He Gave His Daughter The Room Of Her Dreams By Hand-Painting An Epic Mural

Most little girls can rely on their dads for constant love and lots of entertainment.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad would chase me around the house roaring that he was the tickle monster. When he finally caught me, he would mercilessly tickle me, making me laugh until I cried. That memory is something I’ll always cherish, which I’m sure is exactly what this little girl will do after seeing the amazing thing her dad did for her.

When artist Adam Hargreaves’ daughter, Bobbie, complained that her room was too boring, he decided to repaint her walls. But when all was said and done, he had completely transformed her room into a Disney paradise that would make any little (or big) girl jealous.

My inner child is so jealous that I can’t take it anymore — is anyone else about to throw a fit, too? If you want to check out more of Hargreaves’ awesome art, you can find his Facebook page here.

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SpiderDad Surprises Sick Five Year Old Son For His Birthday

SpiderDad Surprises Sick Five Year Old Son For His Birthday

Parkour and free-running enthusiast Mike Wilson put his athletic talents to good use to put a smile on his son’s face. Sadly, his baby boy was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor and has a very short life expectancy. To make his five year old birthday extra special, Dad donned a homemade Spiderman costume, and jumped off the roof to surprise his son. Naturally, the little boy was all smiles meeting his favorite superhero. Best dad ever!


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Man Shares Risks Of Not Washing Hands After His Baby Girl Almost Dies

One dad realized how disastrous forgetting to wash your hands can be after his infant daughter nearly lost her life.

Cosmopolitan reports the Memphis-area man (who goes by“andnowforsomethingcompletelydifferent” on Imgur) posted a photo of his baby girl after she contractedRespiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a highly contagious infection. She contracted the virus while getting treated at the hospital for viral meningitis.

As her father wrote of the terrifying experience,

We almost lost her last Monday. Our local hospital told us if she got any worse there was nothing more they could do for her…

RSV is no joke.I didn’t know much about it until a week ago when it almost took my daughter from me. Please make sure to wash your hands before handling little ones.


Dr. Ari Brown, the author behind “Baby 411,” explained in the past how having RSV feels similar to suffering “the worst cold you’ve ever had.” To that point, she added,

RSV is not only spread through droplets, but through contact on surfaces like the grocery cart that your baby touches that another ill child was coughing on an hour earlier. So we definitely encourage really good hygiene especially this time of year.

But could somebody die if you don’t wash hands? Technically, yes.

Luckily, the baby is doing better and will likely make a full recovery. This serves as a good reminder for parents and children alike to take your doctor’s orders. When it comes to washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, it could mean the difference for you or your baby’s survival.

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Dad Makes Awesome Mission Control Desk For Son

Dad Makes Song Awesome Mission Control Desk

Jeff High Smith of Makezine wanted to make his son a homework desk with an added bonus and was more than successful.

After work is complete, the desk transforms into the coolest spaceship mission control desk any kid could dream of. 

The desk includes countless NASA-themed buttons, buzzers, switches, lights and sound effects. 

Best dad ever!


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Genius Dad Builds Backyard Luge Course – Video

It’s freezing cold outside, so all the kids are in the house. Gone is the quiet and the peace. So what do you do? Well, leave it to a handy dad to build an amazing luge course outside to get your kids out of the house again!

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Doctors Told Them To Give Up On Their Sick Baby But Then This Miracle Happened

When doctors in Algeria told the parents of one-year-old Marwa that it was time to take their baby off life support, they refused to give up hope. After petitioning the court for an extension of care, they witnessed a miracle.

Marwa was hospitalized in September after contracting a virus that causes neurological complications. Doctors were forced to put her in an induced a coma, but soon informed her parents that she was braindead. According to them, baby Marwa would never walk, talk, or breathe on her own again.

Marwa’s parents wouldn’t allow doctors to pull the plug on their daughter. With the help of a Facebook petition called “Not Without My Marwa,” they raised enough money to challenge the matter in court.

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After reviewing the case, the court granted a two-month extension of care. Incredibly, just 10 days later, baby Marwa came out of a coma on her own.

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Dad Watching Breaking Bad (Video)

Son films his dad watching the climax of the season 4 Breaking Bad finale. Dad’s reaction is priceless…