Science FTW! Researchers Taught This Gorilla Sign Language And He Immediately Came Out As Gay To His Father

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Scientists at the San Diego Zoo have made a tremendous leap forward. After working for over three years with a 270-pound gorilla named Sampson, researchers say he is now able to fully express over 1,500 signs of modified sign language and has even come out as a homosexual to his father!

Wow. Science FTW!

While many gorillas are able to learn simple words such as ball and lettuce, Sampson is a special case. His language skills have progressed to the point that he can actually sign full sentences and express all the thoughts needed to tell his father the truth about his sexuality.

According to the researchers, Sampson was in an enclosure with his father, Max, when they witnessed his miraculous breakthrough. He approached his father, and as the other gorillas in the facility looked on, he signed out his first complete sentence: Me gorilla love man gorilla.

Simply incredible!

While his father is incapable of comprehending sign language, the researchers are very excited to continue their work with him so that one day he might understand Sampsons message.

But for now, science has helped an intelligent young gorilla tell his father who he really is. Nice!

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Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla (Video)

Wild baby gorillas groom explorer in UgandaWild baby gorillas groom explorer in Uganda

A group of researchers encounters a pack of wild mountain gorillas near Uganda’s Bwindi National Park and one lucky human gets groomed by baby gorillas…

via Viral Viral Videos

Heartbreaking: This Mother Gorilla Has Been Carrying A Broken Goodfellas DVD For Days

Its a heartbreaking scene that would move anyone.

For the past four days, Lola, an eastern lowland gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, has been caring for a broken DVD copy of Martin Scorseses Goodfellas. But sadly, the damage is beyond repair.

Right now, what Lola is experiencing is a betrayal of her maternal instincts, said San Diego Zoo spokesperson Eileen Weiss. Shes barely slept, and the harder she tries to tend to the disc, the more emotionally taxing it becomes for her.

According to Weiss, despite the fact that the DVD of the 1990 crime drama is scratched well beyond the point of use, the 14-year-old gorilla continues her daily ritual of washing the DVD in the river, attempting to feed it, and keeping it warm at night against her own body.

As to why zoo officials havent intervened, Weiss explained that simply removing the critically acclaimed film from the enclosure might cause Lola to react in a way that could compromise the well-being of the other animals.

Yesterday, we noticed that Lola had left the DVD unattended for about eight hours, said Doug Troutner, lead researcher at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. We thought it was over, but by nightfall she had returned with food, and she was seen curled up with it, in and out of sleep.

With playback of the films iconic scenes ruined and Lola refusing to part ways with the damaged disc, zoo officials now say they have no choice but to wait until nature intervenes.

Absolutely tragic.

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He Was Only Trying To Take Some Gorilla Pictures, But He Got So Much More Than That. OMG.

Wildlife photographer John King was in Uganda to take pictures of wild mountain gorillas in their natural habitat when he received quite the surprise. In the middle of the photo shoot, King’s fellow primates decided they were done with modeling. What they did next was incredible. Take a look!

1. The first gorillas approach King.

2. It’s grooming time.

3. They get in there pretty good.

4. All of them.

5. Inspecting their work.

6. Looks like he loves the new ‘do.

Watch as a family of gorillas gives this photographer some grooming.

(H/T The Telegraph) Maybe it was the black t-shirt that made the gorillas treat him as if he were one of their own. If not, it had to be the dozen bananas he ate for lunch that day. Share this post using the button below.

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This Story About A Gorilla Mothering Some Kittens Will Be Heartwarming Once She Stops Trying To Bury Them

Well, this will be the most beautiful story you hear all day, eventually. This story about a gorilla mothering some kittens is going to melt your heart, just as soon as she stops trying to bury them.

When Bella, a 12-year-old western lowland gorilla, lost her mate, she was inconsolable. But thanks to the arrival of six adorable orphaned kittens, she finally has a purpose again. Bella and her kittens spend all of their time together, which, to be fair, currently involves a lot of Bella digging holes and trying to stuff the kittens inside. But as soon as she realizes shes supposed to nurture and care for her new friends instead of putting them in the ground and covering them with handfuls dirt, her love will know no bounds.

Talk about next-level cute!

Just the thought of a mother gorilla caring for six tiny kittens is enough to make any animal lover swoon, and aside from the small hiccup of Bella trying to bury them, thats pretty much whats happening. Were sure this will make the jump from disconcerting to heartwarming at any moment, and when it does, there better be pictures!

Soon the time Bella spends each morning forcing kittens down into the earth as her trainers rush to stop her will be official snuggle time with her new babies, and the result will be absolutely adorable. We can already tell Bella will be a great mother once she stops placing these cuties in a series of shallow, kitten-sized graves and chasing away anyone who tries to dig them back up. Mother knows best!

Wow. What an incredible tale this will be, presumably! Get ready to experience all of the feels, because once Bella manages to work this out, she and her adopted kitties will surely be a reminder of the deep, powerful bond between animals. In the meantime, get ready to share this story with your friends as soon as it becomes inspirationalit could be any day now!

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We Gorillas Don’t Mix with Their Kind (Video)

We Gorillas Don't Mix with Their KindWe Gorillas Don't Mix with Their Kind

Little boy and baby gorilla play against the glass at the zoo. Gorilla mom disapproves.

via Say OMG