Dad Films Creepy “Ghost Swing” Moving On Its Own In A Park

It’s not often that you come across irrefutable proof that ghosts exist. All too often it’s just grainy pictures with a white-ish blur in the background with some weird caption about orbs and feeling a cold breeze down your neck.

I want something that makes me think a ghost could be chilling right next to me and I’m none the wiser. When’s that going to happen, huh?!


How do we know? Around a week ago, a man went live on Facebook claiming to be watching a swing move on its own accord without the aid of wind or, you know, humans. Have a look…

Just to clarify, there’s no one around. Don’t be getting that impression from vagueness.

I mean… I’m not convinced. That swing has a large surface area so, if it was windy (which is what’s implied 52 seconds in when the trees are going nuts) it would be affected way more than the other, smaller swings. Also, I don’t like the way it moves – too lopsided, like it could be being pulled by a string attached to one of the chains… but who’s going to wait around pulling a swing from a distance on the off-chance it might creep someone out?

Thing is though, I reckon Scotty knows something we don’t. Something about a paranormal, four-legged influence that he let slip with his first edit of his Facebook live caption…

It’s always the goats.

Having said that, I reckon I saw a ghost on the slide the other day. I even took a picture to prove it…

No one around. Explain that.

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Sleep Texting Is Now A Thing And It Could Get Seriously Weird

Just imagine. You fall asleep at night. Sleep soundly for a whole six hours, but then wake up to find that you’ve somehow text your Gran some jibberish, snapchatted a picture of yourself snoring, and matched with your boss on Tinder.

While this – hopefully – has never happened to you, sleep-texting is on the rise, so it’s probably only a matter of time before we’re all sleep-tindering, sleep-snapchatting and even sleep-selfie-taking as well.

The horror.


For now though, it just seems to be the texts. Writing for The Debrief, Frederica Palmer explained how – fast-asleep – she sent a Whatsapp to a friendshe wasn’t even in an open conversation with. It was 2:30 in the morning, and she asked that the girl not drill any holes in the wall.

Fair enough.

A sleep consultant explains that ‘sleep texting’ is a bit like sleep-walking. While you’re about conscious enough to text – an arguably fairly complex task – you’re not awake enough for your brain to be able to create a memory of doing so.

A bit like drunk-texting then, only without the beer, butwith all the bitter regret.

Apparently it’s stress – surprise, surprise – that causes sleep texting. We spend too long on our electronic devices during the day, and so we sub-consciously use them during the night.

While a lot of people are freaking out about the concept of sending a text while they’re asleep – (what if you inadvertently send a nude to your boss? What if you ‘sext’ your next-door neighbour? Imagine the ridicule, imagine the shame!) – we would quite like to know the type of twaddlewe’re capable of writingwhen our brains are too lazy to stop us…

Instead of ‘winding down with a book’, or ‘listening to whale noises as we fall asleep’, we’re going to stare at that little blue screen until we sleep-text something amusing, dammit.

But, obviously, if you want to be in control of your night-time behaviour, just make sure you can’t reach your phone when you go to sleep…



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Half-Naked Model Walks Around Hong Kong Without Anyone Noticing

Anyway, what we have for you here is a model whoseskinny jeans have been painted on by makeup artist Sandra Bakker from the Netherlands. The video was originally made last year but has recently gone viral.

The end result was so convincing that nobody on the streets of Hong Kong seemed to notice.

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Artist’s Incredibly Realistic Masks Will Mess With Your Head

Back in 2013, Bryan Cranston went to Comic Condisguised as Heisenberg.

He wore an incredibly realistic mask of his own character, and mingled with fans who – understandably – thought that it was just an impressive cosplay.

People only realised that it was actually Bryan when he pushed to the front of the crowd, joined the Breaking Bad panel, and took off his mask.

Now, the guy that made the uber-realistic mask – Landon Meirs, whose website you can check out here – didn’t stop at just Heisenberg.

The incredible talented artist is famous for making masks of babies faces…

And he’s also done other celebrities.

Here’s Charlie Sheen:

And here’s Game of Thrones’very own Tyrion Lannister:

Most recently, Landon has made some ridiculously realistic masks of USA Presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Landonshowed off his newest creations at Monsterpalooza,explaining to Buzzfeed, that heplayed the part of Hilary himself, and enlisted the help of hisgirlfriend and a wrestler friend to play Bernie and Trump.

Guess which was which….

He said:

“I made Bernie the sexy socialist hippie, made Trump a white trash dude, and made Hillary aI dont knowa male dominatrix.”

We definitely wouldn’t want to come across any of them in a dark alley…

Especially not this guy:

H/T 9GAG / Buzzfeed

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Narcoleptic Woman Accidentally Films Herself Having an Attack


A young woman who suffers from narcolepsy with cataplexy recently shared how debilitating it can be to live with her condition, in hopes of educating those who don’t quite understand the disorder.  Elizabeth says it’s extremely difficult to communicate just what it’s like to have the disorder, so when she accidentally filmed herself having an episode while recording a dance tutorial, she thought it would be a good way to show people what an attack can look like.

The resulting footage is here.

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Here’s The First Sneak Peek At New Bridget Jones Film

There’s going to be a third Bridget Jones film, for those of you who were unaware and also didn’t read the title of this article – and it’s seriously exciting stuff.

They’ve got the original cast as well, unlike some other films (cough High School Musical cough) and it looks like it’s going to be seriously good.

Bridget Jones’s Baby will see Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth return to the big screen as the infamouscharacter and her on/off boyfriend, Mark Darcy, alongside Patrick Dempsey, who will play billionaire Jack Qwant. But who will be the father of the baby?!

A longer clip is alleged to be released tomorrow and we seriously, seriously can’t wait.

What do you think? Will you be going to see the film? Let us know in the comments

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First-Person Janitor Game Makes You Clean Up Alien Guts


Gamers are used to entering worlds in which they unleash rounds of bullets with reckless abandon, slaughtering everything that crosses their path and leaving trails of blood that would make Quentin Tarantino shield his eyes.

Visceral Cleanup Detail brings this gore to the forefront in an unexpected way: You don’t get to make the mess. You have to clean it up.

Video via Youtube, TheRunestorm

In this first-person janitor simulator, players move through a space station after an alien attack kills many and trashes the place. Fortunately for the space station, a hero emerges and single-handedly destroys the alien population. Too bad he didn’t clean up after himself, though — armed with a mop and a pair of rubber gloves, it’s up to you to clean up the pools of blood and pick up the pieces of meat and bullet casings left behind after said Battle Royale.

Developed in a 10-day game jam by developer Runestorm, the sandbox game was built with the Unreal Development kit and is still in alpha for PC, but is available for download. You can also vote for this game to be available on Steam Greenlight.

Image courtesy of Steam

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Video Game Costs Could Crash the Industry


Today, video games are more popular than either music or film, but just 30 years ago, they nearly ceased to exist.

Rapid console releases (like the Atari 7800 only two years after the maligned Atari 5200), subpar games (like E.T. for the Atari 2600, most copies of which wound up in a New Mexico landfill) and the fact that most people already owned all the consoles and games they cared to, combined to nearly wipe gaming off the map. Now, history may be poised to repeat itself.

Consoles today are more powerful than ever, and “AAA” video games (popular, mass-market titles, like Halo or Mass Effect) are triumphs of visual, aural and narrative ingenuity. Publishers command massive amounts of capital, and let developers play with tens of millions of dollars to create the best player experience possible.

Paradoxically, gaming’s titanic presence in the cultural and business spheres may prove to be its undoing.

On Tuesday, Yoichi Wada, CEO of Japanese publisher Square Enix, stepped down. The Final Fantasy publisher was poised to earn about $37 million for its 2012 releases. But now, it’s likely to lose $138 million instead.

Such a cataclysmic loss might be understandable if Square Enix’s games were critically panned or sold poorly. Neither supposition is true. Open-world crime game Sleeping Dogs, stealth assassination game Hitman: Absolution and the highly anticipated Tomb Raider reboot all sold spectacularly well, and received either warm or glowing praise from critics. Sleeping Dogs moved 1.75 million copies (almost unheard of for a new franchise), while Hitman and Tomb Raider moved about 3.5 million apiece.

Even so, a corporate presentation from Square Enix asserts that none of these major releases met sales expectations, and now both their finances and their CEO are going down. It doesn’t take a game designer to know that when a critical darling sells 3.5 million copies at $60 a pop and becomes a “failure,” there is something seriously wrong with the way the industry is making and marketing games.

“Dear game publishers: adjust your budgets and STOP chasing [Call of Duty] numbers,” warns God of War designer David Jaffe on Twitter. “Not every album is ‘Thriller’, not every movie is Titanic. It’s OK.” For the record, the Call of Duty numbers he cites amount to more than $1 billion earned in 16 days.

The cost to develop a game can be enormous. Analyst group M2 research estimated that the average AAA game in 2010 cost $28 million to make, with flagship series like Call of Duty venturing into $50 million territory. Just 10 years ago, budgets hovered closer to the $5 million to $10 million range.

This money, for the most part, is funneled into enormous development teams. Graphics account for a large part of this cost: modern, nearly photorealistic visuals and silky animation require a small army of artists. Programmers, level designers and producers have to make sure the game runs properly, while writers and musicians need to work in teams in order to make enough content to populate a believable, coherent game world.

If you play through any Assassin’s Creed title, be sure to have an episode of The Simpsons handy during the ending credits. They take roughly the same amount of time to watch.

Another culprit behind high development costs is the growing global market for games. Simply translating a game’s text is no longer good enough: Gamers now expect full localization, which often includes costly menu redesigns and expensive all-star voice casts. While North America, Western Europe and Japan used to be the only sizable game markets, now Latin America, Eastern Europe and the rest of Southeast Asia require equal attention.

The situation becomes even worse when publishers spend AAA budgets on commercial and critical flops. Electronic Arts (whose CEO also left amid recent financial pressures) spent massive amounts of money developing the preposterously named Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Lack of interest in the title from fans and the press left EA with a $45 million loss to account for in its last fiscal year.

Ironically, the enormous costs and high risks associated with big publishers may leave independent and mid-size publishers in a much more stable position as the next console generation dawns. The industry may be headed for a crash, just like in 1983. However, gamers should also remember that 1983 paved the way for 1985, when the Nintendo Entertainment System released and changed everything for the better. A similar watershed moment in gaming could be on the way.

Image via ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

This article originally published at TechNewsDaily

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Dave Chapelle Made Jokes About Caitlyn Jenner… In Front Of One Of Her Kids

Predictably, Kardashian/Jenner jokes are pretty common at stand up shows these days. But Dave Chappelle, already kind of renowned for transphobic comments, has managed to make news telling them.

Saturday night at the Hollywood Palladium, his third sell out LA show, Chappelle is said to have spent at least seven minutes talking about Caitlyn Jenner, and not in a nice way. What didn’t help, was that Kylie Jenner was in attendance – and suitably unimpressed.

[He talked] first about Bruce Jenner saying he was old enough to remember Bruce as a Superman who was beating Africans in track and field back in the 70s. He said he knew there was a change coming though after a run-in with Kanye West. I said, Kanye why the long face? And Kanye replied, Man, youll see.’

That line brought down the house, according to TMZ, but one person wasnt laughing: Kylie (even her boyfriend, Tyga, who was also at the show, couldnt help but chuckle). She reportedly kept a straight face through the entire bit.

Chappelle has been criticized for his jokes about transgender people before, like when he told a strange, awkward story about seeing a drunk transvestite at a party, mocked her, and complained about having his pronouns corrected when he referred to her as he. He maintained that he should be able to use whatever pronouns he wanted.

Yeah, that sounds like a hilarious joke.

Here’s a video of him talking about what it’s like to not make people laugh when doing stand up:

Oh dear. What do you think? Let us know in the comments

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