This Pup Deserves An Oscar For Her Performance In A One-Act Play

In the cutthroat world of Hollywoof, it’s tough to land a breakout role. There are so many pups out there doing the same tricks — shake, roll over, sit, heel, speak — that it’s nearly impossible to find something that’ll make you really stand out.

But this dog knows — and has — what it takes:


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And the winner of the 2015 “play dead” academy award goes to…( Happy Monday :) )

Posted by Planet Paws on Monday, March 9, 2015

Very convincing! She really pulled a whole range of emotions out of me, from shock, to awe, to empathy, to amazement…this pup’s going places. That’s for sure! Watch out, Hollywoof.

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So You Think You Love Dogs? You Simply Cannot Compete With This Family

Lynn Everett and her husband, Tony, live in a pretty normal house in south Yorkshire, England. If you walked past it on the street, you wouldn’t assume anything was out of the ordinary. But if you rang the doorbell, you’d be greeted with a woman covered in dog hair. Other than that, she’s just like any strong-willed woman…it’s just the 41 dogs that make this household special. The only thing keeping her from getting even more pups is that the city has limited her to the 41 she’s got now!

You do not want to visit if you’re allergic…

It’s craziness! And this isn’t even half of them.

(via Laughing Squid)

While it may seem a bit wacky to you, this way of life is the norm for the Everetts. The dogs are more than adequately cared for, and it’s clear that they mean more than the world to Lynn.

I’m going to throw it out there, but I think she might love dogs more than any of us…

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This Little French Bulldog Really Does NOT Trust His New Treat…

One of our dog’s many jobs is to protect his or her house from intruders and unwanted guests. Each pup makes their own judgement calls on the characters that enter their homes, and sometimes their apprehension is completely warranted. Other times, however, it’s a little harder to see why they’re so upset about something…

Like this pup and his treat, for instance.

Personally, I don’t see what’s so gosh darn threatening about it, but maybe I’m missing something. Either that, or this dog is just adorably weird. (I’m going to go with the latter.)

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You Think Carriage Rides In Midtown Are Romantic, But Once You Know The Truth…

If you’ve ever visited New York City, chances are you’ve been to Central Park, or somewhere in Midtown, and considered riding a horse-drawn carriage while you take in the sights. Maybe you did take that ride. Maybe you even looked at the beautiful horses and wondered if they were alright tromping around on pavement…but ultimately came to the conclusion that, of course, they have to be okay because the city allows it. Right?

It seems like a fun family activity…

Or a romantic gesture…

But the truth is, the 220 or so NYC carriage horses are living torturous lives.

The creatures aren’t meant to live or work in these conditions. They’re easily spooked: car horns, giant busses, bikers whizzing past…they’re all huge triggers to these poor animals.

Too many horses have died in this line of work.

On October 23, 2011, Charlie dropped dead on 54th Street while lugging a carriage around Manhattan.

Luke passed out on 60th Street that same year.

He lay there for 15 minutes while the busy traffic passed by like nothing happened.

You wouldn’t feed your pup his dinner off the side of a filthy street while cars sped by, would you?

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This arrangement is dangerous to the horses and to us.

Horses have been known to bolt down streets out of fear, carriage drivers are responsible for countless hit-and-runs, and bicyclists and pedestrians have been struck by horses that aren’t used to this kind of environment. Horses have gone “missing,” or have been killed after mysterious injuries.

You can join the fight against this cruelty, and learn more about it here.

No animal should live like this. There is no reason to keep these horses on the streets and let them be overworked and pass out in the heat just for tourist enjoyment. This is a good petition to start with, but you can also write to your city counselor here.

It’s also extremely important to let people know that this abuse is going on, so please share this news with as many people as possible.

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It’s Hard To Stay Mad At The Dog Who Did This…You’ll Understand When You See Him

Face it: pets are going to wreak at least some havoc on your home. Whether it’s a cat clawing at your roommate’s arm chair, or a pup chewing up your favorite (expensive) pair of shoes, it’s part of the contract when you take a new fur baby home. This is why it’s hard to stay mad at those troublemakers when they do something naughty.

What makes it so easy to forgive them is how utterly ridiculous they can be…

Like this husky:

Oh, he’s a special one, alright.

Who could stay mad at this adorable monster? I couldn’t, but I’ve got an extra-soft spot for weirdos. You’re free to go, pup!

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When She Saw This Little Guy Struggling In The Floods, She Had To Save Him

Earlier this month, after South Carolina experienced some serious flooding, Sarah Scruggs took a walk through the neighborhood to see how bad the damage really was. While the flooding did, in fact, take 15 human lives, Scruggs was able to help save a furrier life from the wreckage…

She spotted this little guy, motionless, submerged in a puddle. She saw bubbles and quickly scooped him up.

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 4, 2015 at 9:59am PDT

After some rest, little Arthur showed vast improvement.

A video posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 4, 2015 at 10:44am PDT

He mainly needed hydration, so Scruggs fed him Pedialyte before graduating to meat and egg-free puppy formula.

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 5, 2015 at 12:32pm PDT

Scruggs has understandably become attached to her new friend…

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 4, 2015 at 7:47pm PDT

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But she knows he’ll be much, much happier to be released back into the wild.

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 5, 2015 at 12:17pm PDT

Because while watching this teeny nugget sleep is the best thing ever…

A video posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 5, 2015 at 6:40am PDT

(We’re not even kidding.)

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 7, 2015 at 2:37pm PDT

She knows that he’ll be much happier running around with his squirrel friends.

A video posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 10, 2015 at 6:30pm PDT

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Although, who knows, maybe he’ll come back some day soon to say hello to his human mom.

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 9, 2015 at 11:21am PDT

He does, after all, have a lot to thank her for!

A video posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 5, 2015 at 6:06am PDT

At about six weeks old, Arthur is almost ready to go back into the wild…just as soon as he starts eating nuts and seeds.

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 6, 2015 at 5:24pm PDT

Until then, Scruggs is enjoying what little time she has left with him!

A video posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 10, 2015 at 9:32am PDT

He’s quite the lucky squirrel.

A photo posted by Sarah Scruggs (@scruggers4) on Oct 5, 2015 at 12:15pm PDT

(via The Dodo)

Thank goodness such a caring person was there at the right time. Not everyone would have taken all the time and patience to care for a helpless animal in need. Luckily, she knew what she was doing.

If you come across an animal in need, call your local department of animal resources or animal control for tips on what to do or where to bring him or her.

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20 Simple Ways To Make Tons Of Cash While Sitting On Your Couch

“Money doesn’t grow on trees,” as people always say. It’s really difficult for a lot of people to justify buying that coffee on the way to work, or even living in a good neighborhood. Money is really hard to come by, and for people who are trying to raise a family or pay off mountains of college debt, there’s nothing as magical as the idea of free money.

It may not grow on trees, but it definitely grows on the Internet! There are tons of ways to fill your pockets with a little bit of extra spending money while hanging around in your pajamas.

1. Take surveys.

A few dollars here and there can really add up!

2. Tell this company what’s in your fridge, and they’ll pay you!

3. Watch videos online. Just trust me on this one.

Advertising agencies need people to watch their commercials!

4. Switch your search engine to Bing.

They want to pay you to ask the Internet pointless questions.

5. You read emails every day. Why not get paid for it?

6. Become a mystery shopper, rate the service, and get free stuff!

Like pizza. Just saying.

7. If you like leaving reviews on Yelp, try doing something similar for cash.

Now you can get paid for voicing your ridiculous complaints!

8. Install this app and this other app on your phone, and earn up to $400 a year.

They’ll use your data to learn more about how people use their phones. You can also win prizes like iPads. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Even a baby could participate in this online platform for surveys and opinions.

Okay, not a baby, but it’s still really simple.

10. You can get $12 an hour to clean up search engine results, because robots aren’t perfect.

11. If you already watch all the TV on the face of the planet, get paid to answer trivia about it.

Binge-watchers rejoice!

12. Make 10 or 20 bucks just for reviewing websites from your kitchen table.

Or from your bed.

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13. Don’t just throw your junk mail away, because you can turn it into cash.


14. No one looks forward to jury duty…but what if you were paid to judge mock trials online?

15. Bet on yourself to become healthier and get cold, hard cash.

We’re always aiming to do this anyway, so why not add an extra incentive?

16. If you’re good at searching the Internet and communicating with people, maybe you’d be a good online personal assistant!

17. If you’re not too emotionally attached to your old books, sell them.

But we totally understand if you can’t.

18. If you have more clothes than you can even handle, rent them out!

You can also do this here, here, and here.

19. If you have a college degree and a few extra hours per week, you can tutor online. No face-to-face meetings required.

20. Have some share-worthy, sage advice on how to be a parent? On beauty tips? Are you the best baker around? You can make money from blogging.

Use ad services to rake in a profit.

Living the nine-to-five life isn’t the only way you can make money anymore. If you’re savvy and know how to budget your time, you could easily get paid to do things that you probably have to do anyway. Extra spending money is just a few clicks away!

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This Kid In A T-Rex Costume Is The Greatest Thing You’ll Watch (100 Times) Today

With Halloween right around the corner, all those procrastinators are frantically wondering what kind of costume they’re gonna wear this weekend. With just a couple of days left, there’s really no time to put together an elaborate costume on your own, and most out-of-the-package costumes are pretty subpar.

But there is one costume that’s both horrifying and hilarious at the same time…

This inflatable T-rex costume.

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Just in case replaying this video over and over again isn’t enough to satisfy your funny bone / convince you that this is the right costume for Halloween 2k15…

Here it is in action on the American Ninja Warrior training course, failing hard.

More like American Ninja Dinosaur.

Here it is chasing a Jeep…or getting chased by a Jeep — who knows?

Here it is having the time of its life on a bouncy castle pad.

And finally, who said sexy couldn’t also be scaly?

Yep, this is perfect. I’d like to see a whole gang of these running through the streets on Halloween…I think I’d die of a heart attack and laughter all at once. But, I am irrationally afraid of dinosaurs, so there’s that.

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What One Woman Did For A Girl With Cancer Turned Into A Force For Good

When Holly Christensen heard that her friend’s young daughter had cancer, she felt helpless. Beyond offering comfort and support, what else could she do? But when she sat down and thought about everything that little girls lose while undergoing chemotherapy, she had an idea.

While remedying the symptom of hair loss might seem superficial, it can do wonders for a little girl’s spirit. That’s why she started The Magic Yarn Project.

This is two-year-old Lily, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. She completed this adorable princess look with a gorgeous Rapunzel wig.

While she’s beautiful and strong regardless of what her hair looks like…

…the smile that lights up her face when she wears this yarn wig is priceless.

It’s amazing what a little boost of confidence can do for morale!

Soon, mothers from around the nation with daughters who were diagnosed with cancer started asking if Christensen would make wigs for their little ones.

How could she say no? Making these fighters look like Disney princesses makes them feel special.

She started making as many wigs as she possibly could.

Eventually, she needed more help. That’s when these volunteers stepped in. They donate time and resources to this noble cause.

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You can contribute by making some beanies! They serve as bases for the wigs.

You can also donate a bit of money to help cover costs.

(via Bored Panda)

For updates on how this wonderful organization is doing, follow them on Facebook, and remember to donate! Even the smallest contribution can help these little girls smile. The strength to keep fighting is just as important as receiving the right medical care.

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A Wild Animal Got Himself Into A Very Tight Spot, But These Kind Souls Stepped In

Raccoons are known for being crafty little critters, always stealing the good stuff from your garbage and being little bandits, masks and all. But that doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of making mistakes every now and again…no cute criminal is perfect!

This little guy made a false move that got him into some serious trouble, but luckily, caring humans were there to help him out of the pickle.

Back to your thievery, you!

Jokes aside, this little guy is lucky to be alive. There is no way he would have been able to pull himself out on his own, and it’s a miracle that someone spotted him and got the right people to his aid.

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