Hahn Beer Creates Perfectly Stable Robotic Beer Holding Arm

After receiving countless letters from fans with the same message–”Dear Hahn, I am often jostled in busy bars, spilling my beer everywhere. Can you help?”– has finally created a solution. With their new stability arm, you can dance the night away and your beer will stay perfectly full. Not a drop of that delicious nectar will go wasted. 


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Conan O’Brien And Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

Conan O’Brien And Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

Late night host Conan O’Brien is not a gamer. That’s what makes his hilarious video games review series so much fun. 

This time, he teamed up with USA Soccer gold medalist Alex Morgan to review the not-yet-released dance game Just Dance 4.

Conan playing video games is hilarious enough. But Coco playing a dance video game? Pure comedy gold.  


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Dancing Evian Babies Are Back in the New Baby and Me Ad (Video)

The new Evian commercial titled ‘Baby & Me’ features people dancing with baby versions of themselves in the mirror. Evian already went viral with their dancing roller babies in 2009. and this new ad is destined to repeat that success.

Evian Roller Babies from 2009:

via HuffPo

These Boys Recreated The ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ Dance From ‘Mean Girls’ And Its Epic (Video)

Is there a more classic holiday movie than “Mean Girls?” I think not.

Granted, the Tina Fey film isn’t actually about the holidays — but who could ever forget that classic “Jingle Bell Rock” dance scene?

Certainly not these boys. The teens, from Lavaca High School in Arkansas recently re-created the plastics’ talent show dance for their own school talent show, and suffice it to say, they blew it away.

These four gangly boys rocked the classic Christmas jingle even better than Regina George and her band of loyal followers. Just don’t tell Regina George.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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Bill Nye And Tyne Dance The Cha Cha On Dancing With The Stars

Bill Nye And Tyne Dance The Cha Cha On Dancing With The Stars

In general, the Internet hive-mind isn’t that interested in Dancing With The Stars. That is, unless the star is an Internet hero like Bill Nye The Science Guy

Unexpectedly, Bill was invited onto the popular ABC show Dancing With The Stars, and danced the Cha Cha with Tyne for his first dance

Not surprisingly, the scientist didn’t receive the greatest reviews, but that hasn’t stopped him from trending online. 


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I Cannot Stop Watching This Video Of An Ostrich Dancing

You ain’t as fly as my Ostrich.

1. This bird will steal your girl, flush your allergy medicine, and finish the orange juice in your fridge.


2. The most turnt bird in the animal kingdom.

I Cannot Stop Watching This Video Of An Ostrich Dancing

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Via italktopencils.tumblr.com

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All I Want For Christmas Is You Lip Sync Duet Dance

Christmas is quickly approaching, and so are the holiday themed viral videos. Lip syncing to hit likes All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey is classic, but this duet brings something fresh and different to the table. They are definitely original. The video is shared by TheDailyWhat.  


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