Cat Enjoys a Bath in Sink (Video)

A cat takes a bath in a bathroom sink, splashing water on himself.

Video found via Youtube search. Animated GIF spotted here.

Chipmunk Mom Trying to Put Her Baby through a Hole in a Bumper (Video)

Chipmunk Mom Trying to Put Her Baby through a Hole in a Bumper (Video)

A mama chipmunk shows great determination while trying to fit her baby into a tiny hole in a bumper of a motorhome


Kitten Scared by Sneeze (Video)

Kitten Scared by SneezeKitten Scared by Sneeze

This is like the sneezing baby panda – kitten edition.

via ThePetCollective

The Daily Beast posts looping GIF of fatal Chicago shooting

Jason Van Dyke, a Chicago police officer, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday over the shooting death of black teenLaquan McDonald. That news was enough to inflame the community, but it was quickly followed by dash cam video of the incident, showing Van Dyke shooting McDonald, who was carrying a knife, 16 times.

Demand for the video was so great that many received error messages while attempting to view it. The Daily Beast, however, decided not only to post the video but create an animated GIF of the shooting for its Twitter feed a move that many found distasteful at best to offensive at worst.

Hacktivist group Anonymous threatened to “destroy” the Daily Beast’s Twitter account if the GIF wasn’t taken down.

Daily Beast editor-at-large Goldie Taylor has just announced that the magazine is deleting the GIF.

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Baby Polar Bears Playing in the Snow (Video)

Baby Polar Bears Playing in the SnowBaby Polar Bears Playing in the Snow

Polar bear cubs play in the snow while their mother keeps a close eye on them from the den. Filmed by nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen at the Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba, Canada. Let me just add – this is one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen!

via Bunny Food

Belarus Military Parade Domino Dance is Awesome (Video)

Belarus soldiers look like dominoes while performing the most synchronized military parade routine ever!


Borzoi Dog Ear Wiggle (Video)

Borzoi Dog Ear WiggleBorzoi Dog Ear Wiggle

Ok, so she is not flipping her ears by herself, but look at that face!