Underwater Dogs Are Back in the New Book by Seth Casteel (Photos)

Seth Casteel’s ‘Underwater Dogs’ photo series went viral last February when the award-winning pet photographer captured some amazing photos of dogs fetching a ball underwater.

Those pictures managed to win the hearts of millions, so it is no surprise they’ve now been compiled into a great coffee-table book called, duh, Underwater Dogs. Here’s a couple (out of 89) of never-before-seen photos from the book.

You can buy it here.

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel

Check out Seth Casteel’s website for more great photos.

10+ Times Dogs Tried To Bend Human Rules, And It Was Hilariously Adorable

Never underestimate how clever dogs can be. Especially when their owner sets rules for them…

“I’m not allowed on the couch? Well, as long as one foot is on the ground, technically I’m not breaking the rules!” Below, Bored Panda has put together a list of dogs that thought of the most clever ways to bend the rules. In fact, they bend the rules in such an adorable way it’s impossible to get mad at them! But I bet they knew that already… Keep on scrolling to check out the pics and feel free to submit your own to the list.

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So You Think You Love Dogs? You Simply Cannot Compete With This Family

Lynn Everett and her husband, Tony, live in a pretty normal house in south Yorkshire, England. If you walked past it on the street, you wouldn’t assume anything was out of the ordinary. But if you rang the doorbell, you’d be greeted with a woman covered in dog hair. Other than that, she’s just like any strong-willed woman…it’s just the 41 dogs that make this household special. The only thing keeping her from getting even more pups is that the city has limited her to the 41 she’s got now!

You do not want to visit if you’re allergic…

It’s craziness! And this isn’t even half of them.

(via Laughing Squid)

While it may seem a bit wacky to you, this way of life is the norm for the Everetts. The dogs are more than adequately cared for, and it’s clear that they mean more than the world to Lynn.

I’m going to throw it out there, but I think she might love dogs more than any of us…

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These Dogs Are Really Confused And Somehow Think They’re Sharks

Summer is finally upon us, so you know what that means.

It’s time kick back and watch the most fin-tactic television event of the season.

That’s right, the insanely popular Shark Week series is back and this year’s line-up of terrifying fish-filled shows looks more amazing than ever.

And if you thought humans were the only ones who love to celebrate the return of Shark Week, think again.

Apparently, man’s four-legged BFF is also a pretty big fan of the Shark Week series.

In fact, it appears that some dogs love this Shark Week so damn much, they’re actually trying to convince the rest of the world that they’re one of these prehistoric ocean predators.

Yep, we’ve seen puppy imposters posting all sorts of hilarious photos on social media showing off their new digs from the deep blue sea and I have to say, some of these little fellas look downright adorable as dog sharks.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these hilarious dogs that think they’re sharks.

If you thought people were the only ones excited about the return of Shark Week…

…you clearly haven’t seen all the four-legged fans of this annual event.

However, it appears some dogs are are experiencing an identity crisis from the return of their favorite summer series…

And now lots of pups are trying to convince the world…

That they’re terrifying creatures from the deep…

…by rocking all sorts of shark costumes for the occasion.

While some of these shark costumes appear pretty fishy…

…other pups actually make some pretty convincing ocean predators.

I mean, seriously, just look at this hammer-headed hound…

This dog that would basically do anything to be Katy Perry’s left shark…

This precious shark-toothed puppy….

This fin-clad fido…

This toothy tail-wagging fella.

…and this marine mutt lurking near the ocean’s edge.

If you ask me, “Jaws” has nothing on these adorable puppy imposters.

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Little Dog Passes Out From Overwhelming Joy When Reunited With This Girl.

Anyone who thinks dogs don’t have feelings must not know many dogs. Casey the Schnauzer was away from her momma who was living abroad for two years. When the young woman came home… Casey just couldn’t handle all of the happy. The little dog was so filled with joy, she actually fainted. This is the kind of welcome home you’d never, ever forget. (To be fair on Casey though, that is like 14 years in dog years, a long time to be away from a loved one.)

(Source: Rebecca Ehalt) For those worried or wondering, Casey was taken to the vet soon after this was filmed. The vet watched the video and gave the Schnauzer a check-up. Everything is fine with her. Her fainting spell was not caused by any medical disorder… just pure joy. Share Casey’s epic reaction with others. You can’t watch this without smiling.

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While Looking For Survivors After A Mudslide, They Saw Something Heartbreaking

Disaster struck in Brazil last Thursday when two mining dams collapsed, unleashing gallons of mud into the small town of Bento Rodrigues. Several townspeople are dead and even more are missing, but as rescuers quickly learned, humans weren’t the only ones devastated by the disaster.

While looking for survivors, firefighters came across a dog that somehow managed to live after being washed away by the mudslide, only to get stuck up to her chest in thick sludge. Fortunately for the brave pup, help was on its way.

As you can see, the damage is horrific.

Getty Images

The entire town is covered in layers of thick mud, and at this point, the prospect of finding survivors looks grim.

Getty Images

But one day, just as they were about to give up hope, rescuers came across a strong little survivor who was in need of saving.

Getty Images

The stranded dog had clearly been swept away by the unforgiving mudslide, but somehow, she pulled through. All she needed was a helping hand.

Getty Images

She was weak, so her new buddy carried her away from the scene so that she could be cleaned up.

Getty Images

And this pup isn’t the only survivor. Hundreds of animals have been rescued from this nightmare, and they’re being cared for by generous volunteers from the Animal Rights Defense Institute.

Even in the face of so much heartbreak, these rescuers provide survivors with something invaluable: the opportunity to reunite with their faithful friends.

Reunions like this wouldn’t be possible without their tireless efforts. “One thing is certain,” one volunteer writes. “We at ARDI, along with the help of dedicated veterinarians, will continue to stand by these animals.”

(via The Dodo)

Anyone who shares their life with a pet knows that they quickly become family. In times of crisis, it’s critical that volunteers and rescue workers keep their eyes peeled for four-legged friends who are in dire need of help. Not only does it make a difference in the animals’ lives, but it also leaves a lasting impact on the humans who love them.

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20 Dogs That May Or May Not Have Forgotten How To Dog

It’s okay to be a bit kooky sometimes.

This world is full of people striving for perfection on social media, so it’s really refreshing to go against the grain and let your freak flag fly now and then. Sure, you might get some interesting looks along the way, but if you’re living life to the fullest, there’s no need to let the haters get you down.

And you don’t have to be human to embrace your uniqueness. These 20 dogs certainly aren’t landing modeling gigs anytime soon, but they couldn’t care less. Watching these majestic creatures derp through life is inspiring.

1. This is me every night trying to get comfortable in bed.

2. “They cost how much?”

3. He’s just really excited to see water, okay?

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4. Let’s see those pearly whites.

5. “What…what is this thing??”

Bring it here! Bring it over here!

6. “I’d let myself in, but I don’t have thumbs.”


8. Too derp to swing.

9. Well, you tried.

10. She looks like a movie villain and I love every second of it.

11. Swinging chair :1, Dog: 0

12. “What do you MEAN you ran out of treats??”

13. “Hello, Mother. I do not know how this happened.”

14. “Hello. Pls let me out. TYSM.”

15. When you forget what day it is and find out it’s only Monday.

Dog doesn’t know what to do when on camera

16. “Hooman, could you give me a hand?”


18. Yep, that’s definitely how sitting works.

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19. Here’s what happens when the dog tries to make your favorite coat HIS favorite coat.

20. This is a really alarming reaction to citrus.

You taste terrible, leave at once!

Hey, we can’t be picture perfect all the time.

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