This Skydiving Dachshund Proves Some Dogs Are Tougher Than They Look (Photos)


Normally, when we think of fierce, fearless dogs, the bigger, tougher breeds, like pit bulls or Rottweilers come to mind. Dachshunds, not so much.

Well, Riley, a 4-year-old dachshund from San Francisco just turned the tables on everyone’s ideas of what “tough” means. He jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet with his owner, Nathan Batiste.

That’s right: The pup went skydiving.

Batiste, 38, a seasoned skydiver, has made the plunge over 400 times but wanted to make his latest jump a little more special.

He had special goggles made for his puppy pal, strapped the little guy to his chest with a custom-made harness and jumped out of the plane.

According to Batiste, Riley loved his first-ever jump — so much so that the pair is already planning to do it again in the future.

Who needs goggles anyway.


That smile doesn’t lie: Riley is having the time of his life.


Here’s a picture of the pup and his owner from 13,000 feet:


There’s no turning back:


At least the humans have something to hold on to:


Close-up of the daring pooch:


Riley posing in his specially made “doggles:”


Safely back on the ground:


Watch the full video here:

H/T: Daily Mail

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Handicapped Dog Shuttles Around Her Bestie Who Can’t See Or Hear

The Beatles had it right when they sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends…”

And if any two friends know this to be true, it’s Susie the blind and deaf pup and her sidekick Holly. Holly is paralyzed in her hind legs, but that doesn’t stop the two from being positively inseparable.

Watch how they get around — it’s absolutely adorable!

Their mom, Norma Miedema, is so proud of her adorable babies that she constantly posts videos and photos of them on her Facebook.

How cute are they?!

See even more of their adorableness here:

These two cuties live on a farm with tons of other rescued animals. If you’d like to help Miedema out with her expenses, you can find out more information on her site here and her Facebook. (Warning: they’re unfortunately in Dutch.)

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26 Adorable Pets Who Are Super Worried About Everything Right Now

The world is a constantly confusing place for our silly, fuzzy friends. Though there are some who find the strength to brave all the mysteries of life with reckless abandon, there are plenty of others who would much rather tread lightly.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit timid. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say. However, these hilarious cats and dogs take that nervous nature to a whole new level with their adorably worried faces.

1. “What if the other dogs at the park don’t like me?”

2. “I have to bark at the bird outside! It’s a matter of life or death!”

3. “Are they giving me away to someone? Did I do something bad??”

4. “You remembered the baggies, right?”

5. “Why is everything so big and scary?”

6. Maybe she should be a little more worried…

7. “You okay in there, buddy? Can I get you anything?”

8. “What if I never catch my tail?”

9. “Tell my wife I love her.” – this dog on his way to the bath

10. “Mouse? Eek! You handle it!”

11. “You’re not contagious, are you?”

12. “Um, speed limit, ever hear of it?”

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13. “How is she not drowning?” “I don’t know, dude, but we better keep watch.”

14. “I can’t help but notice all the bacon is almost gone and I still haven’t had any.”

15. “I should not have eaten all that grass.”

16. “You almost forgot me.”

17. “That burrito looks like a lot for one person.”

18. “What if I’m not the good boy?”

19. “I saw a scary movie that started just like this once.”

20. “Oh, so…we’re keeping this thing?”

21. “No, not the vacuum monster again!”

22. “Please, I beg of you: use the gentle cycle.”

23. “…what have I been doing with my life?”

24. “That smell wasn’t me, I swear!”

25. “Curiosity did what to the cat??”

26. “Shots? Needles? But…why? Did I do something wrong?”

Aw, it’s alright, little dudes. You just want to make sure everything is smooth sailing. Besides, bravery is totally overrated.

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This Dog Was Running An Agility Course When All Of A Sudden — Oh Jeez

I’m always amazed by the dogs that run flawlessly through an agility course. My awe is mostly because my dog only comes or sits when she really wants to.

Another reason for my amazement is that they aren’t distracted by anything. For most pups, the allure of bacon, a squirrel, or even a tennis ball couldn’t stray them from their path.

Then again, sometimes a higher calling takes hold…

Wait for it…

When you gotta go, you gotta go. No questions asked!

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