Coolest Cop in Canada (Video)

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer comes into a campsite and instead of giving ‘kids’ trouble for playing their drums and guitars in the woods – he joins them!


‘Oriental Faucet’ Jam Session (Video)

A loud faucet (or the sink?) making a didgeridoo-like noise gives these Russian guys inspiration for an impromptu concert in their dormitory bathroom. The music sounds kind of Middle-Eastern:

Spotted here. Original probably here.

Cute Father Daughter Duo – What’s Going On

The famous father daughter duo perform their next viral hit, What’s Up What’s Going On by 4 Non Blondes. They first went viral performing Home By Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. They were even featured on Ellen.


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This Cat Hates Your Silly Jam Sessions

Some cats just hate music.

Any cat owner can relate: Sometimes, our feline friends pick the most inopportune moments to seek attention. Whether you’re trying to use the bathroom, cook dinner or sleep in, cats don’t care, because their cuddle time is all that matters.

Musician Tony Martinez’s cat has this very same mentality. Martinez attempted to shred some licks on his guitar, but his feline wanted no part in the jam session and jumped on his lap to start a fight just as he begins the solo.

At least grab a drumstick, cat.

Lil Jon’s Get Low Acoustic Cover At Coffee Shop

NSFW Warning – Language

Remember the 2003 mega hit single Get Low by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz? 

Well,  brought it back nearly ten years later with a surprise acoustic cover of the dirty club song in an unsuspecting coffee shop. 

When sung so soft and sweet, the lyrics are much easier to decipher, making his performance that much more out of place. Latte drinkers couldn’t help but laugh once they realized what they were listening to. 

Dan is now competing for the best soft acoustic guitar cover of a club song with Ra-On, the group who covered Gangnam Style acoustically

The music video is going viral after being featured on TheDailyWhat, Reddit, and MostWatched


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Halloween Songs Heavy Metal Montage

Dressed as the superhero, Kick Ass,  plays all your favorite Halloween tunes with a heavy metal twist. How many songs can you recognize? The video is featured on YouTubeTrends and TheHighDefinite


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iPhone Typography Music Video

Popular YouTuber musician  only publishes popular hits, but hit latest iPhone cover of We Are Young has gone especially viralviral, and is featured on YouTubeTrends

Four very quick hands move around four iPhones, choreographing a typography music video for the popular Fun song. 


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