Gangnam Style Kid on Belgium’s Got Talent (Video)

A 4-year-old boy named Tristan dances to Gangnam Style on ‘Belgium’s Got Talent‘ and everybody loses their minds…

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Pudsey the Dancing Dog on Britain’s Got Talent (Video)

Pudsey the Dancing Dog on Britain's Got TalentPudsey the Dancing Dog on Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent has a new sensation: a dancing dog act! Pudsey the pooch and his trainer Ashleigh Butler, 17, stole the show dancing to The Flintstones by the B-52s and earned a standing ovation from BGT judges, ­including Simon Cowell!

Skip to 2:24 if you want to see just the dancing part.

Missionary Kills It In Dance Off With A Michael Jackson Impersonator (Video)

There are a lot of different opinions on the late, great Michael Jackson, but I think one thing everybody unanimously agrees on is that the dude could dance.

Although he’s gone now, the King of Pop left an indelible mark on modern culture. His style was entirely his own.

Street performers impersonating Michael Jackson have to be able to nail down the singer’s signature moves, which, considering how fantastic of a dancer he was, cannot be easy.

One impersonator learned that he my need to step up his game after being shown up by a surprising competitor while busting his moves on the streets of Barcelona, Spain.

Watch a Mormon missionary kill it in the dance department in the clip above. MJ would be proud.

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Crazy Skittles Dancing

 is an Internet favorite for playing his funny, weird guy Trale Lewous character. He’s become such a hit, Skittles gave him a Skittles boom box for him to make a Skittles video. And boy did he succeed. He, his lady friend, and an old man get down and dance to some crazy techno Skittles beats. The awesome song is by FantomenK called Playing With Power. 


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The Original Harlem Shake Dance Video

The new outrageous Harlem Shake meme has exploded online. But where did it all begin?

Like most trends online, it’s difficult to pinpoint the originators, but most agree the credit belongs to Filthy Frank who posted DO THE HARLEM SHAKE just over a week ago. He and his friends danced ridiculously to the first 30 seconds of Baauer‘s now famous song Harlem Shake wearing even more outrageous costumes and face masks. 



Then, The Sunny Coast Skate crew were inspired to make their own version of the dance, titled The Harlem Shake v1which incorporates the now standard recipe of one dancer dancing alone until the bass drops. Only then do the others join in on the madness.

Since then, multiple ascending versions of the The Sunny Coast Skate‘s original have been made, including countless other themed parodies of the ridiculous dance, such as the local news versionfirefighter version, and even a father-son version


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What This Guy Does With A Whale Carcass Is Disturbing…And Really Dangerous

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures that Earth’s oceans have to offer. They’re also some of the biggest animals on planet Earth. When a whale dies (as all things do), they tend to leave a rather large corpse behind. Due to their massive size, it can take a while for them to decompose in the ocean. The carcasses also tend to float.

Because of this, it’s common for sailors to come across them every once in a while. Typically, they just pass by the dead creature and get on with their business. However, the guy in the video below is clearly not most people. How he decided to commemorate a dead whale he came across will probably make you cringe…

I guess if I had to sum up the current state of humanity using just one video clip, it would be this one. I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified. At any rate, I must respect this guy’s immense dance moves.

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Mom Captures The Incredible Moment Her Son Finds Out He’s Finally Cancer-Free

Cancer is a disease that changes tens of millions of lives worldwide. Yet it’s seemingly at its cruelest when it affects children.

Ben Morris was diagnosed with cancer when he was just three years old. But recently, he received the amazing news that he is finally cancer-free! The now seven-year-old from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, was told the fantastic news by his mother, Casi, who had a video camera rolling to capture the heartwarming moment.

When you see his beautiful reaction you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling. What a moment!

Congratulations on the amazing news, Ben!

Beating cancer has to be an amazing feeling. Hearing the good news must be like winning the lottery! What’s better than getting a new lease on life after putting up an amazing battle?

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Cat’s Hand-Swinging Dance with Her Human (Video)

Ame the Cat performs a weird hand ritual with her owner…

Thanks Miwa!

OMG! Hillary Clinton announces again she’s on Snapchat

How many times did Hillary Clinton launchher historic presidential campaign?We think it was two or three, with the “real” one being the event on Roosevelt Island. And then there were the reboots to her public persona, which for a while had settled on “humor and heart.”

What a wild coincidence, then, that one day after Sen. Bernie Sanders announced that he had joined “Snapshot” to the rapturous joy of tens of thousands of millennials, Clinton announced that she too had joined Snapchat, promising dancing and puppies and shots at Republicans.

Closer inspection shows that today’s tweet from the Clinton campaign links to an announcement posted Oct. 12 that Clinton had joined Snapchat. Maybe Clinton thought the nearly 20,000 “loves” awarded to Sanders’ tweet in the space of one day could be hers too, but her count has stalled just over 700.

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