POPCORN: Tom Perez tweets about GOP ‘blindly passing bill,’ accidentally slams Pelosi, enrages Dems

Tom Perez says a LOT of stupid stuff, but this tweet about Republicans ‘blindly’ passing anything just bit ol’ Nancy Pelosi right in her backside …

It’s seriously like Democrats have ZERO ability to remember their own past.

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‘Pompous fool’: Guess what John Kerry says has ‘shocked’ world leaders (hint: not terrorist attacks)

We can always count on John Kerry to stay focused on the real problems in the world, as he demonstrated yesterday:

From The Hill:

“Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America. They cannot believe it,” Kerry said on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday.

“I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked.”

You’d think recent terrorist attacks would have been enough “shock” for Kerry and the people he claims to be quoting, but no:

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‘Chickened out’? Donald Trump bails on #CPAC2016 at ‘last minute’

Donald Trump, who was scheduled to speak at #CPAC2016 tomorrow, will not be there:

Here’s the Trump campaign’s statement:

Trump will be in Kansas instead, and there has been plenty of speculation as to the exact reason he’s skipping CPAC this year.

Is that so? Trump hasn’t said that was the reason.

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OMG: New Republic editor’s ‘worst case scenario’ if Pence were prez gets eyes rolling

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Trump’s Fourth Of July Party Plans Are Surprisingly Low Key Compared To Obama’s

In an administration thus far marked by differences from its predecessor, President Donald Trump will continue the trend this weekend. He’ll be breaking from the Obama era tradition of hosting a grand celebration on our nation’s Independence Day.

Instead, the current president has opted for a mellower affair. He’ll reportedly spend the holiday weekend golfing in New Jersey, and then returnto Washington D.C. on Monday in time for the July 4th holiday on Tuesday.

According to , the White House confirmed that the Trumps’ official Independence Day celebration will be limited to a picnic on the South Lawn for armed services members and their families, followed by a fireworks display for White House staff and their families.

Ron Sachs Pool/Getty Images

Meanwhile, PBS will be hosting its annual concert,A Capitol Fourth, featuring performances from The Blues Brothers and The Beach Boys, among others. And across the nation, in addition to celebrations,several protestswill be taking place.

These festivities for better and worse stand in stark contrastto the celebrations in the nation’s capital last year. The administration’s simple offerings don’t exactly stack up to what the Obamas usually whipped up during their Fourth of July celebrations. In addition tofireworks and marching bands, the Obama camp had rolled out some big names for the annual affair.

For the 2016 holiday,President Obama had the likes of Janelle Mona and Kendrick Lamar to help him celebrate with the rest of the nation. In previous years, he’d hostedBrad Paisley andBruno Mars. All of us are still jealous.

Obama is the cool party host we all wanted to be in high school, and not just because of the entertainment he brought in. The Presidenthimself evengot onstageduring the performance to sing Happy Birthday to his daughter Malia, who had just turned 18.

This year’s celebration might just prove to bethe start of a new administration’s tradition.

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Donald Trump aims for Obama on Gitmo, punches George W. Bush in the nose instead

President Trump is out with an early tweet this morning attacking the Obama administration on terrorists who’ve been released from Guantanamo but have returned to the battlefield…

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Try again: Two former Obama staffers swing and miss at French election analysis

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod has come up with the reasons he thinks Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in the French election. Put simply: Obama endorsed Macron, and Trumpseemed to expresssupport forLe Pen.

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The Internet Can’t Stop Sharing These Famous Melania Trump “Quotes”

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Helpful context for Trump’s rally from a pro: West Virginians are angry, easily misled, lots don’t speak English

On a night like Thursday, when President Trump was scheduled to headline a rally in West Virginia, you know the hot takes are going to be coming in fast from all directions, but who’ll go the extra distance to really stand out?

Stuart Rothenberg, senior editor at Inside Elections, went all out in sizing up the people of West Virginia, many of whom wouldn’t make it in as immigrants under the Trump administration’s policies, which are in clear violation of that Emma Lazarus poem.

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