When You Add Up These 3 Numbers, You Don't Get A Sum — You Get A Disaster

Next time someone asks about the weather, talk about what the weather will be like in 15 years instead. Because according to these numbers, the forecast is pretty much “sunny with a chance of human extinction.”

Check out Bill McKibben‘s recent Rolling Stone article that tackles climate change’s number game.

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5 Ways ISIS Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Via Skynews.com.au

As ISIS continues to expand its operations in the Middle East, it is more urgent than ever for this group to enact sustainable policies that will have the least impact on our environment. Here are some expert tips to help the Islamic State go green!

1. Purchase carbon offsets


Driving one standard truck from Mosul to Tikrit releases more than 225 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Using a carbon offset company like carbonfund.org can make those resupplying runs carbon neutral.

2. Reduce number of security checkpoints

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Requiring cars to stop at a military checkpoint leads to fuel inefficiency and idling engines, especially if an ISIS agent has to search the vehicle. Limiting checkpoints to one every 20 miles provides similar security with significantly lower emissions!

3. Avoid setting oil wells on fire

Via Ibtimes.co.uk

ISIS recently made headlines by setting three oil wells on fire in northern Iraq. When fossil fuels burn, they release high concentrations of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere—a major cause of climate change. If ISIS hopes to reduce its carbon footprint, it should refrain from igniting any more oil wells going forward.

4. Eat locally

Via Iraq-businessnews.com

Instead of wasting fuel to transport food, it would be more efficient—and delicious!—for ISIS militants to stick to the local fare of each new city they conquer.

5. Take public transportation

Via Mawtani.al-shorfa.com

ISIS can say goodbye to the hassles of parking and getting stuck in traffic if militants choose to travel by train or bus instead of driving gas-guzzlers like tanks and cars. What’s more, they’d be helping all of us say goodbye to climate change.

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A Magic Trick That No One Wants To See: A Sea Completely Disappearing

CNN documented the loss of the Aral Sea. At one point, one-sixth of all of the Soviet Union’s fish catch came from it. Now, it’s a ship graveyard. The fact that it was shrinking was no surprise to anyone. That it dissapeared this fast in less than 15 years? That’s kind of scary.

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What Do These Celebrities Hate More Than Paparazzi?

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon rounded up a group of their celebrity friends for a quick and dirty song to save your mother (played here by Yoko Ono). Do you even know what the government is doing to her? Pretty gross, if you ask me. 

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Hey, When You're Ready To Talk About Climate Change, I'll Just Be Over Here Holding This Sign

Climate change is more than just sad and cute polar bears dying; real people in real communities across the world are affected by it. Share this if you think that climate change is real, or at least worth discussing. 

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Next Time You Hear Someone Make This Dumbass Comment In The Real World, Please Show Them This Video

Other than the regrettable joke at 0:40, this is some solid climate info disguised as sketch comedy. Listen. Learn. Laugh.

If you’re unsure whether this comedy sketch got its facts straight, allow me to quote NASA: “The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere ‘behaves’ over relatively long periods of time.”

And you can’t argue with NASA ’cause, you know … they’re NASA.

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A Group Of Badass Environmentalists Goes On The Offensive

Waterkeeper Alliance is one part environmental organization and one part Batman. It patrols rivers, streams, lakes, and coasts literally looking for trouble. It runs experiments, confronts polluters, and basically makes sure people are accountable for their actions. Plus, its videos are narrated by Edward James Olmos of “Battlestar Galactica,” so it’s got that going for it.

If you liked this video, check out the longer version below.

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We Both Know You'll Listen To Morgan Freeman Say Anything, So Spare Us The Denial And Watch This

I am sick and tired of politicians’ empty promises. Seriously, when will our leaders *actually* just do what they say? Well, these top-notch A-listers are having none of it and are holding Obama accountable. Will you be joining them?

On June 17-18, Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet at the G-8 summit. Make sure you join the movement and sign the petition to #DemandZero from our world leaders.

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They Went Back To See What Global Warming Had Done And Couldn’t Even Tell Where They Were Standing

I love this short film about the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. They’ve been known for thousands of years as “the mountains of the moon” and as the legendary source of the Nile River. What makes this such a great video is how fantastically weird the mountains are, with multiple ecosystems, and species that exist nowhere else.

The filmmakers came to photograph retreating glaciers before it’s too late. And with the refreshing degree of respect they bring to their Bokonzo porters, it all makes for a wonderful few minutes in a unique place that’s being transformed by climate change.

You’ll hear about the mountains’ legend at 0:44 and be introduced to some of its odd landscapes at 3:13. The filmmakers struggle with the mountain’s uncooperative weather before making a startling discovery at 7:25 about what’s happened there.

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