This Cop’s Dance Moves Are Actually Impressive — Eat Your Heart Out, Beyonce!

In the police academy, officers-in-training learn how to take down criminals and defend themselves, among many other things.

But what about learning how to busting a move? Not so much. One cop, however, has seriously impressive dance skills that will make you wonder where he picked them up.

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When Lieutenant Deuntay Diggs from the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia performed alongside other officers at a lip-sync battle, he didn’t hold back — and it definitely showed. When you watch him dance to Beyoncé’s “Formation,” you’ll wish you could slay it like he did that day!

Look at him go!

Teach me your ways, you dancing beast! So far, this is all I’ve got.

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I Feel Dizzy Post Anesthesia Kid Remix

Last week, the I Feel Dizzy kid went viral with his hilarious post surgery anesthesia  reaction. As is obligatory online, the auto tune remixes of the video have been popping up everywhere. 

Remix artist  is the first to have a true viral remix of I Feel Dizzy Kid that already has nearly 30,000 hits. 


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Gangnam Style Mom (Video)

Gangnam Style MomGangnam Style Mom

Mike Song and his mom dancing to PSY’s Gangnam Style. She is 60 years young.

via Doobybrain

P.S. Check out the Gangnam Style and Matrix mash-up.

Saudi Gangnam Style Parody

How many Gangnam Style spoofs can the Internet handle? Apparently there is no limit. The South Korean pop music sensation by PSY took the West by storm, and now it’s even picking up in the Middle East.

 published this music video over the weekend, and already the Saudi-themed Gangnam parody has over 1.9 million views


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Little Kid Performs GLEE Raise Your Glass

This mini warbler first went viral singing and dancing along with GLEE’s interpretation of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Well, he’s just getting started. For his next performance he tackles Raise Your Glass. He even dances and along with the original video.


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Amazing Free-Stepping Kid (Video)

Amazing Free-Stepping KidAmazing Free-Stepping Kid

Brazilian free-step duo, little Gabriel Gaa Alves and his brother Rafa Anjinho, already went viral last year with their mad dancing skills, but I think this video deserves some extra views as well:


Girl Teaches How To Dance In The Club

YouTuber  teaches her fans how to dance at the club with a very thick, and admittedly fake, accent. She explains that you can’t just ‘fist pump all night long,’ you have to mix it up. Her how to dance moves have particularly gone viral on Facebook. 


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Adorable Girl In Fox Costume Tries To Steal The Spot Light During Ballerina Performance

This older Russian video is from last Christmas, but only started to trend recently. During a little girl’s ballerina recital, a young girl in a  fox costume from another part of the program stormed the stage and attempted to dance along as if she too was a ballerina. 

The adorable contrast of the two on stage with no adult intervention has helped relaunch the video now, been featured on VideoSift, DailyPicks, and Reddit


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