takes a Bath (Video)

Baby Gorilla BathingBaby Gorilla Bathing

Baby gorilla from Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, UK takes a bath and loves every second of it. Bonus cuteness: a baby chimp keeps him company. Filmed in 1967, courtesy of The British Pathé Film Archive.


Sloth Hugs Cat (Video)

Prince the Sloth loves Daisy the Cat and can’t help but give her lots of sloth hugs and cuddles. The adorable sloth already went viral with this cute photo and now there’s also a video of him intermingling with another cat:

via Cute Overload