CNN vs. Fox News vs. MSNBC on Susan Rice

Here’s something to keep an eye on today: How does each cable news network cover the Susan Rice/unmasking story? From National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar:

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Muslim Woman Schools Megyn Kelly On What It Means To Be An American (Video)

Last night, infamous Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly revealed she thinks the constitution is bullsh*t. Well, basically.

In the wake of last weeks terror attacks in Paris, the right-wing newscaster hosted a debate to discuss the future of Islam in the US. The discussion was fueled in large part by your drunk uncle at Thanksgivings recent suggestion the government shut down American mosques to ward of religious extremism.

Kelly, who has been called ignorant more times than anyone can count, invited Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson and Republican Muslim Coalition founder Saba Ahmed to duke it out on her show.

Though not meant to participate in the debate herself, Kelly voiced her own unpopular opinionsat the first opportunity, saying,

Even experts like Andrew McCarthy have said mosques tend to be hotbeds for political activity, not as much religious activity.

Kelly also erroneously claimed, only the mosques breed extremist leaders.

Fortunately for the 1.6 billion non-extremist Muslims of the world, Ahmed (decked out in an American flag-printed hijab), did a stellar job shutting down Kelly and Pierson, schooling them on both the concept of a mosque (Megyn, we go to mosque to pray) and the core tenets of the United States Constitution.

With her thoughtful, dignified responses, Ahmed won the debate by a landslide (and made Kelly and Pearson look like uneducated fools in the process).

Simply put, this footage is the best thing to come out of the Fox News studios ever.

Watch and learn, below.

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‘A pleasant surprise’: WaPo’s Erik Wemple issues ‘an apology to Fox News’!/EdMorrissey/status/454675120208875520

On the April 8 edition of “FOX & Friends First,” anchor Heather Childers misspoke, mistakenly referring to the NCAA as the NAACP:

WaPo’s Erik Wemple — in his own words — subsequently “participated in something of a pile-on” on Childers. Several people were quick to point out that Childers was by no means the first media personality to make that mistake. And unlike many others in the MSM, this afternoon, Wemple acknowledged his own mistake:!/ErikWemple/status/454670139167113216

From his post:

We judged too harshly, and our apologies go to Childers and to Fox News.!/lachlan/status/454673584116727808

No it isn’t. But it is refreshing.

Classy, and well said…
RT @ErikWemple:
An apology to Fox News:— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) April 11, 2014

A pleasant surprise. RT @johnnydollar01: Classy, and well said…
RT @ErikWemple:
An apology to Fox News:— Sean O (@Sean_for_3) April 11, 2014!/ErikWemple/status/454674838511419392



WaPo writer: ‘Baseless’ Rolling Stone blowback is product of ‘tedious outrage machine’


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‘Struck a nerve’? Ed Henry hammers crapweasel Jay Carney; Carney loses his cool!/deedeegop/status/461903901504307201

This afternoon, Jay Carney once again took to the podium to weave his tangled web of Benghazi lies. Fortunately for us, Fox News’ Ed Henry, absent at yesterday’s sickening spectacle, had a chance to take a crack at Carney. And it was magnificent.

Henry started with a simple, straightforward question:!/NiceDeb/status/461903360136732672

Carney couldn’t come up with a decent answer:!/SethAMandel/status/461903385533632513

And, taking a cue from his boss, he passed the buck:!/Matthops82/status/461903362594992128

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up:!/guypbenson/status/461903179098357760

You can view video here. We recommend watching the full exchange, but here’s just a sample:

Henry: If the email was not about Benghazi, as you said yesterday and say again today, why did the White House turn it over to a conservative group seeking information about Benghazi?

Carney: You would have to ask the State Department about how they responded to FOIA requests. I would, again, point you to the fact — I mean, all you have to is read it, Ed. All right? Top line points, goals, that kind of stuff. The only mention of Benghazi in the email is a question about, what’s your response to a story by the Independent newspaper in, uh, the UK, that says we have intelligence — that we had intelligence — 48 hours in advance of the attack that was ignored. “Not aware of any actionable intelligence” was the answer. And then, what does it do? It cuts and pastes the same line from the CIA talking points that, again, was what Ambassador Rice used.

Henry: How about Benghazi? Why turn it over in a Benghazi suit?

Carney: You would have to ask the State Department about their process for responding to FOIA requests. Again, you can just read it and then decide for yourself. As many people have now said and written, like, this is a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy.

Satisfied with the press secretary’s answer? Ed Henry certainly wasn’t, and he continued to push an increasingly agitated Carney. Just how deeply did he manage to get under Carney’s skin? Four words: Reductio ad Fox News.!/SteveKrak/status/461904548244623362

For the record, Henry wasn’t having any of it.!/edhenryTV/status/461907747081289728

It’s almost as if the White House has it in for Fox News or something.!/sarahrstevenson/status/461906058785468416

Sad, but not surprising.!/MichelleClifton/status/461903862526251011

Well, unlike Clown Carney, Henry is a professional.!/s_j67/status/461903880360824832

Henry, as always, conducted himself like a grownup. And viewers are grateful to him.!/lduck623/status/461911060040015872!/kathyfisher10/status/461910590412566529!/Blueguppie/status/461916279180234754!/GenRachel/status/461910551904276481



‘Unbelievable’! ‘Lying liar’ Jay Carney ties himself in knots over Benghazi email

‘Asking real questions’: ABC News’ Jonathan Karl takes squirming Jay Carney ‘to the woodshed’ 

‘Would love to be in a room with this guy’! FNC’s Adam Housley rips into worm Jay Carney

‘LIAR’: This is why Jay Carney was trending on Twitter

Jay Carney spins ‘laughable’ yarn about Obama’s focus on bringing Benghazi killers to justice

Twitchy coverage of Ed Henry

Twitchy coverage of Jay Carney

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Andrea Tantaros given preview of Syrian refugee vetting form

It’s no surprise that, following the terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday, 33governors are reluctant to admit Syrian refugees into their states until they’re certain the federal government has a proper, effective vetting process in place. As Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros notes, though, this administration has had a tough time proving it can do anything properly and effectively.

The government might be turning things around. Just check out this draft of the federal vetting form for Syrian refugees:

Excellent work, Crash. Now we just $1 billion and 10 years or so for the government to digitize it and get it online.

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‘You just burned them!’ Greta, Brit Hume blast Fox-obsessed HuffPo!/golfnut332/status/421279018176876545

Oh, yes. She did. Greta Van Susteren has had it with Huffington Post and its obsession with Fox News. Fellow Fox Newser Brit Hume retweeted her ticked-off post:!/brithume/status/421281570486775808

Ms. Van Susteren called out the HuffPo writer for his ridiculous post and slammed him for “watching someone else do journalism rather than going out and doing your own.” Beautiful. “Real journalists” don’t actually do journalism, as Twitchy readers know.

Another delicious sampling:

So…I did the story 4 times – in 2 mediums (TV and internet) before he did! Ha!

Note…deep in the Huff Post article the writer concedes, as he must that we did cover the topic ON THE RECORD at 7pm but it must have killed him! It killed the writer so badly that he tried to minimize it by writing that I did not ‘lead off” ON THE RECORD at 7pm with Governor Christie story. Shame on me! I thought, in my editorial judgment, that matters involving the President of the United States and the Former Secretary of Defense Gates trumped a story involving a Governor of New Jersey. That is what I led with. Maybe next time I should call this guy for editorial guidance? Apparently he knows….and he doesn’t have an agenda, right?


Yep. Lapdogs gotta be lapdoggy!!/kbrochhausen/status/421279985765478400

Says it all.


Devastating truth-boom: Would Christie be a hero to Dems if he had done this instead?

Daniel Hannan tells Chris Christie ‘where you made your blunder’ on ‘Bridgegate’

Joan Walsh pronounces Chris Christie ‘toast’; Selective accountability diagnosed

‘Ouch’: Former Obama staffer issued reminder after mocking Chris Christie ‘Bridgegate’ response

‘I am outraged and deeply saddened’: Chris Christie issues Bridgegate statement; Lapdogs pounce

A ‘Bridgegate’ too far: Plouffe, MSM stoke outrage over Chris Christie, give Dems a free pass

‘More trouble than he’s worth’? Chris Christie postpones appearance in the wake of ‘Bridgegate’ scandal

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YIKES! Janice Dean shares plastic surgery horror story: ‘Always read the fine print’

Fox News’ Janice Dean has been off the air for the past 9 weeks, and now we now why.

The popular meteorologist suffered adverse side effects from a procedure called “fractora” that ended up freezing the left side of her face, making it hard to chew, smile or even speak:

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