Explosive Dance Portraits By Alexander Yakovlev (Part 2)

Russian studio-dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev is back with his expressive images of professional dancers. Dynamic and powerful, his new photo series “The Mirages” immortalizes the graceful movements of the dancers with the help of exploding flour.

Based in Moscow, Yakovlev is a graduate from the faculty of law at the Russian State University For the Humanities, however, it can be clearly seen that his true passion is dance photography. His photos are a truly wonderful representation of the moving human body. You can check out the first part

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Yes, Dogs Also Have Best Friends! I Want To Show You My Golden Retriever Mali’s Friends

I am an 35 year old amateur photographer from Germany and I love to take pictures of my dog.

My Golden Retriever named Mali has a few best friends. They play together, they cuddle together and it’s a pleasure to watch them. I want to show you some impressions and I hope you will like it the same as I do.

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Dream-Like Long Exposure Photos of Fireflies in Nagoya, Japan

If you are tired of the usual long exposure photos, then this post is for you. Japanese photographer Yume Cyan has spent the last month in the forests of Nagoya City, Japan, shooting some surreal long exposure photographs of fireflies.

His long exposure shots (often 30 seconds at ISO 800) were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and 50 mm lens. The aperture was set at f/2.8 – this made the closer fireflies look like out-of-focus circles of light. Finally the photos were combined together into composite shots.

According to Wikipedia, there are more than 2,000 species of fireflies, but despite their name, only some species produce adults that glow. These lightning bugs produce the most efficient light in the world – nearly 100 percent of the energy in the chemical reaction is emitted as light. [Read more…]

You can usually take such surreal photographs during the rainy seasons, from June to July, when fireflies mate after thunderstorms. For more examples, be sure to check out Long Exposure Photos of Gold Fireflies by Yuki Karo.

Website: 500px | Facebook | via: thisiscolossal, petapixel

Long Exposure Photos of Gold Fireflies by Yuki Karo


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Landscapes Painted On Fallen Tree Logs Tell Us Not To Take Nature For Granted

NY-based artist Alison Moritsugu paints idyllic, pastoral landscapes on logs and stumps as part of her beautiful commentary on how we look at and treat the environment.

Moritsugu’s paintings emulate the optimistic style of the 18th and 19th centuries, but “by viewing the painting’s surface, the cross section of a tree, any sense of nostalgia or celebration of nature is countered by the evidence of its destruction,” she writes in her artist’s statement.

She uses this beautiful but jarring juxtaposition to critique how we portray the environment in media. “Today, photoshopped images of verdant forests and unspoiled beaches invite us to vacation and sightsee, providing a false sense of assurance that the wilderness will always exist. By exploring idealized views of nature, my work acknowledges our more complex and precarious relationship with the environment.” Naturally, Moritsugu paints on naturally-fallen lumber.

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Dancers Strip Down For Stunning Photos In NYC (NSFW)

Dancers from all around the world stripped down to pose for Manhattan portrait photographer Jordan Matter’s new book: Dancers After Dark.

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From London to Paris to New York City, Matter traveled to many different cities to capture dancers completely naked in public places. “Often in life we have to run toward our goals blindfolded, trusting our instincts to guide us. These images represent our willingness to throw ourselves into the streets without fear of failure,” Matter said. “Doing so led to beauty and exhilaration we could not have imagined.” Each photo shows how the dancers have left their comfort zone to pursue their dreams with extraordinary commitment. Take a look at some of Matter’s stunning photos shot in New York below. You can buy his book through his website.

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QUIZ: Which Of These Identical Twins Smokes or Has Been Smoking Longer?

A team of doctors and researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have gathered an interesting new take on tobacco and cigarettes by comparing pairs of twins in which one of them smokes. They attended the Twins Days festival in Twinsburg, Ohio and met 79 pairs of twins in which either only one twin smoked or where one of the twins had started smoking at least 5 years before the other did. Professional photographers then took their portraits and a panel of judges were asked to evaluate the twins’ faces and rate their signs of aging. [Read more…]

The judges gave the twins scores, but you can see the results for yourself. The smoking twins, in comparison to their siblings that did not smoke or had smoked for a shorter period of time, received worse scores for wrinkled and baggy eyes, baggy cheeks, nose wrinkles, jowls and lip discoloration.

Smoking can be a controversial issue. On the one hand you’ve got the tobacco lobby and enthusiastic fans of smoking who defend their habit, and on the other you’ve got plenty of public and private institutions amassing a growing pile of evidence that smoking tobacco is bad for your health.

Smoking is a personal decision. Some people enjoy it enough that they don’t mind the numerous health risks, while others are simply too addicted to quit. But if you haven’t started smoking, think twice before you do!

Source: journals.lww.com (Facial Changes Caused by Smoking: A Comparison between Smoking and Nonsmoking Identical Twins – Okada, Haruko C. M.D.; Alleyne, Brendan B.S.; Varghai, Kaveh; Kinder, Kimberly M.D.; Guyuron, Bahman M.D.)

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Coffee And Tea Turned Into Beautiful Art By Giulia Bernardelli

What can you do with food and coffee? Just eat & drink, right. But that’s not the case with Bernulia, a creative food artist on Instagram.

Guilia Bernardelli, known on Instagram as Bernulia is an Italian lady which makes amazing art with leftover foods such as spilled coffee, breakfast and ice cream too. But most of her artwork is done with spilled coffee. As we know, coffee stains are the really a tough one cleaning job, but this brilliant artistic lady turned messy things into beautiful work of art using spilled liquid and a spoon or whatever else is nearby.

According to her, she never plans creations in advance. Talking about her unique passion she says, “I decided to replace the brush with what nature offers us, such as leaves, fruit skin or just food”.

So getting inspired from nature, opposite of other creators who sketch objects with coffee, Bernulia crafted the coffee artworks based on spilled coffee, she edited and give regular coffee splashes a new form by turning into attention-grabbing shapes and pictures.

After seeing here artwork with coffee and foods, we bet you will hook on Bernulia’s marvelous art.

Now, just have a look …

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The World’s Most Beautiful Library Is In Prague, Czech Republic

The Klementinum library, a beautiful example of Baroque architecture, was first opened in 1722 as part of the Jesuit university, and houses over 20,000 books. It was voted as one of the most Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: 

Image credits: Iztok Alf Kurnik

See 24+ more of the most majestic libraries in the world!

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20+ Reasons Why Being A Nature Photographer Is The Best Job In The World

As fascinating as nature and wildlife photography can be, there are often beautiful and unforgettable things that happen behind the lens as well. Usually, these can only be enjoyed by the photographers themselves, but occasionally, we’re lucky enough to have a second photographer on the scene to capture these special moments. These photos are some of the weirdest, funniest, scariest and most beautiful moments that we’ve ever seen behind the scenes in nature and wildlife photography.

If you’ve ever captured a special moment behind the scenes, we’d love to see it. Please share it with us by adding it to this list and upvote your favorites, too!

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I’ve Been Picking Mushrooms For My Whole Life But Only Now Started To Photograph Them

I’ve been a mushroom hunter for my whole life. I can remember my grandma taking me to the woods when I was a little boy, encountering all kinds of wild animals, plants and mushrooms.

But I kinda found something special in mushrooms though, so I started photographing those miniature forest landscapes. Here are some of my favorite shots, feel free to share and comment.

Special treat

King of the…

Weakened army

All shiny

Towards bokeh


A mushroom on a mushroom



Bolete power

Suspicious minds

Not alone

Marching effortlessly

Straight up

A little light


A warm place



A visitor


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