A 15-Year-Old Ad About Racism Is A Great Reminder Of The Power We All Have To Promote Justice

This gem of an ad was made 15 years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. I think the message is timeless.

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Kirsten Powers and others who’ve read the Google ‘anti-diversity’ memo slam hysterical media coverage

Now that the author of the infamous “anti-diversity” memo that reportedly compelled some women at Google to stay home from work has been fired and the deceptive headlines have been written, maybe the media could take a breather and, you know, read the actual memo?

The Federalist was among those outlets republishing the complete text of the memo that reportedly violated Google’s code of conduct.

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Here's Something You Could Say That Defends Our LGBT Friends — And Might Quiet Someone Else's B.S.

If you’re different in any way from the silly preconceived “normal” that some people have in their heads, you may have been spoken to in a terrible way. I wish I were as quick-witted as J Mase III in those situations.

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If You Laugh, You Get It. If You're Offended, You're Part Of The Problem.

Well-meaning people sometimes make off-handed remarks to each other and to people of color that are hurtful and offensive. Calling out friends and acquaintances on remarks like those in this clip is beyond frustrating because no one ever wants to admit that racism is nuanced. Thank the heavens for comedians.

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How Could A Group Of College Kids Do This To An Incoming Freshman? Because They're Geniuses.

This starts out inspiring, and then you know what happens? It just gets better.

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How Carl Sagan Used His NASA Connections To Get A Picture Of The Earth From 3.7 Billion Miles Away

Hey, NASA? Yeah, it’s Carl. Hey, can you do me a quick favor?

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