The Moment Deaf Woman Hears For First Time Will Warm Your Heart

The Moment Deaf Woman Hears For First Time Will Warm Your Heart

Joanne Milne suffers from Usher Syndrome, a rare disease that left her deaf since birth and even took her sight in her twenties. 

Thanks to the power of science, she has just regained some hearing with the help of a cochlear implant.

British news channel Birmingham Mail News posted the powerful moment, originally uploaded online by Joanne’s friend Tremayne Crossley, when she hears for the first time at the clinic, and naturally breaks down in tears. 

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Beautiful: When Their Deaf Daughter Started Digging A 200-Foot Pit In Their Backyard, These Parents Just Assumed It Was A Deaf Thing

Heres something that will definitely brighten your day. Edward and Julia Machado have a 7-year-old daughter, Laura, who was born without the ability to hear, and when she recently started digging a 200-foot pit in their backyard, they did something absolutely incredible: They just assumed it was a deaf thing.


Some may have looked for a different explanation, but not Edward and Julia. Having a deaf daughter has taught them to be more understanding and accepting of the differences of others, and from the first time Laura went out into the backyard to dig her pit, the Machados just attributed what shes doing to her deafness. They even gave her a shovel so she wouldnt have to dig with her hands and a headlamp for when it gets dark!

Laura is just like all the other kids, but because she cant hear, she experiences life a little differently, said Edward. Her digging a large pit in our backyard is just part of that.

As of now, the hole is about 200 feet deep and 5 feet wide in diameter, and since Laura shows no signs of stopping, its only going to get deeper. In recent days, shes even appeared to dig with more urgency, something the Machados say is also probably some sort of deaf thing.

She has yet to sign any other reason for digging the pit, so why would we assume that its anything but a deaf thing? Julia said. It can be frustrating sometimes when neighbors ask us why shes doing this, but then again, not everyone has someone deaf in their lives.

What a touching storyand it goes without saying that we could all learn a lesson in tolerance from Edward and Julia Machado.

Faith in humanity restored!

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Ellen Surprises the Socks Off of This Deaf Mother When She Does THIS On Air!!

This deaf mom just thought she was sitting down for an interview, but watch what Ellen does next…

Sarah was born with defective DNA that stopped the hair in her middle ears from forming. Because of this, she spent 34 years not knowing what it’s like to hear.

From chirping birds, to thunder, to her own laugh and her husband’s snoreit was all foreign to her…until recently.

The procedure that allowed her to hear is nothing short of miraculous, but it’s also crazy expensive, $30,000-per-ear expensive.

Sarah and her husband couldn’t afford it by themselves, so Sarah’s mother-in-law Lari decided to cash in her retirement savings to help pay for Sarah to get one ear done. There was no insurance, so this was straight out-of-pocket.

Ellen was so moved by whatLari did that she invited the family on the show to share their story and give them a HUGE surprise! Watch this family’s reactions as Ellendoes what Ellen does best: Surprise the socks off of peoplewho deserve it most!!

And seethe tear-jerking video of Sarah hearing for the first time here (Warning: you’ll need some tissues for this one, if you haven’t already used up the whole box!):

Sarah has started towrite about her journey in her blog, In the world, but not of the world. She’sbeen through quite a tough and emotional ride, but she’s remained positive and thankful through it all.

In one post entitled “Thankfulness,” sheshares how grateful she is for the man who invented the device that has changed her life:“The one thing I always think of when people mention ‘being thankful’…..but certainly not the least. I’m continually thankful for the man who sat at his kitchen table 30+ years ago and drew up the design for the Esteem Implant I have.Sadly, he was killed in a car wreck before ever seeing the fruits of his labor.

She addedthat his daughters attempted to get the Esteem implant off the ground, but they couldn’t afford it.

They ended up selling the patent to their Father’s design, and after millions upon millions of dollars, much testing, research, blood, sweat, and tears spent…….the Esteem came to fruition, she added.“I met these ladies at a shareholder meeting and was brought to tears as they told me their father would’ve been so happy to see his device helping others like me.”

Sarah continues to live life to the fullest, choosing to hear all sorts of sound in full, blaring, living color. She even went to see rockband Megadeth!

“I recently got to spend a few days in Vegas thanks to Megadeth front man, Dave Mustaine,” she writes. “It was our first trip to Vegas, and my first rock concert. It was loud, but good!!! We were impressed with his guitar skills!!!”

We’re so happy for this inspirational young woman who refuses to take the little things for granted. We hope she continues to march to the beat of her own drum and hear her amazing laughter along the way!

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Deaf 26 Year Old Hears For First Time With Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implants are amazing, relatively new technology that gives certain hearing-impaired people the ability to hear in a very real sense by replacing the hair cells that do not work in the inner ear with special hardware. 

The Internet‘s viral video world was first introduced to the power of the implant when then-deaf Sarah Churman heard for the first time in an emotional viral video from 2011. That video currently stands with over 16 million views

Now Catherine Arnold‘s 26 year old deaf niece Amy has gone viral after this touching six month old video of her first experience with her new cochlear implant started making the round online this weekend. 

Amy has never heard her parents or her son before her implant and now she finally can hear her little six year old boy yell, “Hi mom!” 

Ironically, it’s the little things in life that we often take for granted that are the most magical.


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This Deer Was Minutes From Freezing To Death…But Then A Silent Hero Showed Up

A kindhearted deaf man was driving down a highway one cold winter day when he happened to look at the river. Thinking he saw something move near the edge of the frozen river, he stopped his car. Clearly seeing something struggling in the water, he had to walk almost half a mile through woods to reach what turned out to be a deer. Using a rope, he was able to free the deer from a situation that could easily have taken her life.

After the daring rescue, the two shared a touching moment.

Here’s a transcript of what the man says: “I was driving along when I saw this deer struggling to survive. I felt obligated to help her, so I pulled over, trekked through the woods, and crawled out onto the ice. I used a rope to pull her out. I am so glad she is safe. Now we need to find her mom. [pets deer] I will call her Miss Ice River. She must be so cold. I am so happy that she survived. Farewell.”

Truly a job well done.

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Deaf Mom And Her Son Absolutely Tear Up The Dance Floor (Video)

Who said you need to be able to hear music in order to dance?

Mark Villaver is a professional dancer who has danced alongside the likes of Taylor Swift.

His mother might be just as good of a dancer as Mark, but she is deaf.

Mark’s mom showed off her killer moves when she danced with Mark to Usher.

It’s really incredible that someone who can’t hear the music could be such a spectacular dancer. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.

Check out the video above and prepare to be in awe.

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Viral Deaf Woman Who Heard For First Time Gets Second Ear Implant

Remember back last September when Sarah who was hearing impaired heard for the first time with her new hearing implant? She became an instant viral sensation, even being invited on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Now, Sarah has returned to the doctor’s office for her second implant, and the results have naturally gone viral. Her entire story is covered by CBSDallas-FortWorth.


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