The Mind-Boggling Stupidity Of The Sequester Explained In Plain English

This is the political equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot, then hitting the Sunday morning talk shows to complain about the bullet hole in your foot. 

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What This President Said About U.S. Security Needs To Be Tattooed On Every Congressperson's Hand

Delano Roosevelt laid out a Second Bill of Rights, or an Economic Bill
of Rights, in 1944. Little did he know that 70 years later we’d
still be fighting for what he knew this nation needed.

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If You Listen To What These New Yorkers Say And Are Not Angry, You Live In Another World From Me

These New Yorkers were — quite literally — left in the dark in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Is this the solution to help tackle what’s at the core of this problem?

If you want to join the rally in New York City on Sept. 17, here is some more information.

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How Much Time Do You Spend At Work Just To Pay Taxes?

I can’t think of many people who sit around and say, “You know, I really love paying taxes.” However, when you break out your day into bite-size pieces like this, paying taxes makes hella sense.

For example, I’ll gladly spend four minutes a day contributing to the men and women who fought for my freedom, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow thinking about the 23 minutes I spend paying for that big ol’ mess of a war we got into in the first place.

FACT CHECK TIME! Our fact checkers want me to point out that this infographic is based on a dual-income family with one child where both parents work 7.5 hours a day to earn a combined $107,225. Of course, not all Americans earn that much money (most don’t), and not all taxpaying Americans are in dual-income households, either. So depending on your family and income situation, these numbers vary.

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Bill Moyers With 2.5 Minutes Of Absolute Truth About Companies That Don't Pay Taxes

While some folks were droning on and on about “welfare cheats” and tax dollars going to (gasp!) feed poor kids, big companies that can afford to pay taxes simply do not do so. Because freedom. Or something.

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So … This Debt Ceiling Thing Is Routine, Or The End Of The World?

Just when you were getting
over “Fiscal Cliff-itis,” here comes “Debt Ceiling Mania.” Allow a fictional take, on our very real pseudo crisis, to calm your media-jangled nerves.

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That Awkward Sound? A Panel Of Experts Trying To Defend Walmart From Questions Asked By One Senator.

Here’s a radical idea: How about a huge corporation whose owners have more money than God (actually, more money than 40% of the American people) pays its people a living wage with medical benefits? I know, I know, just dreaming over here. But John Lennon once wrote, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

Watch this senator keep the first “expert” from changing the subject not once, not twice, but three times. Charming, no?

Oh, and the “Secretary Reich” who comes in at 4:50? More great stuff from him below the clip.

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MATH PROBLEM: If BP Made $36 Billion In 2010, And Their Tax Rate Is 35%, How Big Was Their Tax Bill?

There’s a bunch of corporate tax loopholes that allowed BP to pay $0 in taxes in 2010. Companies seem to be really good at not doing their patriotic duty. So some hackers decided to bring that to your attention in the most entertaining way possible.

First, learn what the corporations do when they play their games. Then play their game. (Sorry mobile users, the game won’t work on your phone. Use your tax break to build a mobile app.)

This is my personal favorite. 

That’s right, BP ruined a chunk of our country and got a REFUND. Now play the game and see what you can do to stop them.

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