Nine Year Olds Perform Rage Against The Machine, Ozzy Osbourne Cover

At the Crumland “Rock The Farm” festival in Fredrick County Maryland this past summer, a group of nine year old kids stole the show. They’re a cover band called Unavailable, and, out of nowhere, two of their videos from the festival have both gone viral recently. First, they performed an epic cover of Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine.




They also performed a great cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic Crazy Train. 


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17 Iluminations That Kept Melbourne Wide Awake On White Night

It’s not a dream.

1. Once every year, Melbourne turns on the lights to host a night-long celebration that only proves why it’s the culture capital of Australia.

2. Bright Notes at Melbourne Central.

Flickr: Tony & Wayne / Creative Commons

3. The Crucible at Federation Square.

Flickr: Steve Collis / Creative Commons

4. …Another fire spectacle!

Flickr: Steve Collis / Creative Commons

5. Key Frames at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Flickr: Tourism Victoria / Creative Commons

6. Golden Mirrored Carousel at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Flickr: Tourism Victoria / Creative Commons

7. Neon Angel Wings at Queen Victoria Gardens.

Flickr: Steve Collis / Creative Commons

8. Infinite Curve at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Flickr: Steve Collis / Creative Commons

9. Sita’s Garden near Federation Square.

Flickr: Steve Collis / Creative Commons

10. 4 Elements at the Royal Exhibition Building.

Flickr: Steve Collis / Creative Commons

11. Colonise at Scots’ Church.

Flickr: Tourism Victoria / Creative Commons

12. TOTEM Turtle at Alexandra Gardens.

Flickr: Tourism Victoria / Creative Commons

13. Vox Lumen at Federation Square.

Sore feet? Watch Vox Lumen transform movement into light at Fed Square #WhiteNightMelb

— whitenightmelb (@WhiteNight Melbourne)

14. Wonderland at the Forum Theatre.

15. More from Wonderland.

Have you been to Wonderland #Melbourne? #WhiteNightMelb

— whitenightmelb (@WhiteNight Melbourne)

17. Sofles’ Graffiti Mapped at the McKenzie Street car park.

18. Rabbit Hole at the State Library of Victoria.

Head down the Rabbit Hole @Library_Vic You would be mad not to move towards Northern Lights #WhiteNightMelb

— whitenightmelb (@WhiteNight Melbourne)

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Crazy Old Man Drinks Jagermeister And Dances At Festival

Loud electronic music festivals are a magnet for young kids and party people. The last person you’d expect to be there is a very old man. But you’re only as old as you feel, I guess, because this old man parties like a rock star. After being offered, he chugs some Jagermeister right out of the bottle, then screams and dances like he’s possessed. 


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This Glorious Festival Is Dedicated To Nutella, And It Looks Amazing (Photos)

A lot of people are pretty obsessed with Nutella.

In fact, this spread might be the only condiment with its own cult following.

But then again, that makes perfect sense considering this chocolate-hazelnut spread is basically the best, not to mention most delicious, thing to ever happen in the history of spreadable foods.

If you happen to be like me andthink Nutella is so goodit deserves its own damn holiday, you’re in for a real treat.

This year, the first Nutella-Palooza will be going down in Australia.

While it might not be an official holiday per se, a festival dedicated entirely to Nutella seems like a totally legit reason to blow off all your obligations and spend the day shoveling spoonfuls of this sweet snackinto your face without feeling the least bit guilty.

After all, everyone knows calories don’t count on regular holidays — let alone Nutella holidays.

If you’re a fan of all things chocolate and hazelnut…

…you might want to pay attention and grab your favorite spoon.

A festival called Nutella-Palooza actually exists…

…and this glorious event is going down on April 9 at Bonython Park in Adelaide, Australia.

Nutella-Palooza will reportedly feature a variety of cooking demos, bakery and chocolate stalls, food vendors and artwork displays.

Plus, you can even show off your favorite Nutella recipes by scoring a spot at one of the festival’s food stalls.

However, it looks like the competition couldbe pretty stiff in the creative recipe department.

So far,we’ve seen allsorts of insane Nutella recipes…

Ranging from heavenly chocolate-hazelnut pizza…

And delectable Nutella-filled doughnuts….

To fried ice cream creations…

…and, obviously, some over-the-top Nutella milkshakes.

Yep, you’re definitely going to want to wear your stretchy pants to thisparty.

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The Best Of The Big Ones At This Year’s BoomTown Fair

BoomTown Fair Festival can only be described as a seriously magical place.

Spanning across nine completely different districts, the Hampshire-based festival has worlds of fun in store for everyone to enjoy.

But nine districts, over 500 artists and 100+ stages to choose from means you’re going to need from now until August to plan your movements for the weekend.

Ain’t no body got time for that, which is why we’re stepping in with our advice on who not to miss from the biggest names on the jam-packed line-up:


The reigning kings of British SKA the legendary Madness will be heading up the ChinaTown district and resonating with BoomTown Fair’s heart and soul. If you’ve never heard Baggy Trousers, it’s high time you did.

So Solid Crew

Bringing their mix of Garage and Grime to the mainstream So Solid Crew were a staple of every school disco I ever attended. After a couple of appearances in reality TV shows in the mid-noughties, the crew have made a comeback along with the resurgence of their genres, and you can find them repping Sector 6.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

New Zealand seven-piece band have been dropping dub heavy classics since the late 90s. Well-known for their live improvisation in performances, the gang have fast become a festival favourite. You’ll find them at dub hub TrenchTown.

Damien Marley

There’s not a lot of explanation needed about Bob Marley’s son, Damien Jr. Gong Marley. The Jamaican Reggae master is also hitting up the Trench Town district for good vibes and a guaranteed massive crowd.


I don’t know how it started, but every single one of my uni nights out begun with us all listening to this Beardyman and Nathan FluteBox Lee set. If you want to hear some seriously impressive out of this world beatboxing, make sure to head to the Town Centre.

As for the other guys, we’ll leave that down to you, but let us know who else you’re planning to go see.

You can grab tickets to the festival HERE.

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How PLUR Are You?

Are you a kind, decent human being? Take this quiz and find out if you actually give off as many positive ~vibes~ as you may think!

    1. 1 ✓ You know what PLUR stands for
    2. 2 ✓ You life’s motto is EAT.SLEEP.RAVE.REPEAT.
    3. 3 ✓ You practice the tenets of PLUR in everyday life
    4. 4 ✓ For example… you’ve refilled the toilet paper before it ran out
    5. 5 ✓ You squeeze the toothpaste from the *bottom* of the tube
    6. 6 ✓ You’ve picked up coffee for a co-worker or classmate
    7. 7 ✓ … Or donuts
    8. 8 ✓ You call, text, AND write on Facebook when it’s your friend’s birthday
    9. 9 ✓ You’re generous (and genuine) with your compliments
    10. 10 ✓ You’ve helped an elderly person cross the street
    11. 11 ✓ You’ve called ahead to let someone know you’re going to be late
    12. 12 ✓ Anytime you ‘win’ at credit card roulette, you take it like a champ
    13. 13 ✓ You’ve paid for someone behind you at a drive-thru
    14. 14 ✓ You’ve paid for someone behind you at a toll plaza
    15. 15 ✓ You’ve let people cut in front of you in traffic
    16. 16 ✓ You’ve let the person behind you at the grocery store go first
    17. 17 ✓ You’ve been known to give teddy bear-like hugs
    18. 18 ✓ You are open to listening to new types of music
    19. 19 ✓ When “your song” comes on, its power COMPELS you to get up and dance
    20. 20 ✓ You never skip leg day at the gym, so you can carry people on your shoulders at shows
    21. 21 ✓ You have playlists that correspond to special moments and periods in your life
    22. 22 ✓ If you can’t make it to a concert, you resell your ticket at face value OBO
    23. 23 ✓ You front your friends’ money for their music festival tickets if they’re broke
    24. 24 ✓ You’ve carpooled to an event
    25. 25 ✓ You’ve made sure a person stranded at a show found a way to get home
    26. 26 ✓ You know the best EDC is in Las Vegas
    27. 27 ✓ You know the original EDC used to take place in L.A.
    28. 28 ✓ You’re saving your money to go to Tomorrowland in Belgium one day
    29. 29 ✓ You offer to plan where you and your 15 other friends will be staying for Ultra
    30. 30 ✓ You’ve worked an extra shift at the teahouse at Burning Man when they’re short-staffed
    31. 31 ✓ You’ve painted the words ‘EDC OR BUST’ on your brand new car
    32. 32 ✓ You’ve felt the joy of ringing in the new year with 40,000 of your friends at Together As One
    33. 33 ✓ You’ve gone to a festival solo
    34. 34 ✓ You have a #plurfam
    35. 35 ✓ You pack rave essentials to share with newbies
    36. 36 ✓ And you love reliving your first rave through their eyes
    37. 37 ✓ You’ve brought a first-aid kit to a rave
    38. 38 ✓ You’ve advised someone not to wear flip-flops to a show
    39. 39 ✓ You’ve brought something to sit on to a festival
    40. 40 ✓ You’ve gone to see the DJ your friends want to see, even though your favorite was playing at the same time
    41. 41 ✓ You’ve held hands with friends when walking through a crowd so no one gets left behind
    42. 42 ✓ You’ve set up a meeting point in case your friends got separated at a festival
    43. 43 ✓ You like giving pep talks
    44. 44 ✓ You like giving back rubs (but only to those who ask!)
    45. 45 ✓ You like making heart shapes with your hands
    46. 46 ✓ You love a good light show
    47. 47 ✓ You have a rave name
    48. 48 ✓ You’ve given someone else their rave name
    49. 49 ✓ You’ve received kandi at a show
    50. 50 ✓ You LOVE making kandi for your friends
    51. 51 ✓ You’ve made extra kandi because you expected to make a bunch of new friends
    52. 52 ✓ You’ve taken a picture for strangers because you saw them as potential new friends
    53. 53 ✓ You’ve been happy about being in a sardine-packed crowd (because you get to make MORE friends)
    54. 54 ✓ You’ve offered to split your last piece of gum
    55. 55 ✓ You’ve volunteered to go on a water run
    56. 56 ✓ You’ve shared the water from your Camelbak
    57. 57 ✓ You’ve shared your umbrella with someone when it’s raining
    58. 58 ✓ You don’t cut the bathroom line even if you really have to go
    59. 59 ✓ You are the BEST wingman/woman
    60. 60 ✓ You don’t smoke in the middle of the pit
    61. 61 ✓ You go crazy when the beat drops
    62. 62 ✓ You go crazy when the beat doesn’t drop
    63. 63 ✓ You don’t inappropriately touch someone in front of you just because you’re in a big crowd
    64. 64 ✓ You apologize when someone bumps into *you*
    65. 65 ✓ You alert everyone you know when you hear there’s a bad batch of molly circulating the scene
    66. 66 ✓ You put together packs of vitamins for your friends to take after a rave
    67. 67 ✓ You’ve advised someone on
    68. 68 ✓ You take care of your friends if they get sick
    69. 69 ✓ You sit with people on the sidelines if it looks like they need to cool down
    70. 70 ✓ You like to make everyone around you feel special
    71. 71 ✓ You never knock down your friends’ musical taste
    72. 72 ✓ You don’t ever make your friends feel uncool for not doing drugs
    73. 73 ✓ You know how to have a good time while being sober
    74. 74 ✓ You think that music doesn’t need lyrics to have meaning
    75. 75 ✓ It makes your heart swell up with love when your favorite DJs collaborate
    76. 76 ✓ You’ve created an Instagram hashtag for an event so you could collect memories in one place
    77. 77 ✓ You know how to TURN UP
    78. 78 ✓ You like getting #PLURNT
    79. 79 ✓ You think that EDM isn’t a genre, it’s a lifestyle
    80. 80 ✓ You’ve let the beat take over your body
    81. 81 ✓ You don’t need to be under the influence of anything to have an amazing time — just as long as your friends are by your side

Show me my results!

How PLUR Are You?

  1. You have a big heart and you always look out for the people around you. You’re a social butterfly and you love making new friends. But if you want to fully embrace the culture, try checking out a show or a rave — there will be plenty of people who will welcome you to their #plurfam. <3

  2. You do a good job of practicing peace, love, unity, and respect on a daily basis. You have a huge heart, endless patience, and you’re always looking out for your friends’ best interest. Keep on spreading good vibes and love! <3

  3. You fully understand the concept of PLUR. You embrace and love all parts of the culture — from the music, to the kandi, to the raves. You try to create a no-judgment zone wherever you go, and it keeps you open to new and exciting experiences. You’re an overall good samaritan and your energy is infectious! <3

  4. You live, breathe, and sleep PLUR. You have an impressive collection of kandi, garnered over years of making new friends and embracing new experiences. You’re a natural leader, and you’re usually the one organizing your new adventures and introducing people to the culture. Everyone that meets you is inspired by your positivity and loving personality. GOOD JOB and continue the PLUR life. <3


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Surreal Photos Of Burning Man By Victor Habchy

We all have that one place we want to visit. Photographer Vicktor Habchy’s dream destination was the Burning Man festival. One day he decided to stop dreaming and start living: “I simply packed my bag and traveled the world to attend this magnificent event,” Victor told Bored Panda.

Show Full Text

He travelled alone, so the journey across the world was physically demanding. “I entered the festival, in the middle of the night, exhausted and I slept for 15 hours”. It was worth it, though. Victor’s experience was life-changing: “Until today I wonder If I was just dreaming for a week. I have never felt as much alive, as much creative and loved”.

People say this festival can’t be described. Well, maybe verbally, but Victor’s pictures paint a really vivid and lively image of a barren desert that erupts with life for one week every year.