‘Pathetic idiot’ Paul Krugman makes light of London attacks and tells Trump not to panic

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman weighed in on the terror attacks in London, which is apparently where he is headed later in the week. Cue the insanity.

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Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Reveals Terrifying Things About His Presidency

Its a new week, so lets look at this thing with a fresh mind.

Donald Trump is the president-elect. He won the office fair and square if you believe in the electoral vote over the popular vote. Now, its time to put down our pitchforks and give him a chance.

Because hes going to be sitting in the White House. Thats not going to change for quite some time.

How he conducts himself and what sort of radical proposals hes going to put on the table are anyones guesses. But we got a snapshot of Trumps presidency post-election for the first time last night.

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WATCH: Rep. Devin Nunes talks impeachment of FBI Director Christopher Wray

Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence committee, has had enough with DOJ stonewalling and he’s ready to star holding folks in contempt of Congress. The Washington Post’s Robert Costa reports:

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WaPo writer apologizes to President Trump for posting ‘phony photo of empty arena’

President Donald Trump on Saturday afternoon called out David Weigel of the Washington Post for posting a “phony photo of an empty arena” in Pensacola, Fla., Friday night.

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‘O Brave New World!’ Trump stumper: ‘Riots are not necessarily a bad thing’ [video]

No words? How about some letters, then?

W, T, and F should do quite nicely:

That supporter? Erstwhile Tea Party activist and current Trump fangirl (note: not an official spokesperson) Scottie Nell Hughes.

More from Mediaite:

Trump warned of riots if the GOP brokers away his nomination, and Hughes told Wolf Blitzer this afternoon that people would of course be angry. She argued, Riots arent necessarily a bad thing if it means its because its sitting there and fighting the fact that our establishment Republican party has gone corrupt and decided to ignore the voice of the people.

Blitzer asked her if she seriously would want riots. Hughes responded, Its not riots as in a negative thing. She firmly believes that Trump supporters would not resort to violence.

That being said, Hughes said I dont consider riots to be a violent thing unless things get a little too heated.

Somebody please. Make it stop.

Honestly, would anyone be surprised if that happens?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with video.


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SCANDAL! David Frum says ‘this explains a lot’ about Trump

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Woman Absolutely Shames Donald Trump in a Twitter Rant After Trump Tweets About Saturday Night Live Sketch

  • Here’s the Original SNL Sketch and Donald Trump’s Tweet Afterwards

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‘What took so long?’ Chuck Todd puts foot down about Trump interviews on ‘Meet the Press’

Yesterday, Donald Trump did a phone interview with ABC’s “This Week.” In recent months, Trump has also been allowed to call into other Sunday news programs, including “Meet the Press,” but that’s no more, according to host Chuck Todd in an interview:

Trump has insisted that if Sunday news programs want to interview him, they’ll have to do it by phone (something traditionally frowned upon by the Sunday shows), and many have caved to that demand.

Many wonder what took so long:

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In Presidential Forum, Trump Says US Generals Were Reduced To ‘Rubble’

It seemed like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had just managed to gain some traction in his foreign policy credibility when 88 retired military figuresoffered him their support earlier this week.

But based on his performance in the Commander in ChiefForum moderated by Matt Lauer on Wednesday night, Id say that credibility has quickly evaporated, especially after how he talked about currentmilitary leadership.

Trump turned up his typically outlandish rhetoric, saying that under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble.

This language conjures the image of a bunch of US generals huddled underneath some rubble with small white flags emerging through the crags, which frankly has no basis in reality.

While he did say he has great faith in the military, he mentioned that he only has faith in some of the commanders some, but not all, apparently.

This is hardly a vote of confidence in the leadership of our armed forces.

It was a night where Donald was all over the place in terms of foreign policy.

In fact, hebarely could contain his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that Putin was far more of a leader than Obama.

He added,

If he says great things about me, Im going to say great things about him.

Look, I know flirty flattery is nice and all, but you cant be so easily swayed by a foreign leader as Commander in Chief.

In addition, when it came time to outline a clear policy approach to defeat ISIS, he withdrew himself from answering, saying that he wanted to keep it a secret.

How is any voter going to make an informed decision about Trumps foreign policy acumen when he refuses to inform us on key points?

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